Teen Virginity Tests

Aug 17th, 2007, in News, by

Schoolgirl virginity tests in Indramayu.

Because of recent cases of student sex videos involving young high school students in the area the local government of Indramayu in West Java intends to carry out tests on several thousand teen girls (in the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth year of high school) to determine whether they are still virgins.

The regent of Indramayu, H Irianto MS Syarifudin, speaking on the sidelines of a book burning event on 15th August, explained: poskota

The point of the examination is to inform parents of the status of their daughters’ virginity.

If a girl was found to have lost her virginity her parents would be called into the school.

The overall purpose of the tests was:

To make parents watch over the children better, so that later they can’t just blame the schools or the teachers.

The plan in the district, long known as a centre of the sex trade, has aroused much opposition.

Irianto MS Syafiuddin has now said the planned tests will not take place because of the considerable strong opposition. He said on the 17th if a lot of people were opposed then he had no choice but to cancel the plan immediately. tempo

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  1. Oigal says:

    agree to virginity check… as an effort to keep my children save. I will bring him to medical check up on age 10th, and will keep on checking every years. And i will use my own money to check it, government may allocated to different important things

    Yup, What fine values of trust and support you have built into your family…and what you going to do if one of the girls fails the test…Disown her…perhaps a honour killing with drinks and snacks afterwards… Wonderful warm people you are..

  2. Deta says:

    I actually agree on the part “i will use my own money to check it, government may allocated to different important things”.

    As for the checking, virginity check is the last thing I want to do if I have teenager daughters. Regular dental check is more important, he..he…

  3. donny says:

    Hello Deta
    nice to have someone with cool head like you here =D

    as with this virginity test … I personally thinks it is worthless piece of junk
    on separate occassion, such as suspected sex crime victim – perhaps it is necessary

    but to enforce it to all ?? cmon … do we really value woman that low ?? that their moral integrity and value depend on a thin membrane ??

    and how if you found out your soon-to-be wife is not virgin ?? stone her ??

  4. yayo says:

    Is only islam who have a law that sex before married is not permitted ? If you have a god, plesase read and follow the rule of Allah , not the rule of human or humanity.

  5. onowus says:

    for everyone: the test just a shit for me. why we should test them if we can build up their morality? okay if it already happened that’s a good idea, but some people just solve the problem from the top and never solve the root. i don’t know why.

    I’m not a generalization boy but if you want read this I’m sure thia gonna solve the problems Jhon : 8. just search in google if you cannot find it on your Bible. 🙂

  6. christinov thea says:

    i hope with the test virgin every teen can keep the virgin till married..everywhere.. everytime. keep cool..

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