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Indonesian airlines to be banned from flying into Europe.

A revised European Union airline blacklist includes all 51 Indonesian airlines, including national carrier Garuda. The list is put together by an EU air safety committee, is expected to be approved on 6th July.

No Indonesian airlines currently fly to Europe. Garuda stopped flying to Rome and Amsterdam in 2005, but has plans to resume services to Amsterdam in 2008.

The ban also serves as a warning to safety-obsessed Europeans not to use these airlines elsewhere in the world. An EU official said:

European citizens should avoid flying with these carriers, they are really unsafe.

The banning of the Indonesian airlines is likely in response to the 2007 New Year’s Day Adam Air crash and the March Garuda crash in Yogyakarta.

Apart from those in Indonesia eight airlines from Moldova, six from Bulgaria, the Angolan carrier TAAG Angola Airlines, and Volare Aviation from Ukraine were also added to the blacklist. bbc

A manager from Lion Air, Hasyim Arsal Alhabsy, complained that the ban made no sense as Indonesian airlines had worked very hard to improve safety standards recently. He said the government had to question the Europeans’ motives in victimising Indonesian airlines.

President Director of Adam Air, Adam Aditya Suherman, said the ban wasn’t too serious, in the end the market and consumers would see that Indonesia was committed to improving safety.

Communications Manager of Garuda, Pujobroto, said Garuda presently did not fly to Europe for commercial reasons. antara

Somebody claimed as an aviation expert, Martono, said Indonesia could ban European airlines in response, something which would cause far greater loss to the European side than the local. He said in 1958 Indonesia had prevented Dutch carrier KLM from crossing Indonesian airspace on its voyages to Australia, causing losses of $190,000 to KLM, as it had to fly an extra six hours. However he recommended against any hasty decisions, admitting that other countries could do as they pleased in this area. detik

July 2009. The European Union lifts the flight ban on Garuda.

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31 Comments on “Indonesian Airlines”

  1. Abul says:

    The martono fella makes me wanna laugh out loud. so Indonesian, rather than instrospecting, the dude wanna do what any kindergarten kid would do. revengeee, no wonder our planes keep on crashing. Our aviation experts are just a bunch of bigots like this POS.

  2. Colson says:

    The European motives Mr Hasyim Arsal Alhabsy wants to know are not so much motives as well we widely publicized safety standards or criteria.

  3. Bas says:

    Once again that’s the fault of these European people. Banning European flights? Haha please do so and we will see the impact for the country (tourism, business). So arogant, like usual.

    Even the government admit no Indonesian carrier is in group A (the only safe one).

    You die in a crash and you only get a few thousand dollars. More than 30,000 people die on the road every year in the country and there is still no speed limitation or true driving licence implemented. There are dozens of train deadly accidents every year for only a few thousand kilometers of railroad and still nobody care.

    “Hey,white man, everything is just OK here! You have nothing to teach us. You are the one we create problems.”

    Why so many people in charge here are so stupid and arrogant.

  4. Denny Crane says:

    Lock and Load for Indonesian Airlines,

    Reciprocal based action is recognized in the international world simply because of the coordinative nature of international relation. If the EU’s decision cannot be justified, then Indonesia do have the right to pass similar policy.

    From the WTO perspective, there has been some preliminary expert comments that this ban, if cannot be justified, would be inconsistent with WTO covered agreements, in particular in the field of services. If this qualifies as being inconsistent with WTO covered agreements, then Indonesia along with other countries receiving similar disadvantageous treatment may have a justified reason to take appropriate measures.

    Nevertheless, I kind of wonder whether Indonesian airlines is financially ready to enter the Europe stiff competition on steel birds.


  5. Raden says:

    It does makes sense to ban 51 airways, it is not only to Indonesian flag carriers anyway and it is safety precaution by Europe, why would tolerate a lethargic carriers ? despite of so many early warning from international opinions for Indonesia to be very serious to increase our safety & security measurements?
    If we condemn EU, then we are behaving similar to the Muslim terrorist, who is militant in the way of thinking and inward looking attitude.
    Do you think Martono be able to monitor which aircrafts will be allowed to cross Indonesian air-space ? How could Indonesia possibly do that ? you are lack of ATC navigatin, all are out of maintenance, outdated technology which maynot be able to communicate properly with the latest aircraft models anyway ?

    Who care ? this is a product of Indonesia bad governance

  6. Sputjam says:

    garuda stopped flying to europe?
    That is news indeed.
    So the ban does not affect any indon carrier presently.
    SIA and KLM must be making tons of money from indons flying to europe.
    But watch out for lion air.
    It seems to be the making of another airline success story.
    garuda is not the only national airline in difficulty. PAL (Phillipines) is another gone case, while MAS (Malaysia) was recently ressucitated after losing market share in regional and domestic flight to airsia.

  7. dewaratugedeanom says:

    Apart from those in Indonesia eight airlines from Moldova, six from Bulgaria, the Angolan carrier TAAG Angola Airlines, and Volare Aviation from Ukraine were also added to the blacklist.

    Did those other countries reacted in the same paranoid way as our national experts? Like monkeys beating their chest to impress an opponent? Pathetic.

  8. Raden says:

    The latest news, Indonesian gov’t will retaliate against EU’s decision that Indonesia will discourage the Indonesian citizens traveling with any EU airlines.

    1. What a militant’s statements from our cabinet ?, a militant or terorist thinking hv inward looking, non compliant to International’s standard of measurement, incompatible with modern progression of human life. Another proof that this kind of statement will bring down Indonesia’s international image even deeper into one of hopeless junk countries. I do not stereotyping but it is true a militant Muslim country = Indonesia, you may dislike it because it is your country but it is the fact & happening again & again.

    2. When it comes to security & safety reasons, any Indonesian who can afford to travel either for their business or leisure trips to Europe, they will definitely ignore the gov’t statement. I personally would pay for KLM than Garuda to Netherland, it is not because that I don’t want to support Garuda but simply Garuda’s airfares is not cheap with substandard safety level & it is banned for landing permit in Amsterdam. So, it will falls into deaf ears but it may sounds like a patriotic statements to ‘wong cilik’ who have no money to fly outside Indonesia. This kind militant propaganda is similar to Achmadinaj’s style, the Iran president when it comes to his patriotic inward looking propaganda.

    Instead of going thoroughly with safety & security aviation audit and take actions but Indonesia chosed the cheap & militant attitudes which is insulting themselve in this global world. Shame on Indonesia, I am sorry to say this!

  9. Paul says:

    It is sad that this is another set back to the Indonesian country. It has been difficult to visit Indonesia for Europeans due to visa requirements. Now, it will be difficult to fly there and if the Indonesian government limits flights from European airlines, the country will go further and further down.

    I hope that government will step up and starts making steps towards a modern economy. Right now, my flights are stopping in Malaysia: no visa requirements, modern country and Air Asia can get me to Indonesia if I need to. The only limitation is the long lines at the Indonesian consulate.

  10. roger says:

    The goverment of Indonesia reacted positively after the two recent crashes of Adam air air Garuda, The Indonesian lower government enchelons employees (air safety) attitude is …. ahh we have fixed the problem, everything is ok pak, dont worry, if problem comes will fix it , while the high ranking offials is lost in the tangles of bureucratic mess along with a reactive attitude instead of a proactive attitude. Dont fix it unless there is a problem. On the other hand the Late but positive action taken by the Air safety Authority Back Lashed. The EU air safety took the appropriate action. Who otherwise can audit the Indonesian air safety ( Indonesia needs honest and good auditers not corrupted ones which Indonesia is famous for). No one including locals want to ride an unsafe airplane. The local dont have many choices in todays constant mobile society. Indonesia Air airfare is not cheap therefore comprimising safety. All the investors are racing into the air line market to benefit and reap immediate profit without knowing the full definition of air safety. Investors are coming with limited capital and hoping to expand later once traffic volume and cash flow is generated. We need capital intensive investors who commited to provide

  11. Tomaculum says:

    Now Saudi Arabia plans to ban Indonesian Airlines too. Hmmmm, will Indonesia forbid Indonesian who want to do the Hajj? As a revenge? Or ban the Saudi Airlines? 🙂

  12. Falcon says:

    It all started with the indifferent attitude of of Indonesian Air Aviation Safety workers and management as well, consequently EU is concerned of the indifferent attitude, now Saudi Arabia is to follow with korea recently. Who is next?. Indonesia is loosing ground fast. Even Saudi Arabia thought of as a close ally may not give support. Unless Garuda shareholders take drastic action (only Garuda is capable), after all maybe all the other Indonesian airlines are of a grave concern.

    The bus operator Lorena soon will be operating an airline. Welcome Lorena Air with its 6 Boeing 737 planes ( we should wonder what series Boeing 737, how old, how many thousands flying hours ,whether its leased, with hope that it is Boeing 737 Series 700 and 900). The 37 year old Sari Lorena Soerbekti 37 year young daughter of the Lorena Bus Founder and the President Director recently visited Malaysia to see the facility of MSA and MRO who will be doing the maintenance of Lorena’s Planes. The local news paper said the company will have US$ 48 million ready for its planes maintenance for the next three years. With all the recent attention focused by EU, Saudi Arabia and Korea Aviation Air Safety Commissions, we should wonder whether the Indonesian Aviation Air Safety will assure that the US$48 millions are truly spend as promised for maintenance and not only for the comfort of consumers ears.

    Read Singapore Straits Times, Review, Monday July 23, 2007, the article by John Mc Beth, Senior Writer, ” Indonesia Aviation Safety Record, Plane Crash, But the Game Goes on ” . Here is a quotation from the paper ” Clearly, there are many vested interest – including the politically powerful owners of several new budget airlines – who do not want an effective regulator because it will add significantly to their business costs”. In addition there is also a battle between AP1 and AP2, a governmental body which control the flight information region. Apparently AP1 and AP2 rely on insufficient capital expenditure. Now with more planes being added the Indonesian air space, shouldn’t the air passengers start worrying and how about the local and foreign tourists as well. The Minister Tourism should be concerned, given all the money spent to promote Indonesia Tourism abroad, wasted time wasted money.

  13. Parvita says:

    Does anybody flies Indonesian airlines to go to Europe? I don’t think anybody does, even before the Garuda crash and Adam Air blow up. This shouldn’t be a big deal.

  14. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Ibu Parvita Yth,

    If you don’t fly Indonesian airline to Europe you are not the Nationalist One.

    Ibu Parvita Yth,

    I commend your English skills, (maybe the work of your husband), but I call on you to remember the Butir2 of the Pancasila and support your fellow Indonesian. Don’t just be a slave to the Bule. Besides, why do you want to go to Europe anyway? They colonized us and make us the jongos for their nutmeg and cinnamon.

    Ibu Parvita Yth,

    Please continue the struggle to build our nation. Don’t just do everything the Bule tell you to. Ibu Kartini called on Indonesian woman to be independent and not just serve, serve, serving the man.

  15. Raden says:

    Parvita & Achmad,
    Wait .. who said Garuda is flying JKT direct to EU ? In the latest July 2007 Garuda inflight magazine version, I found out only 2 UE destinations are available London, Paris. Both via KL with green asterisk means the passengers should continue with Malaysian Airways. Thus either was banned or not, apparently it doesn’t maaaateeer ‘ when the Rock is cooking ‘ ! Garuda still get the commision cut from MAS ?

    Achmad, 2nd point to you, do not twist the safety matter with nationalism, it has nothing to do with nationalism at all, I disagree with you.

  16. Odinius says:

    I only fly garuda inside Indonesia. I’ve found it decent, but not great. But the discount airlines positively frighten me. A friend used to pilot of adam air and the stories I’ve heard are very, very worrying.

  17. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    Maybe that’s because your name is ‘raden’ and the Radens let’s face it, helped the Dutch rule this country. They signed deals, became the pamong praja and let the Dutch divide us. Now you won’t support the BUMN Garuda, which is one of our only defenses against neo-imperialism.

  18. Raden says:

    you are right about Raden’s behavior in the past. However, look at the present economy & law enforcement result after no KNIL/Dutch in Indonesia. Under Javanese imperialism, the Indonesian do not make any significant progress at all. So, do not blame on the Dutch only, partially the relax & lazy attitude were incentive for the Dutch to collonialized us, isn’t it ? I meant, without KNIL then we might be fall under the Japanese or French or Portugis, so it doesn’t matter we were still be colonialized by anyone of those aggressors.

    Look at China during Sung Dynasti they were capable to built the Great Walls to protect them from outside invasion. Their heros were helping each other to fight against outsiders, these attitude reflect until today, they are capable to sent man mission into the space.

  19. Tomaculum says:

    Now is Indonesia 62 years long independent. And the dutch, the whites, the Javanese, the reds, the greens and maybe the yellows are to be blamed for the current situation?
    Very intelligent!!! Very wise!!

  20. Aluang Anak Bayang says:


    Now is Indonesia 62 years long independent. And the dutch, the whites, the Javanese, the reds, the greens and maybe the yellows are to be blamed for the current situation?
    Very intelligent!!! Very wise!!

    It is already written 50,000 years ago. Allah knew it all along. The dirty Jews planned and planned, Great Satan America is always in cahoot with damn kafirs. They do not want us to progress because we have the One True God on our side.

  21. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    Maybe if people stopped listening to and respecting the Javanese, that’d be a start.

  22. Raden says:

    Well , I never blame on the specific race or religion which have caused us backward standards until present time, I am presenting the facts only. It is the genome topics to find-out the answers therefore to find a technology solutions to prevent it. Only if there is a special serum that can be injected into every new Indonesian babies born which then able to increase the new generation’s IQ and evolve the attitudes into the higher levels, I wish …

  23. Shiva says:

    Raden Says:

    Only if there is a special serum that can be injected into every new Indonesian babies born which then able to increase the new generation’s IQ and evolve the attitudes into the higher levels.

    There is nothing wrong with Indonesian babies IQ’s. It is how the IQ is developed while the child is at school.

    The more headbanging while babbling koranic verses equates to more disasters as we see daily in Indonesia, such as air craft falling from the skies, boats sinking, trains crashing, cities flooding, motorways covered in mud, and villages being swept away due to deforestation

    More education and less religion then we will start to see progress.

  24. Raden says:

    The answer is back to dictatorship, only ‘petrus’ can deal with the terrorist militant isn’t it? I used to see floating dead bodies in kali Tubagus Angke and kali depan Shangrila hotel JKT, hm, it was 12 years ago which we missed it very much.

  25. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    Is that true about dead bodies outside of the Shangrila? Also, it’d be more like 23 years ago, wouldn’t it?

  26. Raden says:

    Achmad, oh yes around that years. It was the time when president said this then every DPR members said yes too. Today, pity on SBY, he said Y to Sgp’ treaty but DPR said no.

  27. KSJ says:

    Westerners like always… they always want to discredit developing countries. Anyway, Garuda (and other Indonesian airlines) please improve yourself. This matter is quite embarassing.

  28. Peter McDermid says:

    Having traveled to Bali with Garuda Airlines and now planning my third Holiday, I would have no hesitation whatsoever in using Garuda as I felt very safe with the flight also the service from the staff on the flight was much higher than I have had in the past from the many other airline companies I have been with.

    Yes there are accidents with airlines, but I live on a small Island off the west coast of Scotland and I have more chance of being killed with a runaway sheep or a Pink Elephant after a night out, than I have with one of your flights.

    So to the Staff and Management of Indonesian Airlines and the Lovely People of Bali – Please do not listen to these idiots who try to run you down, their only real interest is to take passengers away from you so they can make a fast buck.

  29. yoyon caem says:

    It is an evaluation for indonesian airline corporates. When all people in the world don’t trust us anymore means indonesia is being a small and have no competitive power to face the global era.
    We must be better guys.

  30. Brian says:

    I know this is years after the fact, but I would like to say a little something about this situation. Being an aircarft mechanic for most of my life. I would first not place blame on any government, not even your own wonderful Indonesia. You only lack knowledge and skill for the most part and that is not as a people. The overall responsibility of any airline falls on the air the line. No governement. Government oversight is there to make sure airlines keep their aircraft safe for the people of the country. For what country would you have if you don not have people to govern? So a government keeps watch on airlines to make sure they are safe. If airline cannot meet safety standards then it gets shut down until it can meet safety standards or stops business forever. Other reasons may be that airlines may not make enough money to remain in operation so they cut on the expense that waste money, maintenance. This happens in all airlines around the world. When they cut maintenance the aircraft beging to fall apart from wear and poor lubrication. They just fall out of the sky. This is fault of owner of airline, not a government. It become government fault if they do not catch in time or just look other way and allow unsafe airline to fly and eventually kill people. So, please do not hate your government or other governments. If your own airlines cannot bring in tourist that pay for things in your country and there contribute to your country moneys. Then allow another country to bring in the tourist to allow your contry moneys. And take the time to fix the aircraft in your country and emerge with safer and better aircraft later and take back some of the tourist revenue for your airlines. This will take time but will be worth it in the end. Charge resonable fares for passengers to make a profit to pay for maintenance but not so cheap you cannot pay for maintenance. You have great, wonderful, and beautiful country in Indonesia. Keep it that way, it is yours, ddo not let the rest of the world tell how you should live. But look at the examples that work and make them your own. Become Indonesia, you have so much to offer the world and it has already started. Make it better but as Indonesian’s not as the rest of the world. Other countries may have good examples, but you do not have to look like them to benefit from their example. Do these things as Indonesia, not Europe, not China, not Australia, not the US, not Canada. But do it as Indonesia to keep it Indonesia.

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