Yusril Ihza Mahendra

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Yusril Ihza Mahendra’s dismissal from the Cabinet, foreign interference, and presidential plans.

Yusril Ihza Mahendra was dismissed from his position as State Secretary in the cabinet of president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on 7th May due to, according to many, the likelihood that he is criminally connected with Tommy Suharto‘s stealing of state funds. asiasentinel

Yusril Ihza Mahendra
Yusril Ihza Mahendra.

However deputy chairman of Yusril Ihza Mahendra’s party, Partai Bintang Bulan (PBB), Crescent Star Party, Janzi Sofyan, believes that the real reason for Mahendra’s dismissal was the interference of businessmen backed by foreigners who fear the application of Islamic law in Indonesia. mediaindo

As State Secretary, Janzi says, Yusril had a strategic position within the government, primarily in having the authority to pick and choose which law bills would come before the parliament for debate. Prior to the reshuffle which left Yusril jobless Janzi says his man had approved fifteen proposed laws based on Islamic law (including, for example, a bill that would subject non-Muslims to Islamic law in Aceh).

The foreigners and their Indonesian business associates who had the “grand design” to develop and grow their capital and holdings in Indonesia were so disturbed by Yusril’s success at prioritising Islamically based bills for debate that they decided to get rid of him:

Yusril upheld the Islamic mission and people who didn’t want that brought him down. A lot of business interests were at play in his downfall, just count how many politicians are businessmen, it’s certain they weren’t happy with Yusril being there.

With Yusril gone the capitalists had a freer hand to impose their will on the country, he went on. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was not to blame however, SBY was simply unaware of the powerful forces at work:

It’s obvious that foreigners were involved.

It is not certain what Yusril Ihza Mahendra himself thinks about these allegations as he is busily preparing for a run at the presidency in 2009.

Yusril and Rika
Young love.

Speaking in Jakarta on the 11th Yusril, who is married to the lovely Rika Tolentino Kato, said the PBB’s firm support gave him confidence to try for the presidency. However the final decision as to whether to run or not was up to the will of God, he said. mediaindo

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  1. WP says:

    Good ridence!!

  2. El Gran Combo Puertorico says:

    However the final decision as to whether to run or not was up to the will of God, he said.

    Which god?

  3. Andrew says:

    Yusril for president? Haven’t we had enough idiots already?

  4. Arema says:

    Three cheers for SBY !

    Good riddance! He’s lucky to “only” get dismissed and not put into trial.

    Speaking in Jakarta on the 11th Yusril, who is married to the lovely Rika Tolentino Kato, said the PBB’s firm support gave him confidence to try for the presidency. However the final decision as to whether to run or not was up to the will of God, he said.

    This dismissal IS the will of God. And Yusril running for presidency is the exact opposite.

  5. Jhohanies says:

    Janzi Sofyan should be made minister for excuses. What a load of bullsh*t. Yusril has simply been caught out doing what has come naturally to him for years. He is a man with fly paper hands, money sticks to them.

  6. Yeah, good for SBY. Get rid of people like him. I support this one. Yusril is not the kind of guy the president wants in his cabinet. Yusril is an arrogant guy who thinks he could do better.

  7. Colson says:

    Whether or not the allegations are true, is beyond my knowledge. But two facts remain: mr Yusril badly needs better spin doctors (maybe some of the guys Tony Blair doesn’t need anymore are available) if he wants to run for president and Mr Yusril maybe a crook, but judging by the picture he won the jackpot by marrying such a beautiful woman.

  8. Bas says:

    I want to vomit only seeing his face.

  9. Ihaknt says:

    Colson, dont be so naive. She doesnt seem to care if he’s a crook. Money talks dude, her parents are probably happy too that their daughter has married well…naik gengsi.

  10. WP says:

    marrying such a beautiful woman

    Ya, poor lass. Yusril probably just wanted her as another trophy to show off.

  11. Colson says:

    @ihaknt: Well, not naive, just jealous.

  12. Raden says:

    Bravo to SBY! I don’t believe a Muslim militant like Yusril will run this lovely republic. Yusril is an acute padeophile, he likes ‘daun-muda’ from Vietnam (or Phillipines I am not sure), how can our to be republic’s first lady a kind of Rika Tolentino? Disguisting & distasteful.

  13. Teng says:

    The evil foreigners are behind it! Poor Yusril. 🙁

  14. Bas says:

    Remember Soekarno’s wives, he too loved daun muda.
    What was the name of his Japanese geisha who made a full book of her posing nude and now lives in Paris?

  15. Dimp says:

    Hi Bas,

    I think you are referring to Dewi Soekarno, she actually got her Japanese citizenship revoked because of that book.

  16. Tomaculum says:

    However deputy chairman of Yusril Ihza Mahendra’s party, Partai Bintang Bulan (PBB), Crescent Star Party, Janzi Sofyan, believes that the real reason for Mahendra’s dismissal was the interference of businessmen backed by foreigners who fear the application of Islamic law in Indonesia.


  17. Dimp says:


    Nope, just as always, try to blame others rather than looking at what is wrong with him/herself.

  18. Dragonwall says:

    What he did is to prevent those embassy from corruption because no one needs to go to the Indonesian Embassy to apply for visa.

    But he promoted the corruption at the Immigration so that every port of entry could get hold of those visa fees.

    How nice. From the left pocket to the right pocket. Like out of the frying pan and into the fire.

    He had promise to revamp the law but did nothing for the people. Some of the laws that were revised by the government to ‘hapus undang undang jaman belanda’ was in a mess.

    The revision had caused the Indonesian to unknowingly face a new form of discrimination. This was publish in the May edition of Media Indonesia.

    I think this MF was f88k by the morons of Moros while in the Philippines.

    He is going to be a film star. I think he will be starring in the film call YM & his new found nudies.

    If the ICW were to make some investigation on his assets and see if the Indonesian government will take any action against him.

    Like Aburizal Bakery who double or tripled his assets while in public office. Not forgetting the NUSA Bank and his Bakrie group went into insolvency. How come the Indonesian government did not take any action against AB. From the salary he received from government is not even enough to pay for his household expenses. Not forgetting that in any cabinet no ministers are allowed to be in business. But his involvements when he was in Kadin and the recent LB incident make him a center of attraction but no one has made any attempt to take action for corruption. Otherwise how could a minister double or triple his assets in such a short period of time. We are referring to tens of millions of USD. How he did that was Alibaba stuffs.

    He speak so highly of Islam being a Muslim, but he is a disgrace to the Muslim society. He is a corruptor. He is a failure. I wonder what kind of punishment will be meted out under the Sharia Law. Maybe cut both his hands for putting NUSA Bank into insolvency? By cutting both his legs for being a corruptor. Then put him in the X to be stone at and then send him to the gallow for disgracing the Indonesians.

    The next person should be JK.

  19. Yusril Ihza Mahendra says:

    Apa yang dikemukakan oleh Dragonwall sangat tendensius dan tidak didukung oleh fakta yang nyata. Keputusan untuk memberikan visa on arrival, bukannya dilakukan tanpa konsultasi dengan berbagai pihak. Tidak ada niat saya untuk memindahkan korupsi di kedutaan Indonesia di luar negeri, menjadi korupsi di dalam negeri. Seluruh pemasukan uang visa di luar negeri, sepenuhnya menjadi tanggungjawab Departemen Luar Negeri, bukan tanggungjawab Departemen Kehakiman dan HAM. Ketika sebagian diubah menjadi visa on arrival, pembayaran uang visa dilakukan langsung ke bank yang mempunyai kaunter di setiap tempat kedatangan, seperti lapangan terbang. Kalau di situ terjadi korupsi, silahkan ditindak. Kalau Anda mengetahui ada korupsi, silahkan anda laporkan. Jangan hanya berani menulis di internet, yang kemungkinan besar hanya menggunakan nama samaran belaka.

    Saya ingin mengajak anda untuk berdebat terbuka, kalau anda mengatakan bahwa perubahan undang-undang yang dilakukan di waktu menjadi Menteri Kehakiman, hanya menimbulkan diskriminasi. Statemen Anda tanpa didukung oleh fakta dan argumentasi. Statemen hampa seperti itu, tidak ada artinya.

    Anda juga menuduh saya koruptor dan gagal. Apa urusan saya dengan kepailitan Nusa Bank. Saya tidak ada urusannya dengan bank itu. Hukum Syari’ah mau diterapkan pada saya? Kedua tangan saya harus dipotong karena mempailitkan Nusa Bank, dan kaki saya harus dipotong karena saya koruptor?. Saya menyarankan agar anda memotong kemaluan anda sendiri, karena hanya berani bicara dengan nama samaran “Dragonwall”. Lebih baik anda tampil secara jantan. Anda juga harus memotong leher anda sendiri, karena percuma punya kepala tetapi tidak punya otak.

    Anda begitu sinis dan menggunakan kata-kata yang diluar batas kesopanan tentang isteri saya. Begitu pula tentang kegiatan saya main di film. Sinisme berlebihan seperti ini, tidak sepantasnya anda kemukakan. Sikap anda membangun semangat kebencian dan permusuhan. Begitu pula, kutipan anda tentang tuduhan ICW. Saya tahu kegiatan mereka, yang lebih banyak mengumbar rumors daripada mengemukakan bukti. Saya pernah menantang Teten Masduki untuk debat terbuka mengenai hukum. Dia bilang hanya “menghabiskan umur” karena “debat kusir”. Kalau saya berdebar soal hukum dengan Teten, siapa yang jadi kusir?

    Saya Yusril Ihza Mahendra. Saya menggunakan nama saya sendiri dan keabsahan e-mail saya dapat diverifikasi. Saya juga meminta kepada Redaksi Indonesia Matter, agar tulisan ini jangan anda edit, apalagi sengaja anda hapus. Bagaimana mungkin anda membiarkan tulisan Dragonwall yang mengandung semangat kebencian dan permusuhan, sementara jawaban saya anda edit dan anda hapuskan. Kalau demikian, Indonesia Matter juga telah berpihak kepada seseorang, dan bersekongkol dengan Dragonwall untuk memejokkan saya.

  20. Dragonwall says:

    In bukan soal sinis atau dengan sengaja bersekongkol dengan seseorang atau siapa pun untuk memojok saudara Yusril dengan mempromosikan kebencian atau
    permusuhan. Ini masalah yang sangat memberatkan setiap Warga Negara Indonesia is seluruh pelosok Indonesia dari Sabang sampai Merauke.

    1. Persoalan keimigrasian di setiap negara itu semua itu adalah dibawah Kehakiman
    seperti di AS Immigration and Naturalization Service itu adalah dibawah Department
    of Homeland Security yang dibawah Department Of Justice.
    Soal visa yang diberi atau tidak itu diantara perjanjian antara negeri tetapi akhirnya
    akan jatuh ke keimigrasian dimana juga akan dibawah Departemen Kehakiman.
    Jadi apakah itu tidak ada hubungan?
    Sejujurnya kira2 dari saudara Yusril dalam pengadilan, kejaksaan, dan sebagai
    dalam bidang hukum dalam arti kata pembela atau penuntut, apakah pernah atau
    sering terjadi ada muncul unsur korupsi?

    2. Soal Abu Rizal Bakrie saya tidak bermaksud berkait dengan saudara tetapi sebagai
    contoh tindakkan korupsi dan memang tidak ada kaitan dengan saudara secara
    Menurut laporan dari media massa yang membawa berita bahwa dia telah berlipat
    gandakan asset pribadi dalam masa jabatan sebagai menteri. Apakah itu dapat
    terjadi karena sebagai menteri dia kan seharusnya melepaskan jabatan lain diluar
    pemerintahan dan apakah ada kemungkinan dapat berlipat gandakan asset segitu
    hebat? Ini sudah menjadi rahasia terbuka?
    Kalau itu adalah tindakkan korupsi mungkin seperti pinjaman dari Bank Nusa kepada
    proyek proyek Bakrie atau pinjaman kepada perusahaan crony sehingga terjadi
    jatuhnya bank itu, apakah itu bukan jatuh ke wilayah BI dan dilanjut ke Kehakiman?
    Selain beralasan,karena anggap, bahwa kenaikan nilai asset dia itu tergantung
    harga pasaran menjadi bohong belaka dan muncul ada unsur korupsi, entah dari
    mana, apakah itu bukan jatuh ketangan kepolisian dan kemudian ke Departemen

    3. Soal perubahan undang-undang yang dilakukan di waktu menjadi Menteri
    Kehakiman, hanya menimbulkan diskriminasi baru. Statemen Anda tanpa didukung
    oleh fakta dan argumentasi. Statemen hampa seperti itu, tidak ada artinya

    Apakah ini terjadi waktu masa jabatan saudara Yusril itu bukan masalah utama.
    Yang menjadi masalah adalah saudara Yusril sebagai menteri kehakiman dan
    HAM apakah itu bukan menjadi tanggung jawab saudara
    terhadap masyarakat bagian besar dimana ada hukum yang berlaku akan
    mengakibatkan diskriminasi dan mungkinan membuat kekacauan terhadap ekonomi
    Indonesia dan akhirnya bisa juga terjadi kerusuhan. Ini kita harus berdebat dengan
    arti kata seluas luasnya. Maksud saya setiap asal muasal masalah ada akarnya.
    “Di Jakarta Post pada tanggal April 9, 2007 membawa berita dalam bahasa inggris..”

    The problem is, however, that the 2006 law incorrectly revokes a regulation that actually should not have been scrapped. What was revoked by article 106 C was a regulation that brought into force several laws in business for the Chinese:
    The Civil Code, the trade law, the bankruptcy law, the civil litigation procedure law, the firm law and the adoption law. These regulations were well known as Staatsblad 1917- 129.2. Before 1917, these laws only applied to the Dutch and Europeans. However, after these laws were accidentally revoked, they were no longer effective for the Chinese. As the Chinese play a significant role in business, it will be a “business jam”. In short, it’s a catastrophe
    Please note that as the Staatsblad 1917-130 has not been revoked, it still is in full power to force the Chinese into a different registration scheme. And that is discrimination, at least segregation.
    should those who drafted the law on resident administration have intentionally formulated the law as it is now, then it is a disaster for our nation and character building. It is a reconnaissance of minority groups. The present careless regime theoretically has full power to continue discrimination

    Untuk mengakhiri ini,
    a. Seseorang koruptor pantas diseret kemeja hijau untuk diadili.
    b. Sebagai orang yang beragama Islam, dan banyak telah dituntut untuk melakukan hukum syaria, apakah dia tidak pantas mengadakan uang haram apalagi uang rakyat?

    Lain itu, yang telah dikemukakan terhadap saudara tentang pelanggaran pengweselan uang TS dll kami kira itu tidak tertutup ada kemungkinan juga ada banyak masyarakat Indonesia baik dalam negeri maupun luar yang sangat merasa prihatin terhadap negeri ini yang semua itu adalah perbuatan manusia yang berkuasa.

  21. Andrew says:

    People, I thought we’re supposed to use ENGLISH?

  22. Yusril Ihza Mahendra says:


    Coba Anda simak baik-baik statemen anda yang pertama: “what he did…”; “what he promoted the corrpution…”; “I think this MF (Mother F*ck?) was f88k (f*ck?) by the morons…; “He is going to be a film star. I think he will be starring in the film call YM (Yusril Mahendra?) & his news found nudies”. Dapatkah anda mengemukakan dalih dan argumentasi untuk membantah bahwa kalimat-kalimat ini bukan merupakan serangan terhadap pribadi seseorang. Nanti, saya akan menunjukkan pasal-pasal KUHP peninggalan Belanda —yang menurut Anda tidak diskriminatif itu— bahwa apa yang anda katakan adalah suatu tindak pidana. Perbuatan anda itu dapat saya angap sebagai penghinaan atau penistaan. Paling tidak merupakan perbuatan yang tidak menyenangkan. Saya telah menggunakan nama asli saya dan mengajak anda untuk keluar dari persembunyian anda. Percuma mengaku Dragonwall, kalau ternyata anda hanya serorang pengecut. Lebih baik anda ganti saja dengan Mousewall. Sebab prilaku tikus cenderung seperti itu. Ambil makanan, lalu lari untuk sembunyi di lobang atau di tempat gelap.

    Saya tidak mengerti jalan pikiran anda bahwa uang visa akan memberatkan warga Indonesia dari Sabang sampai Merauke. Uang visa dibebankan kepada warganegara asing yang ingin masuk ke wilayah RI. Coba anda bayankan, setiap WNI yang ingin perg ke Amerika Serikat dan Australia, harus memohon visa dan antri sampai ke pinggir jalan. Begitu formulir di isi dan pasport ditinggal di kedutaan, mereka harus bayar sekitar Rp. 500.000. Tunggu tiga-empat hari. Kalau dapat visa, syukur. Kalau tidak, tidak dapat protes. Namun uang yang sudah dibayar tidak dapat diminta kembali, dapat visa atau tidak. Pertanyaan saya, untuk apa Amerika dan Australia yang kaya, harus mengumpulkan uang dari rakyat Indonesia yang miskin. Sebaliknya WN Amerika dan Australia boleh masuk ke wilayah RI dengan gratis.

    Tidak semua mereka yang datang itu menbawa devisa ke negara RI. Sebagian malah menjadi beban. Ada yang terlibat narkoba, ada yang menyalahgunakan visa untuk bekerja sampai bertahun-tahun, bahkan ada pula yang mendekam di rumah tahanan imigrasi, rumah tahanan negara, bahkan di lembaga pemasyarakatan. Semua biaya penanganan terhadap mereka ini, bahkan untuk WN tertentu biaya deportasi ke negara asal, dibebankan kepada uang negara, yang antara lain ditarik dari pajak rakyat Indonesia yang miskin.

    Saya menganggap semua ini tidak adil. Sebab itu, kebijakan bebas visa yang begitu leluasa kita berikan, setelah terjadinya serangan teroris di Amerika dan terjadinya peristiwa bom Bali, harus ditinjau kembali. Semunya bukan sekedar masalah uang, tetapi juga terkait dengan faktor keamanan negara. Saya tidak tega membebani rakyat Indonesia yang sudah miskin untuk membiayai masalah WN asing yang masuk ke Indonesia. Sebab itu, saya mengambil kebijakan untuk menerapkan visa on arrival, agar secara tidak langsung, mereka juga memberi kontribusi untuk menangani biaya penanganan WN asing yang bermasalah di negara ini.

    Saya mengerti, kebijakan saya itu, ditentang oleh para pengusaha biro perjalanan, khususnya di Bali. Menteri Pariwisata Gde Ardhika juga tidak setuju. Gubernur Bali juga menolak. Ada demokstrasi-dmonstrasi di Bali yang melibatkan GM Hotel yang kebanyakan pekerja asing di sini. Namun saya jalan terus. Akhirnya, negara menerima pemasukan cukup besar dari biaya visa on arrival ini. Jumlah wisatawan menngkat dratis. Statistik tentang hal ini dpat anda di cek di Ditjen Imigrasi. Setelah itu semuanya diam. Gde Ardhika dan Gubernur Bali, kemudian malah minta agar uang visa itu juga diberikan kepada mereka dengan dalih untuk biaya promosi pariwisata. Saya katakan, silahkan bicara dengan Departemen Keuangan, karena semua uang visa langsung disetorkan ke Kas Negara. Tanggungjawab penggunaannya bukan pada Departemen Kehakiman, tetapi pada Departemen Keuangan.

    Anda juga mengemukakan sesuatu yang tidak didasarkan atas pengetahuan yang mendalam mengenai visa. Apakah benar semua visa diberikan berdasarkan perjanjian antar negara? Tidak selalu demikian, kebijakan visa adalah kewenangan internal suatu negara, dengan dasar pemikiran bahwa setiap negara adalah berdaulat. Bisa jadi penerapa bebas visa bagi warganegara tertentu, terjadi karena kesepakatan dua negara, namun bisa pula sepihak. Pertanyaan Anda, bahwa sejujurnya apakah ada korupsi di pengadilan, kejaksaan dst, tentu saya mengatakan ada, sebagaimana hal itu telah terbukti. Namun saya tidak ingin menuduh-nuduh seseorang tanpa bukti yang jelas. Bahwa korupsi harus ditanggulangi, diatasi dan ditindak, saya sangat setuju.

    Tentang UU Kepailitan, saya tidak terlalu ahli mengenai hal itu. Diskriminasi atau tidak, silahkan memperdebatkannya dengan para ahli. Prof. Erman Radjagukguk mungkin dapat anda ajak diskusi. Spesialisasi saya di bidang hukum tatanegara.

    Ada kesan saya, anda menghindar untuk mengakui bahwa sikap anda menyerang saya secara pribadi, dan berusaha mengalihkannya ke persoalan lain yang bersifat umum. Saya tidak ingin menaggapi hal itu, karena ia merupakan persoalan bagi semua orang. Saya hanya ingin fokus terhadap apa yang anda kemukakan dan anda tujuan kepada saya.

  23. Janma says:

    Just a small note on the visa on arrival thing….. It’s indonesia’s right to require foreigners to have a visa when they travel in Indonesia. I personally think that one month is too short though, especially considering the size of indonesia, many people would like to stay longer than one month. Foreigners may sometimes be a sort of beban to indonesia but I don’t think it is anywhere near the amount of foreign currency and business they bring. Indonesia for sure benefits more from the foreigners who visit than it loses. Just make it longer!

  24. Rambutan says:

    It appears Yusril has a lot of free time on hand after he was fired by the President. Those posts are looooong…

  25. Yusril Ihza Mahendra says:


    Thank you for your comment. My policy regarding the visa on arrival that time must consider the security factor after the terrorist attack in the US and the Bali Bombing. You are true, Indonesia needs foreign invesment; if more foreigners come to the country, it is better for us. But we also cannot avoid the misused of free visa for working, criminal and others.

    Now I am no longer the Justice minister. So I cannot touch that matter anymore. But I know, some of the visa policy already changed. Now, more visa on arrival are given to citizens of other country. In the past, they must apply at Indonesian embassies and consulates first. In addition, more visa on arrival has been change to free visa policy.

    I agree with you, that one month free visa for tourist is to short considering that indonesia has a big territory.

  26. Yusril Ihza Mahendra says:


    It doesnot matter, my respons are long or short. Let us debate every matters gently. I have the rigths to present my opinion openly. So, what your opinion and what your argument.? You just can say I have “a lot of free time on hand after he fired by the President”? And than, what?

  27. Vavai says:

    Wow, this is an interesting post & comment.

    I agree to Mr Yusril that all of us must take on hand about his post. I’m just a reader and I think it should be very nice if Dragonwall answer the question.

    We will see, what is the fact and what is the irrelevant stuff ?

    *Learning English 😉 *

  28. Rambutan says:

    And than, what?

    And then we all have a good laugh?
    But seriously, regarding the visa on arrival policy, I believe that it is harmful to tourism to Indonesia. The procedure takes long, you have to pay 25USD. It might prevent tourists from visiting Indonesia.
    Moreover, I do not believe that it helps to make Indonesia safer or might prevent terrorist attacks. All major attacks in Indonesia have been carried out by Indonesians with the possible exception of Dr Azhari and Noordin M Top. So what are tighter visa restrictions going to help??
    The whole visa on arrival exercise smacked of a populism and cheap nationalism to score some brownie points with the electorate.

  29. Janma says:

    It’s true the procedure takes long. it’s typical indonesian bureaucracy. there are like three lines to go through, one to stamp one to pay, one to whatever…. complicated, and probably set up like that to prevent corruption. I don’t think it can prevent corruption though…. my son stayed in Indonesia for 9 months on a one month visa! everytime he went to leave to get a new visa the immigration ‘fixed’ it for him without him having to go anywhere. Coolies!

  30. Yusril Ihza Mahendra says:


    We cannot just present an opinion without any data. Please check to the Directorate General of Immigartion how much tourists visited Indonesia after six moths the visa on arrival policy was implemented comparing six months prior to that. If you think the procedure takes long, please compare to the immigration service in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong Airports first. About paying 25 USD? How much does an Indonesian citizen should pay for visa when they apply to foreign embassy here? Actualy, the government needs funds to provide more sophisticated equipments for immigration, because our security and services are very weak. It is unfair to get all the immigration cost to the tax of Indonesian people. US, Australia and others, also use visa fees to finance the operational cost for their immigration.

    Maybe you are correct, if talking about terrorism in Indonesia, almost all people arrested and prosecuted are Indonesians; however, not all their networks and intellectual players are arrested. The immigration equipments we have that time cannot detect double pasport issued to one person. We also cannot detect how many times someone either Indonesian citizen or foreign citizen enter and leave this country. The other trans-national organized crime, including drugs, should make us more carefull. After terrorist attack in US and Bali Bombing, almost all the country revised their visa policy. Of course it is not merely visa, but all immigration work. Maybe you dont know how much criticism we got from other countries to our immigartion system after the Bali Bombing.

    I did not use visa on arrival issue for election campaign. The results were the opposite, at least, in the eye of the people like you.

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