Playboy – Battle of the Petitions

Feb 28th, 2006, in News, by

The possibility of the publication of an Indonesian version of Playboy has all sorts of people hot and bothered, before they’ve even seen the thing, and some of this is played out online in the form of petitions supporting or opposing the magazine.

There’s the Reject Playboy petition and the Support Playboy one. Currently it’s a darned close run thing, with, last time I checked, 6832 signatures in the “No, we’re Muslim” camp, and 6935 in the “Yes, nudity please” camp.

The No people have written their petition, according to my rather strained translation, as:

Don’t let us become fit to be tormented by allowing blatant indecency. Don’t damage the future generation by immorality and irresponsibility. To the leaders of the country, reject indecency and pornography, get it out of our culture.

The Yes petition reads succinctly as:

I the undersigned support and wish for the publication of Playboy in Indonesia!

The owners of the Playboy franchise here have actually said there’ll be no full nudity in the magazine but there’s something about Playboy, it’s association with America, that annoys Islamic types, and if the proposals for new anti-indecency laws get through parliament it will be illegal to even show a woman’s belly button and a Playboy without full belly button nudity is not worth thinking about.

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  1. Ulf says:

    I would like to see an Indonesian OUI, even if the gals are not fully undressed. That´s my petition.

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