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Habib Salim Alatas

Habib Salim Alatas of the FPI

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  1. aRcaNum says:

    Their should never be a law or ban on insulting anything or anyone real or in this case imagined. He says if we can’t learn Muslim sensitivities were all in trouble. I guess were all in trouble because I see free speech as the right to be insulted and the right to insult. It’s not us that needs a ban insulting their prophet, it’s Islam that needs to adjust their extreme sense of insult and honor and get over it because I will always maintain my right to dislike Mohammad or anyone else and say so in any way I see fit. They can burn Bible’s and Crosses and flags and Images as long as they don’t kill over it I really don’t care, it’s their right

Comment on “Habib Salim Alatas”.

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