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Shanty and kissing on film.

In her latest movie role actress and singer Shanty portrays the character of Sari in the film Kala, a role which sees her have to kiss on screen, something which in Indonesia, as in other traditionally Hindu based cultures, is generally frowned upon.


Shanty, a former MTV VJ, says the kissing scenes, with handsome leading man Fachri Albar, were difficult to do, especially considering there had to be three takes before the smooching satisfied the director.

I’ve never done kissing scenes …. but they were a part of the story so it’s not vulgar.

Shanty, whose full name is Annissa Nurul Shanty Kusuma Wardhani Heryadie, expects no protests over the on-screen kissing scenes. jawapos

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  1. Teng says:

    I’d like to kiss her onscreen. 😉

    Is it really frowned upon in Indonesia? Don’t Dian and Nicolas kiss at the end of AADC?

  2. Dimp says:

    It’s frowned upon by people who cannot kiss her in real life.

  3. Ihaknt says:

    Ah Indonesian kissing scene is tame. No tongue involved. It’s only a peck. No big deal.

  4. Arema says:

    There’s nothing wrong with kissing scenes. It’s just ACTING after all, and not something that’s taboo or something.

    Those who scrutinize on this issue really have too much time, and it’s better used to introspect themselves, are they “as good as they think they are”.

  5. Saipul says:

    Why do Balinese having public kissing ceremonies if it is frowned upon in Hindu societies?

  6. Cutie Virgo says:

    It’s no big deal to kissing on the movie, lets grow up, Indonesian!

  7. Fixmanius says:

    Well, it’s actually not a really big deal, but this proves that this country has changed. Kissing was uncommon in movies, but then AADC started it.. Right?

  8. Arema said
    Those who scrutinize on this issue really have too much time, and it’s better used to introspect themselves, are they “as good as they think they are”.

    Either that, or those who scrutinize on this issue are some bigoted orientalist who believe in BS like White Man’s Burden.

    Eastern culture was not “traditional” nor “conservative” like westerners always insist. In its original form, eastern culture was quite liberal. Take a look at Japan, for instance. The Japanese culture has always been sexually liberal; their Ama divers dived topless, until the white westerners came and was shocked by such nudity. It was WESTERN INFLUENCE that FORCED Japanese Ama divers to wear diving clothes, because white (Christian) westerners believed that nudity is wrong.

    It was western IMPERIALISM that enforced the stereotype that eastern culture must be conservative and traditional. But the truth is, eastern culture was NEVER conservative nor traditional until the western imperalists came around. Western imperialists enforced such stereotype to keep the easterners ignorant. They didn’t want eastern culture to naturally evolve, they didn’t want eastern culture to assimilate RATIONALISM, because those imperalists were afraid that such things would cause REBELLION. Thus, it was NECESSARY for the white imperialists to keep eastern culture conservative and traditional.

    But the irony of this thing, many ignorant easterners BELIEVED in such cultural stereotype. “Kissing is wrong”, “sexual freedom is against eastern culture”, “blah-blah-blah, yadda yadda yadda”. They never realize that such stereotype was planted and enforced by white Imperialists since centuries ago, to keep the “natives” stupid.

    For fellow Indonesians who believed in this “kissing is wrong” BS, let me remind you that about a century ago, THE WHITE PEOPLE WERE MORE CONSERVATIVE THAN WE ARE. Yup, it was called VICTORIAN ERA where even showing a woman’s ANKLE was considered P0RN. Meanwhile, topless women were perfectly acceptable in Balinese culture. See what I mean?

    Anyone who insists that kissing is wrong according to Indonesian culture is either a bigoted orientalist, a racist, or both. Heck, I used to kiss my parent’s cheek since childhood, and I’m an Indonesian, so why don’t you take your Ku Klux Klan mask outside and copulate with yourself?

  9. timdog says:

    Kreshna said:

    eastern culture was NEVER conservative nor traditional

    Kreshna said:

    many ignorant easterners BELIEVED in such cultural stereotype

    Kreshna said:

    eastern culture

    Kreshna said again:

    eastern culture

    Kreshna said again and again and again:

    eastern culture

    Ah! The mysterious “eastern culture” of all those sensuous “orientals” from Papua New Guinea to the Khyber Pass – a unified “Asiatic” way, all kissing and langorously enervated sensuality, opium pipes and dancing girls, as practiced by Pashtuns, Bengalis, Khymers, Malays, Japanese, Sasaks and Sundanese…

    Who’s the orientalist here, Kreshna?

    Just discovered post-Saidian critical thought did you? (He’s finally, mercifully, begining to go a bit out of fashion by the way…).

    Ooo, my White Man’s Burden! It’s awfully heavy, giving me backache…

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