Teen Virginity Tests

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Schoolgirl virginity tests in Indramayu.

Because of recent cases of student sex videos involving young high school students in the area the local government of Indramayu in West Java intends to carry out tests on several thousand teen girls (in the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth year of high school) to determine whether they are still virgins.

The regent of Indramayu, H Irianto MS Syarifudin, speaking on the sidelines of a book burning event on 15th August, explained: poskota

The point of the examination is to inform parents of the status of their daughters’ virginity.

If a girl was found to have lost her virginity her parents would be called into the school.

The overall purpose of the tests was:

To make parents watch over the children better, so that later they can’t just blame the schools or the teachers.

The plan in the district, long known as a centre of the sex trade, has aroused much opposition.

Irianto MS Syafiuddin has now said the planned tests will not take place because of the considerable strong opposition. He said on the 17th if a lot of people were opposed then he had no choice but to cancel the plan immediately. tempo

96 Comments on “Teen Virginity Tests”

  1. dewaratugedeanom says:

    shorty said

    It’s the size of her wallet, not the purity of her purse that attracts the kuta cowboy.

    No judgements or sanctions against the owner of the penis. on the contrary, if he has form and experience he’s more of a man.

    Don’t get me wrong, I was only being sarcastic because this entire sex-for-money tourism is as degrading as the sheila-gigolo thing is ridiculous.

  2. Shorty says:

    dewaratugedeanom, no probs

    It’s a commercial transaction, as long as both sides are satisfied.

    Regarding sex for money tourism, I think you’ll find higher $ in the local ”karaoke” bars and kopi shops.

    What I find abhorrent is the male superior viewpoint, the most common cause of a ruptured hymen is a penis.

    It’s the old cop out, ‘…….I’m allowed to lose control, but god won’t help her if she does.’

  3. Jokoboyo says:

    As a Jokoboyo prince I said, weleh-2, Indramayu should be more concern on the divorce rate rather than virginity test. No wonder my country screw-up.

  4. Kash says:

    My question to all those who have opposed to this is will you people give the same comments if your sister, wife, mother, or daughter had sex with with someone.

  5. Tomaculum says:

    between education (about sex) and total control are still many other things we can do.
    To your question: Yes, if they are old enough to decide themselves. (or do you think we are the leader of the women and have to control them?).

  6. pj_bali says:


    A couple of questions in response to your question.

    Just because female virginity is measureable does it mean it has to be measured? Who exactly needs to know this kind of information? If there was such a thing as male virginity tests would you be as eager to see such a testing program in place?

  7. Khusnul Khotimah says:

    This is too much rubishhhhhhh.I am really sorry to Indonesia female they just been abbuse by some of selfish fanatic. Where is human right? Why they pointed to female? Why they agains female? Do they know without female, they won’t be in this world! Why don’t they say thank’s once to female to give birth to them…..aey? My mind say “THEY ARE NOT IN A REAL WORLD AREN’T THEY?”

  8. Dragonwall says:

    Yeah that”s right. That guy needs some cuk cuk. I am sure if his wife or her daughter had her hymens broken they didn’t tell him otherwise he will report to his god and had them stoned at.

  9. Saladinxc says:

    Thats what happen when you speak english.. too many comment

    Virginity before marriage is necessity in our believe.. if you question this that you question our believe.. Islam give rule to this.. and it is iron clad rule. those who didnt believe that dont. it is our business not your business.

    But if it is about governance checking virginity of children. Yes. it is immoral to do that and it is totally unnecessary.. I agree that it should be prevented. it is against human right.

    BUT here you have to know thing first. All of this people who make comment in this blog seem to doesnt understand why the government of Indonesia take THIS KIND of INSANE ACT.

    INDRAMAYU is believed by Indonesia governance and all Indonesian people as a biggest supply from Indonesia of Woman Sex Slave and UNDERAGE Woman prostitute to ALL OVER THE WORLD… (THIS FACT THAT YOU SHOULD SEE FIRST before saying that sex is feel good.. before you say about human right)

    It is not the matter of freedom of doing sex or not. This is the matter of human right, woman right. this is already become international affair, well, if you didnt care than it is national affair.

    So stop talking shit about the difference in our believe. stop talking shit about saying sex feel good.. This is totally different matter. this is governance issue. National Issue.

    Yes, what they do maybe not the right thing. But they just trying to make a countermeasure about this condition.. give them a break.. if you want to protest about this act.. then help us.
    For those who is Indonesian, help our governance to do this with every act you can do.
    For those who is outside, help uphold moral in your own country so that our countrywoman will not be sold there.

  10. Ben says:

    If the girl is smart enough to opt for anal sex to preserve their virginity (to pass the test), what shall this authorities do?, Come on girls…

  11. diego says:

    geez…. why go for anal sex, when you have oral sex?

  12. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    @ Misterrr Ben

    No wonder your name is Ben. Any chance your last name is Dover?

  13. schmerly says:

    @ AssmadsAngryBitch!! I think your second name is Dover? Yeah?

  14. diego says:


    Didn’t you get the joke, at all? Dover as a last name would only be funny if the first name is Ben.

  15. schmerly says:

    @ diego .. Yes I did, but AssmadsAngryBitch, sums it up, and don’t forget he’s one of the giggly girls from the numpty club!!

  16. schmerly says:

    @ diego.. There are still a few open slots in the Numpty Club, perhaps you’d like to join? speak to AssmadsAngryBitch I’m sure he can sign you up .

  17. Suryo Perkoso says:

    diego Says:

    March 31st, 2009 at 12:01 am

    Didn’t you get the joke, at all? Dover as a last name would only be funny if the first name is Ben.

    Of course he didn’t get the joke. He thought he was a wit, unfortunately he was only half right.

  18. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    @ All

    With all the insults, name callings and put downs directed at Brown men at every opportunity, it is time to describe what schmerly [sic] for what he/she is. He/she resembles something that spills out of a chicken’s butt.

  19. schmerly says:

    @ AssmdasAngryBitch.. So I’m an egg? no problem lah!

  20. sompret says:

    Hi all….

    Been reading all the posts… and most of you are ridiculous. The most “make sense” is aluang. Just thinking clearly you boys…. how could happen… if your mother f*cks with every guy in your neighborhood? of course for liberalism pathetic like west… they doesn’t concern about blood line, they only hold on the “pathetic human right” which made by human. So.. if that happen… your mother or your sister freely f*cked by men and gave birth…. so which one will be the father ? the guys next door ? or the guy who live across your home ? or the guy who met her in bus station and f*ck her in toilet ? Are you going to use dices or tarot to decide whose the father ? Or are gonna using DNA test ? huahuahauhauaauhua silly of course.

    Related to human rights, do you mean: rapist also has his right to rape girls ??? and you say NO. Why NO ? they are human too, they have their rights. is it because they do it forcefully ? Ok i will rape them by knowing each other first, be their friend, flirting them…. and got them on bed. after that.. i will look another girls to flirt and f*ck them again and again… and its legal according to your rights rite ? Because they do it as they pleased. huahuaauhauhauahuaha dont be silly.

    And guys….. use your brain…. arab people and Islam is 1000% different thing. Arab peoples just like all of you, lots of sins, hypocrite, you name all the negative things on arab people… but that’s the fact of HUMAN which uncontrolled and so selfish. If you call them munafiq…. maybe yes… but again… people and the “islam” is different. Arabian who use their khafiyeh, hijab, niqab, what ever.. if they disobey the true of Islam religion… so what!!! they are sinner of Islam.

    Just like others… monks, suster, pastor, some of them are nice, and some of them are sick peoples. but you don’t feel your religion is wrong rite ?, its all about how they implement the religion.

    Holy Quran is right…. : Lakum diinukum waliyadiin. your religion is your, and our religion is ours. You can’t mix them, or force to mix them.

    About medical check or let say virginity check…. why not ? why Sylvester said “to save his ass” ?
    Its all about efforts for better place, and priorities is different between me and you, and him, and her, and… and.. and… don’t force your priority to others.
    I agree to virginity check… as an effort to keep my children save. I will bring him to medical check up on age 10th, and will keep on checking every years. And i will use my own money to check it, government may allocated to different important things.

    You know… if you are indonesian… the main problem with indonesian is…. they are afraid to be good indonesian… or to be good moslem (and other religion). They always look up to western (which most of them begin to understand Islam as a true religion and come to Islam, how silly indonesian.

    Aluang.. surely you know “ghozwul fikri”. Yes.. its a pity… most of indonesian didn’t noticed about ghozwul fikri. Hallooo… you can buy it from book store, if you want.

  21. LuLu says:

    I think that by testing a young women for her virginity will make her eventually hate every part of her BODY!!!! She will have lower self-esteem and try to kill herself. trust me i know all of this. The person that created this was a man, man have more advantage for everything. plus i dont see anyone making up a test for males to prove they are still virgins.


  22. Stupid Bule says:

    Aluang is a White man posing as a Brown man. He enjoys parading himself as an extremeist whatever. We should look at his presence purely as entertainment.

  23. Nero Taki says:

    sompret said

    Just thinking clearly you boys…. how could happen… if your mother f*cks with every guy in your neighborhood?

    You’re overly generalizing and being such an extremist. being sexually active and mentally perverted are two different things. I don’t see any correlation between opposing a virginity test (which is the current condition right now since we don’t have it) and a mother committing adultery.

    Humans are designed to have sexual desires, it is in fact a biological need. It is natural if people want to have sex with each other. We are designed that way. Some people choose to be sexually active because they see it as a given thing. I have no idea why indonesians are so sexually suppressed. Maybe that’s why they confuse being sexually active and sleeping around.

  24. Saladinxc says:

    Thats exactly the point. We Indonesian doesnt want to reach the POINT like your country. Nero.

    I have no idea why indonesians are so sexually suppressed. Maybe that’s why they confuse being sexually active and sleeping around.

    We Indonesian (well, mostly) have a VALUE. a value that we dont want to lose. Sex is not bad as long as it is contained in something called MARRIAGE. Thats the value we want to keep. Unlike your nation maybe think that sex is just usual.

    And in our nation point of view. Sexually active (except with her husband) is CALLED sleeping around. Sorry dude.. we have different value. And someone who “sexually active (except with her husband)” is called slut (well, generally in most society in Indonesia).

  25. Oigal says:

    And what gives these cave men the right to inspect other human beings for their so-called virtue..

  26. rima says:

    Their so-called value, methinks.
    If you ask me, they’re just like MUI members crossed with KKK. Ils ne sont pas important.

  27. Jetlee says:

    Dear Aluang Anak Bayang,
    It’s ok.. be patient.., they don’t believed ? Let’s wait for another TSUNAMI @ EARTH QUAKE… but what happen at Aceh? I thought everybody’s there is a good followers..??

  28. Rio says:

    This thread is hilarious.

    I DO agree that all women should be virgins at marriage IF the men require that, and while I think it’s abhorrent, let me explain. I bet none of the Muslims can tell me why virginity is valued as it is…

    Essentially marriage is the purchasing of a woman to ensure that the child that she has is yours and not some other man’s. A man wants to know that the child she has will his so he doesn’t support another man’s child. Marriage, as a religious tradition, is supposed to scare the crap out of women so they don’t think about cheating easily – by threatening them with death and a nasty afterlife.

    It is a business transaction, and while I find a virginity check nasty and abhorrent, a man wants to know what he is going to be buying, so enforcing a virginity check is fair. Now, while I agree that women should have security, treating them as personal property and denying them a normal sex life JUST to prove that the child is her husband’s is going way too far.

    Simply put, Islam’s law is outdated and overly strict considering advances in medical technology and the myriad other ways of proving paternity these days. Of course, the religious laws won’t change to suit….. so….

    I think women shouldn’t have to suffer because they like to sleep around too. In fact, there’d be more sex for everyone if women were allowed to so, and so the Islamofascists didn’t have to blow themselves in order to sleep with many virgins in “hevaen” (which is not where heaven is, incidently)

  29. Andy says:

    Rio, i’m confused. Are you for or against? Because you seem to suggest you agree with the prcatice but then go on saying it is outdated and wrong. Let’s look at this from another angle. If a guy was to have sex with a virgin on his wedding night it would hardly be a night to remember. Nothing but pain and blood. Yes the guy can still get his rocks off but it will hardly be his greatest night of passion.

    Better he tries before he buys I think. Sure he may want to know who she has slept with but the old blood on the sheet after the wedding is ridiculously draconian. Get with the times. If she had been with loads of guys he would soon know way before his big day.

  30. Deta says:

    Agree on this

    I agree to virginity check… as an effort to keep my children save. I will bring him to medical check up on age 10th, and will keep on checking every years. And i will use my own money to check it, government may allocated to different important things.

    Disagree if evaluating student sexual behavior (female students, to be precise) is based on their virginity. It is ridiculous. Not all women get their hymen broken because of their immoral behavior. Some can be lost by accident. What if one student is a victim of rape in the earlier time? Wouldn’t it hurt her so much, and sort of like bringing the bad memory back that can lead her to frustration and even suicide. It is good to be a good moslem but even better to be careful and wise before making a regulation.

    On the other hand, hymen is only a physical thing which can be repaired by operation (there is even artificial hymen now, heard this on the television) but why the f**k should people do this? The repairement of morality is far more important.

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