Shoot on Sight in Cianjur

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Authorities in Cianjur take a tough stance, formally, to any possible outbreaks of sectarian type violence.

The police department of Cianjur in West Java has proclaimed a ‘shoot on sight’ order for those who might attempt to violently upset the apparently ‘conducive’ atmosphere of inter-faith harmony in the city, as of 20th February 2011.

Djoko Hariutomo giving orders
Djoko Hariutomo

The chief of police, Djoko Hariutomo, said the order was in accordance with national police instructions regarding the prevention of any further violence against religious minorities, as had occurred recently against the Ahmadiyah sect in Cikeusik, Banten, and against Christian owned property in Temanggung, Central Java.

There are about 650 Ahmadiyah people in Cianjur city and surrounds.

Djoko said police would not hesitate in shooting down provocators or rioters, although he naturally hoped that things would never come to the point of the order having to be enforced.

He went on to say that incidences of inter-faith disturbances in Cianjur were on the decline, falling 3.4% year on year, according to police records. antara

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  1. Arie Brand says:

    He went on to say that incidences of inter-faith disturbances in Cianjur were on the decline, falling 3.4% year on year, according to police records. [1]

    Exactly 3.4 % every year? Well, that should make record keeping easy.

  2. James Sherborne says:

    @Arie Brand “year on year” means 3.4% less than last year. Of course statistics can be used to say anything they want but at least he’s showing an intention to do something.

  3. Arie Brand says:

    Well, my statement allows for that meaning. And it still remains nonsense.

  4. Lairedion says:

    That percentage actually means they are a lot of interfaith disturbances in that area. Totally understandable, Cianjur has always been a center of Islamic extremism. They were among the first areas to implement sharia bylaws and Encep Nurjaman aka Hambali is a proud son of the regency.

  5. Hans says:

    not likely, when the Indonesian police had such an organization, that they can collect sufficient amount of force to resist a mob of several hundred elaborate murderous fanatics.

    The time perspective is perhaps no more than 10 to 40 minutes, before the fanatics go to Attac against the selected victim.

    One, two, three times maybe, then a true fanatic meet violence with violence, then after 1, 2, 3 are not the fanatic fanatics any longer, fanatic, has become an organized once of a member who feels great affinity with this whith similar opinions. And so mutch more dangeros.

    but as everyone knows, the young is always in defy of experience, so aware Indonesia make this mistake and perhaps suffer from it for up to 30 years, as we did and USA did, nowdays we use smart Psychology, and it is rare whit police violence today against any one.
    But if! then they the police coming so fast and so many, and with the rescue service on the heels.

  6. Hans says:

    My thoughts now fly to one of the last Arab dictatorships! Libya, kadaffi is now so desperate that he start murder the Libyan people, soon ther is only the evil brothers of Saudi Arabia remaining as Dictators in the Middle East.
    There is now hope for that these peoples revolutions should have a positive impact on religion, and bring the Muslim belief, a few hundred years from now, perhaps 600 years if we’re lucky. Muslim congregational Worldview become more realistic and mature to others, I really hate it when religious beliefs creeps into my garden, I get very disturbed at my BBQ parties and birthday celebrations, that this will be affected by religious fanatics, they may to stay in their gardens, I have a refrigerator and freezer. then why scream about Arab problems with the meat.
    In any case, we understand that all depressed people whill rise up and want to have clean water, work, a life of its own, be a tourist. and get Face book.
    Strangely, we have five Ahmadiyya communitys in Sweden and the Ahmadiyya Nasir Mosque in Gothenburg. A little odd considering that it is a very small Muslim minority in the world.

  7. realest says:

    Shoot on Sight in Cianjur – “Djoko said police would not hesitate in shooting down provocators or rioters”

    I APPROVE of this message.


  8. Hans says:

    police would not hesitate in shooting down provocators or rioters
    No problems for me, if the provocateurs know and understand why they get shot.
    it’s that? with them very young! sometimes it takes a very long time to understand, have empathy and show that you understand other people’s misdeeds, and then to be able to forgive them of their youth and their less knowing.

  9. diego says:


    Yea, instead of killing those inexperienceds, I guess it would be more cost effective to kill the rotten ones: Abu Bakar Basyir, for example.

  10. Hans says:

    Yes Abu Bakar Basyir and ayatollah who do not understand the difference between reality and to believe without scientific evidence, and not to forgett our Fortified brothers of Saudi that is the provocateurs that know and understand what they do

  11. Hans says:

    I believe that forgiveness is basically a voluntary decision. It is a choice to make. Sometimes you feel so hurt and so wounded that you feel like you can not forgive. How many times have you not heard it spoken in movies and magazines that “a lot, I can forgive but not this. ” do not believe that there are wrongs that are so large that one can not forgive. I think rather that it is about not wanting to forgive. Think for yourself.

    Being able to forgive other people’s misdeeds is a relief, both for himself and for those who will be forgiven.
    But if you can not forget and forgive what has happened so whill it gradually released disappointment go to bitterness. The bitterness is something that really binds a human being. A bitter person devotes so much (plenty to mutch) energy to feel sorry for themselves and to dislike this who did wrong, that it is so difficult to think of something else. Life and everyday life is filled easily by self-pity, and it is more sensitive to new injustices especially from the man who is bitter about.

    provocators or rioters! devote so much energy to feel sorry for them self in pure misunderstanding. what good is it to shoot them, it whill not help any one more than they feel more sorry to them self and ther equal.

  12. madrotter says:

    too bad, cianjur is a place where so much incredibly beautiful music is coming from….

  13. Okky says:

    Am so worried this would be just another camouflage to shadow down random killing O_O I mean it’s not like the attackers and the attacked wear uniforms O_O But then again..

  14. cessch says:

    indonesia has a long way to go in terms of the spirit of democracy. shoot on sight orders would never be tolerated in many other places. there are others ways to deal with situations. in fact the killings last month could have been averted if the police had responded in force with numbers. they had advance warning. inodnesia remain primiative in its thinking in so many ways.

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