Bekasi Churches

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Illegal churches in Bekasi are urged to get their paperwork in order.

As per a 2006 mayoral ruling and the national law on houses of worship the Forum Kerukunan Umat Beragama (FKUB) of Bekasi has urged all religious congregations that currently operate out of shops (ruko) or in housing estates to apply for formal permission to exist.

Once the application is made the currently illegal congregations, most likely primarily Christian ones, will be granted a two-year temporary permit. After the two year period they must seek an alternative, permanent venue.

We’ve received a lot of reports from people about illegal houses of worship using shops and houses. In order to prevent sectarian conflict religious leaders must follow the rules.

Badruzzaman Busyairi of the FKUB said just recently two illegal churches – one in Bojong Menteng and one in an Indonesian Navy housing estate, Jati Bening Indah, – were reported to the FKUB by local residents. mediaindo

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  1. Tomaculum says:

    And I’m sure all of the mosques in Bekasi (and the rest of Indonesia) are legally built.
    Sigh ………………….

  2. Bas says:

    In order to prevent sectarian conflict religious leaders must follow the rules.

    That resume the new Indonesia!

  3. Arema says:

    I just can’t comprehend these people. My uneducated dogs at home are leaps and bounds smarter than them.

    They asked Christians to get proper permit, but on the other hand the government officials (maybe also part of them..?) always make it very difficult to get a permit. My church last time prayed for 2 long years before we finally get a permit to open a branch.

    They should focus more on forcing government officials to follow rules, scrutinizing their budget, etc, and not circling over a trivial matter like this! And it’s CHURCHES, for God’s sake! Churches! Oh my God! They treat churches worse than tempat pelacuran!

    God, please forgive them, because they don’t know what they’re doing… Teach us to forgive them as well, and give us strength to endure this trial.

  4. Tomaculum says:

    Guys, that is democracy. And democracy is the lordship of the majority (and of those who can yell loudest).
    This is Indonesia.

  5. Abul says:

    Arema, I can relate to what you’re saying. My church is the one at Jl. Slamet Riyadi, Jakarta Timur. If you folks still remember it, this was one of the church which was bombed in 2000(?). Sent a shockwave thru-out our community as bombings were unheard of back then.
    Now, during the first sermon delivered by the pastor a week after the event.. he’s trying to joke a bit over things that occured: “well folks, at least we now have the permit necessary to renovate our church a little bit, it’s been years since we renovated our church, the permit was really nightmare. Just think of this as blessing in disguise.”
    Funny like hell. F*ck all those retarded motherf*ckers. They’ll pay when the time comes.

  6. Arema says:

    “well folks, at least we now have the permit necessary to renovate our church a little bit, it’s been years since we renovated our church, the permit was really nightmare. just think of this as blessing in disguise.”

    Maybe your pastor is right. The way God works is truly wonderful. He can overturn what should be a disaster into a blessing, if you know how to see the positive side of an event. For example, if you got 40 out of 100 for your math test, it’s a disaster. But if you consider it as an early warning for the upcoming semester test, prepare hard for it, and score, it become a blessing. I got rejected on a lot of job interviews last time. The jobs I applied was good, but not as good as the one I’m doing now. God was trying to tell me to wait patiently, because He has an even more wonderful plan for me that I couldn’t yet comprehend at that time. Put your trust in Him. Like a very good song said, “So when you don’t understand, when you don’t see His plan, when you can’t trace His hand, trust His heart!”

    F*ck all those retarded motherf*ckers. They’ll pay when the time comes.

    Let God do the justice, it’s not our right. We have to forgive them and do as our Lord Jesus’ example: Love your enemies. Tough one, I know.

  7. Raden says:

    Arema, I told you, you & other Christian fellows will never win the vote, it is correct to say Indonesia democracy means the voice of majority.
    It’s time for you & family to reconsider either stay in country or get out from Indonesia. And for you to think of setting up another Christian party, better forget it as you were outnumbered by them. I say this not blaming on you but to put you aware of the real situation, it is not you who changed but Indonesia is changing fast unlike during ORBA, our republic is moving toward the model of Afganistan fundamentalist !

  8. Arema says:

    @Raden: If you’re talking about my first post, I may sound desperate and frustrated, but I’m not. Things are still under control, more or less, for now, and we can still live with that. It’s an ordeal that God allowed us to take, to make us stronger.

    I’ll not set-up a Christian party. Never. If I don’t win the vote, so be it. It just means God has better plans for Indonesia than what I’ve planned. And it looks like He does have a better plan!

    My family is too attached to Indonesia and too big to move, and they won’t really enjoy living overseas. I’m fully aware of the situations, it’s really bad and going down the drain right now, but it’s not hopeless. Indonesia still have hope. I just hope I’ll see it during my lifetime.

  9. Manuel says:

    YES, they must follow regulation ( Said .. Group Anti Murtadisasi ), and off course they will never get the approvall. If they build without papers we’ll destroy them, if they asking for papers will make sure no papers could be issued.

    Hmmm, what else can we do, if all the churces already legally obtain papers….

    hey , lets work on cafe, they are selling alkohols……

    Man, live is really good, we’ll have fun, beating up people, demolish house and churc with no worries of going to jail and still we’ll go to heaven…….

  10. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    Hate to stir things up, but I was talking to a Catholic friend about this who was tut-tutting about what he called ”aggressive” proselytizing by the Churches in West Java.

    But I take the point about Churches being treated worse than tempat pelacuran or any number of bad things that happen. How about illegal businesses including narcotics, people trafficking and drugs, backed up by the police?

    But plaudits to Patung for running the headline adding some balance to the media coverage which hasn’t really tried to present the way the Islamo-morons see it. Always important to see the way the other side thinks. Except for Oigal. He’s too drunk at Blok M to think.

  11. Teta says:

    Indonesia is fast becoming Afghanistan? News to me.

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