Mojopahit Empire

Oct 13th, 2007, in Opinion, by

Achmad envisages a new Mojopahit Empire with Australia as vassal state.

Achmad Sudarsono

New columnist Achmad Sudarsono sees Australia destined for client state status under a revived Mojopahit Empire.

Australia’s defeat in the Rugby World Cup at the hands of Britain on October 6th was more than a humiliation. It was a sign of a culture that is failing on every level and won’t admit it.

Achmad has long argued that dress-wearing and playing with Dollies, long trademarks of the Aussie Rugby team, is no way to train. But Australia’s pathetic defeat was no accident.

219 years after its founding, Australia has fallen off the map and into stagnation. The October 6th defeat, brought on by laziness, beer, meat pies and chips, is just another landmark on the journey to Australia’s final destination: vassal status in a revived Mojopahit empire (see map).

Australian backpackers and expats (real ex-pats, not the derelict Blok M’ers we have here), live in denial, desperately clutching at the Sydney Olympics, and Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardis Gras to prove how cosmopolitan they are. They doth protest too much. Australia elected John Howard in 1996, not the fish and chip shop Nazi Pauline Hanson, but they run the same campaign – stick the wogs in a concentration camp, close the borders, flip on Blue Heelers and Home and Away.

At home, Aussies proudly point to their booming economy. What’s there to be proud of in ripping coal, bauxite, tin, LNG, and wheat out of the ground and flogging them to Asia? Up here, of course, the economies genuinely are built on innovation, thrift and hard work. 219 years on from when Australia started as a quarry and a farm, nothing’s changed. Only the masters have. First it was British, then the Americans. Soon it’ll be China and India. Get that rickshaw ready, Aussie, I’ll be taking a ride, boy.

Indeed, the Asians are taking over the few bastions of thinking left in Aussie. Stroll through any half-decent science or technology faculty at an Aussie Uni. It’s all Choudrys and Chongs. Chances are any of pair round eyes you’ll see’ll be staring out from a brown skin.

Meanwhile, Asia is thriving. Indonesia, like China and India, is a slowly waking dragon that once roused, is unstoppable. Of course, it’s true – Aussie has things we need; coal, tin, chalk, real-estate. But unlike our European “friends”, we realize outright colonisation isn’t an morally acceptable.

Instead, Australia will become just another mendicant, begging (on its knees) for favours from a new Mojopahit federation, gradually coalescing in the North. If Australia can’t even win a Rugby game, how can it resist the rise of Asia? After all, Rugby is really a contest of which team has the thickest skulls and fewest brain cells. (It has none of the subtleties of sepak takraw or badminton). International affairs is infinitely more subtle and complex, qualities we Javanese excel at. No wonder Indonesia was never a big Rugby nation.

The message is simple: Move over Aussie, the Indon man’s time is here.

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  1. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Pena Budaya,

    I don’t think you comprehend the subtlety or brilliance of my argument. Friend, the Bule leave their old people to play lawn bowls and wear the white hat. They don’t help them buy obat kuat to blow off steam or sungkem at Ramadan.


    P.S. – thank you for taking an interest in my penis and spreading information that will help other people to take a similar interest.


    You were saying…

  2. Aluang Anak Bayang says:


    …..And for the sake of humanity, please open you mind!

    For f**k sake, please open your eyes.

    Visit Australia and you will find that this terra incognito is a land of sub cultured humans with a history of violence toward Chongs, Wogs and the Abos. They depoted naturalized Filipina, and even threw children overboard. You don’t expect too much of a culture from England’s byproducts. Achmad called it our playground. I think it is more of an open zoo safari-style where our noble Mojopahitans take their kids on holiday and watch from distance these primates in their illegally seized habitat.

  3. Anita McKay says:

    Such a funny concept in Australian heads about being real Oz, since the indigenous people are not white and if reminded where they came from originally, they shouldn’t be screaming out loud about democracy in East Timor. But I don’t think the defeat of Australian rugby team clearly portrays what you’re trying to say here, since Australian rugby team wasn’t beaten by Asian, so you may use other examples. Cricket, perhaps?

  4. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Anak Aluang,

    Couldn’t have said it better.


    The point was about the Rugby team being girly, dressing up as Humphrey B. Bear, playing games like ring-a-ring-a-rosie and wearing dresses.

    Merdeka !

  5. Oigal says:

    Laugh… Your penis ?? I actually heard you had two, no-one could be that silly just playing with one..


  6. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Oigal, once again, glad to hear your gathering intel about my penises (one is detachable). But make up your mind, a while ago I was a sarung-wearing Dyke NGO chick struggling about a village and suckling from the public teat.

  7. Oigal says:

    Fair Enough..point taken..I will stick with the sarung-wearing Dyke NGO chick struggling about a village and suckling from the public teat.

  8. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    The public teat, literally speaking, in a place like Jakarta ain’t too savoury.

  9. Sputjam says:

    Have anyone ever gave a thought why the people of the nusantara (malay types) never bothered to colonise australia before the time of european exploration?

    I saw the al-Jazeera documentary on how the maoris traced their roots back to Taiwan natives, their similarity includes the words for eyes and ears are mata and tlinga, which are typical malay words.

    But for the polynesians and malays to have missed a huge island like australia, its a mystery.

    But just maybe, they landed in the parched and dry parts and missed the wetter regions. Who knows. Anyone got any leads?

  10. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    Because we had trading relationships with the black man. Bugis sailors used to go to Aussie to swap trepang (sea cucumber) and sarungs. In some of the Abbo tribes in Northern Australia, their ceremonial dances still use sarungs and some Malay words are in use.

    At that time, the resources of Nusantara were enough for us. Also, we hadn’t learned of the treachery and megalomania of the white man. Soon the white man will learn the consequences.

    Sava Da Flava.

  11. Janma says:


    I saw the al-Jazeera documentary on how the maoris traced their roots back to Taiwan natives, their similarity includes the words for eyes and ears are mata and tlinga, which are typical malay words.

    I never heard that? The maori’s themselves are very clear about coming from Hawaii and Tahiti, they even remember the names of the boats and the captains they had. Do you think there is a link for that documentary? Or maybe you remember the name of it?
    Also about the indonesians doing trade with the aboriginals of northern australia, they indeed have many malay words amongst the aboriginals there and not only did the bugis trade but also the chinese, and the chinese never did anything horrible to people who lived in the lands where they traded and they went all over the world.
    The white men destroyed everything in their path, it’s so unbelievable, what was up with that? I blame Darwin and his theories, not that he was wrong, but that the white people took it to mean they were superior to others and had some sort of right to do what they did. I have a friend who has a theory that it’s because on a genetic or molecular level white peoples genes are weaker and so they are driven to protect their race on some sort of biological level. I still can’t work it out, but what the whites did in Australia (even more than in other places) was horrific, and more horrific was that at the time it barely raised an eyebrow!

  12. Oigal says:

    “genetic or molecular level white peoples genes are weaker and so they are driven to protect their race on some sort of biological level” mmm They had a name for this theory back in the 40’s and 50’s only it was applied to black people and is now internationally recognised a fundamentally repugnant and racist piece of clap trap. Surprise to see it written here.

    “The white men destroyed everything in their path, it’s so unbelievable” Bit selective Janma, less to do with colour than culture. Whichever culture has the “power” (for want of a better term inviarably destroys the weaker, Mongols (white?) Zulus (white?).

    “chinese never did anything horrible to people who lived in the lands where they traded” Are you serious? Been to Tibet recently? Do you think the Chinese Empire just popped up one day?

    Want to look a lot closer to home??? Java vs….

    Not saying its right bit it is the way of things.

  13. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Yes, Janma, maybe you didn’t have your cornflakes today. Have a look at Jared Diamond’s “genocide map” of the last 10,000 years in “the third chimpanzee”, yes there’s tasmania, but incidents happened all over the world, including maori tribes wiping each other out. Europe just happened to stumble on better technology. The Rwandan massacres, up close and personal, don’t do much for your theory. And neither does the genocide map.
    As for Oigal, not only is he fascinated by my penises, but also my intellect, skulking around the tail end of my postings.

  14. Sputjam says:

    Which aborogine tribe had traded with Bugis and wear sarongs? Or which area in australia was there contacts made with Bugis traders/pirates?

    The hawaiians / new zealand were colonised by polynesians. The polynesians were thought to originate from taiwan native tribes, who are related to the malay types in terms of language. Some famous singers in Taiwan are from the native tribes include Ah-Mei and a very good rock band by two brothers.(Can’t recall their name).
    The maoris probably came from tahiti after island hopping for hundreds/thousands of years from their point of origin. Similarly the hawaiians.

    The island of taiwan was originally inhabited by the native malay/polynesian tribes (not chinese). The Dutch brought in chinese migrants to work for them and this brought large scale migration of chinese race into taiwan.(Happened only 500 years ago) and was claimed by chinese emperors in the 1700s after driving out the dutch.

    Southern vietnam and present day kampuchea were also dominated by malay tribes. In Vietnam, it was the Champas. southern migraton of Thais and other races saw the anhilation of the malay influence. They can speak malay, in their funny dialect if you manage to find one in the kampung. during the reign of Pol Pot, some of these malays flee to the north-east states in Malaysia, where some of them reside until today.

    In all these malay areas, there does not seems to be any kind of major empire dominated by an emperor. It was a loose alliance of villages, who pledge loyalty to a distant lord, which happens to be the dominant sultan/Raja/Agung of the area. There were no workers, but every one contributed in their own sort of way to the community. The sultans/datuks have their own slaves and dayangs, which were given food and lodgngs for their work. The farmers and fishermen were probably the only source of income, apart from rental of land. But with no monetary system invented, It seems highly unlikely that the rental was paid in money, but most probably in agriculture produce, or a share in mineral wealth. Was there any minted money during the time of majapahit?

    And who cares if south africa/australia or england had won the rugby world cup. I only watch if Fiji or new zealand play. Reason? They play good dynamic rugby. Same with samoa.
    Maybe ASEAN should participate as a team in the next world cup. The strongest rugby nation within ASEAN is Thailand.

  15. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    On the question of Mojopahit, money and location. The Bugis went to Northern Australia, all over the coast to trade with the spear-chuckers up there. Mojopahit had limited use of money, mainly Chinese coins as currency.

    But as for Rugby, nothing can be closer to the cro-magnon, animalistic ways of australopithecus. Rugby is a sport for sub-human imbeciles. Better a man eats raw Mastodon meat and clubs his wife than to play or even talk about it in a positive light.

  16. Tammy Ho says:

    Ah, let’s just get back to see where the original white Australian people came from. They even couldn’t stand the climate hence the skin cancer warning everywhere and if not mistaken their skin cancer rate is the highest in the world. For so many hundred of years there’s no skin evolution so where’s Darwin theory here? The birds and lizards in Galapagos island did way better than people.

    Try to see indigenous art pattern and you will find the exact similarity with……. Tana Toraja!! Seriously I was disappointed when buying their souvenirs. Except the boomerang, kangaroo skin and sheep skin, the rest are too similar. So perhaps that’s the trace of people from Makassar’s trade with Australian (whatever that means is) people.

    Rugby in general is a very loving sport. There’s so many touching and groping but also violence and blood. so it’s more like S&M sessions. You couldn’t see the ball, except sometimes players’ balls, off course…

  17. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Hey Ho, that’s right. And that’s why we must rule Australia. Perhaps I shall appoint you Minister of Culture. Ho Ho Ho !.

  18. dewaratugedeanom says:

    Hey Ho, that’s right. And that’s why we must rule Australia.

    Fair dinkum.
    Majapahit will rise again. Merdeka!

  19. Tammy Ho says:

    Don’t you think it’s ironic that Australia makes kangaroo as their identity part but they also think kangaroo is both parasite and yummy to eat?

    Mojopahit had ruled up to the Philippines. Sriwijaya had ruled up to Thai border. I wonder why didn’t they try to go down under? But probably during that time Australia wasn’t even developed and New Zealand didn’t even exist?

  20. Janma says:

    For so many hundred of years there’s no skin evolution so where’s Darwin theory here? The birds and lizards in Galapagos island did way better than people.

    A couple of hundred years is not enough for that kind of evolution, plus it was interesting to see the response to my trash the white man post, ha ha, turns out they aren’t so bad anyway then!?

  21. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    Yes, it’s true. Australia was little more than a sunburnt country with some nice mountains, forests and a few blackies chucking spears around.

    New Zealand was little more than the same, except with some landscape worthy of Norse mythology and some pacific islanders in tatoos.


    I see. Stirring. That’s a very bad thing to do. Very bad…; P

    Friends, coming up in another post – the international race to win over Indonesia’s UFO technology.

  22. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Hey Janma, are you Dutch ?

  23. Sputjam says:

    So malay civilisation was as north as taiwan, but for some reason, could not spread to australia, apart from some trading and arts. Even the polynesians supposedly skilled at island hunting, could not locate australia, but manage to locate small islands such as hawaii, easter and tahiti, apart from new zealand.
    If there were chinese coins in aborogine areas, what kind of products did the bugis exchange those coins for?
    Aborogines were from the first wave of human migration from africa. Their DNa structure are similar to those found in people of Papua, the orang asli tribes in south east asia, southern indians.
    In some parts, there could be intermarriage with malays or assimilated malay culture, such as timor and flores and java, sumatra, kalimantan and malay peninsular.

    On the majapahit empire, nothing was written or found to state that the influence of majapahit /sri vijaya extended to the asian land mass. The truth is that malay tribes dominated South asia, from Taiwan/southern china, chased out by more dominant races southwards, and eventually settled in the southern vietnam/kampuchea to the nusantara.

    Malays shun contact sports. Hence badminton, sepak raga and a less physical form of football is played. Instead of using body strength to prevent your opponent from getting the ball, malays will normally try to dribble the ball past their opponent. This technique will never get us the world cup.

    Despite the supposedly greatness of the majapahit empire, there were no written books found to justify the event, even though the indian sanskrit influence was evident. We must not make assumption of a great empire spreading far and wide.

  24. Janma says:

    Hey Janma, are you Dutch ?

    No, why?

  25. Tammy Ho says:

    If my geography is still correct, many years ago australia and papua is one continent, and when the island was split they’re separated forever. However before I left Australia I heard there’s an effort to claim papua as what they did with east timor, no?

    I think why the majapahit kingdom wasn’t interested in australia, was simply because there’s nothing there! Their land is not as fertile as Indonesia, they didn’t have cattle (the sharp-claws animals were brought by white), so if I see myself as majapahit king I would wave my hand and say, “Let’s find some more interesting place.”

    Regarding what you call malay sport, maybe because we don’t feel like to grope and touch and hurt other counterpart in order to win or to prove who has the biggest, err.. manhood. It’s more soft but meaningful, like pencak silat. It’s good for eyes too, rather than rugby when half of the time you wouldn’t know where the ball is. What do you think?

  26. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Sounds like a dutch name.

    Tammy – spot on. As mentioned Rugby does not have the subtleties of Sepak Takraw. or other Malay sports. It is a gave for knuckle-dragging, drooling, cave men.

  27. Fred Floggle says:

    Australian Aid to its impoverished neighbour to the North = A$458.8 million

    Indonesian Aid to its prospering neighbour to the south = Rp 0

    End of story I think…..

  28. Fred Floggle says:

    Up here, of course, the economies genuinely are built on innovation, thrift and hard work.

    What utter RUBBISH.

    Ever been to Balikpapan and seen the mining there?

    Semarang and see the hardwoods being sold off?

    I think you are in a hostel in the UK.

  29. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    Some just can’t take the truth if they hear it from a Brown Man.

    Rest assured, there will be a rickshaw job for you in the Mojopahit Empire.


  30. Sputjam says:

    there used to be a land mass linkin asia all the way to australia during the ice age.
    then the world got hotter and the sea level started going upwards, hence the seperation.

    l think the first wave of human migration was during the ice age. but i can be wrong.

    Maybe the land in australia is dry and infertile in the north. But it is fertile further south, with pleasant climate to boot. Maybe it is the malay thing not to violtate land belonging to other race. after all, it is the indians/arabs/chinese/europeans that came to south east asia and not the other way round.

    sepak takraw is a bit boring. Not physical and strenous enough. The Thais are now the number 1 seed in this sport. They invented the “tekong kuda’ which the tekong split his leg 180 degree angle and smash the ball into opponent. I just wondered why nobody could counter such service using the knees /chest instead on their heels. maybe the players/coach are not creative enough. They could use a pad on the chest to soften the blows.

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