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Indonesian herbal medicine, jamu, and quality standards.

As the 5th national congress of the Jamu and Traditional Medicine Producers’ Association got under way in Jakarta on 12th April delegates were reminded about the need to be competitive with other Asian producers of traditional medicines and cures.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono opened the meeting and asked that the Indonesian version of the F.D.A, the Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan (POM), keep a closer watch on traditional medicine in the country to ensure that unregistered and unsafe medicines were not available. If not the whole industry would suffer, he said, especially given the fact that the year 2020 was nearing, when laws and standards for products such as jamu would be standardised throughout the ASEAN region.

Black Madura Jamu stick
Black Madura Jamu stick, keeps your husband loyal.

In a seminar entitled “ASEAN Harmonization in Traditional Medicines and Health Supplements” Husniah Rubiana Thamrin of the POM urged jamu producers to become more competitive and creative in anticipation of increased competition from India and China, countries whose economies were developing fast. The ASEAN harmonization program would help in this respect, he said, but Indonesian traditional medicines had to be of a higher quality.

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  1. Thomas Williams says:

    I have sold, consumed,and promoted Jamu for some years. In my experience your natural medicine is superb; also your beauty products.

    I am a Medical Herbalist in Wales with over 33 years experience with herbs and have never stopped learning. Jamu is now my passion. For the record in November last year I cut one of my toes in the lagoon at Morela. The raw Jatropha plant was applied by my guide and healing was quite amazing. Azis Tunny of the Jakarta Post will testify to this.

    I would like very much to meet a member or members of your “Jamu and Traditional Medicine Producers Association” during my next visit. I would like to learn of some of the smaller companies now. Are you able to help?

    For my part I will be more pleased to offer any information that I have on UK herbs that you may already know something about.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours sincerely


  2. Hegar says:

    Assalamu’alaykum Wr Wb
    Jamu is Indonesia’s traditional remedies. I think since now on Indonesia must develop the research on it. I think it’s very prospectous. It’s the time for us I think to develop the industry on it. Don’t wait until there is any conutry that assume that jamu belongs to them. Remember that it is a herritage from our amcestor. We need to keep it. We need to make it higher in the quality grade and also not just make it in the form “jamu” but also in the form “phytopharmaceutical product” so that scientifically it will be regard as part of modern medicines.

  3. Dragonwall says:

    The one as pictured above and I have seen that was no more than just smooth surfaced granite like kind of heavy stick and I am unsure what it was used for. More like to make the vagina bigger or a joy stick rather.

    The first original jamu stick that appears in the market in the 80’s was actually liken a cigar ‘cerutu’ with the heavy scent of jamu or herbs. That one was useful and just unable to find any of those in production or in the market.

    This stick is to do away with bad foul smell emitted by the body through the vagina and usually when that occurs in a human body of a female it stinks due to the accumulation of some white substances. The original stick was used after the private part was cleaned and the cerutu is being shaft in for a period of few minutes and it must be taken out. The jamu absorb by the private part will quickly do away the foul smell and it’s other usage it will cause the private part to shrink tightening the entry point.

    Whereas the new one is absolutely of no use, more like a gimmick.

    I know of one jamu that was alchoholic extract from leave of a plant known as the ‘pattivera aliacea’ The plant was first founded in the latin countries by american who then have the university of new york to have it understudy and was found to contain substance to overcome cancerous cells. It was then tested with cancer patient and found recipient to have great improve with their cancer cell greatly reduced. After consuming the extract of this plant the tip of the fingers tend to glow under beta light.

    This was later developed by an army doctor in Indonesia in Bogor who wanted to have it categories as jamu as they were being developed from herbs. But during that time Ibu Tien did not want that approved as Jamu because it was using technology in the extraction. It didn’t got far.

    I once tested the liquid extracts mixed with orange juice. It is a wonder. I am not a cancer person. After consuming that the eyesight improves to my awes and one other thing out of expectation. This liquid gives the body the kind of zest that makes a person even more potent if you know what I mean.

    I had a golfer who worked over time during the night, you know what it is, and I find him lazing tired everyday he turns up for work. So I bought him a dozen to try out and that changes his life entirely. In the late 80’s it cost Rp:20,000 per bottle the size of honey and ginseng extractum.

    Not long after news leak out and reports of people with breast cancer was cured by this liquid bought from this clinin in Bogor Near the Maxim Bakery.

    Given the opportunity this doctor will be rich and famous. Just too bad.

  4. Thomas Williams says:

    I am still waiting to receive an e mail from someone who will introduce me to some of the smaller players in the jamu industry. Any offers? I will be coming to Indonesia again after Ramadhan, my 3rd visit this year.
    I hope to go to Mamala with Azis Tunny from the Jakarta post to witness the “whipping ceremony”. Also I am seeking permission to allow myself to be filmed whilst being whipped. This will then be put on to my website to prove just how effective Jamu is in healing wounds.
    Yours sincerely
    Thomas Williams
    Medical Herbalist

  5. Thomas Williams says:

    Patung Patung many thanks for your guidance. I am so glad someone is listening. When I come to Jakarta where can I contact you.
    Kind regards

    Dragonwall. I am interested in your comments on the fabulous tonic you bought from the clinic in Bogor. Does it have a brand name? Can you give the name of the clinic. This sounds extremely interesting

    kind regards


  6. David says:

    Hi Thomas, I sent you an email.

  7. Ko Ko Latt says:


    I want to know your Herbal Products list.

    Best Regards,
    Ko Ko Latt.

  8. David says:

    Hello Ko Ko Latt, I don’t have a herbal products list, sorry, although I’ve been thinking about making one recently. But that doesn’t help you. Where is your market?

  9. Ko Ko Latt says:

    Hello Sir,

    If u have a Pharmaceutical Or Herbal Products,I want to distribute in my country.
    Please join with our group.
    Ko Ko Latt.

  10. Ko Ko Latt says:

    My market is in Myanmar.

  11. Nicole Millerq says:

    Can someone tell me if the jamu stick really works, I am in desperate need of something I am on the verge of having surgery at this point.

  12. Thomas Williams says:

    Dear Nicole,

    Yes, the jamu stick works after application for each romantic moment. But, for a more permanent solution I have information on products that will seriously tighten the birth canal. This may take some time to achieve the desired result but the solution is much more permanent.

    Kind regards
    Thomas Williams

  13. Have just returned from Mamala in Ambon with Azis Tunny. The whipping ceremony took place on the 8th of October I took some cuts and am pleased to say that the Minyak Mamala is working so well in healing the wounds. On the first application all pain disappeared.
    I will edit the film that was taken and put on to my website when I return to UK
    Yours sincerely

  14. Hegar says:

    I got many information about Jamu here. By the way, what is minyak Mamala contain about? It seems that it can be the local analgesic. Can we drink this? And does minyak Mamala can regenerate the wound? I hope I get the reply. Thanx

  15. Dear Hegar,

    Thank you for responding. The oil of Mamala is used externally to take away pain and also to heal wounds, When I return to Wales in the UK I will edit the films I took at the #whipping ceremony and put on to my website. You will see the marks made by the whipping easily on my white skin and I will also show the state of my torso at the time. Already the wounds are healing,,,no infection….no pain….just wonderful memories of the people in Kampong Mamala who made me so welcome. The history of Minyak Mamala is outlined in articles By reporter Azis Tunny on the internet.
    Kind regards

  16. Lisa says:

    Dear Thomas,

    In your message to Nicole you stated that you have a more permanant solution to tightening the birth canal.. can you inform me of what this would be, please?

    Thank you. Lisa

  17. Thomas williams says:

    Dear Lisa, Sorry for the delay in replying.

    Try Nyonya Meneer products
    Rapet which I am told means “tight” or “the essence of tightness” Certainly Rapet contains herbs that tighten the birth canal.
    May I also advise that you regularly do Pelvic Floor exercises….many sights on the internet to advise on this. A cold water shower over the genitals each day will also help to strengthen the area…cold water is an astringent.

    Several Indonesian ladies have told me that Nyonya Meneer’s Tresnaseh will make the birth canal vibrate during romantic moments.
    Where are you living? If Europe, I have these products available.
    Kind regards

  18. Lisa says:

    Thank you so much Thomas for your reply. I will certainly look into the information you have offerd. I do live in the U.S. so will probably have to find the products online.
    Much Appreciation! Lisa

  19. David says:

    Thomas, Lisa, I think it’s Tresnasih, can find in some ebay stores.

  20. Thomas Williams says:

    Lisa, I can supply Tresnasih. Have stock here in UK. Cost is £25 for 28 days supply including air parcel charges
    Kind regards

  21. Lorita says:

    HI,i just got some jamu sticks from eBay,but not sure about it yet…Seems there is different information about it out there..Some say-the original stick is white,some-that it should be of darker color.The darker the color the – more the jamu inside (???) But i understand that is not only jamu,in the jamu recepies-a mixture of herbs rather.. Does anyone know what is the truth? I received white sticks,and im still researching on them ,before i use.. Help?

  22. Suryo Perkoso says:

    Thomas williams Says:

    December 24th, 2008 at 6:12 pm
    Dear Lisa, Sorry for the delay in replying.

    Try Nyonya Meneer products
    Rapet which I am told means “tight” or “the essence of tightness” Certainly Rapet contains herbs that tighten the birth canal.
    May I also advise that you regularly do Pelvic Floor exercises….many sights on the internet to advise on this. A cold water shower over the genitals each day will also help to strengthen the area…cold water is an astringent.

    Several Indonesian ladies have told me that Nyonya Meneer’s Tresnaseh will make the birth canal vibrate during romantic moments.Where are you living? If Europe, I have these products available.
    Kind regards

    Thomas, so does amput-amput on a Triumph 500, but I wouldn’t try it unles you want to fall off…..

  23. Lorita says:

    HI again, many thanks for taking the time to reply..I have read this one earlier,though..Just wanted some info-on either the white or the brown stick suppose to be “the real deal” – has anyone used them before? I’m based in Europe-yeah, so I will be probably getting in touch-at some point in the future for the Rapet you wrote about,
    king regards:

  24. Shida says:

    I am in the process of doing research on them but the only testimonials are on sites that sell them. I would love to get information on them in detail. Also which is the best black brown or white.

  25. Sylvia says:

    Hi, I have used the jamustick. seems to be ok with me. not sure if others find it good. i used the white ones. got it off the internet

  26. Maria Paris says:

    Hello, I am interested in the Jamu products for cleansing purposes. Is there a difference between the white and black one, if so which one is better, and I would like to know how long it would take to my p.o.bo. Thank you.

  27. Josephine Li says:

    Hi, i would like to know where is shop in london?? I live in austria, we go for first of january for holidays. I would like to visit your shop to buy the jamu. Thank you.

  28. ami says:

    Hi, I read that the black was best for fixing bad/smelly discharge and the white was better for tightening (but they both do both). Does anyone know about the brown or pink ones? Has anyone had any of this stuff tested for ingredients?

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