Militant Islam

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Islamic preachers are increasingly teaching a hardline, militant Islam.

The head of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), Hasyim Muzadi, said in Indramayu, West Java, on 31st May that since the post Suharto “reformasi” era Islamic clerics in Indonesia were increasingly likely to preach a “hard” type of Islam that was influenced by the culture of violence overseas, like in the middle east. Such hardline teachings were not appropriate in Indonesia, he said. (see also Militants.)

Clerics should base their preaching on the experiences, lives, and socio-economic situation of the people, and what was relevant to the times, in order to bring them to a correct understanding of their religion.

Hasyim Muzadi
Hasyim Muzadi.

In the past, particularly when Islam first entered Indonesia, presumably, Islamic preachers were much more successful because they spoke directly to the needs of the people, before they started talking about the tenets of the faith or its theology.

Hasyim claimed that the preachers of other religions in Indonesia, like Christianity, were now doing this more successfully than Islam.

Above all he recommended that clerics and the NU focus on the problem of poverty first. suaramerdeka

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  1. Julita says:

    Hasyim claimed that the preachers of other religions in Indonesia, like Christianity, were now doing this more successfully than Islam.

    Thanks Mr. Hasym, we all should realize this, this situation is worldwide. Some Moslem countries are very, very rich, money pours out from the ground. I wonder, what do they do with it?

  2. Dimp says:

    There should be more Hasyim Muzadi in Indonesia, and more actions and less talkings as well.

  3. Sputjam says:

    Preachers should be abolish.
    For those who beleieve that Koran is the words of God, then the following applies :-

    9:34 O you who believe, many of the Priests and Monks consume people’s money in falsehood, and they turn away from the path of God. And those who hoard gold and silver, and do not spend it in the cause of God, give them news of a painful retribution.

    So never attend religious sermons by preachers. Militan preachers are turning people away from the path of God. If Muslim religionist don’t believe me, go back to basics and study the koran.

    You do not need a religion to beleieve in God.

  4. Odinius says:

    This is why NU is such an important organization for safeguarding the pluralist, tolerant basis of Indonesian society. Plain and simple.

  5. luphIndo says:

    I think they should also teach it in schools (in their “Agama Subject”) about how to avoid this “hardline teaching”, otherwise our young Muslims will be easily influenced by these preachers.

  6. Sputjam says:

    Muslims are not suppose to be influenced by anyone.
    Muslims are submitters, who surrenders themselves to God alone.
    And God has worned muslims concerning preachers in the koran, saying they will lead mankind astray, and consume wealth, i.e. have to pay for their upkeep. Moses, Jesus, Mohamed never did ask for any money from the masses. Nor do they claim to be a high priest.
    They were merely messengers, dispersing God’s messages to mankind. Only a few will understand.
    There is no need for religion if you have faith and trust in God.

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