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Mar 2nd, 2006, in News, by

It seems we’re not the only ones with doubts about President Yudhoyono. An Aceh charity worker, Siswa Rizali, says:

Yes, public relation and media strategist is all his concern. Rating”¬¶rating”¬¶.and rating.

That is why SBY [Yudhoyono] spend his time watching TV, reading newspaper, listen to radio. He wants to know about his rating. If his rating decreases, he will call all his people (and ministry) and urge them to do some action to save the day.

If there are event he can show his face and look like a nice wise guy, he will attend it for the media coverage.

Right on the money we’d say, and while it’s not a malevolent streak it does seem to explain why he’s always saying what his audience wants to hear.

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  1. siswa rizali says:

    more people pay attention to the problem SBY has, as Kornelius Poerba put it: What is questioned here is why do the two leaders seem to be so busy with public relation work? (see: Are SBY and JK vying for attention in quake efforts?, Jakarta post 31 May 2006, )

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