Effects of Pornography

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Pornography and indecency in Indonesia causes rape and lifetime misery.

The chairman of the Committee Against Pornography and Indecency, (Komite Indonesia untuk Pemberantasan Pornografi, dan Pornoaksi (KIP3)), Juniwati T Masjchun, said in Bandung on 31st August that 90% of rape cases could be attributed to porn and indecency, most of it publicly viewable on the nations’ television screens and in print media.

Although he did not explain how he knew this he did say:

Based on data from Associated Press (AP) Indonesia is the second worst country after Russia in terms of the spread of porn and indecency [in the media].

Other countries had clear rules about what was allowed in the mass media while ironically Indonesia lagged far behind them in regulating indecent material, he said.

The real problem with porn and public indecency was that it harmed the spirit or soul of a person, for his entire life, and it was more dangerous than the effects of the use of hard drugs. Some young people became addicted to porn, he went on.

Women were made mere sex objects in porn, he said, whereas all religions upheld and respected the special role of women. antara

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  1. Tomaculum says:

    Other countries had clear rules about what was allowed in the mass media while ironically Indonesia lagged far behind them in regulating indecent material, he said.

    Yesss, this is right, european countries allow the pornography with restriction of age and sexual education (in the schools and in many families).
    Saudi Arabia has clear rules about pornography, it is completely forbidden, and there are still raping cases (also to TKWs).
    Does this “competent” person has any statistical numbers about a comparison of raping cases in those countries? I mean all cases, also those which are “undiscovered”.

    The real problem with porn and public indecency was that it harmed the spirit or soul of a person, for his entire life, and it was more dangerous than the effects of the use of hard drugs.

    So let us allow drugs?
    And: I believe that the earth is plain … 🙂

    “Brain, brain, come away, enlighten my misty days ….”

  2. pj_bali says:

    I wonder where this guy Juniwati is getting his information. Try googling “pornogragphy rape” and you can get a whole bunch of recent links that seems to suggest the opposite to his assertation that 90% of rapes are directly attributable to porn.

    It’s nice to be in Indonesia where every crackpot can spout to the media their opinions unrestricted by the need for factual proof. Surprising the media didn’t call him out on that one – then again we are where we are.

    How is he is measuring the soul damage by the way?

  3. Peter says:

    How can he say that 90% of all rape cases in Indonesia are attributable to porn?

    Does the media attempt to hold public officials accountable for what they say in Indonesia?

    If a politician said something as ridiculous as that here in the US, there would be news stories about it the next day, examining the real facts and talking to experts on the matter, thereby showing that the statement was ridiculous. Maybe journalism still has a ways to go in RI. I guess they’re not used to criticising any politicians, being under Suharto for so long.

  4. ale says:

    This perso is basically saying that women are raped because they wear revealing clothes, what a whole load of rubbish!!

    Yes of course Indonesia lags steadfast rules on pornography in media behind countries like the UK where topless pics of teenagers adorn tabloids page 3!

  5. Dimp says:

    Juniwati T Masjchun, said in Bandung on 31st August that 90% of rape cases could be attributed to porn and indecency…. and it was more dangerous than the effects of the use of hard drugs

    100% rape were caused because they have penis, so can I assume that penis is far more dangerous than porn, thus more dangerous than hard drugs?

  6. Bas says:

    As far as I can see women are culturally sex objects in Indonesia. From centuries ago.
    Porn just make women free and give them a chance to get easy bucks without having to prostitute themselves. Porn is a chance for Indonesia. The more you’ll find porn in this country the less rape will occur. Just like in Japan. Give porn material to all those frustrated Muslims guys and they may reduce their sexual harassment to all women the meet.

  7. retarders says:

    I can’t remember the last time Indonesian media such as TVRI and even the other Private Stations show any skinz…

    Am I supposed to masturbate while watching Dunia Dalam Berita?
    Am I supposed to ejaculate while watching Aku Cinta Indonesia?
    Or am I supposed to get erect watching Ria Jenaka?

  8. Bas says:

    Retarders, you should try Lativi mid-night programs. No porn, but a little bit of female skin that may help you getting harder. 😉

  9. Pakmantri says:

    First of all looking at the name “Juniwati” I believe Juniwati is a she not a he.

    My question is, what is considered as pornography or indecency?

    I remembered when we still went to the river to do our things (still happening at the villages around the country), take a bath, and wash our clothes etc. Everybody was naked at some point. According to Juniwati train of thought or logic every women and girls should have been raped during those time. And yet nobody was raping anybody.

    Or remember not so long ago when all the women in Bali were bare chested as the norm? Again according to Juniwati’s logic all the Balinese women or girls should have been raped. And yet it was not the case.

    Or in Irian Jaya where clothing is minimal, there should be rape all over the place at anytime of the day if we follow Juniwati’s logic. And again none of that happen.

    All the above are fact and it’s been proven true, much truer than Juniwati’s fact.
    So, can I draw a conclusion that less clothing is actually better for everyone? 🙂

  10. sonnie says:

    I watched my first porn movie when I’m still in Junior Hi School (SMP) with a bunch of friends, and now 20 years after, I got so many porn movie collection, but honestly I never rape anyone. :))

    I guess your mentality, your level of education, your social life, your belief, will decide who you are, a raper or not.

    The real problem in Indonesia is not pornography, I blame the education sector, the hypocritical culture of majority and the low economic level driven by stupid Government policies!

  11. Janma says:

    It’s because of those kampungan guys who get arrested for rape and when asked by the police why they did it they always answer they were inspired by some form of porn.

  12. si ajow says:

    If pornography is the cause of a rape, I wonder the cause of corruption?

    Is that true that something you watch always make you do something? Then we should ban indonesian lousy horror movies.

  13. therry says:

    “Women were made mere sex objects in porn, he said, whereas all religions upheld and respected the special role of women. ”

    Oh really?? Which religion are we talking about because as far as I’m concerned, and also based on my personal experience, women are treated like sh*t in this country.

    Why is it that every issue seems to be intentionally related to religion? What does religion have to do with it? With or without porn, women are being disrespected anyway.

    Perhaps the government want to make Indonesia like the UAE, where all the women must wear burkhas and if one as much as look at a man, she will be burnt to death?

    Then why is it that so many of TKIs are in demand by the UAE to be employed as prostitutes?

  14. shorty says:

    I wonder how the rape rate would be if rape was treated as theft – theft of dignity, pride and in some cases a most valuable asset – virginity. sorry mate, not your right hand, but your nuts.

    What I find more intriguing is that islam and sharia are just on most social/legal matters EXCEPT sexual.

    It’s always someone/something else’s fault if a man can’t control his cock.

    Let me throw a question back – if it was your wife/daughter/friend who had been raped would you accept I’d been watching porn as a valid excuse?

    On further thought, if watching porn made women sexual predators, we’d have a string of free dvd parlours from banda aceh to jayapura.

  15. Purba Negoro says:

    I must agree.
    There is no excuse for a man to perpetrate raspe.
    He is neither inspired, coerced or otherwise motivated except by his Own Will.

    As Janma rightly points out- pathetic rapists- usually Kampungan men, will claim rape- this is a typical kampungan habit of blaming someone esle for one’s own faults.
    It is the common childhood tactic of Mr Nobody’s to blame go what I did.

    because I watch some violent movie and then go killning people- is this film then legitimate justification for my horrendous acts?

    No- never. Plain stupid logic.

    I am not a fan nor advocate of porn- but I think certain pornography should be illegal which portrays women in exploitative or denigrating fashion- especially those extremely vile sexual acts which were formerly considered psychologically unbalanced- ie bestiality, etc.

    Furthermore- many pregnant women forcibly and against their will impregnated by hairy horny Arab return every year- sent home by cowardly Arab men disgraced by their own actions and to cowardly to accept responsibility for their own criminality and very poor self control.

    Junawati is a WOMAN- head of
    Korps Perempuan of Majelis Dakwah Islamiah (a Muslim women’s corps).

    I can comprehend her very real concerns about the vberuy real spread of pornography especially regarding teens, sale and distribution of handphone homemade sex tapes, commercialization of sex in minority ethnic nightclubs –

    but frankly- she is way off the mark.

    As a Muslim man with a wife and a daughter I say
    Men are solely to blame for their behaviour- no one or nothing else.

  16. Purba Negoro says:

    “We have to stop this drift toward moral liberalization,” says Din Syamsuddin, chairman of Muhammadiyah, the country’s second largest Muslim organization. Leaders such as Syamsuddin deny any intention of imposing Shari’a or that non-Muslims are being targeted. They also reject the claim that rights will be curtailed, saying that the objective of the law is to protect women and children.

    “The removal of pornography is not an infringement on press freedom,” asserts Santi Soekanto from the Anti-Pornography Alliance, a civic group. “Most countries have some form of laws regulating the industry.” Opponents say there is sufficient legislation already on the books—it just needs to be enforced—and that the new laws leave the definition of pornography unclear and open to interpretation.

    “The bill does not differentiate between what is considered pornographic, erotic and indecent,” says Franz Magnis-Suseno, a Jesuit priest. “It is more than a little ridiculous.”

  17. Purba Negoro says:

    This question has gotten me quite irate.

    I very much hate those that deport personal responsibility from themselves.
    This is very typical of the infantile Kampungan people.
    As a Muslmi- I will argue very much a component of many Muslims mind- the male especially does not accept responsibility for their own stupidity or shocking behavior- always someone else’s fault or Mr Nobody.

    A typical conversation with a kampungan class person.

    Me: Who dropped the glass?
    Kampungan: Kurang tahu mas

    What you mean you don’t know- did you or not?
    Well, Siti was talking to me and she distracted me and made me drop the glass

    So you mean Siti had a gun- told you to look at her, then grabbed your hand, force it open and made you drop it?

    So you dropped it alone, correct
    Uhhh yeah maybe…

    So it is entirely your fault for not paying attention to what you were doing?
    Errr yes…hmmm…. sorry Pak.

    Why do you lie to my face- why can you not accept responsibility- this is what makes us mad- not the broken glass- the lying?
    errr… errr…. errr…

  18. Mets says:

    RAPE IS ABOUT POWER AND CONTROL NOTHING TO DO WITH SEX….!!! Until the Chairman can figure out and understand: what is the cause of rape, what is the cause of taking drugs, then, what is the impact of rape, what is the impact of taking drugs……the basis of his overall argument is ludicrous!!!

  19. Purba Negoro says:

    Oops- I posted two cut and post comments in the wrong section.


    Mets- I agree with your line of thought, but I somewhat disagree with common Western Feminist argument that Rape is about Power.
    It is quite a long and academic explanation- especially defining ‘power’.

    In my opinion, Rape against a female is about predation, contempt for females and complete total selfishness (they want their urges satisfied whatever the cost).

    Rape against male does happen especially in prison- a very good reason to obey the law 🙂
    In this instance it can be explained as dominance or power behaviour to impose an existing hierarchy.

    There is no such thing as accidental rape like there is manslaughter or negligent death.

    No matter the cause- it is avoidable and totally within the power of the perpetrator to not cause it.

    The rapist has no one to blame but themself, their contemptuously pathetic character and their disgusting cowardice.

  20. Mets says:

    @ PN – I think we are talking about the same thing…. I had to work on this in the UK when pan london senior officers in the crime reduction field were consulted on to look at the domestic violence framework, sexual offence Act back in 2002/3…

    The two examples you have used (and I agree with you ) has a common outcome for the perpetrator = power & control

    The definition used in the UK legislative framework for rape is;

    the statutory definition of rape is any act of
    non-consensual intercourse by a man with a person; the
    victim can be either male or female. Intercourse can be
    vaginal or anal. It does not include non-consensual oral

    The key word in the definition is “consent”, but this definition does not cover when the female is the perpetrator (admittedly very rare but…..)

    Whilst not excusing the perpetrator – the challenge is to understand why they committed the offence in the first place…

    So for me its not about the western feminist view its about whether ‘consent’ was given by the victim….hope I’m making sense…

  21. Rob says:


    So how does the UK law deal with those rare cases where the woman is the perpetrator?

  22. Mets says:


    I have looked at two case studies where the victim unfortunately retracted their statement, overall process review in one area in London highlighted a highlevel of underreporting from lesbian couples, so first of all the criminal justice system has to build confidence in this community group to be able to come forward in the first place, to even to get a feel what kind of problem we are facing

  23. Patrick says:

    @Rob – How ironic you asking a question of Mets that you could have researched yourself? tsk! tsk! tsk! : > )

  24. Mets says:

    @ Patrick – lol!! but for the record …this is area is fairly new (not in the sense of homosexuality) but in the sense that this a particular community group is only in the past decade is now represented at a crime reduction partnership level within local authorities…so within this context Local Authorities & Central Government are still finding its feet…as certain initiatives have not worked as effectively as they have hoped…

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