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Review of the Bali Baruna Holiday Inn hotel in Tuban, good choice for a family holiday.

I recently stayed a few nights at the Bali Baruna Holiday Inn hotel, which is located in Tuban, or south Kuta if you prefer, very close to the airport. It in 2010 was one of the few Indonesian hotels to be listed in the Top 10 of any of the 9 categories of the Trip Advisor Travelers’ Choice Awards for hotels (it placed 4th in the “Trendiest Hotels in Asia” section). Here it is on the map, that’s its pool:

Here is a view of the grounds and looking towards the beach from the hotel lobby; it’s a pleasant place, nice pool which while not that big never felt over-crowded. The beach outside the hotel looks great from a distance, but up close it’s less impressive and people rarely seemed to swim at it- the pool is better for that.

View from the lobby to the beach at the Bali Baruna Hotel
The ground of the hotel and the beach; on the left is the pool, on the right a bar.

This was the room we stayed in, which is a Kids Suite; it has a little cubbyhole room for children, with a bunk bed, desk, tv and x-box, and importantly a door, which can be closed.

Kids Suite family room at a Bali beach hotel

The Baruna is ideal for families, there is a Kids Club, pictured below, where you can leave children in the care of the staff for the day, and they have activities to keep them occupied; the Kids Club is free if you stay in a Kids Suite or the bigger Family Suite. Nannies can also be hired for I think $5 an hour, the ones I saw seemed quite good with the kids and spoke English of course.

Bal Hotel Kids Club

There’s also a club for teenagers, with internet, games and tv:

Club for Teenagers at the Bali Baruna Hotel

Where breakfast is served:

The dining and breakfast room at Bali Baruna Hotel

If you’re not bringing kids, then probably this is the standard sort of room you’ll be staying in:

Ocean Room for Two at the Bali Holiday Inn

The hotel also has a bar, called Envy, and a spa, called Tea Tree, but in an ascetic (or cheap) spirit your scribe did not partake of either.

Video of the Baruna

And the hotel by night looking at it with the beach to our backs:

The pool and pool bar at the Bali Holiday Inn

All in all a good choice for a family holiday in Bali, popular with Australians in particular, and you can book the hotel at Agoda, prices start from around $110 per room per night.

2 Comments on “Family Hotel in Bali”

  1. Konrad Lerschmacher says:

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    the mentioned price of $150 is this per day or per week and for how many persons? Are this american Dollars or others?

    Thank you for an answer.

    Best regards,

    Konrad Lerschmacher.

  2. David says:

    Konrad, the price is per room per night, in US dollars but at Agoda you can pay in any currency. I just double checked, actually depending on what month you select you could get a room for about $110; oddly if you’re booking just a month or two in advance you get an ‘early bird discount’, but if you’re booking many months in advance you don’t get that early bird discount.

Comment on “Family Hotel in Bali”.

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