Asmat Tribe Wood Sculptures

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The Asmat culture of Papua, or Irian Jaya, their rituals, dress, and handicrafts holds some interest. Their woodcarving designs in particular are renowned throughout the world.

Asmat Sculpture
Asmat father with his two sons in the native Papuan style. In albesia wood.

The “suku Asmat” or Asmat tribe are most well known for primitive style statues and sculptures some examples of which can be seen on this page. Click through the “More Info” link to find out how to purchase these tribal works of art from the Asmat tribe in Papua.

Asmat Tribe Wood Sculpture
Depiction in wood sculpture of an Asmat man from Papua.

Asmat Handicrafts
Depiction of two figures in an interesting pose as one supports the other man in a handstand. The uppermost man brings his feet up over his head like an acrobat. Handcarved in the style of the Asmat people of Papua.

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  1. Christine says:

    Hey, have just returned from Indonesia and managed to get an amazing although scary looking wood carving tagged irian jaya. However I don’t know what it symbolizes. Can anyone help me identify its meaning? Thank you.

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