Yusron Mahmudi/Ainul Bahri

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Human rights violations against Abu Dujana (Yusron Mahmudi/Ainul Bahri) and his children.

Suspected terrorist leader Yusron Mahmudi alias Aenul/Ainul Bahri alias Abu Dujana was arrested on June 11th 2007 in Banyumas, Central Java while sitting on his stationary motorcycle with three of his children. The eldest of those children, Yusuf Shiddiq Abdullah, 8 years old, says a member of the police’s Special Detachment 88 anti-terror squad shot Dujana in the thigh from close range, after ordering him to get off the motorbike and squat on the ground, and in front of two of Shiddiq’s younger siblings, Hilma Sofia, 2 years old, and Salman Faris, 5 years old. He also says Hilma, or a part of her, ended up being pinned under the motorbike, which fell.

Yusron Mahmudi alias Aenul/Ainul Bahri alias Abu Dujana
Family man, with wife Sri Mardiati.

On 19th June, in response to Yusuf Shiddiq Abdullah’s claims, the House of Representatives’ (DPR) law commission condemned what they called “human rights violations” in the arrest of Dujana, asking the police, the National Commission on Human Rights, and the National Commission on Child Protection to investigate the case thoroughly. One commission member, Azlaini Agus (PAN, Riau), said:

If Sidiq’s testimony is true, the members of Detachment 88 who shot the suspect were violating human rights and the Criminal Code procedures….. This proves that the antiterror police were violating the law and the case has to be investigated thoroughly.

Azlaini Agus
Azlaini Agus.

Also Gayus Lumbuun of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P, East Java), Patrialis Akbar of the National Mandate Party (PAN, West Sumatra), and Al Muzzamil Yusuf of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS, Lampung) said besides filing a protest with the National Police, they would ask the National Commission on Human Rights to investigate the case to determine what possible human rights violations occurred in Dujana’s arrest.

They also called on the National Commission on Child Protection to pay great attention to healing the psychological impact of Dujana’s arrest on his three children.

Almuzammil Yusuf thundered:

Densus 88 have to be held responsible for acts outside the law. Shooting someone at close range is against the rules, but especially since he had already surrendered and offered no resistance.

Patrialis Akbar said the policemen responsible should be punished. jawapos

Meanwhile Qadhar Faisal Ruskanda, Dujana’s lawyer from the Tim Pembela Muslim, Muslim Defender Team, said at police headquarters that a lawsuit would be filed on 22nd June at the South Jakarta District Court against the police over the arrest and shooting.

In response police commander Sisno Adiwinoto complained: detik

Why do people make an issue over one child of Abu Dujana? What about the hundreds of children and families that are victims of terrorism?

He advised the Tim Pembela Muslim (TPM) to have a think over which issue was more important.

Don’t let terrorists get away with what they do just because some people say that their human rights were violated.

June 22nd 2007. Abu Dujana did put up resistance during his arrest. His lawyer Asrudin Hanjani says that Dujana felt it was improper that he was being arrested in front of his children and so he struggled with police. republika

13 Comments on “Yusron Mahmudi/Ainul Bahri”

  1. Abul says:

    Reading news like this I am just so damn glad that now I reside in another country. if the guinness book of records keep such record as “the country with the most ignorant narrow-minded shallow pig-head retards”, Indonesia will surely win each time.. even if the record-verification is done every week.

    The du-R-jana guy is a crazed terrorist for f.ck sake! Who knows if he straps suicide-bomb belt unto his body a la that azahari-c.ck-sucker when the police attempted to catch him. better incapacitate first and ask question later, know what I mean?

    I felt sorry for the dude’s children to witness the capture, but then again it’s for the better good. Just treat them in the hospital, make sure they recover, and have them under state care (schooling, financial support, etc) to make sure they will grow up as civilized and reasonable human being.

    Give DenSus 88 a proper credit, I really think they have done a splendid job on this, they even manage to incapacitate the f.ck-face instead of killing him given the situation.

  2. Colson says:

    @abul: Some humans are terrorist-suspects. Human rights are meant for all human beings. So the human rights should be applied to terrorist-suspects as well.

    By the way: no one should be above the law. Especially men of the law should respect the law. So in my opinion mr Sisno is talking a load of dangerous nonsense.

  3. Rockstar says:

    Terrorist isn’t human, they’re a life-doll with stupid doctrines attached in them. So it’s alright to shot him (better than him sneaking away).

    I have to disagree with you, you have to look at how miserable life would be if these guys got away again. I totally agree with Sisno.

  4. Sylvester says:

    Yes rockstar,
    However, his children are human. Anyway, we do not know exactly what had happened. It is possible that those damn terrorists together with that evil DPR guys created the story, isn’t it?

  5. Rambutan says:

    Human Rights apply to everyone! Period!
    However, I wish the dear Members of Parliament would raise the issue of Human Rights when the thugs of FPI and similar organisations attack innocents, forcefully close churches, etc. Usually, there is just silence emanating from the DPR…

  6. Arema says:

    Talking about human right in a situation like this? That’s crap, and nothing more than a attention-seeker or diversion tactics by Dujana’s supporters. Defending a uber-terrorist’s human right? You got to be kidding me! Is he human in the first place? Physically yes, mentally an animal, an uncontrollable, brutal, and ruthless animal.

    Don’t tell me the police should waste their hard work locating Dujana by approaching him slowly and politely, risking him escaping or possibly drawing his weapon and fire back? No sane police would do that. It’s been a long and arduous campaign, and certainly they can’t allow any slip-up in the capture. Imagine a football game. You are the striker, and after a marvelous combination, you get through and have a very good chance to score a goal, would you waste it? This chance may not come the second time in the same match, and thus very very precious, and has to be fully utilized. And capturing a hot terror suspect like Abu Dujana is like having to score in World Cup Final or Champions League final. You just can’t miss!

    Those who are babbling and rambling about Abu Dujana’s human rights clearly do not appreciate the hard work of our Densus 88 at all. Commander Sisno Adiwinoto’s comment is exactly what I’ll say if I was on his shoes. I agree completely on all of his quoted words. It’s good to see that at least we got some good leaders in Indonesia, and one of them is in the all-important police force!

    But having said all these, I’m aware that the police often “exercise their shooting skills” to cripple criminals, even AFTER they are captured! I heard stories from my relatives and employees, that the police always shot the legs of captured criminals or almost captured criminals. Personally I’m not against that, they’re criminals anyway, but I do believe police can be more responsible for their act especially on minor crimes, because if the suspect was not guilty… the police will be in a terrible mess.

    Abu Dujana’s case is different, it’s a must-score goalscoring chance. And shooting from close-range is maybe to prevent hitting his kids. Conclusion: Well done police! Keep it up!

  7. Rockstar says:

    You’re right his children is human, but again you may disagree with me but I’d rather him and his family to suffer than the whole group of innocent people. He knew exactly what he is doing is COMPLETELY wrong and that eventually will make his family suffer. He knows that exactly and yet his wife -I bet – still supports him. I’d like to give them my sympathy, but that’s the consequence they’d get out of it.

    So yea, I totally agree with Arema, human rights is VERY important, but IMO it also depends on the situation. We wouldn’t know what would happen if this guy managed to sneak away. He probably would just leave his wife and kid behind. He would only think of himself. Well that’s the nature I think.

    I personally think that somebody needs to run this country with an iron fist against those who obviously has any intention to drag this country even down to hell. An organization like FPI for an instance. I don’t mind if the police use any means necessary to beat those thugs to a pulp.

  8. Raden says:

    That is Indonesia, ‘the human-rights’ are belong to the majority voice.
    Why there are very little of good news in these blog’s topics? All are the bad, disappointing and ugly news? If there is one good news then there is no one like to comment, what’s wrong with Indonesia?
    For non Muslim minority, living in Indonesia is disturbing, if your brain can no longer take it, then better to leave Indonesia, otherwise you become lethargic & finally joint the idiot group.

  9. Colson says:

    Rockstar: Everyone in his right mind despises terrorists. That kind of gut feeling is easy.

    But it’s irrelevant here. No, rockstar, human rights don’t depend on the situation. They are not just about imprisoned dissidents in Cuba or China. They also should be applied to terrorist-suspects – by the US-government as well as by the judiciary in Indonesia. Which proves to be not that easy unfortunately.

  10. Rockstar says:

    Colson, you’re absolutely right.
    But again, I don’t feel even a bit sympathy to those people or their family at all.


    For non Muslim minority, living in Indonesia is disturbing, if your brain can no longer take it, then better to leave Indonesia, otherwise you become lethargic & finally joint the idiot group.

    You know what Raden, you are right. Living in Indonesia will be very disturbing if surrounded by people like you who can’t even take criticism. And that’s what is happening right now. How many Indonesian people especially in our government that can take good critisism/constructive feedback from the people? NONE!

    If this wasn’t the case than Indonesia would have been so much better now.

    Why don’t you try to put yourself in our shoes as a minor rather than keep telling us to leave the country?

    oh I just don’t get it who is this idiotic group? Like those morons who live in Indonesia and keep ruining the country? Man they aren’t idiot, they are just simple morons (have a pee brain).

    And if you don’t like it here (this blog), I’d suggest you to leave!

  11. agam says:

    I think the Police Commander respond was true and realistic.

    To catch this dangerous suicidal bomb commander you need to have enough datas, perfect plan and set everything right before you did. The timing of arrestment was perfectly right, with the children around him, it will minimise the suspect to react stupidly. To ensure his surrendering and to protect your team who did the operation, one or two bullets may be needed to ensure his unconditional surrender. Great job for Indonesian Police especially Densus 88!

    ….(hopeless mode: off!)

    But to throw a statement like the Police Commander did was unecessary, it just giving chances for this thug groups to reacts and reoriented the main issue. In the future the Police will need better PR Officer.

    And I am not surprise by some ‘DPR’ comment, they’re really represented their votters that mostly stupid and uneducated.

    ….pffuihhh..(hopeless mode: on!)

  12. Teta says:

    Oh no, a terrorist got shot because he tries to flee. Oh no, his family saw the whole thing. Poor little terrorist. We should just let him go so he can bomb other families.

    Bullocks!!! Fry his ass.

  13. Dragonwall says:

    Human Rights are meant for people who have not violated others Rights.
    When you jeopardize other innocent people’s life, you are already violating other people’s Human Rights. what more when this “Aduh Duriana” statement that says that “Blood Will Continue To Flow”. Is that a threat. a threat alone is good enough for him to be incarcerated for life let alone being caught with a device.
    When you strapped a bomb or carrying device that look like a bomb in public conveyancing then you are no longer a suspect but a terrorist. One may argue that he was carrying a calculator or a clock timer right!
    One should understand the difference between continental and conventional law.
    Prove wrong or be proven wrong. That is the difference. In this case he has prove himself wrong. So who is he to blame. It is the norm when people pretending to be pathetic by bringing their wife and children into the limelight like “kasihan” looking. Then later this guy will be acquited or discharged or given a light sentence like that pig head Basyir. This is typical of Muslim Militant Terrorist like what we see in the Israeli/Palestine conflict. NO HUMAN RIGHTS FOR THESE MUSLIM MILITANT TERRORIST. THEIR RIGHT IS TO APPOINT AN ATTORNEY/LAWYER TO DEFEND THEM. WITH ALL THE EVIDENCE ALL THEY COULD DO IS GIVE EXCUSE AND MITIGATE. IF THE INDONESIAN COURT DO NOT IMPOSE A DETERRENT SENTENCE THEN I THINK EVERYONE AND THOSE THAT OPT FOR DEMOCRACY SHOULD NOT BE IN INDONESIA ANY LONGER.

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