Terrrorist Kidnapping

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Kidnapping of terrorists.

Kholid Saifullah, the “Exclusive Director” of the Front Perlawanan Penculikan (FPP), Anti-Kidnapping Front, says the recent arrests of five men in Central Java who are believed to be part of Abu Dujana‘s Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist cell, were likely not carried out by Densus 88, the anti-terror police, but by armed civilian groups who kidnapped the men.

Wev’e already done an investigation, based on testimony by the families of the men as well as eye-witnesses the arrests were not done according to police procedure.

Police procedure, he said, was:

They should show an arrest warrant and do the arrest in a humane way.

He said he had already contacted the (regular) police and asked them whether it was true the men had been kidnapped but the police couldn’t give clear information. He was ready to help the police catch the kidnappers: republika

We and the victims’ families have already prepared further legal steps and wer’e ready if the police need help in catching those who carried out these “kidnappings”.

Meanwhile Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia (MMI) leader Fauzan Al-Anshori made similar comments about the arrests, particularly that of Yusron Ahmamud alias Mahfud in Banyumas, saying they were not done according to proper procedure. He said the arrests were carried out so the government could divert attention from the real problems of the country.

Further he also said he was unhappy that since the first Bali bombings five years ago over 500 men had been arrested on suspicion of links to Islamic militant groups. okezone

June 16th. Kholid Saifullah is likely to face prosecution over the above statements. l6

Kholid Saifullah
Kholid Saifullah.

8 Comments on “Terrrorist Kidnapping”

  1. Ihaknt says:

    How come it seems so easy to create some kind of a ‘front’…

  2. Abdul Khalid al Jumhuri says:

    Darn police pig never learn common courtesy! They should knock, bow, and invite. If the invitee refuses, they should honor their right as a free citizen. Who knows, may be they are wrong from the start right?

    Look at what happened in Libanon. Because they chased and tried to apprehend a suspect they ended up being shot at by the suspect bank burglars. The wrongly suspected person then got insulted and of course told his family and friends. This is family/ group/ clan/ ummat’s honor in jeopardy right? We all know the ensuing chain of events of the Libanon war on TV.

    The police should have greeted the suspect, bow, smile, and ask him to surrender (that is if the police is not wrong in the first place). But definitely not chasing them like a dog!

    Moral of the story:
    1. Police is always crap, criminals are always correct.
    2. If no 1 is wrong start making war, summons, threat or stab them from behind.
    3. If the war is lost it must be the work of Zionists and Kafirs. That is the truth no matter how facts may present themselves (it is known for ages that the Jews could twist facts). Repeat (3) 1000 times to instill it inside our brain.

    That is the essence of wahabbi’s teaching, not Islam. Beautiful and so enlightening!

  3. Dimp says:

    Hi ihaknt,

    How come it seems so easy to create some kind of a ‘front'”¦

    Because they were jobless, so the creation of “front” is needed to create more workplace for Indonesians.

  4. Tomaculum says:

    Or because you don’t need any brain cell to create such “front”s? Just need to yell and just need to have the right “mass” or “direction”? Hmmm ……

  5. Teta says:

    Just have enough money to feed the masses during demo and you have a front. Herd the going rate per head for a front is around Rp8,000 per day.

  6. Gurkha says:

    Terrorists do not have rights. The unfortunate people who are killed and maimed by the terrorists do have rights. Figure it out for yourself and dont let screwball Saudi nonsense influence you.

  7. Janma says:

    Quote: “He said the arrests were carried out so the government could divert attention from the real problems of the country.”

    And terroisim is not a real problem for this country? Puleeeze!
    The day I start listening to the news in Indonesia and thinking “oh yeah, that makes sense” is the day I need to leave, God help me!

    *who is pretty much over it all at this point*

  8. Dragonwall says:

    A new form of vigilante corp..Good Job. Should screwed up those guys before handing them over to the police or densus. Better still hipped them to Bali and walk them down the street in Denpasar (more crowded) where terror walks stone talks. Ini kan hukum masyarakat ala Indonesia.

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