Japan Earthquake

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Some of the local reactions to the Japan earthquake and tsunami tragedy; worries about economic impact on Indonesia.

Obviously the following notes are trivial compared to the tragedy but on an Indonesia focused site….

Via JP

Indonesia’s exports and imports with Japan may be impeded by the recent massive earthquake and tsunami that resulted in damaged infrastructure in mainly coastal parts of the archipelago.

Japan is the country’s number one export destination for non-oil and gas products, accounting for nearly 13% of overall exports, or $16.5 billion in 2010.

In a similar vein, Edy Putra Irawady, deputy for industry and trade to the coordinating minister for economic affairs, said Indonesian companies should look elsewhere:

So exporters, importers and business world alike should be patient or switch to new markets other than Japan

He also worried that the massive Japanese investment in Indonesia would decline.

And the minister of Transmigration and Manpower worries that the disaster will limit work opportunities for Indonesian guest workers; there are currently 17,000 Indonesians there, many of them nurses, and Muhaimin Iskandar is fearful that the companies that employ them will go broke or have severe liquidity problems.

On a more positive note the Indonesian Red Cross/Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) is going to send 7 people to help.


151 Comments on “Japan Earthquake”

  1. molceonly says:

    hello guys, long time no transit here…

    so the topic today is Moslem helping japanese… can it be done?
    doesn’t it clearly sound in mid-east kaffir is a must kill??? why help? Japanese is a pig anyway.. right??? those who are not in the Allah’s way is faggot and pigs…

    so kill the japs…

    why would indonesian moslem would care about them? it’s really contradictive with yabba yabiddu clerics speach….

  2. Oigal says:

    That video means nothing. PKS already said that it is fake, what else do you want them to do? it is now your turn to proof that it is not fake. Other ways you might be liable for defamation/libel.

    Defamation/Libel..:-) Please do, bring it on!! It would be amusing to watch with the international attention that would bring and the resultant counter legal action. Another interesting aspect unlike Ariel, I would not be limited to legal action just in Indonesia and I could do with the extra money.

    Seriously though, As I made very clear in my blog and here, I don’t know nor do I care if it is him in the Video. Despite appearances, after looking at him in other pictures, I would have to say he is not what one would call a good catch for a bit of nooky on the side! That is not the point.

    You have to understand it is only the sexually insecure and emotionally immature that get their knickers in the twist about consenting adults having sex. The real issue is the blatant and repugnant different standards between this case and Ariel’s (and even your opinion, do I need to repost?). Where are shrill rantings of the PKS and their hangers on demanding Anis be detained until the police have following investigated the matter? Why is the proof of who is the video not being decided in the court room like it was it Ariel’s case? Where are the the shrills demanding the death sentence even before a verdict is reached. That is the issue that makes it all a sick Joke.

    Double standards anyone???? What about your own posts on the Ariel matter well before his case was decided (as silly as the case was)

    I grant you that it would be pretty silly that Anis would ask to be arrested but the silence and lack of action by other sections of the PKS exposes them for what they are.
    As for the police what do we need to say? Sadly most of us expected nothing different.

    Do you honestly not see the issue????

    Oh and as a matter of interest, besides Israel its the other Muslim nations (the other sect 🙂 ) who are most opposed to Iran going Nuclear. Most of the west, despite the posturing could not care less as it will just hasten the time when the worlds greatest trouble spot turns to glass.

    Building a safe nuclear powered electric plants is a right for every nation, including Indonesia.

    Safe being the operative word here, lets just review:

    Indonesia sits right on the “ring of fire” No one rational would ever accuse Indonesia of being too tangled up in building to any code be it buildings, toll roads, rail lines or infrastructure.

    Just for a bit confidence, when the government can demonstrate they can manage a ferry service, air service, toll road infrastructure then perhaps we should reconsider. In fact, let us know of any ministry that is not overrun with quality and service delivery issues and then….Private company??? Well the villages over Surabaya way have first hand experience on where people come in the safety and care calculations

    Lastly..WHY..Richest nation in SE Asia and you want to build a time bomb in your own backyard????

  3. Hans says:

    Dale G. Bridenbaugh

    For 35 years since stopped nuclear scientist Dale G. Bridenbaugh and two of his colleagues at General Electric company in protest. The reason was that he had allowed himself to be convinced that the reactor, which he and his colleagues worked on the development, known as the Mark 1, was too uncertain to be operational.

    According Bridenbaugh reactor type would not cope with strong pressure on one of the reactors lost its cooling capacity, for example, when a major blackout in the electricity network around the plant. In the worst case, heat generation result in a meltdown.

    Today the five of six reactors at the quake-hit Japanese nuclear plant Fukushima is Mark 1. If Dale G. Bridenbaugh be correct in his assessment of security therefore remains to be seen.

  4. molceonly says:

    nuke is not a time bomb if properly handle… as much as it looks like where you put a knife around your kids play ground.

    nuke mean seriuos business as your knife is…

    what happen in japan is something out of human expectations. it EQ if you don’t notice…

    left aside if there are political agendas, but the way i see it that nuke has help the country greatly.

  5. Oigal says:

    It would be a time bomb in Indonesia

  6. molceonly says:

    pretty much to say… not mentioning how much money you can steal from the project…

    indonesian not so clever with this shit, so we are pretty stupid to handle nuke. and yes, that could be a time bomb…

    a decades ago plutonium rod was missing from KS and no one ever report the thing to the surface… so i am expecting maybe some1 gonna try to steal the rod too if nuke power plant is strictly consider as alternative….

  7. Hans says:

    I’ve always been in favor of Nuclear Energy, easy, cheap, safe. I start now becoming more and more the reverse. it now looks as though that those who understand have left over for those who think they understand. return to this point if they, them the very young! why do stupid things repeated over and over again, why should it always be that these the very young is have so hard to listen to others. likely is it that way to them this very young do not think anyone else will ever be able to understand their assumptions. just as in the religions of the spaghetti monster.

    I heard that a neighbor said that the disaster is due to Allah with friends drove past in its new spaceship, Allah and his friends would test the new planetary destruction weapon. How lucky we had that it did not work 100%, someone said they saw two flashes, maybe it was the second flash when the great Spaghetti Monster disrupted the test firing from Allah.
    Spaghetti monster? seems to be a real mother’s dream, a homegrown guy. pray to it!

  8. Hans says:

    nuke is not a time bomb if properly handle
    we hire staff with less knowledge? mother dreams, or a homegrown guy, he did not protest, a politician’s relative. so that Indonesia would certainly do, or should we build the plant on this the new island to which we will move all Ahmadiyah people in Indonesia, keep in mind that then you get both security and employment for all Ahmadiyah.
    they may be able to hand-pumping refrigeration and cooking rice and noodles on the heated cooling water in a giant big kitchen, to all in Jakarta.

  9. molceonly says:

    are you smoking weed hans? your comment more likely a gibberish than a straight talk.

    what ahmaddiyah has to do with this issue? is your islam so self righteous so other human with different belief simply a pig and dog to you? your great prophet don’t like pig and dog, that’s his dillema, probably he had an alergy to it, but your comment makes his sickness became a self propaganda of what you believe is right.

    let’s pretend ahmadiyah is devil himself and worth to punish, but you and your great prophet just a speck beneath Allah’s dirty shoes… so you are not better than ahmaddiyah.

    why don’t you put your smart holy ass back to the japan issue.

  10. Hans says:

    Okay, I know, it’s about! hypocrites who can interpret a text in the most peculiar way, and if no one says who’s who then nobody knows who is talking to whom, that are moving away from differences between religion

  11. Lairedion says:

    Eerm, I also sometimes have difficulty understanding Hans’ comments but it’s a fun read.

    Swede, Swede!!!

    On topic, the next project is bringing electricity to those cooling systems to fire them up again.

  12. Lairedion says:

    Indeed diego but I thought Aussies in general also reacted pretty cool and dignified on the recent floods.

    In sharp contrast to Katrina when the Superdome toilets became spots where women of any age risked being raped by subhumans.

  13. Hans says:

    yes Lairedion, I also have problems with reading comprehension, not always easy to get the thinking of a text in to a foreign language. Language is not my thing, but the spaghetti monster is
    Japan: Saw now on TV to those who survived the earthquake and tsunami, now freezing and starving to death in the assembly centers.
    Swedish authorities have now sent the aircraft to the Japanese to evacuate our citizens.
    Terrible that the old and the child sits and freezes to death.

  14. Lairedion says:

    relax molceonly, read Hans’ comments again…. only nobody’s perfect…..

  15. rustyprince says:

    Hello Nobody,

    Care to tell us why you converted to Islam? you’re annonymous here so give us the pyshcological biography etc
    If you care not to answer that one can you give us your position on poligamy – spelling! – and how it can be conducive to a balanced society. Diego here echoes a view widely shared in the West in believing that Arab men are all closet homosexual because of all the repression and treatment of women, and it can’t help if all the young ones are with middle aged patriarchs. So should societies not evolve? with air-con,BMW’s and Malls where is the neccesssty for women to be covered from head to toe as protection from the blistering desert elements, which must be the original intention?

    And speaking of evolution Japan, I presume your aware that Japan was once the hidden Kingdom, cloistered from the outside world which it distrusted or maybe arrogantly dismissed as offering little of value to enhance their society. That isolation ended in thew early 1800s and but for the self-destructive bellicosity of the 1930s/40s Japan has more than shown that it can fuse a distinct potent identity and dominate the globe while at the same time laying the path for other Asian nations to follow. I hope Indonesia follows the Japanese and not the weak, cloistered Arabs who are still with the confidence deficit to takes their place within modernity.

    Wish the resourceful Japanese a rapid recovery

  16. Oigal says:

    Oh don’t shut-up Nobody!

    However of course people are going to think you are troll as when someone as obviously educated and articulate as yourself spears off into logic swamps as retractable seat belts and mandatory pollution controls on cars are a sinister plot by the evil west to oppress Indonesians…Or quoting FPI as proof Muslims are all one big happy family….seriously what would you expect?

    I have noticed whenever you are around, our old friend Assmad makes a token appearance as well…but that just be the weather, rain and humidity tends to bring out the best in fungi.

  17. ET says:


    However of course people are going to think you are troll as when someone as obviously educated and articulate as yourself spears off into logic swamps as retractable seat belts and mandatory pollution controls on cars are a sinister plot by the evil west to oppress Indonesians…

    I myself am no longer surprised about statements like these. Look at the comments made by some other educated Indonesian contributors or former contributors to this forum e.g. AAB, Cukurungan, even Purba Negoro, and you will find this main thread of hate, jealousy or at least suspicion in their relationship with accomplishments for which they cannot take credit themselves. It’s all the fault of those bloody bule’s and Chinese who only came and still come to Indonesia to steal and plunder its natural riches.

  18. nobody says:

    On poligamy:
    I see it as a right for both the male and the female. If 2 person, male and female, want to get married, as long as we have no good reason to block them, why not just let them? You allow men to have mistress in the west, after all. Islam is just making it more civilized with a legalized relationship, so that everyone involved know and guaranteed their right in it.

    If there are 2 males, one rich and successfull, the other one less so, I wouldn’t blame the women who chose to marry the rich one, regardless of age differences, and I think they and their family should have the right to make that choice.
    Your argument basically says that we must help less successfull males to find a wife by forcing women to marry them (by legally limiting the options of these women).
    Hence your poligamy prohibition is an oppression of female right for the benefit of males.

    On being closet homo:
    “Arab men are all closet homosexual because of all the repression and treatment of women, and it can’t help if all the young ones are with middle aged patriarchs. ”

    I’ve heard a lot of these, I think the reason people in the west have this false perception is because they see males in Islamic societies are more closely bonded together, even when they are not related by blood. Muslim men kiss, hugs, sleep in the same bed, and walk hand in hand together in the open, things which is no big deal in Muslim societies, but in the west will signify romantic/homosexual relationship. In reality this is just because muslim men are having more sense of brotherhood (due to the all muslims are brothers idea) and there is no “you must be a homo” stigma attached to those actions, because in Islamic world homosexual is not an accepted norm, is usually a crime, sometimes a capital offense.

    On female clothes:
    Your statement about female clothes are just another example of human trying to rationalize a religious instruction. We have a very limited understanding of this world, and our science is constantly evolving. Who knew in the 15th century that sunrays contain harmful ultraviolet ray which can cause cancer? But we do know it now, so we’ve found one reason why man/women must use clothes (as prescribed by Islam). Who knows what else we will find in the 30th century? You might find a (new) scientific reason for not eating pig then, but for now, as we obviously do not know any better than the creator of this universe, lets just follow the maker’s manual (Islamic religion).

    As an aside,
    Poligamy has been allowed for 14 centuries in the Islamic world, and I don’t remember there was any riot by males who couldn’t get a wife. So obviously what you are afraid of was/is not a problem. And that hypothesis is also a bit condescending toward women, implying them as basically materialistic individual who will always choose rich old men.

  19. nobody says:

    Remember, not marrying, or even marrying late, (for male and female) is frowned upon in Islamic societies, but for 14centuries there was no recorded social problem related to these. So obviously your theory did not apply.

  20. nobody says:

    That might be true, but the easier explanation might be just a lack of sense of humour, or perhaps having a different taste of that.

  21. Oigal says:

    On a positive note..another two senior PKS members (and I use the term members in it’s biological sense) have been nabbed with snouts in the trough.

    Haha.. So polygamy is to ensure women have a better selection of husbands and ensure their rights…silly me, I just thought it was filthy pervs.

    Assuming that’s true, theory collapses when you look at “that” video, surprising they can even reproduce based on equipment on display. Allah must be p*ssed at them. Certainly wife 2 and 3 have been conned.

    As the lady said to the flasher “Weee…just like a penis but smaller”

  22. ET says:


    as we obviously do not know any better than the creator of this universe, lets just follow the maker’s manual (Islamic religion).

    I hate to disappoint you but there is no creator. This isn’t even a purely atheist paradigm because also Hindus, Buddhists and Taoists reject the idea of a willful act of creation by some outlandish superbeing acting on his own behalf. They only go as far as to consider the intrinsic transformation between different states of being or manifestations of one and the same reality. Your view is only based on the words of some prophets with no other proof than their own charisma.
    Wake up, be honest and face the truth: we just don’t know (yet).

  23. Oigal says:

    Hi ET, I think he referring to the God of dark places. Once upon a time this God was used to explain all of the things humans could not understand aka gravity. Of course with very advance of science this creature of imagination and oppression is pushed further into the decreasing dark places of human knowledge. This of course forces those whose whole existence is proped up by their faith in this creature to lash out violently as that is all they have left. Witness the violence of the Christians previously and now …. It’s an understandable but ultimately futile reaction of those who are doomed in history same as the pagans or the Aztecs who’s gods fell to the advance of humankind.

  24. Hans says:

    but for 14centuries there was no recorded social problem related to these.

    Solid inbreeding within the Muslim culture over the past 1400 years may have contributed to the catastrophic damage in their gene pool. The consequences of intermarriage between cousins ??is often a serious impact on offspring intelligence, wisdom, health and on their surroundings. A rough estimate shows that nearly half of all Muslims in the world are inbred: In Pakistan, 70 percent of all marriages between cousins ??(so-called blood ties) and in Turkey is the number of between 25-30 percentage points, a large number of inbred Muslims are born to parents which itself is inbred – which increases the risk of huge negative psychological and physical consequences. This is probably not an Indonesian problems, Indonesia has not had the Arabic traditions for so long.

  25. Hans says:

    not much new about Japan, they now acknowledge that the radioactivity now is lethal in Fukushima,
    Views on Nuclear Power, we must unfortunately make use of nuclear power in a few hundred years. That although Indonesia has to have many nuclear power plants in the future,
    one can now say that what happened was good in Fukushima, now we know, Indonesia and nuclear power is a must, quality of life, a functioning infrastructure and factories, all need electricity. quality of life is very much an indoor environment, electric cars electric motorcycle for the outdoor environment where incredibly, Indonesia is the fourth worst environmental wronger in the world.
    Fukushima can now be of great help. engineering, and other technology, must be developed. and perhaps most importantly, do not use plants using best before date has expired. we must build a new house with new technology, do not prolong life artificially with a respirator.

  26. Hans says:

    Nuclear power plants in Indonesia, is a great thing, perhaps 50-100 of them, the question is not if but when we let them build. it does not help that Indonesia wants to build, they do not have the technology and experience to make it something of the electricity production. they needed so many other things, fuel rods, training 7 to 8 year for they who whill run the thing, terrorist training. without consent may Indonesian get nothing.

  27. Lairedion says:


    Look at the comments made by some other educated Indonesian contributors or former contributors to this forum e.g. AAB, Cukurungan, even Purba Negoro

    Two of those three are definitely bule (AAB and PN). AAB ran away after I questioned his true nationailty (why would he do that?) and PN has been exposed by David. My feeling is that these guys had their Javanese-Indonesian spouses construct all of their comments.

    But nobody could be an enhanced version of Cukurungan… 🙂

    What happened to that other educated Indonesian dewaratugedeanom? 😉

    Back to topic: power is about being restored at Fukushima but earthquakes continue to wreck Japan as another 6.1 20 km deep tremor hits Ibaraki-ken prefecture and buildings in Tokyo are shaking once again. No tsunami warning.

  28. ET says:


    Two of those three are definitely bule (AAB and PN).

    They will never forgive you an insult like this.

  29. realest says:

    Hans – The consequences of intermarriage between cousins ??is often a serious impact on offspring intelligence, wisdom, health and on their surroundings.

    I would argue on the intelligence(wisdowm) part. if i remember correctly, jews also has a history of cousin marriages notably the rothschild family during a certain period and none of them gained notoriety of being stupid.

    Lairedion – Two of those three are definitely bule (AAB and PN). AAB ran away after I questioned his true nationailty (why would he do that?) and PN has been exposed by David.

    I have doubts if Purba Negoro is actually a bule. His choice of words, something i could imagine my parents would use, sounds very indonesian to me.

  30. Lairedion says:

    ET, would be proud of that. Although I gotta say AAB had sometimes very funny posts.


    Read this thread:


    And his choice of words, like I said before, PN probably has a very nice Javanese woman constructing these posts for him. Doesn’t mean a word.

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