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Light, airy batik fashion is best.

Vice president Jusuf Kalla complained on 1st September at the Pekalongan International Batik Week in Central Java that Indonesians were irrational, that living in a hot, tropical country they choose to wear jackets for formal occasions when light, airy batik clothing was much more suitable.

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For official government events batik was already often used while Kalla recommended that batik fashion for private events be encouraged: detik

The government and the people have to start a new trend, don’t wear jackets.

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  1. Falcon says:

    Vice President Yusuf Kalla comment always provided a breath fresh air. Though not always agreeable however, most of his comments are aligned with reality of life since there is strong correlation to his background who is a home-grown individual with a business background compared to the most of the executives in the government sector come from long line of carrier bureaucrats. Business people going politician are always stamped as opportunitist given that being a politician has the power to cut some of the red-tapes, despite of strong denial, yet otherwise why not use that power to promote batik.

    Thus in relation to the above paragraph, for VP Yusuf Kalla, it is a common logic for him to make such political comment yet it also represents business opportunity for the batik producers. In many ways he is precise. All the parliament members, lawyers, BUMNs executives, bankers and many more prefer the Suite mode which represents DRESS FOR POWER while Batik is old fashion and very Indonesian. It is only appropriate to attend wedding or special events . Is this self denial?

    The economic impact wearing more batik however is huge including new design innovation when batik is well accepted as a formal working attire compare to the politicians, parliament members, executives wearing suits, which some is made of wool material, probably made in Italy, England, Korea or China and today’s more common fabric, polyester (it is hot wearing polyesters in a tropical country)

    Batik may be is categorized as a sunset industry on the other hand Malaysia tourism is promoting batik as its national indenty including many of Indonesian traditional food.

    Conclusively, VP Yusuf Kalla has the ingenuity of a business individual while simultaneously use his political wit to promote what is real Indonesian. Any of those private sectors executive will follow?, but the resistance can be strong but the certainly government can make it as a dress code without reducing the wielding power of its executive (put a sign at any government building ” NO ENTRY UNLESS BATIK IS WORN FOREIGN foreign or local visitor alike, no sooner we will see protest +demonstration). Batik after all should be considered as a national identity, who else can promote it, Malaysia Tourism Board or Singapore Girls !!!

  2. Stewart says:

    Dear Sirs, I agree completaly with your statement.

    Batik schould also be considered as a national identity.

    As I live in Europe Holland I would like to promote and also sell batik here.

    Please inform me if it is possible to get in contact with Mr Yusuf Kalla to explore the possibilities of doing busines.


    Mr. Stewart de Windt, The Netherlands

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