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Ross on Metro TV’s Chinese-language news service, Xin Wen.

The Metro TV Chinese-language news reported on the APEC conference in Sydney on its morning news. What did Metro show the Indonesian viewers? None other than the President of Red China making his speech. But Indonesia’s own President, SBY, attended that gathering.

Jakarta’s Metro TV is quite a young channel, which has English-language news, broadcast on Friday evening, repeated on Saturday morning and again on Sunday evening, so it has a lot of foreign viewers. It is owned by a leading Golkar Party magnate, who by odd coincidence is often featured on its news, but that is not a big deal. What I’d like to look at today is its Chinese-language news service.

The Chinese minority here in Indonesia is disproportionately prosperous (probably due to their work ethic) although many of them are just as poor as pribumi (native) Indonesians, many of whom nevertheless harbour prejudices against them. They (the Chinese) have had a hard time in the past, most recently in 1998, when looting, rape and murder were the lot of many in the riots.

Many of them also made a big mistake in the Fifties and Sixties by lining up with the nasty PKI, Communist Party of Indonesia, though when Suharto squashed that threat, he himself chose to make friends with numerous Chinese tycoons. Many good Chinese, of course, were supportive of the nationalist Kuo Min Tang until the red-tilting Sukarno suppressed the anti-Communist Chinese community back in the early 1960s.

That’s all just history now, of course, and the official line is that everybody’s welcome, and Chinese festivals, like their New Year, are given full approval for public celebrations. Equally, the Mandarin language is no longer forbidden. And Metro thus has a special news in Chinese just after the English news in the morning, called Metro Xin Wen, which is described as:

Program berita setengah jam yang disajikan dalam bahasa Mandarin dan lengkap dengan informasi yang berhubungan dengan masyarakat Tionghoa, seperti berita bisnis, ekonomi, sosial dan budaya. (News in Mandarin with information of interest to Chinese Indonesians, like business, economy, social and cultural affairs.)

Tayang setiap hari pada pukul: 07.05-07.30 WIB. (Every day from 7.05am to 7.30am.)

Although most of us can’t follow it, we can identify the news items included, and that is a revealing activity.

While Metro TV’s English news comprises mostly things that are happening here, and major world events, in other words the same more or less as the content of the main Indonesian news programmes, plus a few touristy things or an expat who’s taken up Javanese musical instruments, the Chinese news seems to go out of its way to emphasise that these Indonesian citizens have more in common with foreign countries where Chinese is the mother tongue. Much of it focuses on happenings in Red China, some in Taiwan and some in Singapore. Why does Metro do this? If it regards Chinese-speaking Indonesians as 100% Indonesian, it should surely be presenting them with news of their own country in their minority language? But no, it doesn’t, not fully.

This sort of presentation encourages pribumi to think of their fellow-citizens as foreign-orientated, and may encourage some of the minority to do the same.

I don’t actually believe this is a deliberate policy on Metro’s part, but I do think it betrays a mind-set whereby the Chinese-speakers are still regarded as resident aliens. Western expats are almost all just that, no matter how long they live here. They work and play but have no real rights, nor do they expect any. Chinese-speaking Indonesians, one hopes, are much more than that. They are full citizens, not foreign overspill floating in the multitudinous archipelago. Metro News should act accordingly. Give them their own country’s news, at least as much local content as English-speakers get.

Has anyone else thought about this?

Incidentally, I’m commenting on Indonesia but am not blind to my own country’s short-comings, for the same criticism can be levelled at western media which broadcast programmes in Asian languages for immigrants and their offspring in Britain, thus obstructing the assimilation process which is the duty of all immigrants, (being able to enjoy TV is a splendid incentive to learn English quickly, just as I can now laugh at Tukul and Republik Mimpi) and Spanish-language programmes in the USA, where the Hispanic minority has shown a singular reluctance to adapt to their chosen homeland by learning its language.

Nor am I criticizing programmes designed to teach immigrants their new language – that’s imperative! And if some want to have programmes to keep their own culture in order, eventually, to go home, residing in the US or UK as mere guest-workers, for example the Cubans who hope to return to a Free Cuba when that old swine Castro kicks the bucket, then that’s all very well. (I know many Cubans are now American citizens, but many others still have hopes of liberating their homeland and good luck and Godspeed to those patriots!)

But some Hispanics, in the USA at least, are actually demanding bilingualism as official policy. In Britain, and Canada, vast sums are wasted on official forms in a variety of languages because so many have not taken the trouble to do what they should have done before contemplating migration. That is surely unacceptable. Even guest-workers like me make it a first priority in Indonesia to learn as much Bahasa Indonesia as possible, and we have no aspirations to become citizens. When in Rome, do as the Romans do!

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  1. Ross says:

    Well, seems I’ve upset a few folks.
    Good! The poor impression many Indonesians have of bules is down largely to the fact that most website spouters are Jaksa-style teacher/NGO lefties, who lend credibility to the Jakarta Post’s frequent propagation of pro-PKI views. (and please don’t deny the JP is pro-PKI; I’ve lost count of the times they have published tendentious articles suggesting these evil exiles should be rehabilitated, despite the fact no whisper of repentance has ever been heard from most of them)
    Thus locals think we are all hostile to the Coalition’s liberation work in Iraq and Afghanistan.(and yes, I’d love to extend it to Cuba)
    Yes, some are trendy lefties, but many are not, and to be reviled for displaying dissent is a welcome tribute, given its sources.
    Why should expat posters be required to fit the neat little category approved by Peter? At least he makes literate points, unlike the awful Oigal, and the mysterious Nenek Vorkuta Sihir, who urges dissidents to leave the country! Wow, what a wowser!
    PS Peter, please rebuke Nenek for calling me a goose. What do geese do to merit her contumely? A few choice epithets ne’er go amiss, but let’s keep ’em relevant.

  2. Peter says:

    Ross, I would advise you to refer to Patung’s “Batam Radio” post to see how to do a news report with class and objectivity.

    Nenek was speaking to you Ross, so you can rebuke him if you want.

    The poor impression many Indonesians have of bules is down largely to the fact that most website spouters are Jaksa-style teacher/NGO lefties

    No Ross, I’d say the poor impression of bules in Indonesia is due to poor foreign policy decisions (i.e. occupying Iraq) coupled with the crude and lewd behavior of many bules who visit their country. Just a guess on my part.

  3. Raden says:

    I am in the opinion if TVRI over exposing how bad is Israeli army ransack the Palestinian, I think just to pleased the majority of Muslim indonesian audience. Given the limited 30 min of world news, it is always the case the TVRI tend to expose muslim pro diluted topics thus unbalance perspectives.
    Who care to stop Metro for their another version of unbalance perspective news? Should we stop finger pointing other media before our flagship TVRI can put neutral perspectives. The same blame on CNN and BBC’s daily propaganda.
    Who said there are truly fair broadcasting news ? Can we be more forgiven human being?

  4. Ross says:

    Thanks Peter, for revealing that nenek (grandma?) is male, and for your display of selective indignation re epithets..viz., your earlier comment ‘Please leave the childish name-calling out of this forum, Ross. Let’s all be adults here, silahkan.’
    But when your allies call me a goose – rather useful and graceful creatures, surely – and my comments are derided as ‘a bag of puss,’ you politely decline to criticise their abusive approach. Never mind, who needs consistency?

    Actually, it bothers me not a bit. Peter is correct when he says that lewd and crude bules do get all of us a bad name, but he is wrong to suggest that foreign policy decisions like that on the liberation of Iraq are a big issue. Among the JP red brigade, yes, but outside their ranks and the otherwise incompatible Islamic fanatics, most Indonesians surely have enough to worry about, e.g. food. housing, getting by, without joining the West-haters ( who draw encouragement from the Benedict Arnolds and Lord Haw Haws of the web.)

    Oh, yeah, somebody said I was very Fifties! Thanks…a decade when people didn’t use foul language in the presence of women, when we stood up for the National Anthem and deviants were not allowed to parade their aberrations as normal.
    I was just a wee lad then but I reckon it wasa pretty good time for the civilised world.

  5. Peter says:

    Ross, yes I mistakenly referred to Nenek as ‘him’.

    Besides that, the only thing I have to say is this:

    Kamu ada seperti katak dalam tempurung.

  6. Ross says:

    I’m bemused! What has transpired to make Peter stamp his little foot and call me names (albeit in Bahasa Indonesia rather than English) Only a week or so ago he was condemning my use of the trem ‘bolshie’ as name-calling, though it’s hardly abusive.
    Then his comrade called me a ‘goose (Dur? Is this age-ism?) ‘ and suddenly Peter himself opts for the low road and denounces me as a frog!
    Was it my eulogy of that glorious decade, the Fifties, or my evocation of long-dead renegades like William Joyce or the unlamented Mr. Arnold? I could have used more modern equivalents, like ‘Hanoi Jane’ Fonda or that wretched Sheehan woman, whose bereavement, in contrast to many brave mothers who lose sons in their country’s cause, now impels her to embrace, and be embraced by, terrorists. It is one thing to argue for or against a policy decision but giving aid and comfort to the enemy when our troops are in harm’s way is abominable. Iraq’s democratically elected government is under attack by savages, who slither about amongst the civilian population then let their sympathisers raise hell when civilians die as a result.
    Iraq’s people have freely chosen their government, which wants our help. We can stay the course and provide it, or repeat the mistakes of Vietnam and succumb to the liberal media’s demands that we cut and run. At least we won’t have to worry so much about MIAs this time, because Al Qaeda tends to behead its captives, even keeping the heads as souvenirs. The Taliban execute civilian philanthropists, whereas Coalition forces put their own servicemen on trial for abuses and punish them severely. The people we are fighting are enemies of the entire civilized world, not just America or the U.K. or Australia.
    Do the peaceniks truly imagine that scuttling out of the war-zones will result in an end to terror bombings in the West, or indeed here in Indonesia?
    The zoological form of insult is all very well, but doesn’t get us very far. Peter’s bitter ripostes present an interesting case study. Since it is becoming boring to repeat the same arguments about Metro TV, perhaps we should consider his disturbed condition.

  7. pj_bali says:

    As usual I’m late to this discussion

    I would guess that most Chinese Indonesians are perfectly capable of understanding news in bahasa Indonesia. As there are at least seven or eight news programs on every morning, why would they want to sit through the same news programs regurgitated into mandarin? Easier just to read the news in bahasa and print chinese subtitles. They probably watch it because the programs are outside the normal stories of drug busts and bus accidents which seem to make up most of the indonesian news. TV programs depend on advertising dollars so its possible that the news format in metro xin wen is preferred by the target market – I mean if chinese -indonesians don’t like the show they wouldn’t watch it, the ad revenue would dry up and we would be watching barney the dinosaur at 08:05 (bali time) instead of metro xin wen.

    I don’t imagine many pribumis even watch metro xin wen – most likely they flip channel when it comes on. To claim that the show reinforces certain bias that pribumis may hold toward ethnic chinese is simply because it has some programming that is outside local interest is simply unfounded.

  8. Oigal says:

    It was a crock of pus not a bag, a bag we could tie and it would not spill over and soil us all.

    Tee hee, first time I have been called left wing as well, I am about as right wing as a reasonable person could be (emphasis on the reasonable). However,any account of history will reveal the PKF were the lambs to the slaughter for someone’s else’s lust for power (See Time for details). Now perhaps the PKF would have mounted a serious challenge later but it certainly was NOT the case at that time. The crock man is not seriously trying to justify the thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) that were slaughtered during that time is he?

    And this “deviants were not allowed to parade their aberrations as normal.” is just plain scary and character telling. What makes it as a deviant our learned one.

    Homosexuals, greenies, commies, democrats, or perhaps its those dang uppity coloured peoples, or maybe its those of us who have soiled the gene pool by mixed marriages. Who decides the deviant Ross, you?

    Personally, I could not care less, who parades what as long as it doesn’t harm me or others.

    Have fun in the shallow end.

  9. Ross says:

    PJ in Bali actually makes some useful criticisms of my original point, and I grant that he may be correct in his conclusion that, whatever the wisdom of its content, Metro’s Chinese-language news probably does not matter greatly to pribumis, or even to ethnic Chinese! My first post was merely a random comment on the thing.
    However, Red Oigal (how can such a manipulator of history be other than a lefty?) appears unaware of the immensity of the PKI threat. They had 11,000,000 people in the party and its various puppet fronts and Sukarno had allowed them into the highest levels of authority.
    It was a shame that a lot of poor peasants got the chop, duped into marxist agrarian affiliates, but let’s not grieve for the Gerwanis and the intellectuals. They were educated folk who knew what communism does to any country it gets. They were eager to subject Indonesia to the same. Shed no tears.
    As for deviants, Oigal is not only red but a bit soft on pink power, if he thinks that perverts are normal. And why does he dislike mixed marriages and coloured people. Race has not been an argument here so far.
    No, I don’t decide the deviant. Nature did that, or God, if you prefer. Up till thirty years ago, when the cultural marxists started making it fashionable to be rancid, nobody quibbled with the common sense (and essential basis for human survival) idea that boys like girls and it works rather well.
    That is an issue Indonesia will soon have to face, as trendy lefty scribblers like Julia Suryakusuma have begun softening up public opinion for perv marriage and even aberrant adoption. Jakarta Post, not long ago.
    Let’s hope Christians and Muslims can put aside their conflicts and fight decadence together.

  10. Oigal says:

    Well there you have Joe MaCarthy lives..

    Now now..naughty Joe (Sorry Ross).. you know its not nice to misquote! Particularly when readers can just go up a couple of posts and read for themselves, you just end up looking foolish (well more so anyway)

    “why does he dislike mixed marriages and coloured people.”

    Now I never said that did I naughty Joe…? Laugh.. tsk tsk a homophobe a bit of a fibber as well huh..
    Weren’t you ever taught its not nice to misrepresent people..

    Back to my question, who decides who or what is deviant? Once again Joe/Ross/Freddy Nile ..whatever ..seeing how you have decided to speak for Nature and or God and that’s a pretty powerful bit of name dropping the least you your letter of appointment from Nature and God as the eternal spokesman..

    I do like your turn of phrase when dismissing the deaths of 400,000 plus people..

    “It was a shame that a lot of poor peasants got the chop”

    I guess we see things different a shame is when I get a flat tyre on the way to work, its a shame when some one farts and sh*ts themselves. Its NOT A SHAME but a crime against humanity when hundreds of thousands of people are slaughtered just because they happened to think things could be better another way.

    See I guess if I had that letter of appointment from nature to accuse someone of being deviant, then the way you just write off hundreds of thousands of human lives as “a shame” then i would nominate that as fairly repugnant and deviant behaviour..and far more threating to others than some guy or girl who happens to have a dollar each way as consenting adults.

    Seriously tho, I have to thank you. I really thought all you “reds under the beds” guys had died off, along with such classics as the domino theory. Its been fun!

  11. Peter says:

    Ha and Ha.

    Ross is like the Neo-con version of Achmad Sudarsono.. except not as intelligent or funny.

  12. Ross says:

    That dim-wit Oigal actually described non-whites as ‘dang uppity coloured people’ and he talked of ‘soiling the gene pool by mixed marriage.’ His throw-away lines are clearly racist, and so how did I misrepresent him? Or was he trying to be humorous- hard to tell when he makes such fatuous comments in every post.
    His reference to Revd. Nile suggests Oigal is one of those crass Aussies who bring their country into disrepute overseas by espousing all the worst forms of political correctness whilst allowing their slurry slang -‘dang uppity’ etc – to show their real feelings.
    Happily there are many more decent Australians who bring credit to Australia’s name by being proud of their flag and heritage.
    I don’t claim to speak for God or Nature, nor do they need me to speak for them. One draws logical conclusions from the fact that ‘gays’ spread diseases and are ipso facto sterile in their life-style. Hence their avid demands for adoption rights, to bring helpless kids into co-habiting deviant households.
    It is simply a matter of common sense and common decency that perversion is repulsive. Catholics, Anglicans and presbyterians tend to agree with Muslims on that issue, or try mating two roosters and see what sort of chook results, mate.
    Peter of course just sits back in arm-chair critic pose and let’s Oigal take the gutter route of attack, and neither of them has crocodile tears in sufficiency for Cuban or Vietnamese victims of communism, only for the Reds who reaped a whirl-wind in Indonesia.

  13. Oigal says:

    Its all a bit beyond you isn’t Ross? Still enough is enough, a battle of wits with you is like fighting an unarmed man.

    Ross, Ross, Ross,

    Now even you in your demented rage, must know the quoting someone out of context is just a little bit naughty.

    But it sounds as if you are getting on a bit, maybe the memory is fading so here (in context) was my question to you, which you have failed to answer..

    “What makes it as a deviant our learned one.

    Homosexuals, greenies, commies, democrats, or perhaps its those dang uppity coloured peoples, or maybe its those of us who have soiled the gene pool by mixed marriages. Who decides the deviant Ross, you”

    Before I go though. Do tell, so we all know. Who else is not fit to share the planet with you then? So far, its the communists (or those thought to be communists, apparently its just a shame if few hundred thousand die, as long as we get the right ones as well), the gays, ok who else.

    So is that is it?? Come on..tell the truth, people like you normally have whole bag (oops crock) of people who don’t fit your world.

    You have come this far, you might as well, as they say, come out of the closet.

  14. Ross says:

    You choose to use racist language in what presumably passes for irony in your retarded circles. Don’t blame me for quoting it back at you. You also manage to avoid any attempt to dispute my brief references to the evils of communism, which are a matter of historical record. (admittedly, you seem not to have much grasp of history) So you know the truth but won’t speak up on it. Reds are vermin. Isn’t that clear enough?

    You no doubt condemn numerous ‘isms’ but delve about for ‘age-ist’ jibes. I’m old enough to shrug off such nonsense.

    You actually have no real arguments, apart from your own prejudices, viz. that abnormals are normal. Very good, laddie. Keep up the good brain-work.

    As for who isn’t fit to share the planet, let’s hope our local Attorney General offers us a seasonal treat and removes Amrozi from this sphere. Or do your left-lib hangups even preclude hanging or shooting (too easy, shooting) the Bali Beasts.-

    I am taking a break far Ramadan -if you have calmed down, we may resume this dialogue in November.

  15. Oigal says:

    Tsk tsk. That really is primary school stuff, avoid the question by misdirection!! I will keep this very short for you ok.

    Its really a very simple question..try very very hard to stay focused ok:

    Who else makes into your list of Deviants (although I notice, vermin and abnormals as also your words of choice)? See easy huh..just simply clarify YOUR classification.

  16. Ross says:

    How many names does this hot-tempered little chappie use? No matter, more important, who does he think he is to seek to interrogate people who are still waiting for him to defend his use of racist language, he asked who needs weeded out, I told him Amrozi and Co, and asked if he agreed, but again the gutless galah cops out.
    As for who is deviant, even he has to know that queers are, and psychopaths, and terrorists, and many others. Some are more dangerous than others. Terrs should of course be executed, but queers can apply for a cure, if they really want to live a decent life. As for psychos, perhaps our multinominal tantrum-thrower can give us some personal insights.
    NOW – trot off, little man, I am taking a break till next month, There are more fun ways to spend holidays than this.

  17. Oigal says:

    Laugh.. Can’t even be honest with yourself

    I am taking a break far Ramadan -if you have calmed down, we may resume this dialogue in November….

    This must be the shortest Ramadan ever recorded.

    Tsk Tsk..see I can come out of the closet..Oigal is my real name honest!!!..laugh.your turn

    Hot tempered who me?…laugh..

    Lets see… We have…

    does this hot-tempered little chappie

    followed by

    who does he think he is to seek to interrogate people who are still waiting for him to defend his use of racist language

    mmm.. Well someone sounds like they are getting hot tempered but it ain’t me..but you have already answered your own question (its that memory thing again isn’t it)

    You choose to use racist language in what presumably passes for irony in your retarded circles.

    Well I thought it was certainly ironic but hey maybe I was wrong, perhaps way too subtle. Although if you are going to attack someone about using provocative terms, then perhaps referring to the term retarded to denote unworthy is tad silly (then again maybe in the world of reds under bed…)

    Now in your “Big book of Debates circa 1962” they would have told you about the Strawman defence but it really has gone out of style and lacks intellect. Throwing up a gimme like “Terrorists as evil” is just that a gimme.

    You and I and everyone else knows what the question was of course you then compound the issue with

    “queers are, and psychopaths, and terrorists, and many others”

    Ok, so lets keep the strawman gimme, just for you..So queers belong in the same box as psychopaths, terrorists and (the really scary) many others? By the way you left out the communists? Have you gone over to the dark side?

    Its obvious you have no intention through inability or something else (and we all know what). However it would be interesting to know what makes up a “Many Others”

    I am assuming that by taking a Ramadan break, you are Muslim (?) if so be a bit careful if you go and see Fred Nile;

    Last month prominent conservative Christian politician Fred Nile issued a press release with these words emblazoned across the top: “No More Muslims

    See that last paragraph is called misdirection…easy really

    queers can apply for a cure, if they really want to live a decent life.

    That is so very big of you.. Geez..One can only imagine what your cure would be but I am sure millions of homosexuals the world over are relieved they can be cured.

    Meanwhile the dim-wit, left-lib, gutless galah, little man (that would me, I guess) shall as we say in the collective “TROT-SKY off..

    Sleep tight tonight..your neocon is awake..

  18. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    I wouldn’t worry about it. Oigal tried to use the same set of tricks on me a year ago when I unmasked his white supremacist agenda. The one who’s stuck in 1962 is Oigal — probably because it’s the last time he had sexual contact with another two-legged mammal – I didn’t say human mind you.

    Actually, folks, on second thoughts, I’m going to have to let Ross have it after reading his crypto-moronic rants which make me look wiser and more reasonable than a genetic cross of Plato, the Dalai Lama, and Martin Luther King.

    Ross: there’s only one refutation for you: grow an appendage.

  19. Oigal says:


    No I am a dim-witted, left-lib, gutless galah, homosexual, white supremacist, little man.

    That’s actually a fairly unusual set of personality traits, Bugger me, I am deep on so many levels. Although I was way too young to have sex with you Assmad in 1962, perhaps you are mixing me up with that fun night you had in the FPI dorm as the pass around.

  20. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    Please stick to the post and avoid making personal abuse: I don’t think the readers of this blog are interested in wild accusations. Anyway, the real focus here should be Ross.


    And while we’re at it, Ross – what’s your point? Can you sum it up in a 100 words or less — just a couple of paragraphs.

  21. Janma says:

    Ono said: “Actually, folks, on second thoughts, I’m going to have to let Ross have it after reading his crypto-moronic rants which make me look wiser and more reasonable than a genetic cross of Plato, the Dalai Lama, and Martin Luther King.”

    Now see, that had me going too! I was wondering… is this the same Achmad we know and …. well that we know?

  22. Jakartass says:

    Hi folks.

    I’ve just dropped in so I can receive an email if someone replies.

    This thread is much like rubber-necking a traffic accident – fun to watch but glad I’m not involved. So, please keep it going through bulan puasa.

  23. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    All My Friend,

    If you’re going to post moronic rants, at least make them consistent – so they can be rebutted. The problem with Ross is he’s totally schizoid. Just what does he think – please – I want to know!

  24. riccardo says:

    Actually, I’m doing the same thing as Jakartass, but would like to add, in response to the original topic, that Metro’s Mandarin news is geared largely toward MANDARIN-SPEAKING EXPAT businesspeople from a handful of countries, who are living/working in Indonesia.

    There are at least as many of Mandarin-speaking expats as there are English-speaking one, if not many more — and they’re spending power is likely equivalent.

    In fact, most estimates put at 10% to 20% the number of Chinese-Indonesians that understand Mandarin well enough that they’d be able to understand the Metro broadcast.

    All of which means that it’s irrelevant for anyone to suggest that the Xin Wen broadcast is against the ideals to Pancasila or “unity in diversity”.

  25. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Besides, the better the world, including Indonesia, understands China the better. I’m sure most of the rakyat would prefer a job than sticking to outdated Soeharto-era interpretations of the Pancasila. Jobs can come from exporting to China. Besides, I question how ‘organic’ or grass roots the racism towards Chinese has been — alot of the time it’s been stirred up for political reasons. Not saying it’s not there. Just that it’s not what it always seems to state the obvious to readers of this forum.

  26. Oigal says:

    Geez, so many bystanders. Score cards please, laugh.

  27. Ross says:

    A sudden rush of posts, so am resisting the urge to take a break.

    The original point was a mild comment on the content of Metro’s Chinese morning news. Then suddenly I was beset by aggressive pinkoes. For defending myself, I have been called a frog, a goose, and all manner of choice epithets… yet I have to laugh at the mentality. Why does Ogle think I am irate?
    I type all these offerings calmly and deliberately.

    How many types of deviant does Ogle need? Why does he need them? When I suggested terrorists as a form of undesirable deviant, in answer to his wish, he flew off his short little handle again, and eschewed the chance to agree to the death penalty for the Bali Beasts. is he ashamed of his stance on capital punishment, whatever it may be?

    Ogle is merely another posting person among many, not entitled to dictate the terms of the argument. I have answered his questions, those that are coherent. Yet he shrinks like a pink violet from answering mine.

    My views are quite obvious, anti-communist, anti-terrorist, anti-deviant. They are conservative opinions, not unusual except to Ogle’s trendy lefty libs and those worse than them, such as the odd fellow who thinks we need to grow appendages, in his case, an internal one known as a brain?

  28. Oigal says:

    Oh Ross,

    Ogle is merely another posting person among many, not entitled to dictate the terms of the argument.

    Says who.. you? Laugh..You post a piece of wallop on a public forum and then go on to make simply absurd comments

    It was a shame that a lot of poor peasants got the chop

    as an example of the full weight of your sympathy for 300,000-500,000 people dead in the name of an elites power play.

    And expect to dictate the response. Free Press a novel concept too huh?

    You deserve nothing that you have not got! I could be wrong but I certainly don’t see a swag of posters coming out in support for you. (it’s not paranoia if they are really all out to get you.)

    The fact you are incapable of debating without the aid of Strawmen and misdirection means someone has to define the terms of discussion or within three posts, we will be debating the Kennedy Conspiracy.

    Is it actually possible you really don’t get it? You views are obvious, you are a bigot.

    All you have even been asked is to define your classification of Deviant, to which you came back with the emotive but not relevant strawman of Terrorist (Which is a red herring as well you know, although I note you have now nominated three classifications – communists, terrorists and deviants). Your fluid classifications are the hallmark of a bigot..some classics..deviants or the ever popular “many others”.

    By your own admission then, homosexuals, terrorists and communists are all the same (except homosexuals can be cured apparently..ho di ho). No other group you wish to add, single or unwed mothers perhaps..or worse us left wing trendies (cool I have never been called left wing or trendy before..times do change), perhaps greens..

    Remember our discussion on misdirection Ross, we are not talking about the death penalty here nor terrorists (there are any number of other threads you can do that) We are talking about what makes your list of deviants and a later classification of “many others” very hitlerese, perhaps it was those “retarded” ones you referred to in an earlier post, I really hope that was just an incredibly stupid choice of words and not another sicko stance

    Ross, this is boring now….fortunately your type are dinosaurs.. don’t let the door hit you on the arse on the way out.

    Someone else can poke Roscoe with sticks now, he now officially the world’s most boring and out of date human (I use the term in the generic sense only).

  29. Ross says:

    On my way to the airport when I saw Wee Robbie Ogle’s typically childish opt-out.
    “a load of wallop,’ ‘strawmen,’ ‘hitlerese’ ‘dinosaur.’
    Very incisive intellect at work, and he’s still trying to tell us what we may discuss. The post was about Chinese-language tv, and was drifting along fairly harmlessly until the self-defining ‘sac of pus’ joined in. Hard to debate when it requires wallowing in a mental pigsty with the likes of Ogle. All he wants is a definitive list of deviations, like a schoolboy looking for the ‘dirty words’ in a novel – let him use his pocket dictionary of English, and let him not try to stop us moving on to the highly topical issue of the death penalty, which I raised to see if he fitted the check-off list of pinko hang-ups (they all hate the idea of killing terrorists, though terrs who do the killing don’t bother them so much, as it is all down to ‘injustice’ and crap like that)
    Achmad, if you really are Indonesian, don’t hang about with creepoids like Ogle, he’s an unwholesome bule. And study psychiatry too, as calling me schizoid is odd. Do you even know what it means?
    Anyway, it’s been mildy diverting to flutter the dovecotes of perv/pink pusillanimity but as Ogle, for once truly, says, it’s gotten boring. Bye bye. Till next time.

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