Shock Horror Allegations against SBY

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Wikileaks revelations: SBY protects Taufik Kiemas and spies on Yusril Mahendra; Mrs Ani accused of being a new Ibu Ten Percent.

In the Age newspaper of Australia a Wikileaks generated story entitled Yudhoyono ‘abused power’ details various corruption and misuse of power by the president:

Secret US diplomatic cables have implicated Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in substantial corruption and abuse of power, puncturing his reputation as a political cleanskin and reformer.

The cables say Mr Yudhoyono has personally intervened to influence prosecutors and judges to protect corrupt political figures and pressure his adversaries, while using the Indonesian intelligence service to spy on political rivals and, at least once, a senior minister in his own government.

They also detail how Mr Yudhoyono’s former vice-president reportedly paid millions of dollars to buy control of Indonesia’s largest political party, and accuse the President’s wife and her family of seeking to enrich themselves through their political connections.
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The revelations come as Indonesian Vice-President Boediono visits Canberra today for talks with acting Prime Minister Wayne Swan and discussions with officials on administrative change to reform Indonesia’s corrupt bureaucracy.

The US diplomatic reports — obtained by WikiLeaks and provided exclusively to The Age — say that soon after becoming President in 2004, Mr Yudhoyono intervened in the case of Taufik Kiemas, the husband of former president Megawati Sukarnoputri.

Mr Taufik reportedly had used his continuing control of his wife’s Indonesian Democratic Party, then the second largest party in Indonesia’s Parliament, to broker protection from prosecution for what the US diplomats described as

“legendary corruption during his wife’s tenure”

In December 2004, the US embassy in Jakarta reported that one of its most valued political informants, senior presidential adviser T.B. Silalahi, had advised that then assistant attorney-general Hendarman Supandji, who was leading the new government’s anti-corruption campaign, had gathered

sufficient evidence of the corruption of former first gentleman Taufik Kiemas to warrant Taufik’s arrest

But Mr Silalhi, one of Mr Yudhoyono’s closest political confidants, told the US embassy the President

had personally instructed Hendarman not to pursue a case against Taufik

No legal proceedings were brought against Mr Taufik, an influential political figure who now serves as speaker of the People’s Consultative Assembly, a largely ceremonial body representing members of parliament.

The US embassy also reported that then vice-president Jusuf Kalla allegedly paid

enormous bribes

to win the chairmanship of Golkar, Indonesia’s largest party, during a December 2004 party congress.

The President’s wife and relatives feature prominently in the US embassy’s political reporting, with American diplomats highlighting efforts of the President’s family

particularly first lady Kristiani Herawati . . . to profit financially from its political position.

As early as 2006 the embassy commented to Washington that

first lady Kristiani Herawati is increasingly seeking to profit personally by acting as a broker or facilitator for business ventures . . . Numerous contacts also tell us that Kristiani’s family members have begun establishing companies in order to commercialise their family’s influence.

Highlighting the first lady’s behind-the-scenes-influence, the embassy described her as

a cabinet of one …. the President’s undisputed top adviser.

Other leaked cables indicate Mr Yudhoyono has used the Indonesian State Intelligence Agency (BIN) to spy on his political allies and opponents.

According to a senior Indonesian intelligence officer, Mr Yudhoyono directed BIN chief Syamsir Siregar to instruct his officers to conduct surveillance on one of the most senior cabinet ministers, State Secretary Yusril Mahendra, while he made a secret trip to Singapore to meet Chinese businessmen.

The President also reportedly tasked BIN to spy on rival presidential candidates. Mr Silalah told US diplomats Mr Yudhoyono

shared the most sensitive BIN reporting on political matters only with himself and Cabinet Secretary Sudi Silalahi

Although Mr Yudhoyono won a big victory in the 2009 election, US envoys quickly concluded he was running out of political puff. After political controversies through late 2009 and into last year led to his popularity taking a sharp fall, the embassy said the President was increasingly “paralysed“. It said:

Unwilling to risk alienating segments of the Parliament, media, bureaucracy and civil society, Yudhoyono has slowed reforms

It seems that the official reaction to this is to seek “clarification” from the United States embassy, and the TNI military boss Agus Suhartono is on the job “studying” the report, and denies that SBY ever used intelligence services to spy on his opponents.

27 Comments on “Shock Horror Allegations against SBY”

  1. Jakartass says:

    Bang goes the chance of Mrs Ani succeeding hubby as President..

  2. Chris says:

    The US embassy also reported that then vice-president Jusuf Kalla allegedly paid

    enormous bribes

    to win the chairmanship of Golkar, Indonesia’s largest party, during a December 2004 party congress.

    That’s hardly a revelation, is it?

    One of Indonesia’s richest people – Aburizal Bakrie – won the chairmanship of Golkar in 2009, probably the same way.

    Maybe that’s why he is longer in the new Forbes list of Indonesian billionaires/top 10 richest Indonesians.

  3. diego says:

    Kind of expected from SBY’s family (?):

    Are they all gembengan / chillones / cry-babies?

  4. Oigal says:

    SBY was always the best of a rotten, stinking, corrupt bunch. No great digging is needed to drag up his past as serious issues in regards to human rights however he was the one guy the population showed the would rally behind. Sad part is he could have gone done as one of the great leaders of Indonesia instead betrayed his mandate. He was given a second chance and blew it big time.

  5. rustyprince says:

    Those Bloody Bule Bastards meddling again. They just don’t get ‘Asian Values’ and there goes any chance of immigration reform.

    Communique to All Indonesian Embassies and Kantor Immigrasi – Western Orang Asli are afflicted with dangerous virus such as a preposition to Accountability, Emancipation, Transparency etc.
    We avoid to proceed with extreme caution and be suspicious of contagion.

  6. Arie Brand says:

    The spouses, whether male or female, of governmental leaders in that part of the world are often a liability as far as involvement in corruption is concerned. In the recent Filipino Arroyo administration it was mainly the guy who was euphemistically called ‘First Gentleman’ who did very ungentlemanly things in business matters. It would perhaps not be a bad idea to make it part of the job description that the candidate for the highest post should not be burdened with a spouse – except that you then have to worry why s/he isn’t. Incidentally, the present incumbent in the Philippines fulfils that condition and thus far appears to be relatively ‘clean’.

  7. diego says:

    Jews conspiration to smear the face of islam.

    (It’s only a matter of time until someone comes up with that kind of statement).

  8. tikno says:

    This is a signal or maybe beginning of the internet, blogging, social networking are more powerful than traditional media.

    @ Oigal, btw still no reply from him 🙂

  9. Oigal says:

    Actually Rusty Prince I don’t think Indonesia is anymore predisposed to corruption than any country in the West. The bunch of Robber Barons and dodgy politicians running Indonesia now remind me of the Robber barons of the old West in the USA or early Squater thieves in Australia. Even now I believe the difference is a free, aggressive, investigative press which tends to sort the thieves, liars n cheats. Does not stop corruption but makes it high risk.

    Tikno..No and I doubt we will mores the shame.

  10. rustyprince says:

    Absolutely Oigal, the lobbying sleaze on Capital Hill is a disgrace to the self proclaimed greatest democracy in the world. Then there’s that mad old codger Berlusconi – someone will one day produce an incredible bi-opic on that meglomaniac. And Goldman Sacs directing the financial affairs of the West, and those screw the world Oil conglomerates, but my essential point is that the Indonesian elite will again see this as untoward interference from Westerners and their tiresome Universal Values. Hence I believe the predilection to favor investment from ‘more’ like minded Asians. ?

    Edit in the previous, advise to replace avoid although be cynical I could have added contamination to that final sentence
    Off now for a swim with the sharks, the more trustworthy genis that is!

  11. Chris says:

    Update from The Jakarta Post ( ).

    Kind of funny how Jusuf Kalla suggests that everybody does it and already knows that he did it, so that makes it ok. If only some other corruptors were so forthright…

    WikiLeaks report true, but it wasn’t graft, says Kalla
    The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Fri, 03/11/2011 10:58 AM

    Leaked US diplomatic cables, which revealed that former vice president Jusuf Kalla distributed money to Golkar Party members after he was elected as party chairman in 2004, are true Kalla says.

    The reports, originally revealed by WikiLeaks, were cited in two Australian newspapers, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, on Friday.

    “Yes, it was between Rp 2 billion [US$228,000] and Rp 3 billion,” Kalla said Friday, as quoted by

    However, Kalla denied that it was bribery, as insinuated by the Australia media.

    Kalla said the money was used to pay for airline tickets for around 3,000 Golkar executives to attend the national party meeting in Bali, where the elections took place.

    He added that he also paid fees for the meeting venue, which was in a hotel.

    “Nearly all parties do things like that. It’s no secret. So it wasn’t graft,” Kalla said.

  12. ET says:

    tikno said

    This is a signal or maybe beginning of the internet, blogging, social networking are more powerful than traditional media.

    Not a signal nor a beginning but already a well established fact, cfr. the events in the Middle East. It just lacks the structure and follow-up to make it a power-tool like nothing else before.

  13. nobody says:

    Kalla was not paying anyone in their public official capacity, or paying for a job in a government institution.. so it was not a graft and I dont think it is against the law.

  14. realest says:

    I wouldnt call Kalla a saint as most successful businessman or politicians arent, but personally a few day’s stay in a hotel and first class airfare wouldnt do so much as to sway my vote.

  15. Duckham says:

    From what I have read it seems similar to Tony and Cherie Blair. Tony stopped an investigation into gigantic corruption between British military complex firms and the House of Saud; while Cherie enriched herself by virtue of hubby’s position. Holidays with Berlasconi (spelling?) and presents; all free.

    A son of the British Head of State gets a convicted billionaire paedophile to help with the son’s ex wife’s debts.

    British MP’s have had their hands in the petty cash box to the tune of millions over the years and members of the Lords are regularly selling contacts to business corporations and banks.

    They all spy on one another don’t they?

    The Bush family are so tied in with Big Oil and the Saudis it is obvious and they don’t care.

    Clinton bombed a pharmaceutical factory in the Sudan when the heat was on in the Lewinsky affair. Several people died. The White Water Deal still stinks.

    Maybe SBY has been looking around, taking some examples and deciding his best interests are served by following suit. Actually, by comparison his ‘alleged’ misdemeanours, which are, apparently, based on some diplomatic tittle tattle seem a bit tame by comparison to the top boys and girls. Disappointing just the same, but maybe he feels the pressure as this is his last shot at making a stack what with retirement looming after this administration ends.

  16. madrotter says:

    talked to quiet a few indonesians about this and i get the same response every time, a shrug of the shoulders and the question “what else did you expect?”

  17. Jakartass says:

    So, Indonesians can be cynical too?

    Hurrah. It makes a change from quiet acquiesence or knee-jerk emotional outbursts (e.g Ibu Ani’s tears and Muslim mob hysteria.)

  18. The leaked cables are hardly a ‘secret’ in Indonesia. They have been a common knowledge in the Indonesian public. So, denying the information will just emphasize the accuracy of the leaked cables. However, the cables will not affect the president’s power because he also knows that everybody in the elite is actually interconnected in various scandals.

  19. Patrick says:

    @The question is what did you expect? Haven’t you noticed by now that generally the Indonesian people have the remarkable ability to disconnect themselves from anything that they feel they bear no responsiblity? i.e., ask most Muslim Indonesians if they bear any personal responsibility about what happened in the Bali or Jakarta bombings and they will likely have no trouble saying no and even though their fellow Muslims committed these atrocities. They may not agree with it, nor like it, but they just cannot fathom any association at all to what occurred. Conversely, we of the West cannot understand why Muslims in Indonesia do not protest in mass these types of atrocities commited in the name of Islam. Likewise, the typical Indonesian person doesn’t have the slightest clue why Westerners would feel this way since they (majority of indonesians) didn’t personally have anything to do with it. Clash of cultures I think.

  20. Tikno says:

    ET said:

    Not a signal nor a beginning but already a well established fact, cfr. the events in the Middle East. It just lacks the structure and follow-up to make it a power-tool like nothing else before.

    Well established fact? Not really…! However, I still consider it as well established “PRIVATE OPINION” (subjective collections) from private sector.

    Nonetheless, this was just like a horror-policeman to haunt the bad officials. A good “byproduct”, I think. 🙂

  21. Arie Brand says:

    Duckham wrote:

    From what I have read it seems similar to Tony and Cherie Blair.

    Come off it.

    This makes me think of those folk who, when given examples of Soviet tyranny during the Cold War, would say “Or do you think it is so democratic here ?” and then came up with a few minor misdemeanours of some alderman or other.

    I have little time for Tony Blair but it seems to me that, on this particular point, SBY and his spouse are in a different league.

  22. realest says:

    (e.g Ibu Ani’s tears and Muslim mob hysteria.)

    Indonesians are a fan of sob stories and dramas – probably from watching all those indian movies and telenovela where they cry every 5 minutes.

    Conversely, we of the West cannot understand why Muslims in Indonesia do not protest in mass these types of atrocities commited in the name of Islam.

    They’re in the process of hanging Abu Bakar Baasyir, give it some time.

  23. EJresources says:

    Relations between SBY and Obama have not been as the US would like.
    In September 2010 SBY did not attend the Obama sponsored ASEAN summit in New York with the lame excuse of being too busy.
    Unexpectedly and to great surprise Obama made an official announcement (during his speech at the opening of the UN Assembly) that he would visit Indonesia (twice postponed) In November.
    He did not postpone this in spite of travel dangers related to the Merapi explosion. He then announced he would attend the Asean summit in Jakarta March 2011, underlining his message that he considers Indonesia important. Mr and Mrs SBY did not meet President Obama upon his arrival at the Jakarta airport, a common protocolary courtesy.
    Indonesia is growing as a global power. The explosive Middle East situations emphasizes the need to have Indonesia as a friendly ally. Time to show SBY where the real power is and start undermining his position.
    Deja Vu, think of Bung Karno and his admonishment “Never Leave History”.
    Personal observations Editor www.

  24. ET says:

    This entire SBY-Wikileaks affair will end up as a fart in a bottle. Once the cork is in place the smell won’t bother anyone.

  25. Oigal says:

    It’s a nothing!

    Did anyone really think anything different? No political party will even attempt to make any gains from it in Indonesia as they are all neck deep in self serving, corruption politics at the expense of the people. What would have been a revelation, if an honest politician actually working for the people had been identified.

    Sadly, the only public official I have ever ever heard of in Indonesia with even a modicum of common decency is the Police Chief in Papua who resigned after the three pigs he employed raped that lady. Although, I confess the cynic in me still expects to find that was just a high profile stunt anyway.

  26. syonan says:

    Wikileaks — I personally don’t believe in what is being said. To me I feel that this is another form to bring instability to the countries of the world thereafter each country will be without a capable leader & competent government. Is this what we want? This is already happening in the Middle East & will not end from here. It will creep into all countries governed by a party elected by the people. What is happening is a conspiracy but an unknown organization which might call itself, the World Inner Government. This World Inner Government will move in to take control when the situation is deteriorated world wide and will use it forces to suppress the people. Take heed of the situation and don’t fall into its trap.

  27. Oigal says:

    Ah, The world inner government? Shouldn’t this be on the BO thread? 🙂
    As a matter of interest, which governments in the middle east were elected by the people?

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