Toilet Sex

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A sharia policeman in Aceh is caught in toilet sex with a teenage girl.

Several cases of sex crimes by officials recently in Aceh:

First on 12th April 2007 Puji Wijayanto, a senior judge at the State Court in Sabang, Aceh, was arrested in a hotel room along with a woman he is not married to by the sharia police, Wilayatul Hisbah (WH). His case will likely be taken to the Sharia Court eventually.

Puji Wijayanto claims that he has been set up, because in the recent past he has handled a number of large corruption cases in Sabang. gatra

Secondly a case involving a religious policeman falling into temptation. 33 year old Raihanuddin Lubis, a patrolman of the Wilayatul Hisbah/WH employed by the Islamic Sharia Office of Aceh, was arrested by citizens in a public toilet along with a 16 or 17 year old girl, Nurlela or Mah/Magdalena, in Banda Aceh on 19th April.

One of the villagers who took part in the arrest, a middle aged woman, said:

We never thought he would do something like that because he has always been a man who went to the mosque.

Some of the teenagers and young people in the village were happy that Raihanuddin had been caught because he had often bothered them when friends visited their homes. antara

It turned out later that Raihanuddin had arranged to meet Nurlela in the toilet via SMS messaging.

Nurlela was the next day quickly married off to Raihanuddin, as is said to be the traditional custom in cases like these. l6

Sharia Police
The happy couple.

After these events the men of the Wilayatul Hisbah are said to be greatly embarrassed and shy about doing their patrols to enforce sharia law. One sharia official, Syafruddin, said the arrest of Raihanuddin was affecting the work performance of his men.

Even though Raihanuddin had married the young girl Syafruddin recommended that he be processed by the courts anyway and later caned, to show that the religious police were fair. antara

Wilayatul Hisbah sharia police in Banda Aceh are threatening to go on strike unless Raihanuddin Lubis is punished.

Some ordinary citizens are said to be complaining that since the Raihanuddin Lubis public toilet sex incident the young people of the city are no longer afraid of the religious police and so young men and women are mixing freely again. antara

As of July 31st 2007 the case of Rai (33) and Mah (17) has not been processed legally. An official of the Sharia Legal Office says he doesn’t know when the case will go ahead. antara

14 Comments on “Toilet Sex”

  1. Arema says:

    WH = worst hypocrites.

  2. Saipul says:

    Surprise? Nope. Sharia police are corrupt hypocrites like most everyone else. The difference is that they cane people for the same acts that they commit.

  3. Ihaknt says:

    There’s no surprise here. Muna. The poor girl, she should’ve reported this as rape and had him stoned to death. Why throw away her life? It seems he started and manipulated the whole incident.

  4. Silverlines says:

    And they run around the province to chase girls and women without veils and giving them preach about heaven and hell?

  5. Abul says:

    This is actually classic. When you’re watched from doing wrong, who will in turn watch the watchers? These kind of things are already confusing as they are, labeling the watchers in religious mumbo-jumbo makes it even worse, and makes it more ridiculous and amusing once these kind of things happen.

    It is also so classic Indonesia, people bother themselves with unnecessary and silly things, instead of tinkering around with obvious things that will improve its citizens’ lives.

  6. Andrew says:

    We have a saying perfect just for that: pagar makan tanaman.

    This is hypocrisy at its best.

  7. Walker Man says:

    Of course, shariah police are not angel. They can make wrong like us. But, their wrong must be punish more hard then us. Because they are the police.

  8. Abdullah Muhamad says:

    It seems that Aceh is the home of the most hypocrite people in Indonesia. More than 25 years ago when I was still in college, we had a study tour to Aceh. We made a stop in one point where we could see a beautiful view of the Indian Ocean and took a rest, some of the guys went into the woods to do their business as there were no bathroom. But in a very short time they all ran out of the woods, they all were scared as there were a naked couple who were having sex in the woods. Few minutes later, the couple went out of the woods (with their clothes on) and passed through all of us with confidence. This was happened more than 25 years ago, and this is what they called Serambi Mekah?

  9. Janma says:

    All of us anti sharia people already knew this would happen. They are so focused on sex, sex, sex. It’s pretty indicative isn’t it. They can’t have free sex, so they have voyeurisim disguised as moral policing, it’s fairly obvious they are so focused on sex, too much repression. Let em go for it I reckon. Get it all out!

    *who thinks morality is just a curtain hiding desire*

  10. Bas says:

    These guys are pervers. That’s why they made all these stupid laws. Forbidden things are much more exciting, especially if there is a caning threat. That just make the forbidden fruit even more exciting.

  11. Ihaknt says:

    The S&M people must be buying their tickets into Aceh now. Do it openly then get caned for it. Bliss. Hey this can be a tourism boost. I mean, it was Jusuf Kalla who “legalised” sex tourism in puncak for the Arabs, right?

  12. Agam says:

    If you wanna see what people (mostly Achehnese) taught about the ‘injustice’ of Aceh’s Sharia Law, please follow this link:

  13. Zekky says:

    The… girl… should’ve reported this as rape and had him stoned

    If other Islamic states are an example, the girl would have been stoned.

    We never thought he would do something like that … a man who went to the mosque.

    Indonesian naivety at its worst.

  14. Stupid Bule says:

    It turned out later that Raihanuddin had arranged to meet Nurlela in the toilet via SMS messaging.

    Wow! this guy really knows how to sweep a girl off her feet…he’s such a romantic!

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