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An electoral poll carried out in December 2005 and published in early February 2006 make for some interesting perusing given recent events and trends in the parliament in Jakarta.

The poll shows support for the party of President Yudhoyono, PD, the Democratic Party, continuing its slide from an all time high of 28% in January 2005 to stand at 16.5% presently, with the Golkar party trailing at 14.2% and the PDI-P of Megawati at 14.1%.

Moving down to parties with strong Muslim orientation we have the moderate PKB at 7.3%, the Islamist PPP at 3.9%, the Islamist PKS at 2.7% and the moderate PAN at 2.4%. All of these parties have been on a downward spiral since their reasonable performances at the 2004 election but the decline of the PKS, the chief supporter of the anti porn legislation now before parliament and a party popular among young voters, from a high of 10.4% in January 2005, is the most precipitous.

These results though have to be tempered by the knowledge that about 35% of respondents did not answer or were undecided but nevertheless some clear trends are emerging.

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