Bali Sex Tourism

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Bali as a target for pedophiles.

A photo exhibition to highlight the problem of child sex tourism was opened at the Gedung Kriya Art Center, Denpasar, Bali, on 28th October entitled “Jauhi Anak dari Kaum Pedofil” (Keep children away from pedophiles).

Former police chief of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika, said that Bali was thought of as a safe place for pedophiles to operate and there were a number of websites that openly promoted child sex tourism there.

Pastika said there were many officials and policemen who didn’t really understand the problem. Crimes were difficult to prove and when convictions did take place pedophiles often received light sentences, he said.

Pastika himself went on to say that he when he received his first report of a child sex crime in 2002 he didn’t believe it. He said the motive for allowing the crimes to occur was often money related, and that this should make rich people in Bali ashamed.

One of the photos at the exhibition was of Wiliam Stuart “Tony” Brown, an Australian who was sentenced to 13 years jail in 2004, but committed suicide. tempo

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  1. Peter says:

    Ya I’ve read something about this before. Quite a shame. The worst thing is that many parents put their own children into this trade. I pray that the people of Bali can one day not depend on tourism to sustain their economy.

  2. colson says:

    Quite a shame indeed, to put it mildly. Only the worst thing, in my opinion, is not the bad parent but the criminal predator with the wallet.

  3. Chris says:

    Unfortunately, the tourists can themselves become victims, even at reputable hotels/resorts.

    For example, this case which came to light in 2005:

    Parents need to check out the staff and facilities of ANY hotel child care centres BEFORE leaving their kids there, regardless of the hotel’s name or reputation for quality, because the hotels clearly don’t care or at least haven’t in the past. (The one involved in this case was I believe a five-star resort in Nusa Dua.)

  4. Ross says:

    As Peter says, it ‘is a shame.’ or worse. This problem is exacerbated by A – failure of courts to impose the death penalty on child molestors, and B – the failure of schools to ban queers from teaching jobs.

  5. Sam says:


    the failure of schools to ban queers from teaching jobs.

    What exactly does homosexual teachers have to do with Bali sex toursim? Care to explain the link?

  6. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    Ross thinks rabid bigotry is a cure for mental illnesses like pedophaelia. He clearly thinks (like they did in the middle ages), homosexuality is a sickness.

  7. Sam says:


    I guess Ross is refering to certain bule teachers in Indonesia and other Asian countries; who have been busted for pedophaelia, but I think he’s just trying to the steer the topic
    there or let us know that he thinks “queers” are just as bad as “commies”!

  8. naga says:

    For every foreign pedophile ‘operating’ in indonesia, there are 50 Indonesian pedophiles, its just that perception is different.

    Locla child sex is rampant throughout the archipelago, just watch ‘sergap’ or ‘razia’ and see the amount of incest/rape cases; that’s not including the bars in Kota which cater for the Chinese, they are filled with 12 yo girls….

  9. Ross says:

    Poor Achmad. He thinks the Middle Ages lasted till 1972 or 3, when the American professional associations began to delist perversion as a disorder, not on scientific grounds but due to perv pressure group intimidation. One day they needed treatment, the next they didn’t.
    Naga is no doubt right about the many local pervs but it is monstrous that homos should be allowed in, especially to teach innocents in schools. It is a fact that they are much more likely to take advantage of their proximity and power by maltreating children.
    Sam, commies are indeed bad, but queers are unpleasant to have in one’s work-place. At least a commie can have a normal conversation about admiring a passing pretty girl.
    And don’t forget that the two categories, with disturbing frequency, overlap, much as the nazis were often prone to similar revolting habits. Harry Hay, the late American super-perv, was an active CP member and …enough. You can check the facts easily, unless you are wilfuly blinding yourself like Achmad. He’s a very unusual Indonesian. Most of those I have met have a healthy Muslim (or indeed Christian) disgust for deviants, or else laugh at them, which is understandable. Perhaps he went to school in British Columbia!

  10. Sam says:


    I think that you’re on shaky ground by saying that being gay is a “perversion as a disorder”.

    Just because a teacher is gay; it does not mean that they are going to abuse children, anymore than a “straight” person would. And how do schools know that teachers they employ are gay? Most keep it pretty quiet in this culture.

    And suggesting that communism and “queers” or “super-pervs” as you call them; go hand in hand (sic) or are linked; is a bit of a stretch.

    Do you really think that Indonesians “have a healthy Muslim disgust for deviants”? If you’ve ever watched local tv; you’ll see that gays seem to pretty accepted and even celebrated compared to other cultures.

  11. Indcoup says:


    where’s your proof that pedophilia is a mental disease whereas other minority sexual predilections are not? After all, many people in the world – just go to Muslim countries –
    believe homosexuality is a mental disease as well.

  12. Ross says:

    My apologies for the delay in getting back on this. I have many other activities to enjoy and endure and so get diverted from this happy hobby of upsetting lefties.

    Sam has a fair point about how schools can effectively screen out applicants who are deviant. Not always possible, to be sure, but nowadays the perverts have become so brazen that they make their horrible habits obvious. Can’t stop ’em all, but why not stop those that can be detected?
    Sam also asked why we should link queer teachers and the pedophile menace. If you tune into US news over the past few years, you will see that organised perversion is persecuting the Boy Scouts of America purely because the BSA wo’t give queers access to young lads. This says it all, but at the risk of over-provision of data, here are some figures. The truth about how predatory so-called ‘gays’ really are is suppressed by their many friends in politics and the media.

    ‘In 1991, of the 100 child molesters at the Massachusetts Treatment Center for Sexually Dangerous Persons, a third were heterosexual, a
    third were bisexual, and a third were homosexual. (Dr. Raymond Knight, “Differential Prevalence of Personality Disorders in Rapists and Child Molesters,” Eastern Psychological Association Conference, New York, April 12, 1991)
    Drs. Freund and Heasman of the Clark Institute of Psychiatry in Toronto reviewed two studies on child molesters and calculated that 34% and 32% of the sex offenders were homosexual. In cases these doctors had handled, 36% of the molesters were homosexuals. (Freund, K. “Pedophilia and Heterosexuality vs. Homosexuality,” Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, 1984; 10:193-200)’

    Shove them back in the closet and lock the door, and I won’t quote the abusive farewell favoured by one of my Indonesia Matters critics in other posted debates, about not letting the door hit one’s a**e on the way out. It hardly seems appropriate in this context.

  13. bs says:

    We shouldn’t let our emotions get the better of us. This is the kind of media hype that gets people worked up over issues that are far less horrendous than people think. As a forensics expert I am in a unique position to understand the problem without being emotionally attacked.

    A huge part of the problem is lack of education on the subject. Allot of self proclaimed child advocates with agendas, politicians with agendas, media sensualists, and religious zeal get in the way of what is best for societies children. Media outlets have literally created news utilizing legally unsound tactics to draw in supposed pedophiles.

    The problem with this is these are not pedophiles, but hebephiles. Hebephiles are attracted to pubescent young adults. The reason this can be very important is that sexual activities for this group can greatly differ from pedophiles.

    Another important fact that nobody mentions in sensualist peaces or take into consideration when writing legislation is that child molestations are acts of opportunity. The FBI has noted that 90% of child molesters are not pedophiles!

    What does this all mean? Outlawing pictures of children, partly naked children, naked children, children in blatantly sexual acts, or children being brutally raped does not reduce the harm to children or reduce child molestation. While outlawing possession / production outright may have feel good effects it pushes production into the hands of child molesters. Anybody with sense should be able to see this is not a wise move. Based on studies of victims of child molestation the best course of action would likely be to produce such material in a regulated way. Studies have shown that young adults (teens) who were photographed as children sexually have not been concerned about online distribution. The rationale is puberty makes identification impossible and are therefore not bothered by it. The one last claim made by some organizations is that it makes it more likely for pedophiles to molest. Child molestation and pedophilia have no link what-so-ever. The FBI has publicly stated child molesters act out of opportunity and not sexual preference. Unlike child advocates, politicians, and sensualist media claims the FBI has figures to back it up.

    This leads me to Megans Law- a brand new class of legislation that has the effect of cruel and unusual punishment. Long after a sentence has been served a large range of ex-convicts are required to register with the state on a regular basis. The laws have even required the notification of neighbors. This law should fail on a number of grounds. One is that it is ex post facto, meaning after the fact. In the US it is unconstitutional to retroactively punish a person for a past offense with a new law. The US supreme court managed to come up with very serious logic in deciding the constitutionality of this law. They basically decided it was legal on the grounds it is not punishment. In more recent years public registries have been made accessible from the internet for all to see. This has led to vigilante justice. This vigilante justice has been against people who were victims of the law itself. Very few of the offenders on these lists today have any connection to child rape. Based on the broad nature of the legislation even members of congress and ex-presidents fall within this list.

    Other laws have been passed where minors have been given 10 year prison sentences for consensual sexual acts with other minors. This type of religious zeal in the United States has turned this country into a dangerous place to live for everybody.

  14. Bali Deaming 1 says:

    We have for the last two years, run a business that raises money to keep Balinese children in school when their parents can no longer afford the school fees as a result in the down turn in the economy since the bombings. Having been to Bali numerous times and seen the desperation in the faces of the parents, it is heartbreaking. Keeping the kids in school hopefully will keep their options open

  15. panera says:

    Im not judge people whether he or she is gay most gay people are the one who keep peace. they alway mind their own bussiness. yes molester is sickness in the head. they need to be lock in jail for good. it is very sad and it happen all over the world. specialy in poor country in most asia. in most case the chil’s parent are the one who sold their kid to molester. because they need money. well I just hope this molester will get cure from sick so all children can be safe again amin.

  16. pj_bali says:


    I thought that the stats you were quoting were a little off so I googled Dr Freund and got a different picture than what you portray. Turns out that you cannot claim that because 30% of child molestation victims are boys then 30 % of perps are gay. In the Doctors own words ” These studies show that only rarely are sex offenders against male children diagnosed as androphiles [homosexual in adult orientation] and that phallometric diagnosis of gynophilic [heterosexual in adult orientation] and androphilic volunteers almost always corresponds to their claimed erotic preference” Dr Freunds study in 1984 involved phallometric testing on sex offenders to determine their sexual orientation. The phallometric testing showed that most of the sex offenders in the study believed themselves to be straight and that gay men were actually less attracted to young boys then straight men.

    I think that those family values websites you are reading are selling you porkie pies.


  17. Tina says:

    Please. I’m gay, I’ve been a high school teacher, and I can assure you I have never had ANY sexual interest in any of my students, let alone anyone else significantly younger than I am, or, god forbid, underage! (eww!) Pedophiles are a set unto themselves. In fact, many of them (older men with young girls being a rather common version of this) are straight! Shall we ban straight teachers from teaching, then?

    This is not to say that no gay people are ever also pedophiles, but rather that sexual orientation is different from a tendency towards pedophilia, and eliminating gays, even if that were possible, would neither eliminate (nor significantly reduce) pedophilia. It’s like saying that since some red haired people are racist, eliminating all redheads will eliminate racism. Genius.

  18. Warlocks says:

    Hmmm…well. Perhaps there was a reason behind the Kuta bombings after all? Bombings are cruel and horrific, as they often injures and kills innocents, but I can imagine some of the motives I guess (decadent invading degrading western/capitalistic sex-and-drug-cultures?)…. makes one think.

  19. janma says:

    Perhaps there was a reason behind the Kuta bombings after all?

    Oh yeah, all those people killed in the bali bomb probably deserved it….. I mean Indonesia would definitely not have decadent, capitalistic sex and drug cultures without the west now would it….. sheesh!

  20. drbruce says:

    It’s good to see that more is being done publically about this issue. This is a problem that affects not only Balinese and Indonesian children, but also those expats who have children and are often viewed by both foreigners and Indonesians as being pedophiles. The link above will take you to a blog I wrote about this issue last year. Just recently, an expat pedophile was exposed just down the road from us in Bali. The problem will only be solved with education and strict penalties for those who are apprehended by the authorities.

  21. Nathanael says:

    Homosexuality IS a sickness. The American Psychiatric Association’s DSM book used to classify it as a mental sickness until the ’70’s when the gay movement took off and activists pushed to have it removed from the DSM. Homosexuality continues to BE a real mental sickness, that IS treatable, though the homosexuals would have you believe otherwise (can you say “bias”?).

    Child molestors should be given a trial, and if convicted they should be given time to think, pray, repent, etc. and then be taken out and publicly executed. And any “parents” found to have been accomplices in their own child’s molestation,..they should be executed WITH the perpetrator. If they are repentant, God will have mercy, but such people have no further place in this world. Pedophilia has a higher “repeat offense” rate than most any other crime in existence. In plain English; “If you let them live, they WILL do it again.”, this is entirely demonstrable from facts and stats on such behavior. And the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual threat to children at-large; FAR outweighs the “worth” of such an evil person’s life. And if you are a whining pussy who is going to tell me they shouldn’t die for their evil; please save your keystrokes, because I don’t give a shit what you have to say.

    And a hearty “Amen!” to what Ross said! I know far too many homosexuals who go abroad into the 3rd-world to practice their deviant behavior, always to “teach English”. My cousin is, in fact, such a person. I can think of 3 homosexuals whom I PERSONALLY know (but am NOT friends with) who “teach English” in the 3rd-World (N. Korea, India, and others) so this is quite an actual phenomenon, and it most likely has to do with pedophilia.

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