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The government is to hold a “Visit Indonesia Year” in 2008.

As part of the effort to improve visitor numbers, says the Jakarta Post, improvements will be made to basic infrastructure in some of the country’s top tourist destinations as part of “Visit Indonesia Year 2008”.

The official announcement of the campaign, the second that will be held by the country after an earlier one in 1992, will be made in July, and will begin a several months’ long promotion campaign, the Culture and Tourism Ministry’s director general of marketing, Thamrin B. Bachri, said on 12th June.

Throughout 2008, the country will stage 100 international-scale events and cultural festivals, with the “visit Indonesia” campaign being timed to coincide with the World Culture Forum 2008.

We have held meetings with the provincial administrations to outline our plans and ensure that their regions are ready for the events

Thamrin said.

The ministry, he said, was encouraging them to develop tourist attractions in their respective regions by improving facilities and access to the attractions.

In the first Visit Indonesia Year in 1992, the country boosted foreign tourist arrivals by about 20% to 3.1 million from 2.5 million in 1991.

Thamrin did not say how many visitors were expected to visit Indonesia during next year’s campaign.

In 2007 the ministry has set a target of attracting 6 million foreign tourists, who will generate around $5 billion in foreign exchange earnings, through its “tourism acceleration program”. Last year, foreign tourist arrivals were 4.8 million.

To support the acceleration program and prepare for 2008, the ministry has requested extra funding of 158 billion rupiah ($17 million) from the 2007 budget, which is currently under deliberation in the House of Representatives.

The original 2007 budget allocated 982 billion to the Tourism ministry.

Of the additional funding, the acceleration program, which includes overseas promotional campaigns and improvements to basic infrastructure, such as roads, and electricity and telephone access in tourist areas, will get most of the 158 billion rupiah.

The planned overseas promotional campaign includes advertising on international television channels, said Culture and Tourism Minister Jero Wacik.

Advertisements on such TV channels are one of the most effective ways of attracting foreign tourists.

Other countries, such as Malaysia and Thailand, spent vast sums on such advertising, he said.

We will be out of sight of the rest of the world if we don’t take effective and immediate action to raise awareness among overseas tourists that Indonesia is a safe and attractive place to visit.

Malaysia is targeting 20 million foreign tourists this year through its “Visit Malaysia Year” campaign. The country hosted 17.5 million overseas tourists last year.

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  1. Janma says:

    It’s not feeling safe and attractive to me… not at the moment anyway.

  2. Dimp says:

    As again we are just copying Malaysia, exactly Visit Malaysia Year 1991 was followed by Visit Indonesia Year 1992, and now, Visit Malaysia Year 2007 was followed by Visit Indonesia Year 2008.

    May as well consolidate the Indonesian Government to run under Malaysian Government, then we won’t be a year behind.

  3. Ihaknt says:

    If Indo gov really want to rake people in then maybe they need to look at how their internal affairs and safety first. Maybe they’re finally bringin in the S&M tourists to Aceh to flog when they pash each other.

  4. Tomaculum says:

    Would you visit a land, where the danger of being “disturbed” (remember the “sweepings” cases) by some anarchistic people or groups is very real (not to mention of the risk of being bombed?). And meanwhile the police (the law guards) is just watching such “happenings”?

  5. Ihaknt says:

    Tom, my answer is NO!

    I’d rather go to S’pore/Beijing where there are sooooo many Chinese people who are non-Muslims but feel safer altho I know they dont have the same faith as I do. Who said the Chinese are dangerous? I reckon the fanatics so-called religious pribumi are more threatening.

  6. Bumikita says:

    Let’s hope we can finally see some professional, engaging promotional events and products that truly bring out the cultural and natural marvel that is Indonesia. Please, no more tacky TV ads that brings laughs rather than oohs and aahs!

    Malaysia has had its share of unrest along its Thai border and this has not stopped it from attracting more than 3 times the number of tourists Indonesia receives. Surely we can do better than that here… but will an additional $17 million in funding really make a difference? Large part will be siphooned into dark holes.

  7. Bumikita says:

    Dire prospects indeed:

    Natural disasters, terrorist attacks and travel warnings are among the reasons for people’s reluctance to visit Indonesia, a survey found.

    The survey was conducted by Visa International in cooperation with the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA).

    Of the 5,050 respondents from 10 countries — Canada, China, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Sweden, Britain, the U.S and Australia — only 3 percent named Indonesia as their preferred holiday destination in Asia.

    Full article here:

  8. Bugiman says:

    Ok, step one, replace the Ministry of Tourism and Culture with staff that have even a small amount of talent for the job. Call the new operation Tourism Indonesia, and fill it with the many talented people available. Keep the new operation free from political and religious influence ( I know, impossible ) Hire an independent auditor to oversee the spend, and make sure the money doesn’t end up in political or police pockets through their own tourism businesses.
    Step three, I still say Indonesia should be marketed as the Spice Islands, because it would be easier to market Iraq, than Indonesia at the moment.
    Their are very clever ways to market the country, but you have to have the clever people to do it, and judging by the current ministry, it’s not going to happen.
    Most of Australia watched in horror, at the mud volcano shown on 60 minutes here a few days ago..
    The horror was not the volcano, but the lack of compassion shown by the Indo’ government and big business at the plight of the people. The owners of Lapindo should be held to account, but they are too powerful.
    Indo’ could spend 500 million dollars to market the country, but it will not work.
    I am sure the figures for visitor numbers can be fudged, as they are now.

  9. Bugiman says:

    As a follow on from my last email, I would like to say that I enjoyed my month long visit this year, would head back tomorrow if I could. I just feel the suffering people of the country deserve a lot more from incompitant government departments, and some politicians.

  10. Bas says:

    The only kind of tourists Indonesia can attracts now are travellers only interested in sexual activities. Including the most illegal ones.

  11. Ihaknt says:

    Bugiman, perhaps 50% of the 500mil will go to the pocket of the big dudes, so yes it wont work to market Indonesia. We are being so negative here, but it is tough to be positive if we look back on our past experience that the Gov just doesnt give a crap about their people and the country’s future. I want to be positive about this but I can’t. I keep thinking this slogan is just another money making tool to fatten up the dudes already-too-fat pockets.

  12. Oyvindo says:

    If the Indonesian government want to increase the number of foreign tourist to the country they have to change the visa-rules.

    For until 4 years ago foreigners got a 60 days visa free of cost on arrival. But suddenly this was chanced to be a 30 days visa on arrival and we have to pay 50 dollars for the visa.

    Many people are long-time travellers and Indonesia is a huge country. 30 days in Indonesia is NOTHING! If you want to explore the country a little in depth 60 days is a minimum.

    Look to India: They give a 6 months multiple entry visa to all foreigners (for people from Pakistan and Sri Lanka there can be difficulties) for the cost of 50 dollar.

    As a Norwegian I now can get a 5 year tourist visa to India for the cost of 200 US, this is a multiple entry visa and I can visit the country for until 3 months, then I have to leave (go to a neighbor-country, and come back the day after if I want).

    A 30 days visa is NOTHING. Many long-stayers are represents of the young generation who after their visit will promote Indonesia as a tourist-destination for the rest of their lives.

    Next month I go to India. Why India and not Indonesia? Because of the visa-rules! I want to stay in the same country for 6 months, and if Indonesia was my choice i would have to leave the country every 30 days”¦ If Indonesia could offer me a 6 months visa Indonesia would be my FIRST CHOICE!

    I would really love to come back to Indonesia, spend some months in f.eks. Yogja or Bandung for studying bahasa Indonesia, when travelling around the country.
    But because of the visa-rules this will be very, very stressful.

    Sorry Indonesia, but if you want to increase the number of foreign tourists you have to change the visa-rules.

  13. Tomaculum says:

    for a 30 days visa on arrival we have to pay 25 US$ and not 50,-.

  14. Putu Alberto Lee says:

    Acheh… perfect destination for sado-masochists …. hahahaha.
    Great idea.

    *Ctarr*…. gimme some more … *yeah*

  15. Robert says:

    Putu Alberto Lee said:

    Acheh”¦ perfect destination for sado-masochists “¦. hahahaha.
    Great idea.

    Aceh can become the SM capitol of the world, a new SM-tourist attraction. Will look great in the “Visit Indonesia Year 2008” advertisements…..LOL

  16. Maybe they can invite leather daddies from around the world to pay a visit. Those leather men will definitely love it. Then probably the biggest gay event for leather men in the world will be held in Acheh.

    How ironic. 🙂

  17. Sam says:

    Recent survey by Economic Inteligent Unit (2007) interm of PEACEFULNESS, Indonesia is far better than Thailand, India, Philippines, Cambodia, myanmar and most of the neighbouring countries. Indonesia has ranked 78th while Thailand 105th, India 109th and others countries mentioned above came worst. Check this link

    So you guys who negative about the Visit Indonesia Year 2008 “PISS OFF!!!”

  18. Naga says:

    “The only kind of tourists Indonesia can attracts now are travellers only interested in sexual activities. Including the most illegal ones.”

    Most illegal sexual activity in Indonesia is carried out by Indonesians; most tourists come to Indonesia for things such as diving and sightseeing.

  19. Bumikita says:

    The only kind of tourists Indonesia can attracts now are travellers only interested in sexual activities. Including the most illegal ones.

    I would be interested to find out where you source this information from. SE Asia certainly attracts its fair share of sex-seeking tourists, including Indonesia, but the above statement sounds somewhat extreme.

  20. dewaratugedeanom says:

    Bugiman said

    Step three, I still say Indonesia should be marketed as the Spice Islands, because it would be easier to market Iraq, than Indonesia at the moment.

    Yes, and I suggest to ask if the Spice Girls are available to join the promotion team. Covered with jilbab of course.

  21. Raden says:

    Okay visit Indonesia 2008, how ? if we will ban all EU airlines going to Indonesia for holiday coming soon ?

  22. Raden says:

    Indonesia has ranked 78th while Thailand 105th, India 109th.

    That’s because in the survey they think Bali = Indonesia, so we got a good rank result. But Bali is just one of the 33,000 islands, how about visiting Aceh year 2008? Anybody want to be the promotors / sponsor? I will guarantee even the Arab sheiks, Middle East wealthy man will NOT choose Aceh, ups sorry guys! Your Syairah Law is unable to attract international tourist yet even it does not appealing to those sheiks in Saudi Arabia, hua ha ha ha.

  23. Raden says:

    … one thing, the Arab sheiks will prefer to chose Las Vegas, Hollywood & CA as their holiday destination where they can shop beautiful blonde ladies there !

  24. Tomaculum says:

    Hi Raden, but in Indonesia nowadays you can find many blond ladies too. 🙂
    (Is it an invasion from USA/Europe/Australia or just a lack of identity?)

  25. Raden says:

    Ha ha, Toma, I agree with u, in Jkt there are many blond local ladies, so the Sheiks will visit there instead of Aceh.

  26. Toar says:

    improvements will be made to basic infrastructure

    Yeh I have heard that one before.
    Last year I went to Surabaya and the plasa was just around the block from my hotel, so I thought I walk to the plasa, what a night mare, there were so many holes on the footpath it is just like walking through a mine field.
    Infrastructure my food, the Indo gov can’t even take care or maintain their food path let alone maintain Garuda.
    What the Indo gov can maintain is their own purse or wallet.

  27. Raden says:

    Yes, agree, we should ask DPR to list down all ‘pejabat’ names who incharge of all the losing money BUMN companies. These are the source of Indonesia Financial crises plus off-course the Indonesia conglomerates who never pay their debt to IBRA. But we do not have the real statistic data, which one have made this country sinking into the global world to the bottom of the sea like the Titanic ?

    Either the conglomerate’s debt because of 1997 financial crises or Corruption which have been happening since Suharto in BUMN companies ? Which one have the bigger sins to harm Indonesia ?

  28. Arjan says:

    Ain’t nothing wrong with it in it’s essence. But like Dimp says: don’t copy Malaysia. Their “succes” is no garantee for Indonesian succes. In fact I dare to tell this economic project will not bring the results they hope for … Because of a lack of creativity, vision and long term tourist industry strategy. Indonesia is not ready yet. For instance, last week a big hit in the face, all Indonesian air-carriers lost their international status, including Garuda… good start huh !! Nobody in Europe dares to step in a local plane anymore, ok exept me. An other one: Bali, Sulawesi, a traintrip through Java and some diving in Manado is not enough.

    Safety is indeed not the problem, I mostly enjoy the hospitality of Indonesian people. One of the problems though is the PRECEIVED safety by potential tourists. Media in Europe for instance seems to have fun in de-promoting this remarkable beatifull country. Now people in Europe just seem to avoid Moslim counties.

    And tourist ain’t stupid and are not waiting for some new roadpavements on some tourists hot spots.

    If Indonesia is not creative in their vision and strategy (it’s not a matter of big investments) tourist industry will never work like in Thailand. They have to use the ever prominent issues like durable environment, religious freedom, the laid back live style .. far away from Jakarta, etc.
    Step over and forget the economic drive. It’s time for nature live and Indonesia got it all. Don’t f*ck up your country. love it.

  29. Parvita says:

    Are we really ready for having more tourist in Indonesia? Are the people trained to accommodate tourists? I guess not! Most people outside of Indonesia only know Bali and Malaysia is more aggressive (people know Malaysia better than Indonesia). Yet we have more things and culture to promote but not well managed. Even a touristy place is not ready with accommodation and service, although the place has been visited by foreigners.

    I just came back from Sabang and here is what I experienced: just as an example of how a beautiful place is poorly managed.

  30. Raden says:

    Sorry my last topic was diluting the real visit Indonesia topic.

    I visited Malaysia recently, believe it or not, Hilton & LeMeridian KLCentral are fully booked, Hotel Istana, Shangrila, Westin, J.W Marriott & Regent in Bt Bintang also full, Renaissance in Jl. S Ismail also full, then … I can only stay in 4 star hotel in Bt Bintang.
    In KL, I saw all Arab people staying in 5 star hotel, typically a man with many young women full in black head to toe (maybe more than 1 legal wives). I spoke with hotel, taxi drivers, they were so happy, everyone get the money from Arab visitors. Yes, the Arab have 3 months schools holiday, now the temperature there is 50 degre C, so they feel KL is very cool to them. They said the kerajaan in Arab give extra bonus to their citizen, similar to Sgp system.
    Who said that Muslim country are always bad ? huh, the reality that the Indonesian system is bad doesn’t means all Muslim countries are similar to Indonesian.
    The point here, those Arab highly respect Malaysia Visit 2007, but we will see whether our gov’t can make the same impact next year to draw our Muslim brothers from Arab or not ?

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