Ramadan Fasting

Oct 8th, 2007, in News, by

Video of an FPI raid on people not fasting for Ramadan.

This Ramadan, without much variation on last year, some militant Islamic groups, mainly in West Java and some of the more Islamically austere parts of the other islands, have attacked places selling food, and people eating in them, during the daylight hours, while Muslims are supposed to be fasting.

These news reports show men from the Islam Defenders’ Front, Front Pembela Islam (FPI), attacking food stalls in Ciamis, West Java.

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  1. korrill says:

    @ Putu Alberto Lee: I have nothing against the chinese, it’s just I’m tired of overzealous people, from any race, religion, or nation.

    Does that “oververzealous people” also include the muslims we just saw bashing other people and their properties?

  2. Ihaknt says:

    Anyway I will stay away from this blog for good. So much for freedom of press release. Thank you anyway.

    And yet you are still here…just can’t help it can you. 😀

  3. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    Glad that we manage to flush Dragonwall out so he will stay around longer. We need to teach him about humility and Indonesian values. Such attitude and petty-mindedness as displayed by him was the catalyst for pogroms against other innocent Indonesian Chinese by his idol Suharto. Pribumis need to differentiate between humble homegrown Chinese from arrogant outsiders.


  4. Dragonwall says:


    It is because of your mistaken perception and I hope to clear that. Not that I am still here.

    I am gone from this blog. Reason is that there are too many asrehole who just seemed to display the kind of childish attitude talking nonsense in a public arena.

    As for that arsehole s**th**d I would say one word FU. Homegrown or outside, we are still Chinese. As for Suharto, it is a matter of judgement and debat. For you to teach me something! Kiss My Ass.

    You can go ahead and continue displaying your throwing stones with hands behind your back, evasive with plenty of excuses, and your so call religion.

    I think I have better things to do than just wasting time reading useless debates.

  5. HeavenlySword says:

    Osama Bin Laden, uncle Sam’s buddy?? Nooo “¦”¦”¦.. really? I thought it is PKI all along!!

    oh i thought it was SBY who runs the country ;P

  6. Hassan says:

    Homegrown or outside, we are still Chinese

    Perhaps China is where your allegiance stands, not towards Indonesia.

  7. HeavenlySword says:

    Perhaps China is where your allegiance stands, not towards Indonesia.

    lol you remind me of starwars.

  8. Ihaknt says:

    Dragon, what mistaken perception? You made it up yourself. The remark wasnt intended to you. And if you weren’t ‘here’ then who wrote it under your nik? Did someone hack your comp? I got nothing against the Chinese. Most of my Indo friends are Chinese and I love them and am grateful that they are in my life.

  9. Hassan says:

    Don’t fall for the dark side of the force, HeavenlyLightsaber. May the force be with you, always. 😀

  10. Arema says:

    If you are interested read this weblog “Carut Marut Indonesia” at this web site,

    Of course it is influenced by the writer’s own stand in the matter but there are some truth in it, just use your common sense. The articles are in bahasa Indonesia.
    This subject is in the 3rd article.

    Bangsaku sedang sakit “¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦ it needs time to recuperate, too much unnecessary blood had been spilled for this land, I’ll be more patient this time.

    Pakmantri, thanks a lot for the Carut Marut article, really an eye-opener for rakyat yang polos like me…

    We are in the same boat, praying for Indonesia… I hope more and more of us care about Indonesia and do our part for our country. No need to be a bombastic act (like a coup d’etat, for example), because every little bit helps. Let’s start with our surroundings.

  11. Raden says:

    Arema : the carut marut indonesia article consist high degree of hatred toward $oeharto, it seems the writer(s) must hv bad personal experience with OrBa although his writing packaging is not bad.
    The writer did not present what was the alternative scenario if $oeharto/USA conspirators lost the battle against the Comunism (Rusia/China) supremacy in our soil, perhaps if communism won on top of our ‘tepo sliro’ & ‘ngene yo ngene tapi ojo ngono’ attitude then Indon were never even close to the early 90 economy booming time?
    Thirdly, the writer(s) never realize the fact that Indon is really a weak country with 300 years under the Dutch colonial track record, with or without $oeharto – perhaps we will never come close to China for example. In Nusantara history, we never heard we ever had emperor / dinasty as strong as or as organize as Sung / Chin / Ming dinasty, we never have any single navy commander in our history of Nusantara who can conquer the sea as long as Genghiz-Khan, not even come close to the smaller name on the list like Zheng-He who brought up our famous Sam Po Kong temple in Semarang for example. Therefore, the writer fail to convince me to compare us with Malaysia who the leader in early ’60 were the puppet of UK and surrendered their oil , palm oil rich resources to Shell, BP, Exxon, etc … but look at Malaysia, they are in much better than us now. I think I can not purely blame on the domination of the oil majors to explore our soils, frankly we must admit, Indon have no financial & technology know how to dig up our crude oils out from our mother of earth soil. The failures that Indon ORBA regime were they never transformed our $ oil revenue into other industry know-how and take off from there onward.
    Fourth, the writer did not elaborate how good was the PELITA methodology as used to be Indon’ unique road-map to bring this nation out from poverty. I must be fair to $oeharto, none of other presidents have the clear PELITA road-map, not even SBY who known to be a USA smart graduate student who sent his 2 sons studying in NTU Singapore but not in local post grad univ.

    Bangsa ini mungkin memang = tempe ? (Gus Dur ever said & was translated by one of daily overseas publisher the Sgp Straits Time, “Indon politician like flip flop, in the morning bean-curd then in the evening become soya bean ” note:… ha ha … a literaly wrong & meningless in linguistic for foreigners but it was a direct english translation of tahu tempe which it only rings the bell for those native Indonesian like us !)


    In short summary : don’t take this carut marut indonesia writing so seriously and do not take so personally to our former president $oeharto. If he never existed in our history, perhaps we are like Kosovo or Armenia or Mozambique as of today and we are not really that bad “¦ today. What make the writer so convinced if we never had $oeharto then this nation will be as good as China or India today ? look at the past hundred years of Nusantara history, we historically could not come close to China “¦ that’s the facts, wake up ! impossible we put 100% the blame on $oeharto ? change your attitude & culture first then we can get the victory !

  12. Cukurungan says:

    Dear Raden,

    You might sing any kind song whatever you like but for me Provokator No.1 you aren’t more or less than “barisan china sakit hati” who have made money by “Your Kongkalikong with Suharto Rezim” and now you are upset because Sby, Bakrie,Panigoro and Kalla haven’t invited you in a their big parties.

    However don’t be upset we will take you recommendations to change the existing culture tolerance and peaceful of our own countrymen to becomes a more racist , violent and radical…in the meantime be patient you will see the results in the next ten years

    Provokator No.1

  13. HeavenlySword says:

    ahahahaha you guys are funnytard 🙂

  14. Raden says:

    Cuk, you are wrong, Carut Marut was written by Indonesian Chinese like George Aditjondro, Arief Budiman, etc … I am disagreeing with them. For mas Arief Budiman, he married with Indonesia wana (pribumi Salatiga) and for me although he chinese sipit matanya but he is more pribumi & cinta negara than Arab wanabe traitors like you Cuk. Those chinese Indon like the 2 names mentioned above who hate $oeharto very much are idealistic person, I knew Arief in person, a humble person with no ambition for kong kali kong haram money, he either jalan kaki or riding bicycle kind of person for his lectures, he was in the $oeharto’s watch list during ORBA. I attended Arief public lecturer 20+ years ago in many occassion.
    Cuk … you are a blind person & pls wake-up …. pls make friend with more Indon chinese then u will know better & open your paradigm, I belief you are full of suspicious person, over jealous & you may think money is everything in life, a square personality

  15. Cukurungan says:

    Dear Raden,

    What is wrong, I never intended to direct my post to the gentlemen “Writer of Carut Marut” but to you and all “barisan china sakit hati” (BCSH)”¦hehehehe”¦.brother look yourself”¦and please notice”¦you can call me anything whatever you like in the virtual world but God give me anything I want to do in the actual world while I can keep my hand always clean.

    FYI, I have a good relationship with many chinese suppliers and no one of them have a bad mouth like you.

    Provokator No.1

  16. dewaratugedeanom says:

    RADEN said

    What make the writer so convinced if we never had $oeharto then this nation will be as good as China or India today ? look at the past hundred years of Nusantara history “¦. we historically could not come close to China “¦ that’s the facts, wake up ! impossible we put 100% the blame on $oeharto ? change your attitude & culture first then we can get the victory !

    Nusantara also had its glorious days in history. Some may argue that it could not come close to the greatness of the Chinese dynasties, but this doesn’t mean our native culture and civilization are meaningless. Besides our natural resources we have a heritage that certainly deserves to be proud of. If only the pribumis would realize this and come out of their petty, mendicant, corrupt, sanctimonious bigot and ‘blame others do nothing’ mindset. Then we could also become a powerful player in the world arena. What we need now are visionary and charismatic leaders to inspire us, pull us out of the mud and restore our self-confidence.
    Noblemen of the future, where are you?

    Maju terus pantang mundur. Majapahit will rule again. Merdeka!

  17. Pakmantri says:


    Good words, right now in the struggle of daily living a lot of us lost our national pride.

    Bangun pemuda-pemudi Indonesia
    Lengan bajumu singsingkan untuk negara
    Masa yang akan datang kewajiban mu-lah
    Menjadi tanggungan mu terhadap nusa …….


  18. Tungkwato says:

    We are not worthy to be called a Nation….

  19. Raden says:

    Cuk, it is proven that the audience here do not welcome your militancy posting/comment. I am only presenting the facts but I never put my ideology measurements to other who belong to different ideology or worse label others like kafir & other hatred attributes

  20. Cukurungan says:


    So what…should I stop my posting because the audience here didn’t happy with my post…
    he he he….sorry folks if my songs doesn’t sound nice in your ears…btw from all your post, it can be concluded that you were missed lot of your privilege in the Suharto Era where you can steal and cheat “UANG RAKYAT” with your “project tipuan” and now you don’t get a piece of cakes to shut-up your mouth so you were crying in the internet.

    Brother Raden …money is not everything in this life …..be positive person.. maybe your business is not profitable anymore and you hate muslim …but you still can contribute in this country by doing a charity work in the majority non-muslim area like in Papua or NTT….by doing so I hope once day God will show you the straight pad.

    Your Beloved Brother.

  21. Ihaknt says:

    Sanitary pad? What is this pad you’ve been saying? path you mean?

  22. Dragonwall says:

    @ Ihaknt, It started when someone said it was the Chinese that started the narco problems in Indonesia which I think to be untrue.

    Good for you when you said I got nothing against the Chinese. Most of my Indo friends are Chinese and I love them and am grateful that they are in my life.

    Did I rebutt what I said when you posted ‘And as for ‘if you weren’t here…..’ And as for that did you mean that I am being refrain from commenting? And did I said anything to figure you against the Chinese! No, right.

    To put it into a better debating point, lets put it this way that when being greedy has nothing to do with running a country. You comment as to “Soeharto bau tanah” displayed the impression that when he was running the country in good stern condition you were all applause and when some of his crony were indicted for corruption and that he was impeached during a coupt d’etat you said he is bau tanah. I don’t think such are fair comments. Like makan kacang lupa kulit. I am not pro Soeharto neither am I anti Islam. Just commenting base on it’s merit and credit. The disorientation in you somehow appear more words before you, than one above self.

  23. Sputjam says:

    There is one thing the imans are scared of. And it is not God, but a person who can stand up to these hypocrites. Suharto was one such person. The other was Kamal Atartuk. These two guys preffer to ise logic and common sense than to be directed by religious zealots.

    remove such person from the govenrment, and you will see religious tyranny unchained and untouched by the authorities.

    we must understand that these imams are as human as anybody. They are not God. So if you know that they have wronged, then speak up and confront. Otherwise, any country who lets these people loose, will suffer.

    Coming back to fasting, Muslim religionist waste 6 weeks every year observing the fast, makin them unproductive and tired (4 weeks fasting and 2 weeks trying to recover). This 6 weeks exclude the praying time for other rituals. Some even take leave from their family to spread the word of God or to be with their religious preahe for spiritual enhancement.

    Due to these time wasting effort, young muslims children and muslim families are neglected by their parents (or fathers) , and work is sidelined, hence smaller income. Children sent to religious schools may be subjected to similar sexual advances as indicated in Europe and US recently, by none other than their religious teachers. So far no report has been made, but soon, all may be revealed.

    So stop wasting effort promoting religion when common sense dictate that it will lead mankind astray. We do not require religion to believe in God.

  24. Sweely says:

    I think it’s stupid of people to kill others because they’re doing something they do every day during the year – eating. Sometimes, I feel a bit ashamed of being a Muslim.

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