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Another person in the Lia Eden cult has been charged with blasphemy, one Abdul Rahman.

Lia herself, the cult leader and archangel Gabriel impersonator, was arrested and charged in Jakarta last month and will soon go on trial for blasphemy which carries a maximum sentence of five years.

Abdul Rahman had been questioned previously. Now the police are saying that the man believes himself to be a reincarnation of “the prophet” Muhammad which is obviously their reason for charging him since the Jakarta police force know true religion from fake religion and are dedicated to the true kind’s upholding through means of the persecution of pathetic, harmless individuals such as Mr Rahman, – among thieves and murderers in stinking hell-holes called prisons is clearly where he belongs.

His lawyer, Saor Siagian from a group called the Religious Freedom Advocacy Team, protested his client’s arrest.

The police should have notified us before the arrest. We deplore this unprofessional action. We have been cooperative in their investigation.

November 11th 2007. The Supreme Court sentenced senior member of the Lia Eden sect Abdul Rachman to three years in prison for blasphemy. Previously, late in 2006, the Central Jakarta District Court had acquitted Abdul of all charges brought against him by the Jakarta Prosecutor’s Office, including charges of blasphemy and igniting public hostility, however the Prosecutor appealed.

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  1. Buddy says:

    I think Abdul Rahman is going mad, he’s got whispered from evil, an moslem evil, who undecover as good spirit. I suggest he kills himself

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