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Indonesian airlines to be banned from flying into Europe.

A revised European Union airline blacklist includes all 51 Indonesian airlines, including national carrier Garuda. The list is put together by an EU air safety committee, is expected to be approved on 6th July.

No Indonesian airlines currently fly to Europe. Garuda stopped flying to Rome and Amsterdam in 2005, but has plans to resume services to Amsterdam in 2008.

The ban also serves as a warning to safety-obsessed Europeans not to use these airlines elsewhere in the world. An EU official said:

European citizens should avoid flying with these carriers, they are really unsafe.

The banning of the Indonesian airlines is likely in response to the 2007 New Year’s Day Adam Air crash and the March Garuda crash in Yogyakarta.

Apart from those in Indonesia eight airlines from Moldova, six from Bulgaria, the Angolan carrier TAAG Angola Airlines, and Volare Aviation from Ukraine were also added to the blacklist. bbc

A manager from Lion Air, Hasyim Arsal Alhabsy, complained that the ban made no sense as Indonesian airlines had worked very hard to improve safety standards recently. He said the government had to question the Europeans’ motives in victimising Indonesian airlines.

President Director of Adam Air, Adam Aditya Suherman, said the ban wasn’t too serious, in the end the market and consumers would see that Indonesia was committed to improving safety.

Communications Manager of Garuda, Pujobroto, said Garuda presently did not fly to Europe for commercial reasons. antara

Somebody claimed as an aviation expert, Martono, said Indonesia could ban European airlines in response, something which would cause far greater loss to the European side than the local. He said in 1958 Indonesia had prevented Dutch carrier KLM from crossing Indonesian airspace on its voyages to Australia, causing losses of $190,000 to KLM, as it had to fly an extra six hours. However he recommended against any hasty decisions, admitting that other countries could do as they pleased in this area. detik

July 2009. The European Union lifts the flight ban on Garuda.

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