Bali Autonomy

May 30th, 2007, in News, by

Bali seeks special autonomous status.

A group of politicians from the Balinese parliament in Denpasar plan to submit a bill to the national parliament that would give Bali special autonomous status, similar to that which prevails in Aceh, Papua, and Yogyakarta. A meeting will be held at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), in Jakarta on 1st June at which the movement will formally begin campaigning.

Made Arimbawa from the Balinese parliament says:

This is to say to the national government that the Balinese people want fair treatment.

It is hoped that special autonomy will come into effect by 2008, provided the parliament in Jakarta passes the bill. tempo

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  1. Josef says:

    Selamat jalan Indonesia, one day at a time.

  2. Peter says:

    I wonder what the Balinese will do if they get autonomy. Probably they’ll take measures to facilitate more tourism to the island. I hope they get it and use it to help their economy, in any case.

  3. Bumikita says:

    Selamat jalan Indonesia, one day at a time.

    Or is it one island at the time? I’m surprised Bali’s push for autonomy did not come earlier. It’s a tricky one for Jakarta. How amazing it would be to have two autonomous regions of such different characteristics as Aceh and Bali under the same national flag!

  4. Raden says:

    I think Bali do not ask too much. If our Muslim majority brothers in Aceh had received the ‘priviledge’ for special autonomy plus their package of ‘syariah-law’ enforcement that are unique & will benefit to only Muslim in Aceh, what is stopping Balinese to demand the same ??

    I personally view if Balinese will receive the same autonomy then they will be more successful to self manage & get more share out of their domestic output. No one of us should stop them of enforcing their truly local tradition, this is good we must support them

  5. Raden says:

    One more to add, just 5 minutes ago I watched Discovery channel which preview BOM BALI video documentation. It shows interviews with the Australian victims & the families who lost their love ones. The short documentary did interview Imam Samudra who did not shows any remorseful/regretful acts but keep on saying ALLAHU AKBAR, Islam will win against you! WHAT THE F&CK IS THIS?
    From those bombers, it seems only Ali Gufron who showed his sorry & admitted wrong teaching. Amazing, sick & crazy to see this movie, they are not human being but evil, George Bush is correct.
    The solutions is easy, let Balinese set their Hindu Law likewise the Acehnese receive priviledge their Syariah Law, WHY NOT?

  6. dewaratugedeanom says:

    Very good thinking. Hukum dharma instead of hukum syariah.
    Goodbye RUU APP.

  7. Odinius says:

    Special autonomy for certain areas is a terrible precedent to set. It was all the rage in Yugoslavia in the 1970s. Look where that led!

  8. Raden says:

    Why are we affraid of spliting into pieces of smaller countries? If the current ‘democratic DPR & Cabinet’ are always taking side to certain group of religion and our Bhinneka Tunggal Ika value is consistently being compromised then so be it, it will be good for the minorities to chose where should they live in this big country. For sure I will NEVER think to live in ACEH, first it is dirty place with lousy infrastructure second Trengganu/Kuantan is a better Muslim syariah province for sure.

  9. Odinius says:

    My point is not that bali SHOULDN’T seek autonomy, it’s that it’s BAD for Indonesia to have a few places with special rules, why? Because, first of all everyone will want it, so maybe everyone should get it! If not, people in regions will get resentful, and this builds over time, when resentment builds, you get situations like the anti-chinese riots in 1998 or violence in maluku, not good.

    Second, we SHOULD be very afraid of Indonesia splitting into smaller countries, because it almost inevitably comes with massive violence, look at the soviet union (nagorno kArabach, chechnya, uzbek and tajik civil wars), yugoslavia (croatia, bosnia, kosovo), etc., as Indonesia has a recent history of communal violence, this would be likely as certain groups with lots of preman–not to mention the TNI–would be ready to throw down.

    My point is just that Indonesia should become a federation, and make some of the special autonomy laws apply everywhere, rather than cherry pick a few places and let everyone else grow resentful.

  10. Raden says:

    Yes Odi, I support you, the sooner the federation model is better. Then let us migrate to which ever island that is more tolerant to each of our believe & way of life. Otherwise cherry pick oh I meant special treatment to Muslim Aceh is not good, we better bomb & attack the rebellion in Aceh similar during Suharto era, pak Harto memang betul.

  11. It was just a matter of time before Bali wanted autonomy, always happens when one portion of the country is predominated by the minority community.
    Im surprised that this didnt happen earlier considering the fact that Bali is 90% Hindu whereas Indonesia is predominantly Muslim..

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