Islamic Caliphate

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Building a new Islamic Caliphate.

The province of East Java has largely been free of the recent trend in the country towards local sharia based laws, likely due to the prevalence of the non-legalistic Sufi form of Islam in the province, and the strength of the Nahdlatul Ulama organisation there, a group which has little interest in formalising Islamic sharia law. Nevertheless the East Java branch of Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI), Hizbut Tahrir being an organisation that is banned in many countries, continues to campaign for sharia.

On 29th April 2007 the HTI held a gathering of Muslim women at the Surabaya Womens’ Building during which, says Iffah Rhoma of the HTI, the HTI hoped to create a “synergy” with various womens’ groups and individuals so that the application of Islamic law in East Java could be realised.

Islamic Caliphate
Islamic Caliphate meeting.

According to independent surveys, she said, the complete application of sharia law was much in demand by the people. The HTI couldn’t do it alone however and so the help of other groups was needed, to struggle for the total application of sharia law in all aspects of life and fight the forces of capitalism and secularism.

People had to understand that there were two poles of opinion and influence today, Islam and non-Islam, and the Islam side had to be united in thought and carry out actions together.

The conference was entitled “Building Commitment and Synergy for Islamic Sharia”, and featured talks on the topics of “The Ideological Struggle in the Muslim Family”, “A Caliphate is the Only Hope and Solution”, and “Steps Towards the Application of Islamic Law and Establishing a Caliphate”, and was attended by about 150 women. suarasurabaya

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  1. Sylvester says:

    What kind of survey that shows sharia is most demanded by the people? Also, what kind of people she was talking about? Poor women.

    By the way, does Iffah Rhoma have any connection with Rhoma Irama? If that is the case, then it is crystal clear.

  2. Abdul Khalid al Jumhuri says:

    Yeah, great! It was so great it works in the Arabia, that is why Arabia and the middle east is the universal beacon of peace and prosperity! The whole Arabia is in fact a great caliphate that is soooooooo united, free, and neither vice nor corruption existed. Of course there is no jealousy among clans, and swindles, traitors, back-stabbing, lies, poisoning, killing and other political assassination never, ever existed. The very word “assassin” is not Arabic, of course! Of course the Hassassins who did the political murders and paid for by politicians in the middle east part of the nowadays Syria in the 11 century is another lies coming from the Jews.

    In fact a reliable source of the word came from some kaffir word “ass” which means anus, and it has nothing to do with the killers who is drugged by opium and prostitution and promised by 74 huris as it was written in the holy al-Qur’an. Of course the word “whore” is also not derived from the Arabic word “huri”. Never! Arab language is so holy!

    I bet you if payments to this Hizbut Tahrir folks are tracked and stopped from the Wahabbis and from the Saudis, they will cry foul and will switch side to the liberals. But for now they have a job to do: to dream of a “caliphate” that never existed. The last “religious-driven” ruling was the Ottoman which was spread from Turkey, Asia, Yugoslavia, and even to the peninsular Arab but was finally succumbed by corruption and the empire was smashed to a splintereen in the end of the 19th century.

    Turkish people are smarter than the Saudis and the Wahabis. They rejected the mixing of religion with politics (something that Mohammad loves to do) even today. If you watch international TV there were thousands over thousands of Turkish demonstrating to defend the secularism. The Arabs in comparison? Well, they are tightly controlled by the Saudis and the Wahabbis not even women could drive in Saudi Arabia! Well, to start with, these women who attended the meeting may not drive, or do not have a car, or do not like to drive (because they are catered by a driver or driven by their husbands), so this may not be a problem. But, folks, just give me a break will you? My forefathers left Hadramaut because they did not want to fall into this very best example of stupidity: the caliphate idea!

    It never worked, it is full of intriques and killing, it created the split among Muslims (Shia and Shihite), and, folks are we after all of this time, that stupid? Assalamualaikum.

  3. El Gran Combo Puertorico says:

    Just one question: why on earth the government of Indonesia hasn’t banned HTI?; even in Malaysia, the islamic country in south east asia, it is banned.


    They “” organizations like HTI “” are hijacking democracy. 🙁


    On the parasite thing.

    The more I think about it, on the way they work in our society, I come to the conclusion that they’re no different from HIV. 🙁 Really.

    Does it mean that the situation is unrecoverable?; that we’re going downward to the full blown AIDS stage sooner or later?

  4. Ihaknt says:

    And these 150 women are supposedly representing the country of 250Mil+? Sylvester is right. I would also like to know and see the credibility of this survey…I am sure it was all staged.

  5. Arema says:

    According to independent surveys, she said, the complete application of sharia law was much in demand by the people.

    Our forefathers shed blood and tears for our independence, and now they said we willingfully want to be colonialized again? They did the survey among themselves, I think.

    And the problem is, people are so easily influenced and “hypnotized” if the holy-but-often-abused word “Islam” is mentioned.

  6. Djoko says:

    Saiful Mujani and R. William Liddle, “Politics, Islam, and Public Opinion,” Journal of Democracy 15, no. 1 (2004).

    This is where most supporters of Syariat Islam get there figures from I think (there was an Indonesian version of this article as well mind you). If I recall correctly according to their survey results around about 67% of people supported (at that time) ‘syariat Islam’. Of course that leads to the question of what is meant by ‘syariat Islam’, to which the authors of this particular article concluded:

    “While many Indonesian Muslims appear to be Islamists in the broadest construal of the term (they believe that laws should somehow be basically in accord with Islam), relatively few support policies advocated by Islamist activists,”

    In fact more recent research by Mujani’s LSI has come to the conclusion that people don’t support syariat Islam (

    But then again, in an even MORE recent bit of research on support for different (ie the most controversial) aspects of syariat Islam, majorities supported not allowing Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men, and even supporting stoning for zina (

    About all you can conclude from the mass array of statistics, surveys and claims going back and forth is that Indonesians dont really know what they want.

  7. Abdul Khalid al Jumhuri says:

    Thank you Djoko, for your information. Of course, there are always the issues of sampling, validity (internal and external), and the “respondents lies” with this kind of survey (e.g., a respondent might answer “Yes, I agree on stoning,” but in real life they will act differently. Or the other way around, respondents’ answer to a question of: “Do you think Indonesians should go North?” he may answer YES, but votes NO in the booth.

    Again, thanks for your valueable comments and information. Keep writing back please, to increase the value of the discussion in this blog!

  8. Mohammed Khafi says:

    What they are advocating is not Islam, it maybe what the mainstream perceive as Islam but is nonetheless not Islam.

    Islam is something which comes from the heart, it is love of God, it is the universal acceptance of God in whatever form he has tried to guide you, it is about accepting that God has shown others a different way to your own, it is about love, caring, educating and reason, it is about supporting others less fortunate than yourselves, it is about honesty and integrity, it is not about appearance, it is not about dressing in Arab clothes, and it is certainly not about becoming an unreasoning. brainwashed clone.

    I have asked this question before and none of the supporters of Sharia Law have given me an answer, just what is your Sharia Law? is it just a couple of words you use to ensure that the uneducated people follow you or is it more? If it is more, please explain it to us. If you are unable to explain it, please stop calling for it’s implementation!


  9. Sputjam says:

    Muslim believe that the koran is the divine word of God.
    a) The term syariah law was never mentioned in the koran.
    b) The five daily prayers was never mentioned in the koran.
    c) Building of mosque was never mentioned in the koran.
    d) Friday prayers was never mentioned in the koran.
    e) Doing the haj in mecca resembles pagan worship, which is forbidden in the koran.
    f) Koran warns Muslims (submitters) against taking preachers as their guide. This warning is largely ignored.
    g) Freedom of faith is clearly specified in the koran, but ignored by islamic religionist.
    h) Koran states that for the believers, you will be judged by your deeds and the number of children you bear makes no difference to your fate in th next life. The islamic religionist says that the more children you bear, the better your chances of getting to heaven.

    Therefore, if you see a typical Muslim religionist, the chances are that they have abandoned God’s words and created a new cult/relgion based on their own invention or that of their ancestors.

    Despite messages saying that koran is easily understood, the Muslim religionist still requires scholars to intepret. They just can’t be bothered to read and therefore let their fate in the next life on the hands of people with hidden agenda.

    Ther are now numerous translation of the koran on the internet. The recent one by a lady named bakhteer (not available on internet but hard copy only) which stated that “beating” is wrongly translated as “walk away/ignore, which appreared on CNN. All these translations are frowned upon by traditionalist, but it actually shed new light into the meaning of the words in the koran.

    The messages in the koran clearly states that the believers will be judged by their deeds alone, not the number of times you worship.
    God the sustainer, does not require our sustenance. He guides whom He wills.

  10. Arema says:

    Well, had you got Qur’an in bahasa Indonesia, all of those problems would not exist (or minimized).

    Commoners need interpreter / translator for Arabic Qur’an, and that is the starting point of this whole mess.

    Is there any restriction for translating Qur’an to another language? I am aware that some will be lost during the translation, but it is better than almost all is lost.

  11. Mohammed Khafi says:


    Unfortunately Bahasa Indonesia translations are some of the worst available, they are full of interpretation and misleading choices of translation based on Sunnah and Hadith tradition, rather than a direct translation of the words.

    As an example the word “khimar” meaning cover or outergarment is translated not into Bahasa Indonesia, but is replaced with another Arabic word “Jilbab”. Translating from one Arabic word to another not only leads to a change in meaning, but also to thousands of women who are mislead into thinking that they are commanded by Allah to wear Jilbab.


  12. Ismayanto Prihandariyanto says:

    1.A Belief that everything can be solved in the name of one caliphate is a such moron thing in this modern time. I see no different teaching among the fascist apocaliptical ideeas of Jerry falwell,Pat Robertson and the followers the led-dictator aim like Taqieddin En Nabhani. All but sh*ts, fascists! They are more zealot, and danger than Kemal Pasha,Stalin, and Hitler, because they are controlling and abusing people by corrupting God’s will. they are eager to fight cause the promise of heaven, that they believe ( completely similar to Christian zionism who justify the colonialization in the Arabs’land, please see Munib Younan)
    2. They know little even the history of claiphate itself.They claim that the cruel, blood thirsty yazid is the rightful caliph cause the pious Hussein is the forth coming caliph that is justified to be slained !!! what a stupid idea !!! Stalin or Enver Hoxa !!!
    3. When they face a hadith that is incompatible with their desire they turn the aim of the hadith to justify !!! e.g. ” the leadership must be a a koreish” ( see a hadith from Shahih Muslim). Al Mawardi that is often quoted by them, insists that the leadership must be a koreish. They then, change this by giving another interpretation to justify their desire to control others.

    I hope these ambitous and greed people to reign will be united in an area, so that the normal sense people like us will see how the area will look like IF Pat Robertson, jerry Falwll,Bush,Meir Kahane, La Haye,Osama, Baasyir, and the followers of En nabhani live in one place!!! Bombs are their food, condemnation based on holy scriptures are daily menu,they slander each others !!! What a fiery place ! U want to get a trip ??? Please get the ticket ! For free , but… one way ticket !!!

  13. shah says:

    Wow there are so many extremist secularists out there judging from these comments. Has western democracy worked? Really! Has your man-made laws worked thus far? Which are the countries in which there are overcrowded prisons, in which crime rate is ever increasing, innocent children, women molested, people can fornicate in the parks even in the underground sibways but you can’t let your dog off the leash without getting fined! Your western democracy is such a perfect answer to solving the world’s ills, that’s why the world is in a situation that one superpower can do anything it likes in the name of democracy! What a load of hogwash!! Those who want to paint Islam black it is because they are scared of losing their so-called freedom…the deluded idea of freedom that has transformed this world of God into satan’s play pen.

  14. Oigal says:

    Well come on then Shah, tell us where this mystical wonderful country based on Sharia Law exists?? or even when?..Come to think of it, why do you need it? I would have thought a believer would act in accordance with those laws all those countries with Muslim Majority would be as close to perfect we can get..Unless all that outer pious behaviour is just for show? Surely not?

  15. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    C’mon. You can do better than that.

    Western liberalism ain’t perfect.

    But I ask you: how many Americans are petitioning to emigrate to Iran ?

    How many Iranians want to emigrate to America ?

    No one ever said capitalism and liberal democracy would solve the human condition. Human-created institutions will always be flawed, and we’ll always have to pick the best of the worst choice.

    Now you’re going to tell me Sharia is god’s not humanity’s choice ?

  16. Mach Jabber says:

    We are constantly shifting to the right.

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