Islamic Leaders

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People trust religious leaders the most and view religion as the basis of nationality.

A survey of 1,173 people carried out by the Islamic and Sociological Research Center (PPIM), Pusat Pengkajian Islam dan Masyarakat, at the Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University in Jakarta (IAIN) asked respondents who they trusted the most detik:

  • religious leaders – 41%.
  • the president – 22%.
  • the military – 22%.
  • the police – 16%.
  • the parliament – 11%.
  • political parties – 8%.

The rector of IAIN, Azyumardi Azra, said this showed that the institutions of the state were weak in comparison to those of organised religion. He said the image of the police in particular was poor and blamed this on the May 1998 riots, when the police were unable to stop the violence.

The police did not have the capacity to deal with the riots, while politicians couldn’t do anything to put an end to them.

In other questions 92% of Muslims surveyed said they are loyal to Pancasila and the 1945 constitution, although when the question was changed 23% said they desire an Islamic state. okezone

26% of people were said to approve of hand amputation for thieves.

41.3% of respondents nominated religion as the most important factor in determining the identity of the country, while 24.6% chose nationhood, with the rest divided between occupation, ethnicity, social status, and political party membership.

42 Comments on “Islamic Leaders”

  1. John Spiteri says:


    Addresses and telephone numbers are for you to verify the truth if you that interested ?
    This is a manifestation of reality not just words.

    Intellectuals are honest, smart intelligent and can foresee the message and can exploit more to transmit actual data when necessary.

    We are here dealing with professional entities that are damaging the reputation of Islam.



  2. timdog says:

    John Spiteri:

    for you to verify the truth

    The truth about what?
    You post a bizarre, garbled message, out of which the only thing that is clear is that you hate Indonesia and its inhabitants and the religion of the majority of them, although at some point in the past you didn’t…

    I think it would need a psychic rather than an intellectual to make any sense out of what you’ve written.

    Please explain what you are talking about, why you feel this way, and then perhaps people will be able to respond to you….

  3. John Spiteri says:

    Dear Mr. Tim,

    The space is limited. So one must be brief and transmits as much as possible.
    Describing “Bizarre” you must have thoroughly read and understood.
    Perhaps, yes, “Psychic” analysis essential in such matters to figure out why so much
    violence in among brethren.
    Someone butchered my writings. Much of my meaning is lost as figures and numbers do carry the true meaning of this message.
    I trust you aware of the current awareness of the existing crime in Jakarta Metropolis.
    Unless, you don’t publish my true original message. It’s useless and carry no meaning
    Many are damaging the glory of Indonesia because they choose to live life of parasites.
    And this what keeps away tourists.



  4. timdog says:

    John, you are not making any sense.
    I imagine your original post was edited because you had given personal details of real individuals, and perhaps made comments about identifiable individuals that could leave the owner of this website open to libel prosecution.

    Without repreating those elements it’s still perfectly possible to explain why it is you “hate Indonesia and Indonesians” and who the people who “are damaging the glory of Indonesia because they choose to live life of parasites” are.
    And you haven’t done so; you’ve simply made some strange, cryptic and bizarre postings that no one can make much sense of – and therefore no one will take any notice of you…

  5. Andy says:

    How about everyone get off John’s case here and let him finish. He is making a pretty valid point.

  6. Rob says:


    I was looking at trying to work out what the point of John’s postings were, particularly with the names and numbers.

    Why would I need to call these people and what truth would I be verifying? That was my question.

    The points about Islam being undermined by a misguided few is not a revelation. It is a standard argument.

  7. janma says:


    Ummmmm…..Listiani Lestari?
    What the hell was that all about???!!!

  8. Rob says:


    No idea!

    When I asked I was told it was for intellectuals, but I still do not really understand that either…

    Maybe John will be back with a further explanation.

  9. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    Nothing new, Rob. There are 2 groups of Bule here eager to teach Brown men something, and they are usually of the Anglo-Celt variety.

    Group 1 – Outcasted English Byproducts
    Here to teach us how to run our country.

    Group 2 – Enlightened newly convert.
    Here to teach us Islam.

    You, Andy and Oinkgal belong to the 1st group; Barry Prima and John Spiteri the 2nd. Personally, I think all of you should be force fed with Pancasila.

  10. Andy says:

    AAB, there are two types of Asians that I can think of-

    1. Those who years after taking the reins of their country still blame all and sundry for their dismal failures which usually come from lack of will, effort and mixed with a bit of greed. To mask their own failures they make racist gestures and comments usually behind closed doors or on websites such as this one rather than showing their face and fessing up to who they are and what they believe. They want their countries to bring in racist policies to stymie the hard working efforts of those who choose to make it their home and falsely lift the majority to a level they don’t deserve and can never attain on their own.

    2. Those who make it on their own two feet by honest hard work and effort

    AAB, Cukurungan and Purba are part of group 1. I believe you should be force fed western and chinese values until you can make it in this world that we are all part of.

  11. John Spiteri says:


    Myself, John Spiteri would like to thanks this website owners for giving me good chances to debate in this arena . That gave me a big push to be heard in parts Europe .

    Amazingly, this Website is being followed internationally. And I’m feeling proud though I was bit aggressive with my writings that I wanted to pass over my message which I was repeatedly claiming on other sites. Which did not gave me much results in lending me an ear. Thank you once again and special thanks to Mr.Tim. Trust we remain friends always.
    I do respect your integrity. I appreciated. You are intelligent person.

    I understand, Indonesia is a country of contradictions. And a gifted haven with natural beauty. Still in its natural habitat. We Europeans are eager to experience your Heritage but you keep your doors ( Closed ). No one will tell you how you run your country.


    Please never forget. In so far away Malta you have a friend.


  12. John Spiteri says:

    Dear Friends,

    Would like to share my last emails I received while many are reading your website ” indonesiamatters ”

    One Email from this end >< saying;

    I honestly understand your complaint I often distribute on various internet sites about the lady Listiani Lestari. Saying she new Listiani Lestari very well. In the year 2002 Listiani Lestari was deported from Europe in connection with Prostitution and possession of drugs.

    Thanks to your Website.Sadly enough this my last information I have. I must mention true names and emails where I must prove this is real. And true happenings in today life-time.



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