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The Indonesian Idol competition has begun.

From over 90,000 hopefuls who had tried out for the Indonesian Idol competition now 24 contestants have begun the final stages of the event, lasting from 16th to 28th April. The 24 come from these cities in Indonesia, they being Ambon (2), Bandung (6), Denpasar (1), Banjarmasin (1), Jakarta (6), Surabaya (6), Makassar (1), Manado (1), Manokwari (1), and Medan (1).

Michael Prabawa Mohede
2006 winner Mike, bucked the looks trend.

Anang Hermansyah, the husband of singer Krisdayanti and one of the judges for Idol, says from the perspective of look, all the contestants are suitably attractive. Being good looking, as Endy Bayuni points out postglobal, seems to be the main thing about Indonesian Idol:

….most of them were voted into Indonesian Idol not so much for their singing abilities as for their looks.

And it wouldn’t be Indonesia without corruption:

Many also made it into the final rounds because their supporters and family members were able to mobilize people to send in the text messages, sometimes even doling out money or prepaid cards to people to send text messages voting for them.

None of the previous four winners of Idol have gone on to anything special, except:

become second-rate TV actors.

Some couldn’t even manage that, and none of them are still singing, he says, although “controversial” 2004 winner Joy Destiny Tobing may still be belting tunes out.

Delon Thamrin
2004 runner-up Delon, still popular with the girls.

Anang Hermansyah is one of two new judges who have been added to the panel, the other being Jamie Aditya of MTV VJ fame. Pre-existing judges, “Indonesia’s Best Television Host” Indy Barends, good-guy Indra Lesmana and, unfortunately, the hideous Titi DJ, are still on the team while long-haired, scruffy Jay seems to have been given the boot. gatra

5 Comments on “Indonesian Idol”

  1. Arema says:

    Idol has moved from singing competition to popularity contest. The same happened in American Idol.

    It’s meaningless to win by “buying votes”, because in the end he/she can’t sell their albums anyway, without a strong fans base, even though they ARE the champion.

    Now most contestants participate in the competition not to win, but to get themselves known / publicized, and use it as a stepping stone for their singing career.

    A good example of the flaw of “democracy” when the people are not mature enough. Judges’ vote should play a role in the overall votes, in my humble opinion.

  2. Andrew says:

    To be honest I’d rather see a nice-looking girl with a good voice than an unsightly woman with a perfect voice. It would be a different case if the nice-looking girl had a terrible voice.

    I guess it is human nature to be subjective. It’s hardly surprising that look and personality count in this audio-visual entertainment world – they are part of the equation.

  3. Anna says:

    The last idol is tottaly different compared the first one competition which really profesional competiton and most of the talented. This third Indonesian idol most of the singer has not enough power or feel to song.

  4. EMO says:

    Indonesian or American Idol is the same. It’s not a pure singing Competition. It’s more to SMS Competition lately.
    It will be better if we have a real Singing Competition , judge by Professional judges such as Professional Singers, Professional musicians and some professional from the music Industry. Then only we can say, it’s a singing competition.
    You will see some real talents there. ( remember the then Bintang Radio, 30 years ago ). But business is business. TV networks have their unique way to market their products.

  5. foolosophy says:

    I don’t care who wins. I’ve met some of the idols and they are great people with beautiful voice.

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