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Christianisation through sodomy, hypnosis, and kidnapping is rampant in Indonesia.

It is often heard that Indonesia is subject to a process of Christianisation, one example being an old article by one Herry Nurdi in Sabili magazine – “Alert! Christianization is Attacking Campuses” (ALERT! KRISTENISASI MENYERBU KAMPUS), the word “attack” having the sense of “in great numbers” or “stampede”, the article having been recently republished on some Indonesian blogs. swaramuslim

Sabili magazine cover, warning of Christian missionary guerrilla warfare in Muslim neighbourhoods.

Herry says various university campuses are currently under attack from Christian evangelists. An example given is the case of Adam at the Institut Pertanian Bogor, Bogor Agricultural Institute, a member of the conservative Muslim group NII, Indonesian Islamic State movement. Adam struggles to pay the fees required by NII and after some time he is approached by a cunning Christian student who helps Adam and eventually persuades him to move to the boarding house where he lives.

Thereafter Adam is brainwashed by the devious Christianiser, his mind filled with Christian doctrines, while Adam’s Islam is lost. Worse is to come. Adam is later sodomised by someone who claims to be “the saviour of the [lost] sheep”.

Hartono Ahmad Jaiz has the news.

After all this, even including the Christian sodomising, Adam becomes a confirmed believer and a militant evangelist for Christianity and begins Christianising work at various universities in East Java.

But happily in the end Adam returns to his home in West Sumatra and becomes a Muslim again.

University of Islamic Studies (IAIN)
Muslim girls at the Islamic University of Indonesia (IAIN) are not safe.

A female student also in Bogor, West Java, Rahmi, is befriended by a Christian girl who is very sympathetic and listens to all of Rahmi’s problems. Gradually the Christian friend moves the conversation onto religious topics and Rahmi later explains:

It was like I was hypnotised by that Christian student.

It all ended with Rahmi’s baptism by her hypnosis expert friend. At the baptism, which was possibly carried out in a dark room, the hypnotist friend was watched over by a more senior person who made sure there were no problems.

Rahmi later says that there were five other students she knew of who had been converted to Christianity by her friend. In any case Rahmi, like Adam, was finally saved by God and returned to Islam. She has made a list of the Muslim students at her university who have been targeted by evangelists but she can’t say how many people are on the list:

But it’s a lot.

Rahmi complains that the one who baptised her still roams about campus freely, looking for more victims.

Muslim girl praying asks about this Acehnese girl: “She survived the tsunami, but will she survive the scavenging missionaries bent on abducting Muslim children “for Christ””.

There are several other case histories of Christianisation given. Wati is converted by a Roman Catholic who impregnates and then marries her. Another Muslimah is kidnapped and made a Christian.

A well-organised gang of Christians at the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI/IKIP) in Bandung pretend to be Muslims and succeed in converting several Muslim girls who had previously worn headscarfs and covered their aurat well.

Such stories of conversion to Christianity are said to be only the tip of an iceberg, and Herry warns that Muslims must always be on guard against the enemies of God.

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  1. Surti says:

    I think this is not good information, and bullshit information. Why do you afraid about “chritianisaton”. Why do you worry about that. It is not about quantity but quality. Do you think if the followers big, It is a good. He hem, I think every religion is good. But how about the follower, we cannot guarantee, so why do you so worry.

    If you, Have a problem, so the people from other religion want to help you, what do you think. Are you thinking small??
    You don’t accep that?

    Oh come on guy, please think a big???

    Don’t worry about the circumstance, It’s depend on you, it’s depend on your heart.

    I am sorry, we are not have same opinion.

    We are the same, although different religon

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