On the Rampage

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Rampage by militant groups in in Bandung & Tasikmalaya, while a senior Democrat Party figure calls for their banning.

On the morning of 12th December about 250 men from militant groups Front Pembela Islam (FPI), Forum Umat Islam (FUI), and Gerakan Reformasi Islam (Garis) raided seven houses believed to be being used as informal or illegal churches in the Rancaekek area of Bandung, West Java.

Front Pembela Islam (FPI) in Bandung

One house church, belonging to the often besieged Batak Protestant church (Gereja Huria Kristen Batak Protestan (HKBP)) Bethania was afterwards ‘sealed’ by public order officials, to prevent its further use as a church. Church authorities later admitted they did not have proper permits for the building. kompas

Gereja Bethania

Christian congregations in West Java and other Muslim majority areas of the country often find it difficult to obtain legal permission to build a church, and instead make use of ‘temporary’ premises like houses.

Meanwhile on 9th December elsewhere in West Java, in Tasikmalaya, a religious school belonging to the Ahmadiyah sect was also ‘sealed’ by police and local authorities, who had information that, again, the Front Pembela Islam (FPI) was planning an assault on the premises. The authorities claimed that the forced closing was done to prevent any violence.

Ulil Abshar Abdalla

Speaking of the incident in Tasikmalaya a spokesman for the Demokrat Party, Ulil Abshar Abdalla, complained that the reasoning of the authorities made no sense:

They are criminalizing the victims, they’re letting violence take place.

Ulil questioned whether the FPI should be banned:

We all have to ask whether an organisation that consistently uses violence can be allowed to continue and cause disharmony in society.

Ulil Abshar Abdalla is the chairman of the Demokrat Party’s policy development division, was once a senior figure in the Liberal Islam Network/Jaringan Islam Liberal (JIL), and is a scholar of Islam. jawapos

12 Comments on “On the Rampage”

  1. diego says:

    Relijion ov piss.

  2. Lairedion says:

    Grubby little boys, as one ignorant bule would call them.

    Don’t ban them, destroy them and feed them to the pigs….

  3. diego says:

    But that would be considered as a cruetly against animals.

  4. ET says:

    Could it be that I see naked breasts in the leaflet that the guy in the photo above is holding?
    Maybe they are protesting in demand for more nudity in the media.

  5. another ET says:

    “Don’t ban them, destroy them and feed them to the pigs….”

    saya syuka ini!!!

  6. BrotherMouzone says:


    Could it be that I see naked breasts in the leaflet that the guy in the photo above is holding?

    Difficult to make out, but I think they are man boobs…

    Tasikmalaya is a dump with no redeeming qualities. If I never go there again, it will be too soon. I wonder why it’s so often Batak churches that end up in conflict with these muppets.

  7. diego says:

    You know what really pisses me off whenever I read this kind of news? The photos.

    Yes, the photos that shows those islamist hoodlums.

    I mean, fck, are we (indonesians) that ugly? Could it be the backward flavor of islamism that sipped into those animals destroy them inside, thus affecting their outward appearance.

    I guess it’s time for us indonesians to do somekind of eugenic-operation. We should not accept those uglies in our gene pool.

    For those lost cases, well, I’d say cut them off, for our own survival.

  8. ET says:


    You know what really pisses me off whenever I read this kind of news? The photos.

    Here’s a photo that might cheer you up.

  9. Hans says:

    The fight on Democracy can never be complacent, it must always be fighted by the people, otherwise DECLINE democracy and those in power abuse their power to benefit themselves at the expense of the people: corruption swamps and freedom are increasingly illusory, and is eventually lost. There is the creeping dictatorship.

    Democracy stands for freedom and justice in contrast to the Dictatorship which accounts for varying degrees of bondage or oppression and injustice.

    fight for a good Christmas, is another struggle, Legacy of the Vikings’ celebration at midwinter, when the great slaughter took place. Not something the church wants to talk about.

    Midwinter night is cold and harsh;
    the stars sparkle and glisten.
    Everyone sleeps in a lonely farm
    deep in the midnight hours.
    The moon walk their silent course,
    snow shines white on pine and spruce,
    snow shines white on the roofs.
    Only Santa Claus is awake.

    Merry Christmas wherever you are

  10. diego says:

    Speaking of ugliness. The photo below I took it from arabnews.com. I often wonder, why do that race looks like that? I mean, that oversized nose, an worse yet, skewed, and that evil smirk (see the one with that unaesthetic beard in the background). We can’t blame hollywood for portraying them as bad guys, I mean, it’s just very easy. Look at them! They seem to have all the facial features of something evil and rotten (witch comes to mind).

    Gee…, yet another reason for indonesians to steer clear from them. I guess their ugliness is contagious.

  11. Hans says:

    Ans this is the nice side, whit democrati, freedom and a dream of a better life.

  12. LoneDiver says:

    “There are frequent tensions between Muslims and Christians (fill in any other Religion) in Indonesia”. “If there are frequently tensions between Christians (fill in any other Religion) and Muslims in Indonesia”, than there are frequently tensions between Canadian seal hunters and Canadian baby seals also!

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