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Pressure on Shia Islamic groups in Indonesia is growing.

On 10th April in Sampang, Madura island, East Java, the home of a Shiite cleric was attacked by a mob of more than 100 people. The attackers carried sharp weapons and attempted to enter the cleric’s home but were prevented from doing so by police. No-one was hurt. metrotv

Still in East Java, but on the mainland, on 20th April thousands of people in the town of Bangil, near Pasuruan, marched to the office of the Attorney General’s department demanding the banning of organisations which promote Shia Islam in Indonesia.

The protestors, marching under the banner of a group called “Pemuda Ahlussunah Bangil”, or Bangil Sunnah Followers Youth, had previously gathered in the town square after Friday prayers, and then went about the town putting up banners condemning Shia Islam. On their passage through the town the marchers menacingly passed by the offices and homes of organisations and people thought to be most responsible for spreading Shia Islam in the Bangil area.

The leader of the protestors, Habib Umas Assegaf, said Shia Islam was heretical and responsible for such outrageous teachings and practises as contractual marriage. He said if Shia organisations were not banned he would bring even more people out onto the streets in future.

Asis Widarto of the Attorney General’s office in Bangil met with representatives of the mob and said his department would take into consideration the concerns of the protestors. He asked the Pemuda Ahlussunah Bangil to provide the Attorney General with evidence that Shia Islam was indeed heretical and thereafter such material would be studied by the comically named “Tim Pakem” (Pengawas Aliran Kepercayaan Masyarakat, Overseers of the Peoples’ Beliefs), this august body being composed of policemen, state lawyers, and members of the National Unity Board (Badan Kesatuan Bangsa (Bakesbang)). antara

Hasyim Muzadi of the Nahdlatul Ulama travelled to Bangil on 22nd April to attempt to calm the situation. He met with dozens of senior clerics in the town and attempted to explain the history of various Islamic sects, starting with Khawariji Islam, and moving onto the Shia.

Hasyim asked NU people in Bangil and Pasuruan to be rational, the differences between Sunni and Shia could not be solved by fighting. What was worse the NU was currently seeking to solve the Sunni vs Shia conflict in Iraq and the actions of NU members in Bangil were not helping. jawapos

The leader of the NU’s youth group in Bangil, GP Ansor, Mr Fahrur Rozi, also spoke out on the matter. He hoped that Ansor members were not involved in the anti-Shia demonstrations. “Gus” Fahrur said the PAKEM (Pengawasan Aliran Kepercayaan Masyarakat) was authorised to decide whether a certain belief was heretical or not.

Meanwhile Zainal Suwari, the local head of Banser, another NU youth group, said none of his members were involved in the demo. jawapos

On a later occasion, on 29th April, Hasyim Muzadi advised Shiite Muslims in Indonesia not to say bad things about any of the prophet Muhammad’s companions, like Abu Bakar, Umar bin Khatab and Usman, nor any of the early sheikhs, like Sheikh Abdul Qadir Djaelani, Imam Bukhori and Imam Muslim. If they did it would upset the feelings of NU members, he said.

He also said that efforts to divide Sunni and Shia Muslims in Indonesia were part of a wider international plot to weaken Islam, as was to be seen in Iraq and Palestine. tempo

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  1. zahrah says:

    to sister maryam;

    dear sister I now this forum whcih is a very good one and you can find knowledgable people there to help you. there is even a diologue which deals with debates between christians and Muslims. it’s .



  2. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    @ Zahrah,

    Huh! Only Iranians are more knowledgeable and capable of meaningful debates? What else can your fellow countrymen come up with beside their favourite past-time of scarring women with acid, plus sucking up to the Arabs.

    With due respect, show some courtesy and manners. Such shameless display of arrogance.

  3. maryam says:

    salaam dear zahrah
    thank you for the site. and aluang i am also an iranian. dont be this much angry with us
    :-p iran has been always a proud for al muslims and also for human being even befor islam

  4. Asad Ghauri says:

    Asalam Alaikum,

    I hope this useless debate will end soon, as tomorrow 22nd April 2009 it will be 2nd anniversary of this debate, neither shia will say they are wrong nor sunni will accept, so i think its better to quite this debate, as if non muslims visit this page they will laugh to see us debating from last 2 years for proving each an other kafir.

    hope this might be clear.

    Secondly religion is simple.


    just try to accept ALLAH as ONLY GOD , and no one can safe us from day of Judgement neither KHULFA E RASHDEEN no AHLE BAIT, we have to answer there our wrong deeds.
    Only matter attached to AHLE BAIT and KHULFAERASHDEEN that we must respect them as both belongs to HOLY PROPHET PEACE BE UPON HIM.


    Asad Ghauri

  5. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    @ Brother Asad Ghauri

    Allah swt is guttered in our recent poll. Allah didn’t come to their rescue when our Indonesian maids were physically and sexually abused by the Arabs. News spread from villages to villages like wild fire. Note that these people who argue on this thread are low IQed Iranians and Pakistanis. Pakistanis and Iranians needed Allah to have an identity, we don’t. They would eat their babies for god. We are beyond that. We simply dumped Allah as a useless god.

    @ Sister Maryam

    I am in Oz at the moment. Be back to Indonesia in 2 weeks’ time. Will debate your curry eater boyfriend when I am back.

  6. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    @ Sister Maryam

    Sorry for the delay. I will be flying back to Indonesia Monday. I am ready to debate your curry-eating boyfriend about the falseness of Christianity. BTW, is he working in 7-Eleven or a cab driver?

  7. Asad Ghauri says:

    Dear Brother Aluang,

    I dnt know what happened to indonesian maid’s in Arab , but dnt you think we need to be on the path told by ALLAH throguh HIS PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH) and our life must be like that, thats why we PAKISTANIS need ALLAH in our act.

    Its hard to understand u.

  8. shady says:

    Salam Alikum,

    First of all , I would suggest the Iranian lady to go look and read religious books and in Iran there she can find all that she wants to know… why depend on somoen to convince someone else for you.If he becomes muslims shia maybe he will be muslim just to get married to you that’s all then your marrige will fall apart.It does seem to matter to you if he is muslim or not the only matter for you how you get married to him and accepted by your family.

  9. ikram says:

    I am a sunni muslim I am not fundamentalist but when I compare shia and sunni I think that sunni muslim are more true muslims as compare to shias because shias muslims not accept the position of the suabha [RA] I also listen that they also deny the holy quran and zakat etc. At the end I say to all muslims inciude shias and sunni we should accept each others inspite of all differences because there is no benefit for all of us in bloodshed and blame game.

  10. Labbayk Ya Mahdi says:

    I am very sorry to say still majority of Sunni Muslim Brothers and Sisters are misunderstand about Shia faith.

    Before commenting I would ask to please learn about Shia faith.

    We must respect each other today both Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims are target of Westerners who consider Islam as enemy after the fall of communism.

    We must unite and work together to save the Qalemah and the Holy Qur’an.

    Al Mahdi Unite Muslims

  11. Abdul says:

    Ahhh, Aluang Anak Bayang.

    Now I understand you better. You have a built-in hatred for Islam. THis is why you deliberately quote from books which Muslims do not even consider! YOu also go out of your way to consciously misinterpret verses and examples.( How is it wife swapping if one man divorces a woman and another marries her???). Get serious brother!!!

  12. Ika says:

    I agree with 1st post… I bet the anti-Shia mob will praise Iran when they watch the news.

  13. Hussain says:

    As Salaamu Alaikum,

    People haven’t understood what Shiaism is. Shia are really the Ahlulsunnah , because the follow the sayings of the Holy Prophet (sawaws) and prohibit what ever the Holy Prophet prohibited. Shias follow the true Islaam taught by Muhammad (sawaws).

    Our Last Prophet from Allah is Muhammad (sawaws) and he said “I am leaving among you two khalifas, the Qur’an and my Ahl-ul-bait, they will never become separate until they meet me at the pool (KAUSAR).”
    1. Sahih Bukhari:
    Narrated Jabir bin Samura: I heard Muhammad saying, “There will be twelve Muslim rulers.” He then said a sentence which I did not hear. My father said, “All of them (those rulers) will be from Quraish.” [1]

    2. Sahih Muslim :
    Narrated Jabir bin Samura: I heard Muhammad saying, “The (Islamic) religion will continue until the Hour (day of resurrection), having twelve Caliphs for you, all of them will be from Quraysh.”[2]

    3. Sunan Abu Dawood :
    The Prophet said: “This religion remains standing until there are twelve vicegerents over you, all of them agreeable to the nation, all of them from Quraysh.” [3]

    4. Sunan al-Tirmidhi :
    The Prophet said: “There will be after me twelve Amir (Prince/Ruler), all of them from Quraysh.” [4]

    5. Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal
    Masrooq relates that someone asked Abdullah Ibn Masood, “O Abaa Abd al-Rahmaan, did you ask the Messenger of Allah how many caliphs will rule this nation?”. Abdullah Ibn Masood replied, “Yes, we did ask the Messenger of Allah and he replied, “Twelve, like the number of chiefs (nuqabaa) of Bani Israel”” [5]


    1.Imam Ali bin Abi Talib – al-Murtaza (AS)
    2.Imam Hassan bin Ali – al-Mujtaba (AS)
    3.Imam Hussain bin Ali – al-Shaheed (AS)
    4.Imam Ali bin Hussain – al-Sajjad (AS)
    5.Imam Muhammad bin Ali – al-Baqir (AS)
    6.Imam Jaffer bin Muhammad (AS) – al-Sadiq (AS)
    7.Imam Musa bin Jaffer – al-Kazim (AS)
    8.Imam Ali bin Musa – al-Riza (AS)
    9.Imam Muhammad bin Ali – al-Taqi (AS)
    10.Imam Ali bin Muhammad- al-Naqi (AS)
    11.Imam Hassan bin Ali- al-Askari (AS)
    12.Imam Muhammad bin Hassan- al-Mahdi (AS)


    (May peace be upon Muhammad (S.A.W.) and His Vicegerents (A.S.).


  14. Syed Gulzar Hussain Shah says:

    His Highness

    Excellency Please most respectfully I beg to submit that allow me membership in your best Organization.


  15. Syed Raza says:

    I am just disappointed why different sects of Islam dont accept each other as all the sects of Islam accept and admit the Hadith of Holy Prophet Muhammad pbuh that my Ummmah will have 73 sects, it means those they dont accept other sects are actually not accepting the hadith of Prophet saws.
    Its very easy to say that this or that sect is not Muslim but its too difficult to become a true Muslim. As one of the most important massage of Islam is peace, tolerance and unity in all the Muslims and for all the humanity as a whole.
    At the same time i know personally lot of people they used to talk about Shia in cheap way but when it comes to debate face to face they just run away, thats my personal experience as i have converted more than 100 sunni to Shia in last 2 years.
    Prapoganda and ignorance is the only thing many peoples are using against Shia sect.
    May Allah swt give us Taufeeq to follow Madinah tul Ilem Nabi Muhammad saww and protrect us from they way of Abu Jehl. Ameen

  16. kanan says:


    People just give their comments without knowing actual facts.
    Anyone who believes in Allah and His prophets who received
    books from Him Are Jews, Christians and Muslims. They all have
    one message: Be obedient to Allah (ISLAM=submit to Allah)
    If philosophy of religion is sincerely understood we all will live in peace.
    But non of them are ready to accept each other for worldly cause or ignorance.

    Same is the case with all sects of Islam.
    If they like to know the truth they can resort to Quran, Hadith n History
    almost all original text are available in market as well on net.

    Surely they will come to know that something was going on in some last years of holy prophet life and burst after his death. Within 50 years Islamic teaching was forgotten and holy prophet’s only beloved grand son was cruely martyred.

    Majority followed rulers named Sunna wal Jamaa’ named by Muaviyya
    And those who stick to holy prophet’s command are became follower of ahle bayt(family of ) holy prophet known as Shia.

    Who is right or who is wrong be lived on Allah as he is best Judge.
    All must have sound proof & reason for his belief to Allah.
    We should not destroy our unity at any cost.


  17. hasan says:

    I always thought that Indonesians were a mild and tolerant people- until I came across this story of mobs trying to attack innocent shia muslims.It is clear that the virus of Wahhabism has now penetrated peaceful Indonesia- and this curse can destroy it.What is under threat is NOT the few shia indonesian people but the vast majority of Sunnis in that country who follow peaceful traditions and are very tolerant and moderate.The same goes for the Indonesians who are Christian or Hindu.This is EXACTLY what is happening in Pakistan- first the Shia were attacked and terrorised and now they have declared WAR against the overwhelming Sufistic Sunni population.So Indonesia has to be very careful.

    As muslims it is our duty to love our fellow beings and not try and quibble about the small issues of belief.I would think that Islam is big enough to have a few different strands of thought- a big beautiful garden full of different flowers which may have different colours and smell, but remain things of beauty.

  18. dilshad khan says:

    assalamualaikum ,

    please stop participating in these type of debate that will create the separation among muslims, and try to join each other, like our prophet did like ALI (R.A ) did ………….,

    you dear brothers and sisters please quit this debate….., and do work for islam and huminities.

  19. ET says:

    Hasan wrote

    As muslims it is our duty to love our fellow beings and not try and quibble about the small issues of belief.I would think that Islam is big enough to have a few different strands of thought- a big beautiful garden full of different flowers which may have different colours and smell, but remain things of beauty.

    Look at those flowers. So beautiful.

  20. Mohammed Khafi says:

    It looks as if those flowers have been feed the wrong manure!

  21. Khaled says:

    It seems that the Wahabi/Salafi poison that has caused so much hatred, pain and destruction throughout the muslim world is also seeping through indonesia. None of us are qualified to argue or tell each other who is right and who is wrong and what sect will go to heaven/hell or something in between. Live and let live. Dont destroy yourself and your country just because in your own mind you believe something to be right or wrong or because some scholar or the other told you so.

  22. yuni says:

    i was sunni then i merried with libanese guy he is shia then i start to learn more about shia allhamdullilah god he love me so much he saw me the right way to the heaven now i became shia if anybody have doubt about shia please read book or site

  23. diego says:

    Dear Brother Aluang,

    I dnt know what happened to indonesian maid’s in Arab

    This what happened:


    While we’re at it, got this ABSURD picture (I suppose from a demonstration held by that wahhabist branch organization, Hizbut Tahrir). See the image.

    They blame the torturing of Sumiati (done by ARABS) on CAPITALISM.

    Of course we know where they’re going: CAPITALISM = UNITED STATES = INFIDELS.

    Geesush Kryst! Twisted, twisted animals.

    Why can’t we just KILL those islamist arabs? What an inferior and defectuous race they are.

    … and I miss Aluang Anak Bayang, sigh.

    AAB, please do come back.

  24. ET says:


    Why can’t we just KILL those islamist arabs? What an inferior and defectuous race they are.

    OK, but they are not Arabs in the picture. They are their Indonesian kowtowers, and there are a lot more of them.

  25. Mohammed Khafi says:

    Hussain you said:

    “Shia are really the Ahlulsunnah , because the follow the sayings of the Holy Prophet (sawaws) and prohibit what ever the Holy Prophet prohibited. Shias follow the true Islaam taught by Muhammad (sawaws).”

    Both Shia and Sunni, follow what somebody says The Prophet said, or did. human stories and recollections prone to falsehood and corruption, not what the Prophet brought us, which is Al Quran, which are Allah’s words and thereby preserved and protected by Him.

    Allah tells us ” Who shall I take as a source of Law when it is Allah who has given you this book, complete and fully detailed”.

    Simply Al Quran my friend leads you to Jannah., none of your corrupt Shia or Sunni, Hadith and Sunnah nonsense.

  26. rustyprince says:

    No comments here on the Arab princes’ hatred of Iran?
    Now what the f#+k are Israel and most of the West alligning with? Would it not be more rational to tell the Saudis to sort out their Wahabiasm primitivism and embrace the 21st C and commend Iran for being a beacon of enligthenment in the vast void of erudition that is currently triumphing in Western Asia and Nth Africa.
    But then ignorance is equally ascending across the plains of Nth America, so who am I to admonish the Arabs and Indonesians who feel a major disconnect to modernism and require the assurance of a collection of parables and their interpretation by individuals infused with varying degrees of meglomania.
    So it seems that rationality is under attack everywhere? Sunnis increasingly fearful of everyone. The US embracing Arabs and fearful of the more enlightened Persian culture. Secular Europe supporting the quasi-religious aparteith of Israel.
    And my mate, a gangja smokin, Stadium Kota devotee, non puasa/suci disciple of Islam, supporting the ongoing Amahdinah onslaught. I mean can anyone with assurance really decipher the globes current trajectory.
    You’ve Ross and his only mate on RRA completely misinformed about Irish attachment to Catholicism – now among Europe’s most liberal states – while supportive of the millenarian doctrination destroying rationality nth of the Rio Grande.
    So given the rise of confused medieval certainities in half the globe I wonder can the cogently emancipated Argentina/Brazil, the consumerist societies of NE Asia and the postnationalist states of Western Europe continue to embrace more modernist paradigms of fulfillment immune to the balms of religiousity? Or has the rapidity of change so disorientated all as in early 20thC. Europe that only the simple message of Demigodery can provide assurances?
    If its the former conjoined with chauvinistic nationalism than I feel that there is another fateful storm brewing, or maybe its already begun and no appeals to rationality will produce a release to this fever.
    Enjoy the ride all you whacko sado-mascohists who inculated this poison.

  27. Arie Brand says:

    When I am worried about the idiocies of today I find it consoling to read about those of yesterday. Mencken’s hilarious account of the “Monkey Trial” has a high place on that particular reading list:

  28. Nagdy says:

    “Perhaps if Christianity had come at the time, instead of Islam- Indonesia would be Christian.”

    Interestingly, when the Spanish invaded the northern part of the Philippines, they said it would have been Muslim if they had arrived just a few years later.

    The Malay world (especially east) has been a place for Christian-Muslim tug-of-war for centuries.

  29. Nagdy says:

    Most Arabs, apart from Wahabis, don’t actually care about Indonesian Muslims…

    … but a few stupid Indonesians are just afraid they’ll go to Hell if the Middle East doesn’t love them.

  30. tanveer hussain kashmiri says:

    One has to be very rational and knowlageble while discussing the the issue of shiaism.Merely labelling the shia as an unislamic sect is not going to help the unification of muslim sect is not a new sect in islam as is thought by some muslim brothers;rather,this sect dates back to the time of prophet(saww) and his holy progeny(as).In sharp contrast to the main sunni schools of thought be it shafaee,maliki,hanafi hanbali ,the shia shool of thought dates back to the time of prophet(Saww) and his ahlebait(as).If any truthseeker wants to explore the shiaism with honest research,he/she should consult following books: by ayatollah sharfuddin mousawi.
    2.all the books of dr.tejani samawi
    3.abkatul anwar by mir hamid hussain al hindi
    4.abdullah ibn saba by ayatollah jaffer subhani
    5muttah and islam by ayatollah naqi ul naqwi al hindi
    6.itmaame hujjat by syed saeed rizvi al hindi asl wa assolaha by grand ayatollah sheikh aal-e-yaasin
    8.shabhaie peshawar(nights of peshawar) by allama syed mohammad.
    al immame sadiq wal mazahibe arbaa by ustad assad hyder.

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