Kissing Women

May 4th, 2007, in News, by

Kissing women tourists in Bali is not allowed for Islamist politicians.

A PPP politician from Banjarnegara, Central Java, Yulianto, is threatened with being expelled from the United Development Party because he was seen to kiss a foreign tourist at Bali, while on a working visit on the island. It is not clear what sort of a kiss it was, whether on the lips, or elsewhere, passionate or otherwise.


The head of the PPP in Banjarnegara, Gus Hamzah, says Yulianto must be dismissed because he had disgraced the party, the PPP being Islamically based. In order to avoid being fired Yulianto had to make a formal apology, destroy copies of a video recording showing him kissing the tourist, and just generally explain himself and his actions.

Yulianto had already apologised but so far had refused to get rid of the “CD” recording. Deputy head of the PPP in Banjarnegara, Samsulloh, said it looked like Yulianto would have to be sacked. okezone

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  1. John Orford says:

    Well as long as he doesn’t get a kiss from the “God Father” of Islam in Indonesia (ABB) I am sure he will survive.

  2. Dimp says:

    So showing of love is out, how about showing of violence, stupidity or ignorance?

  3. Andrew says:

    :)) Hillarious… first of all, why the hell did he kiss a stranger?

    While kissing in public is not really an Indonesian culture (or Asian, for that matter), getting expelled for it sounds a little excessive, considering that (like Dimp said) other more serious acts are left untouched.

  4. El Gran Combo Puertorico says:

    In order to avoid being fired Yulianto had to make a formal apology, destroy copies of a video recording showing him kissing the tourist, and just generally explain himself and his actions.

    It’s so easy for an islamist guy to get away after having commited a ‘sin’:

    [1] making formal apology (to whom?)
    [2] destroy copies of the video recording (taping yourself doing ‘sinful act’ is a trend today).
    [3] explain the actions; the reasoning and justifications (like: that evil white women tried so hard to seduce me, I’m only human; could not resist her sheer power of evilness, etc, etc; grrr…. damn white evils — may allah be with us).

    That’s it. Stainless again.

    Is it written somewhere in PPP member’s handbook?

    Btw, I just found out that in Hongkong they call the whites “wei lo”, white devil (?someone knows how to spell it correctly?).

    It’s much better here in china mainland, they’re called lao wei (old white man).

    Either case, it’s kind of disparaging term (depends on the context / situation of course), just like ‘bule’ in Indonesia and ‘gringo’ in mexico :).

    Good for me, I’m brown. They can’t call me with those words. I’m not white devil, just devil, diablo. Ha ha ha.

  5. Colson says:

    @el gran combo puertorica: Of course “kissing women” is another example of nonsense. But don’t you think that – talking about nonsense- “getting way with sin” is even a lot easier for Roman Catholics?

  6. Janma says:

    is bule disparaging then?

    Ni Wayan Bule

  7. El Gran Combo Puertorico says:


    Of course you wouldn’t feel that in Bali. But try to spend more time with people outside Bali (like Jakarta, Bandung, etc), and you’ll hear it more often, with slightly negative connotation, especially when it’s paired with an adjective in Indonesian. 🙂

    Have you ever seen this annoying TV show, with Farhan as the host? — BuGil…, Bule Gila — a couple of years back. That show does reflect how many of us see / act toward foreigners. Not in a very good way, if you ask me. Hope that has changed (improved); no idea how FPI kind of guys affect us (the society) there.

    But I guess the situation in Indonesia is still better than in China in this regard; even in a big city like Shanghai. At least in Indonesia you’ll get people smiling at you, try to strike a conversation (even kids), and in general they know more words in english. This openness is one of the biggest reasons why I reject so much islamization — wahabbisation to be exact — of Indonesia, because it will change the situation to the worse; no longer we’ll have that warmth.

    Here in Shanghai people tend to avoid any contact foreigners on the street. That’s just my initial perception, I could be wrong, I haven’t lived long enough here to have a more complete picture. Or maybe it’s just the cultural & language barrier that I should overcome by taking mandarin class / tutor (e.g.: smiling — if it’s “too much” — is not considered a good thing here).

    — heart split between Indonesia and Mexico —

  8. Janma says:

    Actually, people are mostly nice here in Bali. Jakarta, Malang some other places I’ve lived in Indonesia, most people were nice, but they tend to stare more than I’d like. They also like to ask you all about your marital and economic status before they even introduce themselves which I think they probably would feel rude doing if I were an Indonesian lady. But my husband said that they would do that to Indonesian ladies too. I still don’t think they would, wouldn’t that be considered rude?

    Before Indonesia, I lived in India. People don’t like ‘bule’ there, they call them sahib sarcastically, or red monkeys. When I first came to Indonesia I got a shock about how laid back and friendly the people were compared to India. I couldn’t believe women could wear shorts here, or dresses.

    *who has tried a hundred ways to stop people staring at her, without success*

  9. Bas says:

    You can’t make stop staring and laughing at you.
    No they will never dare asking about her financial status to an unknown Indonesian ladies.
    And yes this stupid “bule gila” program is a shame and insulting towrd foreigners. The happy victims of the show are just ridiculed from the beginning to the end of it (which is the concept of the show). That’s why I said NO when once asked to be guest. And it seems the concept comes from a stupid Australian man well known in Jakarta for being one of the worst womanizer in town.
    Ohh good.

  10. Dori says:

    Well, at least he knew better what is ‘islamist’ mean. *héhéhhé

  11. Ihaknt says:

    Is the girl in the foto the one he kissed? She is not irresistable. She looks pissed ass! Either way if she is not the girl why is her foto on this thing? Isn’t that slander?

  12. John says:

    Kissing the tourist gets you sacked, planting a bomb and killing her a reward. One screwed up society you have there.

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