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The government is to hold a “Visit Indonesia Year” in 2008.

As part of the effort to improve visitor numbers, says the Jakarta Post, improvements will be made to basic infrastructure in some of the country’s top tourist destinations as part of “Visit Indonesia Year 2008”.

The official announcement of the campaign, the second that will be held by the country after an earlier one in 1992, will be made in July, and will begin a several months’ long promotion campaign, the Culture and Tourism Ministry’s director general of marketing, Thamrin B. Bachri, said on 12th June.

Throughout 2008, the country will stage 100 international-scale events and cultural festivals, with the “visit Indonesia” campaign being timed to coincide with the World Culture Forum 2008.

We have held meetings with the provincial administrations to outline our plans and ensure that their regions are ready for the events

Thamrin said.

The ministry, he said, was encouraging them to develop tourist attractions in their respective regions by improving facilities and access to the attractions.

In the first Visit Indonesia Year in 1992, the country boosted foreign tourist arrivals by about 20% to 3.1 million from 2.5 million in 1991.

Thamrin did not say how many visitors were expected to visit Indonesia during next year’s campaign.

In 2007 the ministry has set a target of attracting 6 million foreign tourists, who will generate around $5 billion in foreign exchange earnings, through its “tourism acceleration program”. Last year, foreign tourist arrivals were 4.8 million.

To support the acceleration program and prepare for 2008, the ministry has requested extra funding of 158 billion rupiah ($17 million) from the 2007 budget, which is currently under deliberation in the House of Representatives.

The original 2007 budget allocated 982 billion to the Tourism ministry.

Of the additional funding, the acceleration program, which includes overseas promotional campaigns and improvements to basic infrastructure, such as roads, and electricity and telephone access in tourist areas, will get most of the 158 billion rupiah.

The planned overseas promotional campaign includes advertising on international television channels, said Culture and Tourism Minister Jero Wacik.

Advertisements on such TV channels are one of the most effective ways of attracting foreign tourists.

Other countries, such as Malaysia and Thailand, spent vast sums on such advertising, he said.

We will be out of sight of the rest of the world if we don’t take effective and immediate action to raise awareness among overseas tourists that Indonesia is a safe and attractive place to visit.

Malaysia is targeting 20 million foreign tourists this year through its “Visit Malaysia Year” campaign. The country hosted 17.5 million overseas tourists last year.

71 Comments on “Visit Indonesia Year 2008”

  1. dewaratugedeanom says:

    Toar said:

    Last year I went to Surabaya and the plasa was just around the block from my hotel, so I thought I walk to the plasa, what a night mare, there were so many holes on the footpath it is just like walking through a mine field.
    Infrastructure my foot, the Indo gov can’t even take care or maintain their footpath let alone maintain Garuda.

    FYI: Next year in 2008 they will start building a nuclear power plant in East-Java.
    But no need to worry. If with our standards of maintenance it becomes a second Chernobyl, we will blame the CIA, the Jews and everything unislamic. At the same time it might even help to reduce overpopulation or promote transmigrasi to the outer islands.
    Our leaders are wise and far-sighted.

  2. Raden says:

    Hua ha ha ….

    Btw, why there is nobody angry that our beautiful Borobudur was not selected as one of the world’s 7 wonders ? anyone knew the reasons ?

  3. dewaratugedeanom says:

    Borobudur was not selected because it won’t last, being the next target on the list of the islamist terrorists to be destroyed. Like the Buddha statues in Afghanistan.

  4. Shiva says:

    Strange I was in Borobudur just a few days ago.


    The temple itself is beyond words, but, the place was infested by hundreds of hawkers and to get out you have the go through a maze of market stalls. The worst was many cheap painting of Borobudur resembling a mosque.

    The same can be said of Tanah Lot.

    Many tour go away from these places with negative feelings.

  5. Shiva says:

    Strange I was in Borobudur just a few days ago.


    The temple itself is beyond words, but, the place was infested by hundreds of hawkers and to get out you have the go through a maze of market stalls. The worst was many cheap painting of Borobudur resembling a mosque.

    The same can be said of Tanah Lot.

    Many tourists go away from these places with negative feelings.

    Not good

  6. dewaratugedeanom says:

    Same story in Tirtha Empul Tampaksiring and in fact all Obyek Wisata. It’s called marketing Bali style.
    Will they never learn?

  7. Jennifer says:

    All these comments amaze me. I have visited Indonesia twice this year and not just bali, although I did spend a great deal of time there, also I traveled throughout Java. It’s an amazing place and never have I felt unsafe. Should people not go to London becasue of recent terrorist attacks? Most of the people I have met who have been to Indonesia are enchanted with the people and the culture. And not because they are looking for illegal sexual activities. This is a land filled with expats because they appreciate what this country has to offer. Whats wrong with Indonesia promoting what it has to offer? It’s like everyone is against progress or something. Anyways. Love Indonesia and Love traveling.

  8. Buruh Migran says:

    News like Indonesian Muslim groups attacked the office of Playboy magazine in Jakarta, Muslim groups raid entertainment places, anti-pornography bills, etc., etc., have contributed to the loss of tourism in Indonesia.

    Does anyone – as a tourist – when having a drink in a bar suddenly the place is being raid by backwards-minded group?

  9. Parvita says:

    Jennifer, I am happy you had a great experience in my country. You are correct, I will be travelling to England soon and I’m not postponing it because of the recent attack! Sometimes the press blows things up and makes people paranoid about Indonesia. Indonesia is still a pleasant place to travel and relatively safe.

    Usually American companies have the ban to go to places (they are paranoid, maybe due to CNN?) which becomes so ridiculous. When I worked for an American multinational company, the expats were quite furious of the travel bans. When I worked for an Italian company, they often ask me where I went and they will definetely check the place out! For example, I went diving to Ambon and the next month, the Italian booked to go there.

    My concern and critiques are mostly towards our people and government itself. Visit Indonesia 2008 will invite tourists, most likely tourists from the west. Therefore they have to be able to be open and facilitate our guests so that they wil have a memorable experience. That’s one of the reason I wrote about Sabang in my blog as a Jewel of Indonesia but not ready to accommodate guests, local nor abroad, and partly so people are aware of what they can expect (especially when they go for diving). And there still have to be lots of work from our side for this program, by probably looking at our neighbouring countries and how they prepare the best to run the programme.

    As the fear of terrorists, I can only say, if the time comes, it will just come. It is not like Indonesia is unrest everywhere. From that side, I can still say that Indonesia is relatively safe from tourists. But from our readiness, there are only few places that are ready to accept tourism, maybe budgetary problem to this sector, I don’t know. But again, if you like adventure and don’t mind a bit of hassle here and there, Indonesia is still a place to go!

  10. Raden says:

    Visit Indonesia 2008 by GARUDA airlines ….
    – SaudiArabia, the Indonesian Muslim brothers have banned our veryown & proudful Garuda Airlines because safety substandard reasons …
    – Now is South Korea will ban Garuda very soon for the same reasons following EU and Saudi Arabia
    What a shame, every years the Indonesian contribute to Saudi’s GDP by sending hundred thousand Muslims to Mekkah but inreturn … no respect or emphaty to Indonesia. Perhaps the largest Muslim country of Indonesia have to build our veryown Mekkah in ACEH and declared it to be the place for naik haji – thus supporting the Visit Indonesia 2008 and of course with Garuda flag-ship carrier !

  11. Raden says:

    Fyi I recently chosed & purposely fly with Garuda from Tokyo to Jakarta, the airticket price as usual not the cheapest one, the hi-fi is not working fine as a lot of noise because aging cables, but never mind … I still enjoy & trust Garuda ….. which I proud the symbol. Oh yes very true

  12. Falcon says:

    Facing the banning of Indonesia Air Line by EU and probably others, Visit Indonesia 2008 will be either Hello or Good Bye. Direct flight foreign air lines Landing In Jakarta and Bali (may be others) will be the beneficiary of visit Indonesia, but the probably there aren’t enough direct flights. Buses probably are an alternative transportation going to other places away from JAKARTA, only tourist with brave hearts who can stand the daredevil bus drivers who believe in reincarnation, hoping when they die in the bus crash, they will be reincarnated to ride a beautifull expensive sedan instead, smooth, air conditioned, noise and dust free with a driver upfront.

    Where will the tourists go from Jakarta, A polluted city, with traffic jam as the main attraction. Places such as Borubudur is no longer on the seven worders of the world list, it is a place full of hawkers. Next you go to the beach in Kuta, most likely the same, hawkers all over offering nail mani/pedi curing, hair stringing and may be sleeping mats. Despite all these concerned, there are many other places tourists can go, but how to get there. Unless tours are made and arranged by foreign tour organization with the help of local tour guides, tourists most likely will stay away from Indonesia. How can of foreign tour arranger promote Indonesia with the problems existed, yes by offering cheap packets for those bravehearts.

  13. Falcon says:

    Toar, you are right all tourists should be issued “Foot insurance” left as well right foot by the government, however, insurance should also include coverage just in case if you are hit by some of these daredevil brain dead motorcycle riders who love the pedestrian foot path to ride their motorcycle as an alternative road. To them is like alternative medicine.

  14. Raden says:

    Well Falcon, as you can read in this blog sites, there are many Indonesian militants who think there will be 72 virgins rewards waiting them in front of the heaven gate to please all the Indonesian men. In such situation, they are not really care whether or not the visit 2008 will be or not to be successful, it really does not matter at all. Some of Indonesian believe on fate (takdir), the quickest they can get rest in peace means to accelerate & shorten the pains of uncompetency as human being.

  15. Enigmatic says:

    Before I begin, HI. This is gonna be my first post.

    How many of you here work or study outside Indonesia currently?

    sure you have all the bollocks about asking people to visit Indonesia, which I agree Indonesia should do.

    However, the aviation there is a nightmare now. So is security. Don’t forget infrastructure, food and drink safety, safety here and safety there.

    Honestly how do you expect other people to trust a country’s safety within 4-5 months when we have gotten into shambles in EVERYTHING right from the start of the year?

    It’s a tall order folks.

    To make matters worse, I have made no mention about terrorism, natural disasters and other things. Do YOU think they will benefit Indonesia?

  16. Raden says:

    Don’t get it wrong, Indonesia is a heaven in earth for the incompetent (so they have no choice of living outside Indonesia) or the lazy Muslim (so they looks they are par with the same brotherhood in Indonesia) or the corruptors (so they can buy the law).
    If you belong to one of the above 3 group of people then the rest of disadvantages living in Indonesia that Enigmatic’s describe above do not really matters at all.

  17. Ihaknt says:

    Visit Indonesia year will fall flat on its face. But this is one occasion I am hoping I am wrong.

  18. Shiva says:

    A good many tourists seek peace and quiet, how is this possible in Java, when the loonies start wailing at 3.30 in the morning.

  19. Odinius says:

    For me, every year is visit Indonesia year.

  20. KSJ says:


    “The only kind of tourists Indonesia can attracts now are travellers only interested in sexual activities. Including the most illegal ones.”

    Ah, now I see that you are a frequent traveller to Thailand as your favorite sexual tourism destination. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know what you were talking about. Very clever.

  21. Heidi Christensen (Denmark) says:

    The Association of Danish Travel Agencies and Tour Operators are frequently asked how many Danes visit a specified country during a year. This made us do a big research on the subject last year, which resulted in a report and press release that figured in most of the big newspapers in Denmark. Because of the great success, we aim at doing a similar report this year. It is our hope that the report we expect to publish later on this year, will help promote the tourism industries for the countries included among Danish travellers, or simply just to bring further attention to the countries among the Danes in general. Unfortunately we aren’t able to do this on our own, which is why we kindly ask for your help in this matter.

    We hope you will help us by answering how many Danes visited Indonesia in 2006, since we don’t have other possibilities of getting the figures. If you do not have the figures yourself, but know where we can get them, we would really appreciate if you could let us know.

    We hope for your helpfulness, and we would appreciate your answer as quick as possible.
    Thank you very much for your cooperation.

    Best regards,

    Heidi Røndbjerg-Christensen

    Fax: +45 35 35 88 59
    Falkoner Allé 58 B
    2000 Frederiksberg

  22. Fritty says:

    I arrived at this website trying to find out if there will be a festival keraton nusantara in 2008.

    Does ayone here know?

    People everywhere are cynical about their governments. But people can talk together and sometimes do something constructive on their own.

    Maybe this would be a useful place to post some info that would do its own part toward encouraging visitors.

  23. Christian says:

    May I know where to find the official logo of “Visit Indonesia Year 2008” ?


  24. Dragonwall says:

    Legalize gambling. Bring in the gamblers. The juice is in the casinos. If Malaysia being a majority Muslim country ruled by that many sultans can why can’t Indonesia.
    If you see the development from Genting Highlands you will realize that even the Muslims agree to have them there. It build road, highways, hotels, recreational, create jobs etc, etc.
    See Macau after her return to China. It went Gambling the big way. Far bigger than Vegas or anywhere else. The Chinese government agree to that. This is progress and development. Employment, food on the table. Currency stability. Life gets easier and faster. Daily life become more vigorous. It is like adrenalin in the blood. The system moves with full fledge.
    During the time of Bola Tangkas, SDSB etc see how Indonesia had prospered!.
    Singapore legalize gambling long ago and is moving to Casino. It will in some way affect Macau and Malaysia.
    There were triads, gangs and robbery was the norm in Genting and macau. But when Singapore moves up it will be like Burswood except that it is closer and people could move in and out unlike Australia that needs a visa to enter.
    Resort to legalizing gambling will eventually solve one of Indonesia’s biggest problem. Money will starts to flow back into the country.
    But it must be built in and area where security is maximum and the stringence comparable to Genting.
    It might work out without those over paid and under work political elite having to use much of their heads.

  25. mita says:

    I read some very negative feelings and resentment for moslems and Islam in Indonesia. Surprisingly those postings are made by Indonesians…

    The fact that we’re made up of hundreds of ethnicity and have never suffered any major civil war or tribal war (like in Arabic and African countries) show our high level of moderation and tolerance.

    Clashes happens everywhere, not only in Indonesia. Even the Brits are still having problems with IRA. France is discriminating its minority immigrants. Singapore may be more developed than we are, but they’re not even a democratic country. There’s just no way you can be elected as President unless you’re the son of an ex-Prime Minister. Press and Media is being repressed by the government. Look at our Media, they’re free to write and criticise the Government. Malaysia may boast of being truly Asia, but we know how our cultural heritage is more diversified. Indonesia’s problem in not uniquely Indonesia.

    Once you think small of your country and your people, you’re infact projecting your sense of insecurity. Excuse my french, but kalau orang minder emang gampang nyela2 diri sendiri.

    I know lotsa foreigners who enjoy visiting Indonesia, and have made numerous visits despite the conditions. So what’s the use of spreading that negative sentiments around ?

    It’s good to be critical, but don’t be over-critical and over-pessimistic about the endeavors of our government. We know how corrupt they are, but lets not undermine any efforts that may bring the betterment of Indonesian people. Being cynical won’t help your people. At least, help yourself by thinking positively.

    Small minds only know how to criticize, great minds seek solution.

  26. Tammy Ho says:

    My close friend was doing some of the work for Indonesia Ministry of Tourism, and she met me at a coffee house one day with a bad mood. Turned out they had to present their work, surprise surprise, not to the Minister, but to his wife and daughter!

    In the middle of working progress, they have to absorb some ideas from someone who is a minister’s relative.

    And on top of that, they presented their work on Sunday at 3.00PM, and were asked to submit the revision by the next day lunch time, because finally the minister will want see it.

    In the mean time, another friend was attending a writer’s festival in Ubud, Bali, and she’s so embarrassed to see our so-called Tourism Minister did the opening speech really badly, he mastered a worst English skill. She said the driver who picked her up when she visited Losari Coffee Plantation&Resort in Magelang has much better English than the minister, not to mention he’s able to speak French & Japanese as well.

    So if our ministry of tourism & culture is run by idiots, no wonder Indonesia is going nowhere!

    You obviously never encounter such experience, you still have pure, positive thinking about our government. We meet them on day to day basis and know how imbecile the people there. It’s difficult to stay positive if everyday they comeback to you with different rules, asking more money to approve our proposal. Of course people like to come here, Indonesia is the most beautiful country, but what we’ve done so far since our independence day? Bali and Bali and Bali…. There are so much to sell! Have you been to Blue Mountain, Australia? Compare to the hills and mountains in North Sumatera, it’s nothing! But it’s carefully arranged to be tourist spot. And it sells.

    Does anyone have any idea which official website for Indonesia tourism? I couldn’t find one. It’s so easy to find Malayasia one (and it’s annoying that they put satay picture there. Sate is ours, isn’t it?)

  27. Rambutan says:

    So if our ministry of tourism & culture is run by idiots, no wonder Indonesia is going nowhere!

    Unfortunately it’s not only the Ministry of Tourism which is run by idiots…

  28. Pakmantri says:

    To Tammy,

    This is the official site for the ministry of tourism of Indonesia, kementrian Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata.


  29. Raden says:

    ups … another sinking ship which killed 15 people in Sulawesi ?

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