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Indonesia doesn’t need a Grand Mufti, the MUI is enough.

Chairman of Indonesian Ulema Council, (Majelis Ulama, MUI) Ma’ruf Amien says the country does not need a middle eastern style Mufti Council of Muslim clerics, with a Grand Mufti at the head of it, to issue binding rulings on Islamic law.

Maruf Amin
Maruf Amin, not a mufti.

Maruf says the MUI already does the job of issuing fatwas, and it is an independent body, whereas a Mufti Council would be under the government. In any case he says the government already uses the fatwas of the MUI as guidance in creating laws, (as the police sometimes do in implementing them).

Additionally a Mufti Council needs to be headed by an extraordinarily wise man called a mujtahid mutlaq, whose knowledge of Islamic law should be as good as the historical figure Imam Syafi’I. No-one is suitably qualified for this position, Maruf says, not even his good self. bip

3 Comments on “Grand Mufti”

  1. Sputjam says:

    please God, no! The Grand mufti will replace God as judge and jury. And individuals will lose the freedom of thoughts. The whole nation will become a religious police state and population turned into zombies.

  2. Ihaknt says:

    Sputjam…too late…it’s already happened. But there are multiple muftis, many judges.

  3. Sputjam says:

    Better multiple muftis, at least they can contradict one another. But one huge Mufti. That is the end of life as I see it. In Iran, nobody can overide the ayatollah. Same thing will happen in indonesia with a grand mufti.

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