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Indonesians are divided on the question of stoning people to death for extra-marital affairs.

1200 people were surveyed by the Indonesian Survey Institute, LSI, 88% of them Muslim, and asked to agree or disagree on various statements or questions. lsi

Public Policy

  • The government should punish adulterers by stoning them to death. – Yes 43%, No 48%, Don’t Know 9%.
  • Police should make sure that women wear head covering in public. – Yes 25%, No 63%, Don’t Know 12%.
  • The government should punish thieves by cutting their hand off. – Yes 34%, No 61%, Don’t Know 5%.
  • Women cannot become president. – Yes 22%, No 72%, Don’t Know 6%.
  • Police have to make sure that men and women found together in public are married or related. – Yes 40%, No 50%, Don’t Know 10%.
  • Bank interest should be forbidden by the government because it is haram. – Yes 39%, No 44%, Don’t Know 17%.
  • Those wishing to be elected to parliament in general elections should only be those who struggle for the cause of Islam. – Yes 31%, No 59%, Don’t Know 10%.

When the above results are averaged out LSI found that 33% of respondents were “Islamist”, 57% were “secular”, and 10% were neither here nor there. Looking at the trend of results for recent years LSI found that support for “Islamist” positions had declined.

Sympathy for Violence.

Do you support fighting for Islam in these ways?

  • Suicide bombings are sometimes justified – 17% said ‘Yes’ in 2006, 20% said ‘Yes’ in 2007.
  • Executing Amrozi and co. is not just – 9% in 2006, 11% in 2007.
  • Fighting like Osama bin Laden does – 21% in 2006, 12% in 2007.
  • Bombings to defend Islam like those done in Bali – 9% in both years.
  • The World Trade Center attack – 12% in 2006, 19% in 2007.
  • Killing apostates – 18% in 2006, 19% in 2007.

Militant Groups

Do you know of these groups?

  • Jamaah Islamiyah – 35% in 2005, 40% in 2006, 41% in 2007.
  • FPI, Front Pembela Islam – 37%, 38%, 41%.
  • MMI, Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia – 34%, 37%, 34%.
  • HTI, Hizb ut Tahrir – 12%, 14%, 15%.

Do you support these groups?

  • Jamaah Islamiyah – 11% in 2005, 11% in 2006, 8% in 2007.
  • FPI – 15%, 20%, 13%.
  • MMI – 10%, 15%, 8%.
  • HTI – 3%, 6%, 4%.

Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of these groups?

  • FPI – 1% in 2006, 0.7% in 2007.
  • Ngruki boarding school – 0.4%, 0.6%
  • MMI – 0.5%, 0.4%.
  • HTI – 0.5%, 0.4%.
  • PKS, Justice Party – 1.5%, 2.2%

General Election

Which party would you vote for if an election were held today?

  • PDIP – 20%
  • PD – 14%
  • Golkar – 17.5%
  • PAN – 3%
  • PKB – 4%
  • PPP – 4%
  • PKS – 4%
  • Other – 4.5%
  • Don’t know/Won’t answer – 29%

23 Comments on “Stoning”

  1. Sylvester says:

    Based on the survey, we may see that about 10-20% indo are extremist. That counts for 20-40 millions people. Dangerous country!
    Maybe Indo needs a figure like suharto with a strong leadership and Pancasila, but not as corrupt as him.

  2. Peter says:

    Sylvester, I don’t think Indonesia needs another ‘strongman’, because once such a ruler is gone, the country is left with a power vacuum and a weak political system. This is what happened in Indonesia. The political system needs to be strengthened by getting rid of corruption and enforcing the law effectively. This will require a collective effort by all members of politics, not the brute force of a tyrant like Suharto.

  3. Peter says:

    But on the issue of stoning, yes this is ridiculous. I wonder, how much of the vote do all these parties need to get represented in the government? I think Lee Kwan Yew might have been correct about Indonesia having too many political parties. If parties were required to get say, 5% or 7% of the vote before they could enter government, many of these small extremist parties would not be able to gain influence. This is because generally, to attract more voters, parties must appeal to more people and therefore not be so extreme in any way.

  4. Raden says:

    As Sylvester estimated 20 – 40 milion Indonesian are extrimist whom some percentage of them potential to be killer terrorist, let say 10 % of them are terrorist, then approx there are 2 – 4 milion potential jihad bombers that are ready resources to execute their international sect leader terrorist network. What we care to know are how effective the current militancy network nurturing the extrimist becoming the terrorist to be personnels. The statistics may give big picture indication of the declining trend for syairah law support from society’ voices taken in Jalan Sudirman jakarta or other big cities, however we need to redo the survey down to the madrasah students in places like Ngruki Solo, etc and directly make Q&A with them.
    We must audit what are the madrasah’ teaching syllabus, what reading / printing they are producing ? what extra academic activities are they performing ? how much bahasa as language are being used in school time ? etc etc … those are concret measurements must be inplaced by local authorities.

    It means in Indonesia, there are as big as Singapore population are ready to die in the style of Islam jihad ! and that is very DANGEROUS for the ASEAN stability.

  5. iamisaid says:

    Stone the crows!

    Is this matter STILL being debated in Indonesia?

  6. Janma says:

    Stoning is islamic entertainment, you know without it people would only have smackdown and buser, just think the kids ‘ll be tugging on your jilbab, “please mum, can we go to the stoning?!” They could have kaki lima selling stones, flat ones, pointy ones, packets of gravel. might be good for the economy.

  7. Bas says:

    43% of Indonesians agree death stoning for adulterers.

    67% of Indonesians are adulterers…

  8. iamisaid says:

    “43% of Indonesians agree death stoning for adulterers.
    67% of Indonesians are adulterers”¦”



    Thanks for the laugh!

  9. Dragonwall says:

    They would say that their survey were taken with those who are Muslim and not other religion. But they want those who does not embrace Islam to go along with the demand.

    Do they actually know what is adultery? They will deemed two person who were together and are not related to have commit khalwat ‘close proximity’ then they will continue by saying that they have commited adultery. Like in many case found in Malaysia. Two person not related in a room they are commiting adultery.
    This is f**k**ng dangerous situation. If Indonesians and the government were to allow such things to happen, for winning political favors, then Indonesia will the like the London Tube (Dirty) so is all those MF GFN clerics.

    What the clerics are doing is actually slowly forcing Indonesian political elite to swallow that in order to enable them to be in government office. Then they will be like those f**k**g ‘ho many and ho plenty’. Then those political elite will be killed like Shah Reza Pahlavi of Iran. Then Indonesia will continue to drift back into ages from stoning age to ice age (dibeku = sanction) like Iran before. So pathetic.
    The next thing they will start to invade Malaysia, Brunei for their oil like Irag to Kuwait and Iran. Hopeless country it will become.

  10. Janma says:

    Actually, I can’t find it any where in the quran where is says that adulterers should be stoned to death. It says they should be given 80 lashes, and that they should be symbolic rather than brutal, done in front of witnesses because the humiliation is the main punishment.
    Is that right?

  11. Pakmantri says:

    I have a question,
    Is courting the future wife, specially the second wife, before marrying her is considered as an adultery? :-))
    Hey, she is not your wife and you are with her, it must be an adultery!!

  12. Raden says:

    Stoning the sinners to death, the clerics make use of it as the cure to Indonesia’ current trouble with rampant corruption & other problems. If this will be adopted here right now, then we will see many kucing kurap chickens robbers being stone to death & chopped off their hands, the big culprits like the mastermind of Porong Mud Flow will stay in power & even getting richer & richer.

  13. sm4lange says:

    What is the motive of ISI for conducting a survey on ‘Stoning people to death for extra-marital affairs.’ Are they are to sour relations between people of different faiths and to proof to Indonesians of other faiths that Indonesian Muslims are barbarians and that its time for the Indonesian Republic to be split into Christian, Islam, Buddhist and Hindu countries. I sense that something is not right and that there are group/groups that wants to see the Republic of Indonesia broken up into bits and pieces as what has happened to Yugoslavia. The time has come for all Indonesians, regardless of their religious beliefs to come to senses that there are force/forces (inside and outside of the republic) that wants to see the destruction of their country. Where are the real Indonesians in this forum!

  14. Teng says:

    In secular law, cheating is not considered a crime, and personally I don’t think it’s a crime.

    I would go crazy with sadness and anger if my wife cheated on me, but I would never want her to be punished for it, let alone stoned to death.

    Stoning must be the most barbaric backwards medieval death punishment still applied, and for the ‘crime’ of adultery, God, I can’t even believe people agree with that.

  15. Dragonwall says:

    Adultery is usually termed to a person who is having a canal relation or sexual intercourse with a married woman. That is adultery.

    Can a person who is having sex with her boyfriend or fiance considered adultery because both of them are not married?

    I am sure those people that wants to have the Sharia Law enforce are very happy to term it this way, ‘As long as you have sex with someone who is not your wife then that is considered adultery’ right!

    F**k**g absurd. In other words what they are saying what they want is what you must take! so whether you like it or not you have to swallow it. NO. NO. NO.

    So how democratic is Indonesia. These people tend to be too smart with all their empty vessels.

    Otak dengkul.

  16. Dimp says:


    43% of Indonesians agree death stoning for adulterers.

    67% of Indonesians are adulterers”¦

    43%+67% = 110%

  17. Sputjam says:

    Here is the punishment that is PRESCRIBED in the Quraan for ZINA(Adultery and Fornication):

    “The woman and man guilty of Zina, flog each of them with a hundred stripes: Let not compassion move you in their case, in a matter PRESCRIBED by Allah, if you believe in Allah and the last day: and let a party of the Believers witness their punishment” (Quraan 24:2)

    how to prove that person committed zina is as follows :-

    “If any of your women are guilty of any FAHISH act, Take the evidence of four (Reliable) witnesses from amongst you against them; and if they testify, confine them to houses until death do claim them, or Allah ordain for them some (other) way.”(Quraan 4:15)

    “And as for the two who are guilty of any FAHISH act from among you, give them both a punishment; then if they repent and amend, turn aside from them; surely Allah is Oft-returning (to mercy), the Merciful.”(Quraan 4:16)

    stoning to death is not presecribed in the koran.

  18. Janma says:

    dimp said…

    43%+67% = 110%

    That can only mean that some of the adulterers also support stoning, the reason being either to side with the righteous in order to escape detection, or they go for the S and M type sex model.

  19. Dimp says:

    Hi Janma,

    I think Bas just simply adding his numbers incorrectly, I was just a bit picky, no hard feeling Bas.

  20. Janma says:

    when I looked that up in the koran it supported keeping the woman locked up until death, but not the man. did I read it wrongly?
    It says that if any of your women are guilty of lewdness take the eveidence of four reliable witness from among you against them. and if they testify, confine them to houses until death do claim them. if two men among you are guilty of lewdness, punish them both. If they repent and amend, leave them alone…. for God is oft-returning, Most merciful.

    Sounds fair? I thought I was kind…. but God takes the cake hey….

  21. Dragonwall says:

    the evidence of four (Reliable) witnesses from amongst you against them

    So you still needs to prove a person had done such an act before they could be condemned right!

    so how these c**k s**k*r goes around catching people waiting for bus ride, old lady buying food got caught?

    It is simply that someone had supported their action, like the mayor of tanggerang, before they go around doing such with the belssings of a stupid cleric. Even the police were unable to do anything and even brought them to court for judgement. And on top of that the stupid judge even pass judgement without any proof to prove those people wrong. Even the high court judge was stupid enough to take on their side by saying what they did is not against the constitutional law.

    How pathetis these people are behaving when they embrace themselves and said good job complimenting one another just because all of them are Muslim alike.

    I wonder if any of those who feel that these so called law should be enacted and leash in the presence of the Islamic religion ever to find that if their father, mother, brother or sister were being caught in such an act, what will they say then.

  22. IngePek says:

    indonesia is really lagging behind other countries in recent years. When other nations are working hard and studying hard to improve their life qualities, to save our planet from natural disasters, pollutions etc…we are still talking about stonings people to death, religions,??? which only create more arguments but bringing no solutions to the real issues.. We should be focusing on education especially for children, improving the people’s qualities of life and how to improve the nation’s morality outside the religion box… Indonesia’s future should lay on the hand of the brave, few intellectuals whose numbers are unknown to stand on the same side to tackle this on going problems in Indonesia such as the problems cause by religious extremists. If any surveys were to be conducted in Indonesia, It should be similar to those at PEMILU but of course with a different purpose which is not to elect someone, rather to get a general idea of what the nations want from and for their country, regardless the race, religions or backgrounds. Because this is what Indonesia was proclaimed for. For unity in diversity.

  23. Si says:

    Looking at the public policy items posted here, it shows why Indonesia, inspite of being one of the countries in the world richest in natural resources, is now one of the most backwards societies of the so called civilized nations. Indonesian citizens who think it’s bad now, wait another 10-20 years and then you know what I mean. Wake-up and have your human rights respected and work for democracy in the true sense of the word.

    As an example, what has the government done to alleviate the suffering of the people in Bande Ace or the recent earthquakes and the sulfer mudd flow in East Java? Nothing. Actually, a small group of people profited from these disasters but not the people who needed help the most.

    I was born in Jakarta 80 years ago and lived there for 25 years and I thank
    God that he has given me the opportunity to live in a country where freedom of speech, religion, etc. still exists and is respected by the government. America.

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