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Nias Island

Nias Island

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  1. norman walvi says:

    tello island is a land apart from nias, about 8 hours with machine boat from teluk dalam to go to the tello island.
    in this island have any surf places, resort and lodge for example: sibarunun beach or tello beach there are located ” tello lodge “, sifika beach with beautiful beach and big waves and baluta beach. this not far from latitu de zero resort. baluta beach is a beauty and amazing wives, its beach is wonderful. many people doing their activities or surfing on the beach. from the beach not far to my house, about 30 minutes by foot or 10 minetes by motor bike. my house near the street after khatolik curch and bnkp curch before. if you see internet towar front that is my house, you can stay in my house when you want to surf in baluta beach.I waiting all off you. thanks.

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