Friday Muslim Prayers

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The men of Aceh are not fulfilling their Friday prayer obligations.

As the imposition of sharia law in Aceh goes on not all are happy with the performance of the Sharia Office and the religious police, Wilayatul Hisbah (WH), the bodies entrusted with seeing that the Acehnese perform their religious obligations.

Somebody called Lia, a resident of Banda Aceh, complains that sharia enforcement agencies are not taking action against the large number of men in the province who fail to do their Friday prayers in the mosque, or Jumatan. Lia says that the Dinas Syariat Islam and the WH are overly concerned with the behaviour of women, whether the matter of their having boyfriends, or their wearing clothes which are too figure hugging, while lazy, irreligious men get away with not carrying out their prayers.

Lia says everybody knows that under Islamic law men are required to perform prayers in the mosque every Friday, yet the religious authorities are more concerned with sinful activities such as “khalwat” (immoral proximity to a person of the opposite sex) and drinking.

I hope that the Dinas Syariat Islam and WH will pay more attention to this [Friday prayers].

In response Wirzaini Usman of the Sharia Office threw up his hands and said it wasn’t just the religious authorities’ responsibility to enforce such matters, families and individuals should make sure that people were doing the right thing. Sharia had to be enforced by all people in society, not just the upholders of the law.

Acehnese women more dutiful than their menfolk
Acehnese women more dutiful than their menfolk.

He went on to say that Friday prayers observance was not as important as sexual immorality crimes such as the wearing of tight clothes or behaviour which tended towards unlawful sex or adultery. Those who didn’t shalat, or do their prayers, did not have a harmful effect on others, but if women wore tight fitting clothes then the men around them could be aroused into committing adultery or rape.

Until now his office had run routine patrols on Fridays urging men to do their duty and go to the mosque, but the matter had not been a great focus of attention. Patrols would be stepped up in the near future, he said, using female officers from the sharia office and ordinary policewomen. Those who were proven to have not performed their prayers for three Fridays running could be sentenced to six strokes of the cane or imprisoned for up to six months. antara

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  1. Janma says:

    Well the whole is rather convoluted and contradictory… so I would rather decide based on my own discretion and choose what’s good and leave what isn’t.

  2. Sputjam says:

    This is the message from the koran :-

    54:17/52:22/54:32/54:40 And We made the Qur’an easy to learn. Do any of you wish to learn?

    Now show me the verse that indicate that you have to learn from ulamas.
    What does it take for you to understand this simple message?

  3. Matahari says:
    and this is what the syariah police do in Aceh.

  4. Parvita says:

    They are not being punished because the police are praying too. After they pray, they look for women wearing sexy blouses.

    Very interesting indeed. What a job.

  5. Yunir says:


    The best is to read it up in Arabic itself and apply the correct semantics of the verses.

    Because you refuse to do this and instead prefer to read the Qur’an in simplistic translations, all your arguments are based on those simplistic translations, not the direct Qur’an verses itself.

    I can’t help but think that Indonesia Matters is nothing more then:
    “Islam is idiot and so are Muslims, We don’t want Islam in Indonesia.”
    Topics on non-Islamic issues are merely legitimization tools.

    Discussions have really been unconstructive.

  6. Aluang anak Bayang says:

    yunir wrote:

    I can’t help but think that Indonesia Matters is nothing more then:
    “Islam is idiot and so are Muslims, We don’t want Islam in Indonesia.”
    Topics on non-Islamic issues are merely legitimization tools.

    Discussions have really been unconstructive.

    Sorry, I have to disagree with you. I think it has been very constructive. You see, few of us has been engaging with an Arab-wannabe poster. Whenever he was trapped and can’t respond logically, he resorted to galling retorts. There is a slim chance that he can be rehabilitated.

    You, on the other hand, can turn a shameful and morally wrong Arab tradition into something you can accept. You have underestimated our intelligence. Otherwise, our founding fathers would have jumped onto the shariah bandwagon decades ago.

    Man, you need to broaden your horizon, life don’t revolve around a mere book. Muslims are not idiots, the idiots are those who cried ‘wolves’ when cornered.

    I have more respect for this Arab-wannabe than an evasive deceiver.

  7. Yunir says:

    Aluang, you said:

    I have more respect for this Arab-wannabe than an evasive deceiver.

    I say, I never asked for any.

    You asked about the rational for the ruling on divorces, I answered. You then raised the issue of “What if they have kids?” I can answer that too, but then you will raise the question on “What about inheritence?” I can answer that too, but then you’ll divert the whole topic to inheritence laws and ignoring the original topic.

    Like I said, typical replies from Islam-bashers. The only reason why I even bother to reply and ‘entertain’ you is because fellow readers may fail to recognize your devious doings.


  8. Aluang anak Bayang says:

    I remembered asking about the kids because it relates to my question. If there is sex involved (even though it is a one-night-marriage), there is a possibility of the woman getting pregnant. Saying ‘no sex involved’ doesn’t convince me as it contradicts another verse “women is like land for you to tilth whenever you want’. Nowhere in your story book of guidance prescribe condom, so the possibility of a child borne out of this liaison is very real.

    I am pretty sure I didn’t ask about ‘inheritance’. So you are suggesting that there are more errors in your story book. That is interesting. Let me read about ‘inheritance’ and I will get back to you.

    Call me anything you like. In fact I am here for entertainment after a long day of hard work. If you could do me a favor, point out the chapter where the errors on inheritance are, and we can start entertaining the crowd right away.


  9. Shamlan says:

    Wow… this is seriously retarded. Janma, we are men; if you can’t understand that fact, you are in denial. This means that we are created to be more visual, so if a passing beautiful woman is coming and alluring us with her beauty, we can’t do anything but feel a lust. This lust in Islam is considered unpure; which means that women should wear modest clothing (vice versa). Now, for defining modest clothing, there was a clear order prohibiting women to cover their boobs (yes, in the Q’uran), but some things remain unsure; so people resort to the hadiths and try to look for an answer, which is currently the Hijab. Now, concerning modest clothing giving women self-respect, that is bullcrap. Hijab or any modest clothing is meant to stop this feeling of great lust by men in general. Now seriously, don’t give me im the modern woman speech and all that talk, we both know this is true, so learn while you can.

    Now for the ending roflz, ALLAH KNOWS BEST πŸ˜€
    P.S: I’m Kuwaiti, so i understand this stuff pretty well.
    a note for you guys: some things remain unknown, lets just keep it that way unless we have hard-core proof that it is how things should happen; like we should just say: this is a wisdom from Allah (swt) which we still do not understand. This is a solution that is amazing and we both know it πŸ™‚

    On another note, i also think modest clothing only limits the lust, since that is why we aren’t supposed to look at women that way. Not very sure about this though; well, only Allah knows best.

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