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Dress rules for the overweight students of Tangerang.

The government of Tangerang in West Java, a satelite city of Jakarta, intends to require female junior high school students to wear long, probably ankle length, skirts while their male counterparts must wear long trousers.

Tangerang government spokesman Saiful Rohman said the rule was not set down in a local law but would come in the form of an edict from the city’s education department, which the mayor of the town had already agreed to.

Saiful said the reason was that students these days were too fat and slovenly and so they looked bad in short skirts, or shorts, and the new rule would see them looking their best: tempo

The government hopes that junior high school students will dress more respectably.

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  1. Sylvester says:

    Why most people in Indo only focus on the outside, not the inside? This clearly shows the poor level of both brain and wisdom.

  2. Andrew says:

    Saiful said the reason was that students these days were too fat and slovenly and so they looked bad in short skirts, or shorts, and the new rule would see them looking their best

    What a baloney – since when does the government care about how people look?

  3. Agam says:

    Stupid policy base on ridiculous reason! Too fat and slovenly! hehehe. So is that mean that for those who slim and skinny will got exception?

    But if we look at the bright sight, this policy will be well supported by those who were on the textile industry, did anybody smells conspiracy?

  4. WP says:

    did anybody smells conspiracy?

    Not conspiracy; just a clever ecomonic device that some local government came up with: consumption if good for economy.

    Another great invention of Indonesia post-reformation. Sigh….

  5. Abul says:

    From the article:
    “…”Kami (pemerintah) berharap, para siswa dan siswi tingkat SMP dapat lebih sopan lagi dalam berbusana,” kata Saiful…”

    English translation for the english-speaking readers:
    “… We (The city government) hope that (now that the rule has been made public) the junior high school students can be more polite in the way they dresses…”

    I think this is yet another Islam-infused rule tried to be enacted in Indonesia. This is what you get when all the smart people choose non-governmental careers and the ones that left to fill governmental posts are of second-class quality who know how to bathe ‘perkutut’ more than to make official decision.

  6. Dimp says:

    I think we need to apply this to the rest of the Indonesian as well, we need to have “razia orang jelek” on the streets, everyone who is deemed “ugly” need to be issued with a mask or helmet.

  7. Greg says:

    Actually the line

    Dress rules for the overweight students of Tangerang.

    in the above article is misleading.

    The dress rules applies to all students, not just the overweight students.

    I don’t see how this dress rules is such an issue. Certainly the reason for the dress rules as stated by the spokesman is wrong, he is not a bright fellow. But I believe that is not the reason behind the rules.

    When I was at high school, we also had that rules. Off course there were some objection coming from a small number of female students. But most were happy about it. I don’t see this as an issue at all.

  8. Ihaknt says:

    Wow that’s an insult on fat people!!! I reckon it’s done so the Christians will have to wear it too. fatness doesnt discriminate does it?? Gees…I am speechless. But hey guys, on the plus side it means that those kids actually can eat and not hungry! I agree with Dimp, let’s have a petition to razia orang jelek but Dimp I would suggest brown paper bag. To those of you who are smart, go and set up your own long-skirt tailor, you’ll be making a lot of business.

  9. Dimp says:

    I am trying to obtain the ‘exclusive’ right to supply the Indonesian officials for the brown paper bags. Unfortunately most of the officials are too ugly to approve the ruling for the razia.

  10. Abdul Khalid al Jumhuri says:

    So long as the people in Tangerang continue show indifference toward it, morons like Saiful Rohman will continue to rule, get, paid, elected, and re-elected. People get the leaders they deserve. In the 60s my aunt got her dress cut by scissors in public by the morons (moral police) because she wore a dress which was about right at the ankle (then called “rok span“). Now my daughter (she is 14) wears jeans and t-shirt, and sometimes, a tank-top.

    Let the economic rule applies naturally. May be next year they will start to impose an edict that everybody shall wear “jubah,” “burqa”, and “kafiyeh.” Think about the business boom in textile, deodorant (if they care), detergent, and the much adored red kafiyeh like the one worn by Yasser Arafat!

    If this could happen fast enough smart people will leave Tangerang, and in the end it will be full of morons. Smart people will start business in the fancy dresses, and stay away from (or heaven forbid, paying taxes) for Tangerang.

    When that happen maaaaaaaay (loooong may) be the politicians there will realize it is not what others wear that should be regulated, it is the minds of those dirty-old-men that have to be disciplined (castration if necessary).

  11. Tomaculum says:

    If I have money, I would rather invest it in Vietnam than in Indonesia.
    Luckily I don’t have any. 🙂

    I agree with Dimp, let’s have a petition to razia orang jelek
    And razia orang goblok. 🙂 (Ooops then I can not visit Indonesia anymore!! 🙁 )

  12. Ihaknt says:

    Tom, if razia orang goblok was implemented then…no more Indonesia, we should start with the gov, shall we?

  13. Dinna says:

    Agreed with Greg. The dress rules applies to all students. I personally support that male students (junior high) should wear trouser. They look more handsome and neat. (Soalnya sudah banyak yg kakinya berbulu hi…hi…hi…).
    And the female should wear skirt about 4-5 cm below their knees. I often saw them wearing their skirt far too short so they (probably) look sexier. This is not about moslem or christion or other religion. It is just not appropriate when female student wearing their uniform as if they are going to the disco.
    Ankle length skirt??? Kenapa ga pake sarong aja skaliaaaan.

  14. Asun says:

    Looks like another attempt to legislate morality. However, I do agree with the point that only fat people are required, slim and sexy people can wear bikinis everywhere.. hoozah.. Just like Chris Rock said “It’s not wrong to be heavy, just don’t dress sexy”.

  15. Dimp says:


    I have discussed this matter (razia orang goblok and orang jelek) with the government officials, unfortunately to no avail. They are under the impression that if this razia is implemented then they will be the first to be targeted.

  16. Ihaknt says:

    Dimp et al, what about razia orang muna??

  17. Abul says:

    This is not about moslem or christion or other religion. It is just not appropriate when female student wearing their uniform as if they are going to the disco.

    Then let the school govern themselves regarding this matter, it’s just so pathetic that government officials are meddling in this insignificant things while they still have more important things to do, as if they’re doing a good job on whatever things they’re doing anyway.

    Let’s just let things to go naturally, why won’t we? I can picture ‘cool schools’ standing side by side with ‘strict schools’_the one that Dinna will find extremely in favor. 🙂 It’s good, let students (or parents) choose what kind of school they want, let the market decides.

  18. Denny Crane says:

    Why long skirt cannot be legally enforced?

    The students by nature are attached with public institutions by consent. If the students wish to use mini skirt after school and not during their obligated hours of study, then and it is only then that the Government has violated the very basic sphere of the student privacy.

    I would argue that being critical is a must but one needs to do it with good faith to make a proper assessment.

    Denny Crane

  19. Bas says:

    Our politician are used to play with sexy young slim girls, we must understand it’s not beArable and bad for their libido to see these fat legs and curves.

  20. Khusnul Khotimah says:

    We live in 20 century when I was in school most of my friends were skinny. And our skirt must just below the knee, I think that is good enough. I don’t think the situation are different now what you call the fat pupils other word well fed do they know most Indonesian poor? Is just an excuse to come up with. Talking about moral, is it the way they think by changing the way student dress it would change their moral? Why don’t they focus on education itself or how to help poor kids free to school? And that I call the Indonesian hero.

  21. Dragonwall says:

    Why long skirt cannot be legally enforced?

    Are you American? How is the dressing in the US?

    Do you know if American lawmakers were to put religious into politic then what will they look like? I would say there is no difference than those Indonesian monekys running around in kafiyeh, jubah, or burqa.

    Do you think those kids are not afraid that those f**k**g pricks will put their hand in their skirts. So what is the difference. Tell those guys out there, don’t be a f**k**g munafik.

    The Islam had all these fancy name to their dressings for one cause. To prevent people from seeing how old is their bride.

    I once, at the soekarno Hatta airport, saw a f**k**g DOM in his 50’s and a girl who was slim and slender. She had her face covered. And when she eats she lift her veil to feed. Then I saw this girl could probably be 14 or 15 years of age.

    Honestly speaking this is f**k**g absurd. Of course they want to have these implemented for a cause not because of the religion.

    The next thing all the nuns and bikku will be covered like mummies. As long as you take side with the islamic religion everything is ok. If not it is not ok.

  22. silvestre says:

    well put, Dragonwall! well put!

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