Cirebon Mosque Bomb

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The bomb went off at Al-Dzikr mosque inside the Cirebon police complex, injuring the police chief AKBP Herukoco and a number of other policemen.

The bomber was killed, making it a suicide attack, as he had the bomb strapped to his waist. He is believed to have sat behind the police chief during Friday prayers.

The bomb appears to have been of the nail-filled variety.

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  1. ET says:

    Breaking News: Bomb Explodes in West Java Mosque

    A taste of their own medicine.

    Timdog, I know I shouldn’t have said this but I couldn’t resist.

  2. Lairedion says:

    Indonesia finally has joined the ranks of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq.

    I still doubt this will be a wake-up call for the so-called majority of moderate Muslims who in general has shown nothing but indifference and silence towards Islamic extremism, intolerance and terrorism.

  3. diego says:

    Jews conspiracy with chinese and balinese, backed by christians (western) to smear the teaching of Islam.

  4. Lairedion says:

    A couple of more reasons:

    – Lia Eden’s release today.
    – Ahmadis refusing to follow mainstream Islam.
    – Britpu Norman Kamaru with his infamous Bollywood lip synch performance.

    A sinister cooperation to tarnish the good name and reputation of both islam and the National Police….

  5. diego says:

    Freemason hands at work, putting a bad name on islam, as a prelude to the coming of Dajjal, using kafirs as their pawns.

  6. Oigal says:

    It will be very telling to see who this lunatic is linked to…

  7. Odinius says:

    I don’t think this is very difficult to understand. The police have been extremely active in disrupting terrorist networks and arresting terrorist suspects. This is the one area of security in which Indonesia has committed resources, and made progress. If you compare the situation today to 2004, you can see that. Massive progress has been made in the fight against anti-state, anti-Western terrorists like Jemaah Islamiyah.

    This clearly upsets that small number of very committed people who would like to overthrow the Indonesian state. It’s been known for a while now that they’d changed their strategy to targeting the police and security forces, a la Southern Thailand. The problem is, they can’t get to Densus. So what to do? Apparently, it’s to remove one of the last remaining taboos for these depraved zealots–to consider a mosque that “shelters hypocrites” as a legitimate target.

    Even better if the media goes, interviews ABB and others like him and fuels conspiracy theories.

  8. ahmad says:

    we better do something before bad things happen.. kill the bombers.. But where should it be started first and how we could identify those who have bad ideas of destroying Indonesia.

  9. Oigal says:

    Well for a start round up all of those who traveled to Afghanistan around late 90s.
    Hold a FPI rally and lock up whoever turns up and start laughing at the PKS every time they say something.
    Still have time, round up those who have abandoned their own culture and prefer to dress like cheap arab imports.

  10. ET says:

    we better do something before bad things happen.. kill the bombers.. But where should it be started first and how we could identify those who have bad ideas of destroying Indonesia.

    No need to kill the bombers. They usually take care of it themselves.
    Better to monitor the pesantren closely and shut them down if they teach salafist doctrine – which by the way is contrary to Pancasila – starting with the Al-Mukmin Ngruki pesantren in Solo. At all odds the Cirebon bomber was one of their products.
    Of course measures like these need leaders with balls.

  11. JakartaJaap says:

    I recognise the usual suspects mentioned in this thread as the dalangs, but why are my people always excluded – the Hugenots? Equal blame for Hugenots, I say.

  12. rustyprince says:

    I never heard any follow-up to the Tempo article linking senior cops to bank deposits of banyak milliar2. Any possibility of a connection here?

  13. Odinius says:

    Almost certainly not.

  14. rustyprince says:

    So we have the police permitting the FPI and similiar cohorts to run amok targeting places of entertainment and latterly decadent malls. And Saudi benefactors with billions of quisence loot, supplied by the House of Saud, free to indoctrinate Salafist-ism ‘no fun till heaven’ creed, misery here regardless of any consequences for enhanced harmony.. So why now target the cops, who d’before heve shown little inclination to protect Pancasila? Maybe they’ve begun to renege on the pact they’ve made with the desert killjoys.

  15. Odinius says:

    Have you been following the activities of Densus 88? Might want to take a look at what they’ve been doing, and how they’ve been doing it.

    Think you’ll understand why extremists don’t like it.

    Oh, and don’t forget that Indonesia’s ABB-oriented fringe doesn’t recognize the sovereignty of the Indonesian state.

  16. syonan says:

    Islam is not the issue here but what is in the mind of those who commits such acts as bombing as to what purpose does it serve to commit such acts. From my point of view that this is more of a political issue rather than a religious issue. These people are out to make a name for themselves but ending up hurting their families, the religion of Islam and the image of the country. Indonesia must remain a secular state and not an Islamic state as there are others who practice Christianity., etc. As a Muslim myself, I don’t approve bombings committed by Muslims as this is not the way of Allah swt! Every Indonesian must accept reality that there are Indonesians who practice other religions besides Islam. If there are Indonesians who feels that the republic should be an Islamic state then we can see the break-up of the Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia. Do we as Indonesians really want this to happen?

  17. blindfool says:

    the bombing was only an explotion. poverty has become its detonator. It kills your conscience and your body, mine, or anybody else eventually. corruption is the real matter here. being at the top chart of indonesian corruption watch’s list, who’s that gonna be? speak of the devil!

  18. bali_resident says:

    What are you saying Diego? That is the most ridiculous explanation I have ever heard. Why is it too difficult to accept that this is the work of fundamentalist Islam? I do have many moslem friends and I appreciate them. I tend to make friends with the moderate ones.

    If Islam can weed out these fundamentalists I believe people will respect their teaching more. I do support the Liberal Islam Network. Although they have been getting several threats recently.

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