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Cement demand and investment.

The growth in demand for cement of late (8.1% to May 2007, or 12.83 million tons sold) is driven by the increased purchasing power of people living off-Java and will contribute to a shortfall in cement production by 2011.

The rise in commodity prices, like for agricultural produce, had increased the buying power of those living outside of Java, to the point where they were more willing and able to build or repair homes and other facilities, thus pushing up demand for cement, said Agus Tjahajana from the Industry Department on 13th June to an international cement industry conference in Jakarta. In Kalimantan and Sumatra cement demand had risen by 12%, he said.

Agus predicted that in both 2007 as a whole, and through to 2008, cement demand would grow by at least 8% a year. antara

While currently 30% of Indonesian cement production is exported Agus predicted that if demand continued to grow by 2011 production would not be sufficient to meet domestic demand.

To meet the shortfall in supply by 2011 Agus says further investment of $250-300 million is required, however if Chinese technology is employed the needed sum could fall to $100-150 million. He said: tempo

The government is offering tax breaks for cement industry investors.

Muhammad Nuh, the Communications and Information minister, said Indonesia offered a big market for potential investors, and was stable and democratic. antara

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  1. Sputjam says:

    Tsunami levelled one cement plant in aceh owned by Lafarge. They have written it down.
    Maybe good time for aceh people to look into reviving such plants, if there is ample raw materials available, instead of wasting their time on issues such as syariah law, and employing spies to nab sinners.

  2. Dr. Leopold E. Tamba says:

    There is major need of cement in my country. I am representing businessmen from Central Africa. We would like to purchase cement. What is your procedure?
    We need it now and ready to do business as soon as I receive more info.
    Yours truly,

    Dr. Leopold E. Tamba
    Practice Group LTD
    1678 852 5448

  3. Carl Fortuin says:

    I would like to buy Cement your Indonesia , as I have cement buyers that are looking for it ASAP.

  4. Navarro says:

    We have a price closed by 3 or 5 years.

    Order minimum a year 1.000.000. TM x 3 years = 3.000.000 TM.

    All standards cement.

    All shipping CIF.

    Only shipping bag 50Kg and big bag 1.500 Tm, non bulk

    Our price is 58 USD CIF


  5. Vadim says:

    Hello Navarro,

    Your target price is non-realistic. If someone agrees to supply you cement at this price, it’s obvious they are just playing around and losing your time. If you are really serious about buying cement from real supplier, then you need to review your target price.

    If interested we can supply you with the type and quantity of cement you need, but prior to sending you our best quote, we need the following additional information:

    – Product name, Grade and Standard
    – Total contracted quantity and delivery schedule
    – Target price
    – Packaging
    – CIF to which port and country
    – SGS certificate, will this be on our cost or buyer will handle it separately

    For your reference, please be advised that our company exists since year 2006 and we operate in 4 different activities namely i)Telecommunications services, ii) Int Marketing Service iii) Security services & iv) Trading House for various commodities one of which is Cement. Please rest assured that we are the direct seller and we supply cement from Ukraine, Russia & India origin while our main plant being in Ukraine. Cement from our India plant is only supplied when customers require the BIS certification.

    You may contact me directly by email at vadimthodda@hotmail.com

  6. Mohammed Al-Khateeb says:

    I want a price closed by 1 years.

    Order minimum a month 12.500 TM x 12 = 150.000 TM.

    All standards cement.

    All shipping CIF.

    Only shipping bag 50Kg , non bulk.

    Our price is 58 USD CIF.


  7. Vadim says:

    Dear Mohammed,

    At this price, it is obvious that you will only find fake sellers since your price is unrealistic.

    We are real seller and can supply you with the cement you need, but definetely not at the price you mentioned.

    For you reference, we can supply the following types of cement:

    1) Ordinary Portland Cement P.O 32.5(R)(GB175-1999)
    2) Ordinary Portland Cement P.O 42.5(R)(GB175-1999)
    3) Ordinary Portland Cement P.O 52.5(R)(GB175-1999)
    4) Ordinary Portland Cement P.I 52.5(R)(GB175-1999)
    5) Ordinary Portland Cement P.II 42.5R (GB175-1999)
    6) OPC ASTM C150-97 TYPE I
    7) Ordinary Portland Cement P.I 42.5R (equivalent to according to BS-12:1996)

    If you have any interest, contact us at vadimthodda@hotmail.com and we’ll send you our offer for the type and quantity of cement you need (once we receive your email, we’ll send you our corporate email address).

    Thank you.


  8. I. Abdirahman says:

    Hi there,
    Guys I would like to one how much one packet of cement is in Indonesia??? Any idea???
    Looking forward for your answer.


  9. Justina Chen says:

    We work extensively in Africa — Inquiry: #425 Portland Cement in 50 KG bags, 12,500 MT per shipment, every 3-4 months, please quote CIF-Tema, Ghana. SGS inspection before shipment. Payment by at sight, irrevocable, transferable & confirmed L/C.

  10. Vadim says:


    Kindly send us your contact details at vadimthodda@hotmail.com

    Thank you.

  11. Arnim Barclay says:

    Dear Mandates, End Buyer and Brokers, feel free to contact me for all your Cement Purchases. We are a mandated group located in the USA for an end Supplier Located in the USA.

    Best Regards

  12. Said Said says:


    We are from the company named Agrotex Limited incorporated in zanzibar, Tanzania.

    We would like to import about 15,000 tonnes of cement from your company.

    Can you please give me a CIF quote for the same to Zanzibar Port.

    My email is smsaid@live.co.uk or you can get me through said.said@barclays.com

    I am waiting to hear from you.



  13. Satyanarayana says:

    Dear Sir,
    I wish to purchase Portland cement from Indonesia at Padang. Grade 53.
    Can any one give the price quotation at Ex.Factory in Padang.

  14. Christine says:

    Dear Sir,

    I wish export to Myanmar 12,500MT * 12 MTH ,to Libya and Cameroon each require 25,000MT*12 MTH, could you please provide CIF quote to me ASAP.thanks

  15. vadim Thodda says:

    Dear Christine,

    Please provide me with your contact details or if you prefer email it to me on vadimthodda@hotmail.com


  16. Satyanarayana says:

    Dear Vadim,
    Will you please let me know the price of cement CIF at Chennai Port.
    Specifications is OPC PII (53 Grade Cement).
    I am having a buyer who can purchase about 1000 tonnes a month.

  17. vadim Thodda says:

    Dear Satyanarayana,

    Please send me your contact details on vadimthodda@hotmail.com

    Thx u.

  18. sirina AFOH says:


    There is major need of cement in my country. I from west Africa. We would like to purchase cement. What is your procedure?
    We need it now and ready to do business as soon as I receive more info.
    Yours truly,

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