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Police are hunting down the makers of an anti Islam video.

In Batu, Malang, East Java, a recording was apparently made using a handycam and then copied onto VCD format by a Christian student group called Lembaga Pelayanan Mahasiswa Indonesia (LPMI) at the Hotel Asida between 17-20 December 2006 which is said to contain scenes which insult Islam in some uncertain way.

The Lembaga Pelayanan Mahasiswa Indonesia (LPMI) describes itself as “an interdenomination Christian organization to help Christians for their growth” and seems to be active in disaster relief efforts. lpmi

Malang police chief Muhammad Amin Saleh says the handycam, copies of the video, and some banners or signs which were shown in the video have already been seized. He says all people who attended the LPMI Jatilira (East Java, Bali, and Nusa Tenggara) spiritual training meeting in Batu late last year will be questioned and the case will be seen through to the end. The hotel management, since they provided the arena for the crime, will also be questioned.

Muhammad said because the crime involves a VCD recording police would also seek the help of Roy Suryo, because Roy is an expert in such high-tech things.

Roy Suryo
Roy Suryo to the rescue.

When the contents of the VCD recording became known in Batu and Malang it was feared that such a sensitive matter would cause unrest in society. The Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) and the Batu branch of the Department of Religion first reported the case to the police. Then the Batu local government held a meeting with a local church body, the Badan Kerja Sama Gereja (BKSG), to get to the bottom of things.

The Batu office of the Nahdlatul Ulama pleaded with its followers to not react in a way that would discredit Muslims, while the Badan Kerja Sama Gereja (BKSG) has already fired a pastor who is implicated in the scandal. suaramerdeka

The national head of the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), Hasyim Muzadi, also held a meeting with various church leaders to discuss the issue and they issued a joint statement. Hasyim said the security authorities must act against the VCD perpetrators to ensure the peace was kept. mediaindo

In the video it is said that participants at the LPMI prayer meeting, numbering about 30, dressed up as Muslims, women wearing jilbab, men wearing “Muslim” robes and caps, and then carried out Christian prayers and sang Christian songs. okezone

Another report says a similar thing but adds that the one of the Christians dressed up as a Muslim, possibly a pastor, holds up a copy of the Quran and then places it on the floor.

The video is said to be widely available in East Java and even has spread abroad. hidayatullah

April 13th. If a report by the Italian news agency Adnkronos is correct it seems that Indonesian media channels are stepping very lightly around what is actually contained in the video. It is said that the pastor holds up a copy of the Quran and shouts to the assembled “Muslims”: adnki

The Quran will bring you to hell and is the cause of all evil in Indonesia from terrorism to violence.

41 people have been arrested as of 23rd April, including the director of LPMI, Aryono Weringkukly. Those arrested are divided into three groups, the “brains” behind the video, the participants, and the helpers. tempo

The Video

May 1st 2007. Police are still looking for 60 other suspects. detik

Journalist Duncan Graham on 22nd May says East Java is struggling to avoid an outbreak of anti-Christian violence over the video issue – Dodging Sectarian Strife in Indonesia.

August 2nd 2007. The trial of 41 suspects started on 1st August, however it was immediately postponed as the state prosecutor requested more time to prepare the case, two weeks.

Meanwhile outside the court a large demonstration took place composed of mainly women from various groups such as Majelis Ulama Islam (MUI), Hizbut Tahrir, Front Pembela Islam, and Muhammadiyah, drawn from various towns in East Java including Bangkalan, Pasuruan, Surabaya, Probolinggo, Lamongan, and Tuban. They demanded that the accused be sentenced to death. republika

September 6th 2007. All 41 defendants were sentenced to five years’ jail, the maximum allowed. antara

23 Comments on “Anti Islam Video”

  1. Bas says:

    So criticizing Islam is not permitted anymore. Does anyone know if that video is available on youtube? If Roy Suryo is involved the vids will soon be available anyway.

  2. Masindi says:

    Indonesian Press should stop asking Roy Suryo questions. He’s not a real expert in anything. Read

    Islam is allergic to criticism, that is why Islam is going down the drain.

  3. Mohammed Khafi says:


    I don’t think the word ‘criticizing’, was used in the article at all was it? The word was ‘insulting’, and this should not be about one particular religion, insults to any religion should be rejected for the sake of peace.

    Everybody should have the right to criticize and nobody should have the right to insult. If they are truely Christian people why are they not following their own teachings, I feel sure that being insulting is not part of the teachings of Jesus?


  4. Ihaknt says:

    Hey all this may just be another propaganda to disturb stability.

  5. Robert says:

    In Batu, Malang, East Java, a recording was apparently made using a handycam and then copied onto VCD format by a Christian student group called Lembaga Pelayanan Mahasiswa Indonesia (LPMI) at the Hotel Asida between 17-20 December 2006 which is said to contain scenes which insult Islam in some uncertain way.

    Could it be more vague? What are these insults then?

    When the contents of the VCD recording became known in Batu and Malang it was feared that such a sensitive matter would cause unrest in society.

    Again, what is this is sensitive matter? What made this video an anti-Islam video exactly?

  6. Niamh Piperman says:

    I agree with Mohammed Khafi and Robert, but what the hell, let’s go and throw rocks at the American Embassy anyway. 🙂

  7. Angie says:

    Bas Says:

    So criticizing Islam is not permited anymore.


    Masindi Says:

    Islam is allergic to criticism, that is why Islam is going down the drain.

    It’s not the religion/believe to be criticized, but the people who’s affiliated to that certain religion/believe. All teaches good things.

    For example (if I may, and hopefully acceptable) in Islam, there’s jihad, which wikipedia, Britannica Encyclopaedia and Encarta Encyclopedia explained in general as fighting/struggle in the way of Allah is most pleased. There are four ways of doing it, by heart, tongue, hand and sword. Back in the days of The Prophet Muhammad, sword (war) is an option, considering the situations and conditions. but nowadays, there are things to be considered before using sword.

    So, the teaching is good, but those who interpreted the teachings perhaps too emotional, or just too stupid. This happens in almost all religions, misinterpretation. That’s why Muslims needs good udztad/udztazah; and other religions followers needs their Priests. And we all followers (of any religion) hates to be criticized, civilized or non-civilized way but then again the best thing to do is just to defend our religions/teachings in a civilized way.

    Again, I agree with Robert and Muhammad Kahfi. Also Niamh Piperman, but then again, it’s just the embassy. Why can’t we ask our well-known psychics to just put spells right to the heart?
    No offense, guys.

  8. Odinius says:

    Angie, totally agree.

    Muhammad Kahfi, well, I agree in principle, but I don’t think the state should be regulating what people say and think. It’s a slippery slope. I think the people who make anti-anything videos should be shunned, but in fact they gain way more publicity and attention when authorities make a big deal out of them than if they are just allowed to stay in obscurity. Plus, when the authorities overreact as they are here, they just play into the hands of ignorant people who try to paint all Muslims as intolerant of free speech (which as we both know, is bull****).

  9. Andrew says:

    …which is said to contain scenes which insult Islam in some uncertain way.

    IF it is true that the content insults Islam, then that student group is definitely acting outside the teaching of Jesus. IF the accusation is true, no Christian should even bother to defend that group.

  10. Teng says:

    Doesn’t the Indonesian police have anything better to do than to hunt down makers of a video that “MIGHT” in an “UNCERTAIN WAY” insult islam.

    It seems a lot of Muslims have the longest toes in the world, because its easy to step on them.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like insulting any faith but I think there are quite a bit more pressing issues going on in Indonesia.

  11. Suhada says:

    Assalamualaikum. I think a part of being religiously mature is being content to take insults and criticism in a proper manner. Not in fury and hatred. But rather in self comtemplation. I agree with Angie. Every religion, in their authentic manner is about being a better person both for God and others. But religion can not scape the verdict of extrimism. As a Muslim I have to say that we have many thing to do to clear the stigma of Islam as intolerant and radical religion. But Paul, may I reminds you about the Holocaust — maybe Mr. Ahmadineejad will disagree. Don’t you see that it happened as a consequence of Hitler’s Christian fascism, Jawaharal Nehru said that “within religion you can find the divine yet the wicked”. It is us who have to strive for a better scene of religion.. That we may share this “fragile blue planet” in peace. (Joe Satriani)

  12. Brajaeka says:

    Remember some years ago SCTV the Indonesian TV reporting some people using Jilbab and some men using Sarung and peci which is the identical with moslem, they went to church and sing some Christian song at “Church in Pondok Gede” which is well know as kampung betawi. It is true that report insult moslem people really, and SCTV apology for this report.

  13. artman says:

    Roy Suryo is the funniest guy on the universe, he doesn’t know a thing~ and police who gonna ask him is more funnier.
    Well if somebody pray or worship with kimono, surely nobody complain, why sarong, jilbab and other is the image of Muslim?
    Before we know about suite and pants, everyone wearing those kind of clothing right? Well maria is surely wearing a jilbab, Jesus wearing something like Muslim cloth, does it matter?

    The world has changed why are these people still looking back? I would wear sarong when it start to trends, with peci too, why not? It’s called fashion.

    Fashion is not religion.

    Indonesian police should start to study law of their country. I’m not sure if they even understand the traffic law.

    I just wondering why not all religion in Indonesia have some organization like mui or fpi?

    There should be:
    FPH (front pembela Hindu)
    FPB (front pembela budha)
    FPK (front pembela kristen)

    Why only Muslim need a defendant? Something scare them? That these Hindu, budha & Christians will attack?

  14. Suhada says:

    Assalamualaikum. Well, I think the conflict between religions somehow gives us a vivid picture of a grim old weltanschauung: “Unless we hate what we are not, we can not truly love what we are.”

    Nowadays more and more people tend to identify themselves under religious beliefs. Samuel P. Huntington once said that the clash of ideology has long been outdated and replaced by recent clash between religious beliefs.

    I may not be agree to his opinion. The idea, the clash of religions, is rather exaggerating. But we must admit but now and then we can see conflicts upon religious issues. Be it between different faiths or between sects under the same belief.

    I’m not sure, and I’m reluctant to propose any hypothesis to explain the situation. The situation itself is very complex. And it might be rather absurd to explain it under simplistic manner. What interests me most is the tendency of people to think –in a reductionist fashion so to speak– that religious identity must be distinguished based upon superficial things such as dresses or head coverings. And I can perceive the trend that people are failing to recognize the demarcation between cultural and religious attributes, between cultural values and religious virtues.

    The post by my brother Brajaeka simply portrays the issue. I’m deeply concerned on the tendency to identify Islam by mere superficial garments such as sarongs, peci and jilbabs. I think it represent a sort of reductionist perception about being religious.

    Some might argue that sarongs, pecis, jilbabs, or burqas are traditionally Islam. Unfortunately it can never be more erroneous. Islam do concern on the matter how a Muslim must dress him/herself. But I think the message is not to dress with certain garments, but to dress modestly and appropriately.

    Let us take the jilbab issue for an example. Most of us — Muslims — took the Qur’Anic perception of “to draw their veils over their bosoms” as a legitimate justification to obligate a Muslimah to wear jilbab. But does it refer to the real issue meant by Allah through His Holy Qur’An. I don’t think so.

    It might be rather unfamiliar to us Muslims, the concept of hermeneutic. Most of us will easily consider it as exclusively Christian methodology. But I think the methodology applies to any beliefs in the case of how to comprehend the real context thus the true message brought by a certain phrase from the Holy books. Be it The Holy Qur’An, The Torah, Gospels and etc. If we insist to neglect the methodology, then it is likely that we might fall into literalism or even worse, bibliolatry.

    Hermeneutic gives us the chance to view the socio-cultural background of the phrases. Thus it can help us to obtain the real message. Our next task is to apply the virtue based on our contemporary socio-cultural matrix. The task is almost certainly be very exhaustive and demand a tremendous efforts — that’s why those fundamentalists are so reluctant — but it pays us a worthy fruit.

    According to some Islam historian as well as intellectuals, Soheib Bencheikh to be named among many, the phrase “to draw their veils over their bosoms” is a specific message given to Arab women in the era of our beloved Rasullulah. Back then, the rural and nomadic Arab women already veiled theirself — mainly due to the extreme climate of Arab deserts — but left their bosom open. Hence, we must perceive that the verse commands Muslims to dress in a modest fashion. That is the universal value of the Qur’Anic verses on veil.

    But the issue is not necessarily exclusive to Islam. Back then, Christian missionaries made similar misleading. They urge the newly converted Christian pribumi to leave their traditional clothes. The missionaries obligate them to wear western garments despite their daily kebaya and beskap. The missionarier thought that such attributes represent barbaric culture driven by witchcraft and pagan practices. Thus must be eliminated. They thought that the western civilization represent Christian virtues and values at their best. Nowadays we still can see Churches that prohibit their Chinese members to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The head of the Churches consider Imlek as a pagan festival. Thus, obviously, must not be celebrated by faithful Christians.

    Many believers from different faiths fail to distinguish their cultural values from their core religious virtues. Thus we keep making such a ridiculous mistakes.

    As for the case in Betawi, I think it was a vulgar display of arrogance and a superflous picture of irrational paradigm. It might be only a small fraction of Betawi people who embrace Christianity. Or even worse, it might well be none of them. But using traditional clothes during a service or misa is an act that must be appreciated.

  15. Suhada says:

    Thus my beloved brother Brajaeka, the apology made by SCTV can not, and should not, be viewed as a justification that we Muslims do have the right to feel insulted. For me the real insult to Islam is such a close-minded paradigm that reducting the identity of Islam into mere superficial things. So please, stop arguing about how long our trousers must fall, or how long our beard must be grown, or whether the Muslimah must use their veils (jilbab). We have so much bigger fishes to fry. We have all of those social, cultural, and economic haphazard before us that demand our energy at the utmost extreme manner. So please don’t waste our passion on such a childish issue.

    As a Muslims we often time get offended by the way those western orientalist percieve us as mere exotic and violent people. Ready to jump into any given bandwagon of Holy war. But I must remind you about one ironic fact: Those orientalists were describing Islam just as you were showing them.

    May the peace of our compassionate and merciful God be with you. Allahuakbar!

  16. Odinius says:

    What I can’t understand is why islam needs defending! In a country where 85% of the people are Muslim, shouldn’t people be more secure in their faith?

  17. Aswan says:

    Islam is a peaceful religion. Please respect us. The content of the DVD is too far and too vulgar. They have to be prosecuted according to the law.

    Moslems have to be calm. And let the authorities implement the law of the land. We just demand justice be done and the responsible individuals be prosecuted.

  18. Mohammed Khafi says:

    This video just shows that stupidity is not just an Islamic attribute in Indonesia, I am saddened that the Christians in this video are just as lacking in understanding of the message of Al Quran as some Muslims. Yes the producers should be prosecuted according to the law, but so should the Muslims who preach this type of nonsense against Christians.

    When are we going to realise, that all of Gods religions are one and that we are the ones who have made divisions in His Perfect and Harmonious Religion?


  19. Bing says:

    Many people tends to show to show their faith in a name of religious organisation what is called agama. And in this name they can be easily offended even to send people to die.

    Why not show who we are through our behaviour/care and other real helpful acts to our surroundings.

  20. Aufar Bahri says:

    assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh.

    May Peace, and the Grace and Blessings of God be upon you all.

    The insult, as I see it, is not about wearing garments traditionally attributed to Muslims while worshipping in the Christian fashion. Here, I agree that it would be the shortcoming of us Muslims should we be offended by something that hardly portrays the true essence of Islam.

    However, when the Qur’an is involved, and is treated with disrespect in any way by anyone (while being aware of its importance to Muslims) then there can be no doubt in my mind as to the intention of these video-makers. They sure aren’t making it any easier for the major religions of the world to live in Peace.

    Why would someone do a thing that offends another religion so? The answer I came to is that there is a lack of understanding of Islam, hence a lack of tolerance. This baffles me so because Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world; these Christians were exposed to the Muslim way of life I’m sure, at least to some extent.

    So how is it they remain ignorant? Here I came to the conclusion that the blame lies on ourselves, my dear Muslim brothers and sisters. I am saddened to admit that growing up in Indonesia, I’ve noticed that Indonesian Muslims are not the most examplary of Muslims. Many admit to being Muslim in their KTP (identification cards), and have as basic understanding of Islam, but are more bound by tradition to be Muslim rather than by Faith. In other words, because they were born into it, they take for granted this beautiful way of life that their parents have inherited upon them, and they hardly try to understand, or explore it.

    A brother said to me, the golden rule in seeking out a Truth is not to judge the truth by its people, but to judge it by itself. (just as one should not judge Christian values based on the horrendous actions of the Crusaders)

    Yusuf Islam (formerly known as Cat Stevens) once said that had he visited a Muslim country before he converted into Islam, he wouldn’t have converted at all (he discovered Islam through the Qur’an). Honestly, isn’t it about time to reflect: what are we Muslims doing today with Islam? I can hardly blame the video-makers for misunderstanding this virtuous way of life. Although it does not excuse them for the offense.

    So remember the soft-spoken Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who used to say nothing when nothing good was to be said. Live in his example, he who cared for those that despised him and worried for the old lady who used to throw rubbish/stones at him and visited her when she didn’t show up to humiliate him one day. So many examples of virtues and righteous deeds that modern day Muslims have not taken into their lives. Remember, learn, and live your lives in ISLAM (a peaceful life in submission to the one true God).

    Maybe, just maybe inshAllah (God Willing), if we Muslims truly live our way of life the way it was meant to be lived, those who don’t consider themselves Muslims may see and understand this ‘religion’ a little bit better and come to terms with it, maybe even accept that it truly is a religion of God, and that theirs isn’t the only one.



  21. Pakfa says:

    Who start the fire? Provoking the rival to burn the harmony. Thanks to the people who suppressing these kind of irresponsible act. They will not win and disappointed and anyways.

    SCTV largerly become TV station who keep broadcasting bad news, creating disintegration among the mainstream who living in peace actually, but yet still among the biggest news office. Who will participate to counter bad hidden agenda of this TV station?

  22. habeeeb says:

    No freedom in islam,5 years in jail for speaking against? what are muslims afraid of, you peaple can not brainwash the world you will be defeated

  23. Cultural Revolution says:

    muslim are mad and blind doing the same prayer 5 times a day to show they do holy to public.

    What is holy? If only to make arrogant feel true feel holy more than the others then feel have a right to kill the best people on earth than the holy words are wrong at all. In facts muslim did the unholy things to spoil the public peace.

    Do muslim feel shame doing the same sorrow prayer 5 times a day to show it on public?
    Even God get boring get crazy to hear muslim pray in the same sorrow prayer 5 times a day.

    muslim build their own sorrow follow their sorrow cultures force public to hear it and feel angry when people say they are wrong and crazy by the box of mind from primitive lives like primitive tarzan did. They cage them self by their past irrelevant cultures to slave their

    people for arabian people benefit in tourism and politics to steal spaces. in truth the noisy mosques only create sound pollution soul pollution anger destroy public peace also negative mood bad for business low quality civilization lower its price and fall their people quality.

    islam is past is gone the primitive age which wish and pray for the good future like now so stop to do the irrelevant traditions. The salvation time has come the future time has come

    now this day. islam is past that is the truth that muslim are not accepting only saving face by anger stubborn mind which make so many problems.

    Don’t ever feel proud to show islam prayer to spoil the public peace to force public people hear the cursed islam prayer. Proud if you can make the public peace. See the better world without the dark voice of islam.

    Pray in heart it is the true original way from the beginning.

    God is real inside you.


    It is true that islam is irrelevant cultures.
    islam is the past that is the reality that muslim are not accepting only saving face by

    anger stubborn mind which make so many problems.

    They cage them self by their past irrelevant cultures to slave their own people for arabian people benefit in tourism and politics to steal lands by noisy mosques by arabian immigrant.

    Everyone know their arabian deserts like hell on earth to force them find the new places to live.

    If the earth temperature reach 99 degrees then do muslim still use their primitive styles?
    If the earth temperature reach -99 degrees then do muslim still use their primitive styles?
    If this old earth stop to spin then can muslim do their primitive rituals to save lives?

    Can islam explain by its past book how about electric television airplane or wireless devices?
    Even now muslim use gun bomb technology machine to do war not the help from God to save lives.

    Only with technology human can be survived not the past words from primitive lives.

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