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The resistance to Islamism in Europe is led by homosexuals.

As the percentage of Muslims in western Europe continues its increase, due to immigration and the unwillingness of native Europeans to have many children (see National Extinction), fears are often raised as to what effect Islam will have on the culture and way of life of Europe. Much of this challenging of Islam’s influence in Europe comes from overt homosexuals.

The most well known critique of the problem, if problem it be, has come from the pen of Bruce Bawer, in his book While Europe Slept. Bawer, an American, “fled” to Europe in the late 1990’s to avoid the anti-homosexual atmosphere created by Christian fundamentalists in the USA (some of whom now, like Dinesh D’Souza, are very positive towards Islam). He arrived at a bad time however. Another kind of fundamentalism, this time Islamic, was growing in power in the Netherlands, the country where Bawer made his home. Bawer then wrote his book to warn that “radical Islam is destroying the West from within”.

While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam Is Destroying the West from Within
While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam Is Destroying the West from Within.

Apart from Bawer other prominent homosexual Islam-dislikers include the murdered Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn (friend of Ayaan Hirsi Ali) and the Australian-British writer Peter Tatchell (the latter of whom has strong opinions about Muslim proselytizing in Indonesian Papua). Dissent Magazine

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  1. ChiJoker says:

    The key to Western rhetoric – if this is the approach that you are attempting to take – is to attack the idea, and not the man. However, I’m not sure of the audience you are playing to here, so instead, if this post was an attempt to obliquely attack someone for their sexuality, then spin upwards from there by naming two others of the same sexual orientation and conclude that the “resistance to Islamism in Europe is led by homosexuals”, then by all means please continue with your attack.

    Nothing beats a good lynching.

  2. Robert says:

    The resistance to Islamism in Europe is led by homosexuals.

    The title suggests two things, first that there a kind of coordinated resistance to Islamism. Secondly that this resistance is led by homosexuals.

    Neither one is true. Yes, there is resistance to Islamism in Europe, but the people who criticize are a mixture of politicians, journalists, scholars etc. They span a range from moderate/critical to extreme political beliefs like extreme right.
    You will find your coillege professors, journalists, moderate politicians at one end, and at the other end you’ll find extreme right politicians like Jean-Marie Le Pen (France), Philip de Winter (Belgium) and Geert Wilders (The Netherlands). And on the very extreme right you’ll find neo-nazi groups who are almost anti-everything (anti-Jew, anti-Catholic, anti-Islam, anti-gay, anti-foreigner, anti-dark skin, etc).
    You can hardly call all these people a homogeneous group, the only thing they share is a dislike for Islamism, to a certain extent.

    Homosexuals are indeed the victims of the anti-gay violence, the most well known case was that of US editor Chris Crain, who got beaten up by Muslim youngsters in Amsterdam, two years ago. This was a case that got lots of media exposure. Other cases didn’t.
    In spite of this misery we can not say that homosexuals take the lead, on the contrary, the people who fulminate loud against Islamism nowadays are all heterosexual as far as I know. Maybe I am wrong, but I would like to see more names then.

  3. Colson says:

    I second the opinions aired in the comments; there is no such a thing as a resistance to Islam led by homosexuals. Bawer is exagerating – Europe is not in danger. However he has a point; too many misbehaving, defying, young drop outs of North African and Turkish origin, often use their selfmade version of religion to dismiss the society they live in and choose to make a kind of radical Islam a (the) characteristic part of their identity.

    This minority of the second and third generation male ( Muslim) Maroccans in the Netherlands as well as male (Muslim) Algerians in France and some male ( Muslim) Turks in Germany, is a pain in the ass. Beating up gay fellow citizens, threatening to take the lives of Muslimbashing politicians or hanging out leisurely in streetgangs which are too happy to commit petty and worse crimes, isn’t good for their image. Also it does a lot of harm to the majority of their industrious and successful ethnic and religious fellow-creatures. And to the perception of regular Islam by non-Muslims in Europe. These guys should take some courses in public relations. But they are not destroying the West. Just boosting the political career of far-right lunies.

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