Guest Workers in Malaysia

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Hundreds of Indonesian workers are deported from Malaysia.

Malaysia began deportations of 829 Indonesian overseas workers (TKI) on 5th April after the workers had served time in Malaysian prisons or undergone other punishments, mostly for visa or passport irregularities:

Most of them were caned with a rattan stick.

Said Didik Trimardjono, an Indonesian consular official in Johor Bahru. mediaindo

Guest Workers in Malaysia
Deputy Indonesian ambassador to Malaysia, A Mohamad Fachir, sees off 52 guest workers being deported.

Meanwhile Renvyannis Gazali, Indonesia’s consular general in Johor Baru, recently toured a number of Malaysian prisons and said dozens of the Indonesian female inmates there were pregnant or had recently given birth.

Dozens were pregnant, I saw dozens of babies there.

Fachir says he doesn’t know whether the women fell pregnant in prison or before being arrested. He says he often visits prisons to check on conditions for Indonesian inmates, and that these conditions are often very poor. mediaindo

The Malaysian immigration office says in 2006 Indonesia accounted for the biggest number of foreign workers in the country at 1,174,013 people, followed by 213,551 Nepalese, 138,313 Indians, and 109,219 Burmese.

The Director of the Indonesian Sociology Research Institute, Khairudin Harahap, says there are currently 53 Indonesian guest workers on death row or facing death sentences in Malaysia, with most of them being held at the Sungai Buluh prison in Selanggor.

Of the 53 thirty seven are from Aceh, seven from North Sumatera, two from Madura, and one each from Riau, Tulungagung, Bali, and NTB, while for three others their places of origin are not known. Two among the 53 are women, they being Maria Palo who is probably from Sulawesi and Mariana Mariaji from Tulung Agung in East Java.

Forty-three of the prisoners are being held on narcotics charges, while the remaining ten are accused or have been convicted of murder. suaramerdeka

3 Comments on “Guest Workers in Malaysia”

  1. Angie says:

    Stop exporting workers. Unless they’re hired for something better than just house-maids or baby-sitters. Government need to run better quality checks on them and perhaps closing down agents is an option, every single citizen willing to work abroad must register them-selves and undergo quarantine held ONLY and DIRECTLY by the Ministry of Manpower.

  2. Sputjam says:

    Export of workers can only be stopped if there are enough work to begin with. Phillipines/Indonesia are the main exporters due to language similarity or otherwise. Do not blame these people for trying to get a decent wage and living. Blame it on poor governance of these countries which contributed to the influx.
    The wage earned are contributed back to their villages, assisting in the rural economy.
    Their only other option is to earn lousy wages in their own country and be miserable as their earnings are insufficient to contribute to their families.

  3. Bleu says:

    It’s too good opportunities to be passed for these maids. These people earn much more than they could otherwise back in their home countries. But high return is always accompanied by high risk and invites opportunists. I agree with Sputjam that the focus should be on poor governance, including that of the agents, the employers, the maids themselves, the process, in addition to the two countries involved.

    I put some thoughts on foreign workers and policy that Malaysian government is considering.

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