Dancing Separatists

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President Yudhoyono is disturbed by a group of dancing separatists in Ambon.

While Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was attending a ceremony celebrating the 14th National Family Day (Harganas) in Ambon city, Maluku, 28 men suddenly approached the president, dancing all the while, and attempted to unfurl flags of the banned separatist group, South Maluku Republic (Republik Maluku Selatan, (RMS)). The dancers pulled the banned flag of the South Maluku Republic out of a traditional local drum.

The dancing separatists
The dancing separatists.

A witness said: antara

While the Maluku governor was making his speech, suddenly about 20 people performed a traditional dance and flew the outlawed flag.

South Maluku Republic RMS flag
South Maluku Republic RMS flag.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was extremely unhappy and ordered security forces to investigate the “unscheduled dance”. antara

I want the performers of the dance to be investigated. There should be firm action against them.

However Yudhoyono’s spokesman Andi Mallarangeng said that it was:

a small incident and it won’t disrupt the peace in Ambon.

But that:

Separatist movement activity cannot be tolerated.

Twenty four men were later arrested by the anti-terror police Densus 88, and seven RMS flags confiscated. tempo

This old video shows what may be happening to the “dancing separatists” now:

April 4th, 2008. A court in Jakarta sentenced 19 men over the incident to between 10 and 20 years in prison. A 20th man, the leader of the group, Johan Teterisa, was sentenced to life. examiner

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  1. Berlian Biru says:

    The South Moluccans? God there’s a blast from the past, they were the oddest terrorists ever, they committed acts of terrorism in Holland in order for them to be taken back into the Dutch Empire, completely arse backwards to the other 1970’s terror groups. I seem to recall they couldn’t even afford plane tickets preferring to hijack trains instead, geniuses I tell you.

  2. Raden says:

    Can’t blame on Suharto if he was very tough with RMS, this is disturbing, Aceh want it, Timor seperated, then Maluku also want to separate? Weak governance will produce more Timor’s bad lesson learnt.

  3. Colson says:

    Raden: Please permit me one minor correction; East Timur did not separate itself from Indonesia, but has been liberated from a tough military occupation by a dictator.

  4. Bas says:

    That’s right, East Timor and Irian Jaya have been occupied by the Indonesian army after independance.

  5. Naga says:

    “Raden: Please permit me one minor correction; East Timur did not separate itself from Indonesia, but has been liberated from a tough military occupation by a dictator.”

    East Timor DID separate itself from the RI; President BJ Habibie offered autonomy to ET and they took it.

  6. dewaratugedeanom says:

    Who are the uniformed scum with the guns in the video? Is it Kopassus?

  7. sm4lange says:

    Separatists and their organisation/s asking for “independence” is nothing new these days. Once when they get what they want, do they have the right leader/s that can really up-lift the standards of their so-called “country” and the people. I am very sure that these “leaders” are not competent and there will be down right poverty and more sufferings and pouring of more aid including food for the common folks. Wake up and come to reality, if they really care for their so-called “country” and people, within the concept of NKRI it can be done. I give you one example of a country that was booted out of the Federation of Malaysia and that country was Singapore. With the right leaders in place and with correct decision, Singapore made it, even though the going was tough. Can this separatist/s show such calibre? I doubt so that they have the ability except to shout, “merdeka!” and this is what they are good for and nothing else!

  8. Dende says:

    East Timor had around one third of its population wiped out by the Indonesian military – due to a combination of bullets and starvation. I’m not surprised they wanted to be independent from such a barbaric regime.

    West Papuans haven’t been treated well either. West Papua was invaded by the Indonesian military. West Papuans had no say in the matter. Many of them want independence for West Papua. The main reason why so many of them want independence is because of how poorly they have been treated by the Indonesian government and military.

    Conservative estimates suggest that around 100,000 West Papuans have been murdered by the Indonesian military. The brutality is still happening today.

    In 2005, two West Papuans received prison sentences of 10 and 15 years, simply for raising the West Papuan flag in 2004. In March 2006, large student demonstrations against Freeport mining operations broke out in Jayapura, West Papua’s capital. Students were arrested, tortured and forced to confess to taking part in violence by the Indonesian military and police.

    The Indonesian establishment has propagated an arrogant colonial type mindset among its people – leading many Indonesians to believe that the low-tech tribal ethnic groups would “wipe themselves out” if they were left alone. These groups are sick of having their environments polluted, their people murdered, tortured or raped; and their natural resources being plundered by foreign multinationals with the military and Javanese crony capitalists receiving a cut of the profits, and the locals receiving nothing but misery.

    The Indonesian government is run by psychopaths. Only a psychopath would ruin someone’s life based on a so called “insult”. They only find “illegal” flag waving insulting because they were raised to find it insulting. There are no real victims of waving banned flags.

    Various groups in Indonesia are seeking independence due to the poor treatment they have received by the Indonesian government, yet rather than respond by apologising and treating them fairly, the government responds by treating them worse. The mind boggles.

  9. A man from England says:

    Maluku was also invaded by the Indonesian army in the 1950s, Indonesia has occupied it with hard hands. I would blame the Indonesian government for breaking the RTC agreement, the renville agreement, the malino 1 and the denpasar agreement. (in the late 40’s), those agreements allowed the state : east-Indonesia (Indonesia timur) to be allowed to have an own state seperated from west-Indonesia.
    Sukarno broke the rules,Prime Minister Hatta broke it to create a unitary state.
    The RMS was proclaimed because sukarno broke the rules.
    The RMS had to fight the Indonesian millitary for 13 years without UN intervention atleast 8000 Moluccans have died.
    In 1999 untill 2004 the War in Maluku supported by the Indonesian government and its army allowed laskar jihadi warriors to enter maluku and commit genocide atleast 30.000 moluccans have died.
    It sounds only logically that Maluku wants independence if it was already promised to you in 1950 and that the Indonesian governments want’s you dead, and if that is so the only option is to get out and be a free nation.

  10. Kid 18 years says:

    The original Republic Indonesia is only Java and Sumatra.
    All the rest of the islands is been taken by militairy force under command by Sukarno!

    But BEFORE they taken the islands in the east of indonesia, the south Moluccan people have proclaim there own independence!
    With illegally military force, the south Moluccans lost there independence.

    So who is the real Terrorist???

    (The same story: East Timor & West Papua)

  11. Asulo says:

    I would like to make a small comment about Maluku seperatism.

    Maluku seperatism is not a new phenomenon, Maluku have resisted colonialism for centuries, first the Javanese, Portuguese, Spaniards, Dutch, Japanese, Dutch again, Javanese again! In the night of the 24th of April 1950 the Southern Maluku islands proclaimed independence because they were afraid to be conquered by Sukarno.

    Sukarno attacked the islands and managed to captured it with massive losses (estimates vary but several thousands of poorly trained Indonesian soldiers died) by the end of 1966.

    After years of indoctrination and “javanising” the Maluku people and culture, the call for freedom re-emerged by the end of the kerusuhan, when it became obvious that the Indonesian military was fueling the war at Maluku.

    Btw; The leader of the dance-group (Yohan Teterissa) has been sentenced to life imprisonment last moth.

    Oke thats it for now,


  12. michr says:

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    please visit this site:

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