Dewi Persik Topless

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The ample bosom of singer Dewi Persik causes another national controversy; Dewi threatened with prison time and an FPI home visit.

Dangdut singer and tabloid celebrity Dewi Persik has been reported to the police by the Islam Defenders’ Front/Front Pembela Islam (FPI) over the circulation on the internet of some “topless” photos.

FPI head man Habib Salim Alatas carried a copy of the photos while visiting Jakarta police headquarters to file the complaint, along with several other risque photos from Dewi’s chequered, drama filled life. Habib said jawapos

Apart from reporting it to the police we’re also going to visit her house to ask Dewi to explain herself.

Habib Salim Alatas
The evidence

Meanwhile of the photos which have been in circulation for a month Dewi said they were were taken while she was in the make-up room of Ahmad Dhani‘s studio, and she was just playing up for the camera for fun.

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  1. ET says:

    This is the halal, FPI approved version of Dewi Perssik’s topless photograph.

  2. Ross says:

    I see we both hit the post button almost simultaneously on this topic, David, but as usual with slightly different styles!

    What I find encouraging, as reported on my Ross’s Right Angle, is the solidarity being expressed by other stars, even Jupe, with whom Depe had her famous recent cat-fight.

    And it will be fascinating to see if the police take pre-emptive, or any, action, in the light of an open threat to assault Depe’s home within three days!

    The more the victims of the FPI (and the think-alike other Islamonazi gangs) manage to link up, the better chance of saving Indonesia.

  3. Odinius says:

    The collection of naughty pictures the guy is holding looks like it’s been thumbed through more than a few times.

  4. timdog says:

    Certainly does, odinius…
    Grade-A twazzock Martin Amis has attempted to suggest, with typical inane smuggery, that Islamism is all down to sexual frustration (doubt that’s the case with those lads in Afghanistan; they get plenty – just not with girls. And incidentally, when looking at a photo of Martin Amis, does anyone else have this strange conviction that if you met him in person, beyond his unquestionable odour of stale cigarettes and alcohol, you would detect a faint whiff of actual sh*t, actual faeces? No? Just me then…)

    HOWEVER, in the case of the FPI they really do seem to spend waaay too much time trawling the grubbier fringes of the internet… Grubby little boys!

  5. agus says:


    what do you sayy??

  6. rustyprince says:

    Does anyone ever wonder for a possible source, paradigm to explain the innate idiotocracy that continues to sprout despite Pasteur, Edison, IBM, Blade Runner and Haruki Murakami?
    I mean its only 20 years since Fukuyama proclaimed ‘The End of History’ and the onset of boring, conventional reality and the primacy of Liberal diplomacy.
    But instead, well I as a warped student in the 90s bemoaned that I’d missed the Vietnam era and the chance to become a ledgendary war snapper but then an endless list of tragedy snapped my senses back and showed ‘Fukie’ up as some far out CND day dreamer who took John Lennon’s words to heart.

    So one theory offered up to explain the endless self destructive mania of humanity is sexual repression, particularly within Islam. Possibibly a load of crap, but after digesting ‘Fatal Shore’ about Australia I’m not too sure. 10 to 1 ratio of sexes around Botany Bay and pure mayhem, probably the Siberian swamps around Toronto, no wonder old colonial history buffs are such conservatives.

    My own theory which comes out very late at night and a cocktail of wild #*+_-# is that we are all part of a giant ‘Truman Show’ bubble, an advanced form of entertainment for an unseen advanced dimension or ET’s and that well the producer so enjoyed Ariel/Cut/Luna that he’s decided to keep a winning storyline going with the FPI frazzled by a powerful hallucinatory beam to bring the wrath of piety down on gorgeous Dewi. Other producers enjoy Presidents ‘not having Sexual’ relations in the White House or Global Warming conventions being snowbound in Copenhagen.

    Oh one more thing, I’ve yet to find any converts to this wild scenario probably just something more prosaic such as pride and greed.

  7. ET says:

    My own theory which comes out very late at night and a cocktail of wild #*+_-# is that we are all part of a giant ‘Truman Show’ bubble, an advanced form of entertainment for an unseen advanced dimension or ET’s

    I confess. Erasmus’ Laus Stultitiae has made a deep impression on us.

  8. diego says:

    Those slaves of desert worms, sexually repressed bunch.

    On the other hand…:

    Munafikuuun…, taqiyyuuunn…, manyuuuunnnn….

  9. timdog says:


    old colonial history buffs are such conservatives.

    ummm… how dare you suggest such a thing! Do I look like a goddamn conservative????

  10. rustyprince says:

    Mmmh……. A bit of friendly fire there Timdog! Imprecise phrasing.
    I was aiming that comment at that ‘old’ Sergeant Major disciplinarian from Toronto; you know stiff upper lip, tea at lunch-time, G&T gentleman who takes solace in the mythical ‘certainties’ from the colonial era. Only a bit of fun Ross, I’m sure Ontario is really The Garden of Eden

    I enjoyed those Tambora anecdotes Tim, and that devotion to archival research suggests expertise and not ‘buff’dom.

  11. timdog says:

    Hey that’s alright rusty (but I still think you’re stretching the meaning of “buff” – generally implies actually knowing something 😉 )…

    Semi-seriously though, for a long time key communicators of colonial history in the Anglophone world did indeed all too often let the fact that they wished it had never ended show through rather too obviously, while those on the more serious, academic side were often rather hobbled by over-earnest apologia…
    These days however, despite the lingering presence of a few dinosaurs touting crude pseudo-nostalgia and ripping yarns, there’s a dominant generation of highly respectable writers and historians, straddling the “popular” and “academic” boundary, who are able to recognise that European colonialism is in the past, and is rapidly retreating towards the cusp of living memory, and who therefore able to approach it without the need for either justification or apology for either “team”. Have a look for Patrick French, the mighty and magnificent William Dalrymple, and bright young star Alex von Tunzelmann as examples…

    Sh*t, what am I doing? This thread is supposed to be about Dewi Persik’s breasts! Phwoooooaaaaaar!!!!

  12. Ross says:

    Rusty, Toronto was not perhaps Eden but a very nice place to live once, before Trudeau quite deliberately ruined it.

    But it’s always been too cold for me, except for the years I was into building snowpersons (a concession to PC, there).

    As for timdog, I was hoping he would drop by Ross’s Right Angle and assist with that missing thesis on Lombok conversions by Cederoth.
    He (timdog, not Cederoth) does have odd opinions but also possesses loads of arcane lore.

    Too busy concentrating on Depe’s assets, maybe, for which we can surely forgive him.

  13. Nay says:

    Meanwhile, women see no problem with using men for sex and objectifying them.
    The kuta cowboys and their “clientele” stay happy.

  14. Lairedion says:


    Grubby little boys!

    The FPI insecurity and hysteria on anything related to sexuality (a common habit among the majority of Muslims) may trigger some quasi-humorous reactions with you but those grubby little boys have already caused a lot of misery, especially in Jakarta and West Java. Furthermore the new Kapolri requested their help on improving security so now they’re also part of law enforcement.

    Ignore the ignorant bule outsiders, the FPI is a great danger to Indonesian society. Any person belonging to religious and ethnic minorities (as I partly do) can tell.

  15. diego says:

    Yea, and those ignorant bules like to call people like me “redneck” just for voicing my concerns and my wish for those bruts like FPI to be killed, or shipped to arab, or killed and shipped to arab.

  16. Gildo Kaldorana says:

    Top less?. Ada dimana itu top less?. Pakai sensor yah?. Ooooooohhhhhh
    Salam kenal.
    Hasta la vista amig@.

  17. syonan says:

    These FPI “members” act as if they are God’s representative in Indonesia. Why they can’t just find something better to do, such as charity work for the poor. Since Dewi Persik didn’t commit a crime, the police should lay off.

  18. aal says:

    tenang aja coy tambah lg penghuni neraka dunia uda mau kiamat benahilah diri masing2 dan dosa ditanggung masing2 juga santai

  19. BABY says:


  20. ET says:

    Is this Bahasa Gado-Gado?

  21. diego says:

    For those who love seeing / participating in feminist bashing, here’s a nice article:

    The comments 🙂 …

    “I can’t remember the last time I met a beautiful feminist, so who cares.”

  22. ET says:

    When it comes to defend their idol against Islamist scum where are the masses that usually enjoy and go wild during DePe’s performances? Probably in the mosque like non-confrontational hypocrites listening to the hate-speeches of their ustads and then looking the other way. They are the reason gangs like the FPI et al, with the tacit endorsement of governor and police chief are able to hold sway this way. If her fans, which must be in the hundreds of thousands, would stand up, say enough is enough and confront the white-clad hoodlums on their own terms, the street terror would stop and Indonesia would finally make a chance to be taken seriously and get the respect it should deserve.

  23. desnowhy says:

    I’ve just come across this article. Things like this is one of the many reasons why I left Indonesia many years ago and still think that I cannot live in such country. What puzzles me is what is FPI has got to do with Dewi’s photos? Even if she is a muslim herself, it’s between her and her God (Allah). FPI and others have got no right to point finger at her as long as she doesn’t hurt anyone. As far as FPI (Front Pembela Islam) is concerned, what is it they are defending exactly? Did I miss anything?

  24. steph says:

    Nice breasts, that’s all I have to say.

  25. diego says:

    Hi guys,

    Will anyone care to ofer his views about what could be the possible outcome of egypt, in relation tp indonesia’S politics? I mean, muslibrotherhood is likely to be in power, and this might give some ammunitn for organizations in indonesia linked to tht org., such as PKS.

    What do you think will china do?
    Is it true that the jews of israel are scared to death now?
    Is total destruction in middle east getting nearer? Yay!!!!

  26. Oigal says:

    Not a bad attempt at trolling really Diego, however

    Firstly it is extremely unlikely the Muslim Brotherhood would approach anything like holding the reigns of power. At best, they will continue to be a sanctimonious, unrepresentative, ignorant noisy side line party (yes much like the PKS), who will have some influence (perhaps they could follow the Indonesian example and hold the position of BB Porn Police and stupid tweets) but power players…nagh.

    China will do and deal with who ever she can as long as China gets the resources, a whore without principles..

    Israel, scared hardly..not like the Arab world has not exploded before while Israel chuckles..

    All in all pretty shoddy reading of the world news

  27. jill_jollyfee says:

    maybe she forgot to wear her lingerie,or maybe she wants to take a bath

  28. itinerantman says:

    seriously-wtf is happening in indonesia??

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